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Frames Per Second Podcast covers all the hot topics and issues related to cinema with in-depth discussions and reviews on the films and television shows we watch today.We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: For advertising opportunities please email   Privacy Policy:

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Recent Reviews
  • SoundsLike08
    Great podcast
    I love this podcast. The hosts have great commentary on top of great chemistry.
  • Bjga-20
    Great Reviews and conversations
    Surprisingly great convos and insightful perspectives. Everyone seems to have a deep understanding of cinematic mediums. Great job! Love this podcast
  • powerofoxiclean
    Made me watch more movies
    Followed DEHH for the music and stayed at FPS for the movies. Everyone has different points of views which creates a colorful listening experience
  • Chino_54
    Anything Dead End releases I automatically tune in and I’m never disappointed!! Love hearing your perspectives on films keep up the great work y’all !1
  • HoodieDame730
    I always come here and check whatever movie review they did, especially if it’s Marvel! This show is great!
  • kamiq12
    Love this show
    Great show
  • Incredibly fun and addicting
    Always funny n insightful, yall so entertaining I watch reviews on things I’ll never watch so salute
  • TeamNegan
    I don’t understand how you review movies & TV Series without paying attention to the movie or TV Series. It’s almost like they review stuff while on their phones or doing something else that takes attention elsewhere. My other issue is THEY HATE EVERYTHING‼️ You can’t go down the “Poor Writing” road but so much until people start to ask: What have you written? 🤔
  • Mobb.Marley
    Biggest listener
    I just love you guys!!!
  • dolodreamin
    Funny and informative and insightful!
    Love the crew man, y’all have me at work looking crazy the way i be cheesing and laughing bro 😂😂😂🤣🤣
  • _hueyf
    The best ever
    This is the best podcast I’ve listened to. I find myself listening to reviews of movies i haven’t even watched. The cast here are awesome at putting things into different perspectives and really breaking down the movies to make It make more sense or less sense. The cast really puts in the work and are hilarious. I love this podcast!
    My favorite podcast
    This is my favorite podcast i looked forward to hearing y’all reviews every week. Keep doing a great job
  • germsucks
    hey guys just wanted to say I’ve been a fan since y’all reviewed Kendricks Section 80 whatever year that was. FPS is my favorite format for you guys and that is mainly because of one Mr Nick. Nick brings such a breath of fresh air to you guys’ dynamic it is actually great. Hope to see Nick in more of you guys’ projects and hopefully he shows up in a DEHH video one day.
  • Rat Dungeon
    Been following DEHH since 2011!!
    Love the content. Appreciate the hard work you all have put into growing your platform. Grown to listen to ITMSO and FPS more than what got me into y’all, album reviews. Basically if you guys review an album, I’ll check it out regardless but I love the insights into culture on your podcasts. Would love to see a review of Blade Runner 2049 on here, with all the dystopia going on currently. Keep up the great work, guys!
  • Bessfl
    Black is king episode
    I enjoyed your review of Black is King. I haven’t finished watching the whole show because we’ve lost our internet due to recent weather. I was curious about what people thought Beyoncé was trying to portray in this show. I too found it beautiful and confusing in regards to the story. I understood the references to lion king but felt there was more but couldn’t quite figure it out. Thanks for your thoughts. I liked the show and hope I can finish watching soon.
  • Michael from GA
    DEHH x FPS forever
  • Matt Pinckney
    Dope FPS!!!
    Keep killing it y’all!!
  • bromallz
    Critically analyzes shows/movies the best
    The crew is large and rotates so many good hosts to almost fit the topic, they’re always funny and sound like casual friends discussing movies with some members offering more technical critique
  • UnrealGemini
    Fire Movie Pod
    This is honestly sometimes better than IsTheMicStill pod. The jokes are amazing. They question the norm with the average movie review, and give a comedic flow to movie reviews.
  • Retrick_s
    Super Entertaining
    I have been a long-time watcher of the Walking Dead since the beginning and have listened to the Frames Per Second podcast’s reviews of the show through the seasons. Ken, Myck, Beezy, Feefo, Rod, etc are fun to listen to, they have great chemistry and the reviews are funny and attentive to the themes and characters we have grown to know. Super Entertaining.
  • hovah2k
    Great dialogue, honesty and diversity in opinion. FPS has even inspired me to watch ish I disrespected for 10yrs i.e GOT’s and had me binge watch the show to keep up with recap at the time. Keep it going
  • Indigo Svn
    The brand is strong. !
    Loved ya from the reviews on youtube... dope to see the evolution :)
  • The guy in the background.
    Ok so...Myke, I get what you’re saying, but from the movie standpoint....A couple of things happened. Tony wanted to signed the Socovia Accords and Cap didn’t want to. Cap and Tony had a falling out because he found out Bucky killed his father. So for two years, Tony has had a problem with Cap since, which cause a ripple throughout the earth and the Avengers. But I do get why you feel weird. Tony was in his feelings......for 4 movies: the 3 Avengers and Civil War. I was waiting on this review. 💪🏾💪🏾
  • ForeignHustle
    Really entertaining
    They give interesting takes that you must hear!
  • samuelpupo
    Super Entertaining
    I was really really entertained with the Captain Marvel review podcast and this might be one of my new favorites. Love almost all the Dead End podcasts and this one is great. I just hope that they moved to a more structured outline like. “Move Trailers/Movie News” > “Movie Review” and maybe something else to end it and maybe a scoring system for each person using stars, thats the only constructive criticism I have, other than that, awesome.
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