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Cinephile: Passionate interest in film, film theory, and film criticism. It's a term that fits Adnan Virk perfectly. Join each week as he reviews the newest films, latest television, and chats with heavy hitters in the entertainment industry about their recent projects and successful careers. From engaging conversations to entertaining topics, Cinephile also offers historical perspective, recapping some of the most influential tv shows and films of our lifetime.

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  • blackmanwandering
    What happened?!
    Used to love this podcast until it joined this network. The cohost doesn’t watch any of the movies, so he has little to say back to Adnan. Adnan also used to introduce me to new niche movies. Now it’s reruns of movies everyone has already seen.
  • Kdmdjdjdjd
    This podcast used you be a fun movie podcast with very respectable opinions and thoughts on movies, now it’s a movie podcast that needs boobs and fart jokes. It’s weird to be like this pod needs to grow up in its third iteration but man. This last pod had the author on and was like what’s the sex stories. In the weird Al part you referred to Evan Rachel wood as marylin mansons ex as if that’s all she was notable for. Multiple Emmy and golden globe nominee, star of numerous films. I’m not even mr “woke” but even I cringed at that. Literally listened since the beginning through each iteration but this is borderline to cut out of my rotation.
  • Cmvsal
    So this isn’t a movie review
    It’s just adnan going on about different topics while barely talking about the movie in the episode title. Very disappointing
  • awn58
    You clearly did not watch The Automat, throughout the film they explained how they kept the food fresh. Why not just say you watched the trailer and leave it at that b
  • DBlack519
    Huge fan!
    Great job on a wonderful podcast. I am an avid listener every week when the new episode comes out. I have now put down meet and talk movies with Adnan Virk on my short bucket list. Just watched An American Werewolf in London over Halloween and would love your insight into the filmography of John Landis.
  • poisson89
    Great but
    Chris needs to be way less present in the audio feed. Legitimately detracts from Adnan’s insights and drags the show to a grinding halt with his interruptions and clear lack of knowledge. The podcast is titled “Cinephile”, after all. Adnan is the best. Fire Cote.
  • Matt Fromsdorf
    Love Cote! Very entertaining listen every week.
  • Goblue8420
    Can’t let it slide
    I’m sorry I like Chris I like Adnan, but I am someone who digs movies, tv all of it. I can’t let Adnan have an episode where he craps on Ted Lasso. It’s too brilliant of a show and this is someone who has been watching since before it jumped the shark. The dude does not abide.
  • Graylander1
    Adnan should be forced to sit through a Tom Cruise marathon. Use those eye-thingies from A Clockwork Orange.
  • DsWay84
    Great P
    Love Adnan but Chris turned this show into a joke. Roy should’ve produced this.
  • gelong82
    Cote needs to watch the movies
    Love Adnan’s enthusiasm and knowledge. But Chris Cote’s refusal to watch any of the movies reviewed makes the show nearly unlistenable. Each week I hope that this time Cote will have done his homework and watched at least one of the movies Adnan reviews (new release or classic), and each week my disappointment is renewed. I love Chris abd acknowledge his skill as a producer. I understand he doesn’t have the same knowledge base as Adnan, but unless he can make the effort to watch the movies being reviewed he should mute his microphone and let Adnan talk.
  • Timmy BH
    Excellent show for serious movie fans. Adnan knows movies. He is serious with a light fun touch. And love that he reviews old classics. Not just 90s hits but real classics like One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nestt. Thanks Adnan and Chris!
  • Kanye is Trash
    Great podcast
    Was looking forward to hearing the Better Call Saul epp. Can someone please teach Roy how to talk? All this time working on radio and he’s terrible. I’m sure he’s a good producer. But just leave him off the all pods with it comes to talking. Smh
  • X in Austin
    X from Austin
    Great pod when you want one about movies and great people. The best movie pod. #WreckEm
  • drdavedsb
    Welcome CC
    The arrival of Chris Cody has put a new shine ✨ on the Cinephile podcast. Chris balances Adnan’s fast banter style with quips and takes that make the show much funnier and more fun to listen to.
  • Sgt Swanson
    Cote do some research
    Ann Ramsy’s performance in Throw Mamma From The Train was over the top because she had a stroke.
  • davidchesley
    The Best Movie Pod…
    With Chris Cote & AV💯
  • Sped50
    Ray Liotta
    A bit obscure but you should check out the ER episode Ray did, really good tv
  • DeBerg13
    Great stuff!!
  • TRUMP210000000
    Excellent pod
    I look forward to the new episode each week, love Adnan and Chris you guys help me through the work day every week.
  • whwgddkendx
    Adnan and Chris ftw
    Love these guys! Great chemistry
  • Bob169*
    Good show
    Good show
  • DJ Delish
    Great time move!!
    Thanks for moving the time. Keep up the great work Adnan and Chris!!
