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  • chienrich
    Larry's methods saved my marriage
    Larry's methods have helped me greatly both on a personal level and in my marriage. My wife is now stating that she loves me unconditionally and that I was the best husband/father I could have been. She opened up and told me that she is no longer angry with me and that I am a great person. She even awknowledged that she has been in a midlife crisis for years and she feels she's coming back to herself now. To the other reviewer, I'm not sure if you are one of Larry's competitors or just an angry person looking to hurt others, but you are completely wrong and misinformed. I am speaking from personal experience when I say that Larry is a very genuine man who actually takes an interest (which IMO is rare) in each student he works with. Anyone who has watched his videos or spoken with him in person knows this so your "promise not to tell your wife statement" is way off. And Larry's courses start at just $17. It's that little $17 ebook that got my interest and kicked off my personal journey and yes, ultimately saved my marriage. Thanks again Larry.
  • Izel00
    One of the best relationship coaches
    Larry is an amazing trainer and has a deep understanding of what causes the breakdown in relationships and how to heal them. He has amazing insight and his approach is practical and specific. His courses start at $200, not $10,000. The information I learnt from him is worth tens of thousands of dollars.
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