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The Wolf's Den is a podcast featuring Jordan Belfort, the REAL Wolf of Wall Street. He'll discuss some of the craziest moments of his life, as well as interview the biggest celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, and anyone else that piques his interest. Subscribe today and join the #wolfpack!

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  • honestyb
    Learned a lot
    Jordan’s trainings helped me a ton in my sales career. To this day I still use a lot of the skills he taught. I was able to get into my masters program because of the straight line principles. Amazing how it’s working to this day.
  • Customer1478
    The point of the movie was that this man belongs in prison
    You are very, very stupid if you look up to this con man, who is blatantly trying to steal your money.
  • PaigeBPodcasting
    Great Show!
    Jordan brings on the most interesting guests! Highly recommend this show
  • maddie@podcastingyou
    Great podcast!
    Each episode is a super interesting deep dive into new perspectives, stories, and insights!
  • Abe77
    Every interview is him cutting off the guest or slurping his drink while the guest is talking. This is trash
    Love it
    The act of writing topic was on point! Great advice from those who know!
  • Erin Gerrard
    Most enlightening/incredible podcast ever!
    Your interview w/ Mike Zappy is incredible. Thank you! I typically listen to entrepreneurial/business & real estate podcasts. I appreciate you offering insight into different aspects that can help achieve a full & prosperous life! Pretty amazing the curing properties psychedelics hold. Thank you for a deeply enlightening perspective to alternatives treatments for addiction, disease, and more!
  • Crash-machine
    Save your time
    Don’t waste a second on this d bag. He’s nothing but a thief that has convinced himself he’s not. Very narcissistic.
  • sensei wolfie
    The wolf
    From one wolf to another, love the Podcast JB
  • podcastpuglove
    The one with Robert Greene
    Man was I excited to download this episode and listen!! I had come across The 48 Laws of Power in a jail stint, as most people that have encountered this book do, and couldn’t wait to hear another podcast with Greene breaking down those laws and especially with Jordan who I also think is incredibly smart and talented! Well, let me reiterate that people in the public eye should really reconsider announcing who the vote for! When the talk got to the part about Biden and Jordan begins talking about what a liar he is and then Robert says that’s who he voted for and thinks is “best” for the situation right now…I stopped listening!! And removed the rest of the downloads of Greene off my device! But definitely have new mad respect for “The Wolf of Wall Street” because clearly he has sense!!! Love that Jordan went on and on with the examples of lies, deceit and obvious mental inability Biden has for the presidency of the United States of America job. Keep getting smart-er guests, lol!!! Great, informative podcast!!!
  • ASobering
    Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
    This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Jordan does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
  • foefoe86
    Excellent Interviewer
    I subscribed after watching the episode with Grant Cardone. Jordan’s experience in sales are really highlighted in that episode. Jordan completely outclassed Grant on every level and I found it very entertaining and extremely impressive.
  • Daddy Pitty
    Really cool incite into the mind of a man who brought himself out of social and financial ruin and built himself back
  • HTG25
    Jordan covers so many business topics on his podcast and has tons of interesting guests. Love listening to this at work. Keep it going Jordan.
  • Psalm5110
    I like you Jordan but listen...
    Do your best to refrain from interrupting one’s expression of ideas & thoughts, constantly. You’ll crush the podcast game if you practice that. (Listen again to your interview with Robert Greene, especially the first 10-15min of it). Love brother 🙏
  • NathanBeitler
    Great podcast with awesome guests
    Jordan does a great job getting experts in their perspective fields to share their knowledge with the listeners. Great political stance and ways for people to look for another perspective.
  • Angelodeguglielmo 11111111111
    Great Podcast. Softy’s would not like very informative!
  • allib80
    A must listen
    I really enjoy the episodes where he gives his take on the current state of our country. It’s refreshing to hear an opinion that you wouldn’t normally find in the main stream media. Also, the fact that he’s in tune with business trends, the economy, and top people in the industry makes his trustworthy in my book.
  • josuefm96
    What has this show become?
    Jordan is a decent sales teacher, but for whatever reason (probably profit-motivated) he decided to pivot to politics. His political commentary is an amateur version of the kind of content that kind be found on the million other political podcasts out there.
  • Ima listener
    A must listen to podcast!
    Jordan is an excellent host who brings on some incredible people. If you haven’t listened yet, do yourself a favor and go listen now!
  • Davo Davicci
    Wake up people!
    Great podcast Anne- you are telling the truth. We need more of you out there!!
  • txbluemoon
  • guest buyer
    Used to be great, Turn into covid talk garbage
    Covid this and covid that...bla bla bla redundant covid trash...a shame, WAS a great podcast
  • lyman_wrestling
    Must listen
    I found Jordan’s podcast 2 months ago and have been binge listening. He keeps getting better guests, great conversations plus the first 10-15 min he talks and what’s going on in the world and his insight.
  • TheDean1793
    Listen, learn, win!
