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Crave a podcast that goes in-depth on the hotbed that is the Japanese pro wrestling scene? If so, the Eastern Lariat podcast from the MLW Radio Network is for you! Hosted by STRIGGA of Purolove.com and Cagematch.net and Dylan Fox of MLW's Lucha Talk and Cagematch.net, this bi-weekly podcast series explores the Japanese pro wrestling landscape with analysis, reviews and news on New Japan Pro Wrestling and beyond. Be introduced to new companies and their style of wrestling, insight on their business, wrestlers, rivalries, tours, big shows and much, much more.

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  • Thehellezell
    It’s like Dylan said...
    Dylan has been saying for a long time that as far as this show goes, STRIGGA is pretty cool, but Dylan seems to need to continually inform both Strigga, himself, and the audience that, no matter the opinion, Dylan already has been expressing it “from the beginning.” If he was so prescient you think he’d, like, use it for the good of the human race. This is a good podcast to keep up w/ the smaller Japanese promotions if you can tolerate the cranky, contrarian, self-aggrandizing banter of these two (particularly when they talk about NJPW). It’s sort of like bizarro Jim Cornette... you hear the same crap every episode from ostensibly intelligent people who seem like they’re intentionally missing the point.
  • dtujgfd
    The lunacy continues...
    Gave it another shot, still garbage. The guy with the awful taste just wished for the best faction in the world to "disintegrate"... the guy that always interrupts agreed... Shame that there isn't a podcast with such a wide coverage, but by people who don't hate everything that's actually good about wrestling. For these two, you have to pretend it's opposite day. If they condemn something - you know it must be great.
  • Gino Vega
    Great puroresu podcast
    Informative, engaging, one of my go-to sources re: puro talk. Cheers fellas and thanks for all the hard work.
  • Despy85
    Keep up the great work!!
  • Snoring elbow
    This helps so much
    I don't have time or the resources to watch every Japanese wrestling shows so I listen to this show and then pick and choose what to watch. Keep up the great work
  • LoneWolfGAM
    Best place for all nippon wrestling news
    Honestly this is one of the best place for pro wrestling from the land of the rising sun. I enjoy the work done by strigga and dylan especially the in depth G1 updates.
  • Shdfdxcnjsxnnkj
    You guys rock!
  • BishiiBishii
    Thank you
    Eastern lariat #1
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