  • hado3
    Love the Pod…but
    5 star, great perspective, and I like the episode length but I wish you would be more direct with how you name each episode. IMO be upfront about what movie your going to be talking about in the episode title instead of the titles you use now
  • Mnew321
    Used to love this show
    Had to change my 5 star review to a 2. I still value Adnan’s reviews and recommendations, but ever since Cinephile went to its new network it’s become really hard to listen to. The show has become super bro-y and is not nearly as focused on movies as it used to be. I’ve been holding on as a listener until this most recent episode where I felt completely alienated as a female listener. I think they are going for a more alpha male focused audience which is totally fine, but I had to unsub today. Pretty bummed this used to be one of my favorite podcasts.
  • Guillermo Mafia 305
    Thank God for Cote
    Inane drivel. Manic rants. If you love good movie reviews, stay far away from this pod. Amin and Sampson are light years better on their shows. Only Chris Cote saves this from being ZERO stars. Meadowlark clearly going for quantity over quality with its podcast lineup.
  • qpojfnrk
    Male ennoui
  • get0ffthefl0or
    Great add to the LeBatard family!
    Chris Cody needs to watch more movies……and the podcast is phenomenal. All of it.
  • Sway_14
    They keep the baby in the corner… and hold him hostage there 🤘🏻
  • Podd Flanders
    Come on dude…
    Don’t look up is about climate change…
  • Baller so holler
    Kids out there
    This show is only listenable at the slowest speed. Kids, don’t smoke crack. And if you do, don’t try to hide or blanket your crack cocaine usage in a “love of cinema” … we aren’t fooled.
  • Stu the Plastic Penguin
    5 stars!!
    I have listened to Cinephile since ESPN and I always felt Adnan as a kindred spirit being into baseball and movies!
  • RiDy91
    Love seeing the LAF universe continuing to expand! Just like Dan’s face
  • Shane Esq
    Great addition of Chris
    Always a great pod, but the addition of Chris adds an element to the podcast that makes it even better!
  • Badboiyardie
    I look forward to this show every week
    Adnan And Cote are great together. Even when interviewing guests.
  • chesterfieldkingz
    Advan + Chris Cote is gold
    A little comedy, a lot of substance, a must for fans of movies the the Le Batard universe
  • Tikob780802051987
    Writing a review to help Cote. Hote
  • mags462010
    Chris Cote made this pod even better. Balances out adnan’s expert opinion with more of an Everyman take. Also, he’s my guy from LAF. #longcrack
  • Crossedup116
    Smart and hilarious
    Love the great mix of insight into movies and also the funny layer of Adnan and Chris banter. I want more blue from Adnan it’s just so good! Gotta get a little bit every episode or on every interview
  • dwicker7
    Love you guys
    Thanks for the hard work you all do! Love the show
  • Yobal_1
    It’s not who you know, but who knows you…
    How lucky is this SOB? A typical work day is sitting around talking sports, maybe watching 3 or 4 movies and then he gets recognized by BATMAN! Another great episode. Hopefully you guys will get around to reviewing the intriguing 1971 classic, Little Murders.
  • DocLouIowa
    Great episode. Love you and Ryen individually, and together it was almond butter with Very dark chocolate. Delicious and nutritious. Please have him on discuss other movies from the past. By the way, I go to MN a lot. And been to Fargo. It is not that much of an exaggeration.
  • kjtvtraveler
    Honest and Enthusiastic Movie Talk
    You’d be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic movie lover- or for that matter pop culture enthusiast- than Adnan Virk. His excitement when talking about movies or conducting interviews with movie stars, authors, sports figures, etc., is contagious and comes across as nothing but wholesome and honest. Worth your time to listen if you have even a smidge of the passion that Adnan has for the subject matter.
  • i break bread, ribs...
    Film not movies
    Adnan is wonderfully profane and knows movies
  • hiflyer76
    less is more
    please less Chris Cote…please. much less
  • Aristotelian Appledance
    Women guests/filmmakers???
    Fun fact: There are actually people involved in filmmaking and writing about film who AREN’T men. Maybe talk to some of them occasionally.
  • ahrkgp nw
    David Sampson deserves a contract (or whatever it is he wants)
    I don’t like this podcast. Sorry Adnan.
  • ziAKilla
    Due to time constraints we now move forward in our action!
    Rambling and incoherent Adnan talks way too fast and I used to like when he would shorten the NBA games late at night but the basset hound thing and rambling and rambling the only way I know what movie he is reviewing is he says it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again bla bla bla midnight cowboy bla midnight cowboy bla bla bla midnight bla cowboy bla midnight cowboy midnight cowboy midnight cowboy bla midnight cowboy bla bla! so was it good or nah? Maple leaves are those good or bad? I think bad, so the more maple leaves the worse the movie is. Please fix Adnan otherwise I will find my movie info elsewhere.
  • AndJusticeForAnimals
    Where are the women?
    I seriously scrolled down at least 30 episodes and couldn’t find any where a woman was interviewed. This feels like a dude fest to me. I appreciate film theory but come on.
  • AtulSofat
    The captain is at the top of his game!
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