    Jordan is the real deal. If you want to win you need quality mentoring and this program is a great addition.
  • jonteal
    Endless Insights from JB
    I recently started my first sales job and listening to this podcast has given me so many tools and insights that have boosted my sales confidence and abilities beyond what I thought I had in me! Thank you, JB!
  • fjubdsv
    Jordan’s wisdom
    I absolutely love this podcast in just about every way. Jordan has a ton of wisdom and knowledge on a vast variety of topics and I always feel smarter after every podcast episode. Keep it up Wolf!!
  • Zachgreen389
    Sales info is great but too political
    Seriously every podcast he spends the first 15 minutes talking about politics, then he brings on the guest and tries to get the guest to agree with him about his politics and then maybe gets into some good valuable info.
  • Nbbmhfcxxbj
    Great show!
    Is a great listen for anyone interested in being very wealthy in the future. Needs to have on: David Dobrik, Mr. Beast, and then loltyler1(would be HILARIOUS).
  • bbbbaaaaMMMMFFFF
    Wolf 2020
    Jordan is asmr for my wallet
  • Bfink12
    Love it
    Love this podcast! I’ve learned so much and I’ve been a big Jordan Belfort fan for a long time. His guests are great and it’s so refreshing to hear from someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind even if it’s not always PC. Actually that’s why this female listener keeps listening!
  • CleverUSB
    You’re a real piece of garbage.
  • pulpfictionperiod
    Jordan is the best
    AHHH JORDAN HI I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHH ! I haven’t listened to any yet but I already knowww they’re great. and I can’t wait to listen. anyway just wanted to say I love youuu
  • Franz Gliederer
    The reason even Trump has to change his mind is that cases of infections and dead people will rise exponentially. New York gets hit the fastest and the most violent because of many people in close proximity. Read more on my posts
  • Interested bystander
    Very difficult to follow
    He needs a script and some preparation for his monologue. Guests are interesting. Should let his guests take the lead.
  • Big bribri 0506
    They don’t make them like they used to
    The world misses businessmen like this (not the unethical business practices that he became so notorious for) but the killer, sales mentality that a lot of young businessmen and women lack these days. Always a great listen. Hoping he gets his writes back.
  • Corey 3884
    Saved my life and family
    This mans words have a way to touch your souls rip it out and put back what has been missing. Thank you Jordan for your guidance and inspiration wake up everymorning and be extraordinary
  • Young Financial Analyst
    Entertaining as well as Educational
    As a young professional who recently graduated college in December, I find myself very engaged in this podcast. Some of the guests I might not care to listen to, but there are also some very valuable ones. Overall Jordan uses his experiences (which are many) and his guests to educate people on business topics as well as general life advice. He manages to put it into a package that is entertaining as well as educational. Some highlights for me include the recent Dan Peña interview and of course the infamous Grant Cardone interview. I hope Jordan continues to have guests like this on his podcast. If I could make a suggestion to him I would have him invite economist and investment expert Peter Schiff on his show. Also maybe a little less of the non-business oriented guests (Vitaly-I used to watch that goofball in high school). All in all, a great listen that I would suggest to a friend.
  • Alexamazon6501
    New 2020 podcast is amazing
    I love this concept so much!! Thanks for sharing all this with us 🙏🏼
  • James P9716
    New podcast style
    The new podcast style is fantastic. You have got to do more exactly like this. Learning a skill while listening to amazing stories is perfect. Keep up the great work Jordan
  • Joey in NJ
    Great podcast Jordan is the best!!
    My favorite episode was number five with Tommy Chong. What a disappointment he is such a anti-Trump liberal. Tommy Chong is talking about integrity, swearing Trump is being paid by Russia!! How is that panning out Tommy? What a waste Tommy is. Jordan gave it back to him pretty good though.
  • Pezon123
    The best podcast with the most value
    My favorite pod cast is the one with a Amanda The queen of social media. IT had the most value on the play by play on how to build ur follow. And she told the truth it’s not easy and how each platform has it value on type of content and age groups to hit.
  • spinedoc093
    Great Content! It doesnt have to be as hard as we make it... Everything we do as service providers is essentially part of a sales process, so if you want to be successful you might as well be good at selling (and closing) your service. Black Diamond Club is an awesome group for ALL service providers too if you are looking to improve your sales ability.
  • jackocds
    Super interesting
    These are really interesting and have a lot of great ideas
  • LovelyMissGina
    Fantastic podcast
    These podcasts are very fantastic!!
  • alexandrasn
    Fantastic content
    5 stars y’all! Been a fan of Jordan’s straight line system for a long time and I LOVE the service professional interview with Drs. Shawn Dill and Lacey Book. I’ve been a student of Shawn and Lacey’s well before I graduated chiropractic school (don’t care to know where I’d be w/o them or their Black Diamond Club) and it was a pleasure watching the principles they teach us come to life across so many different platforms and professions. Jordan, I love you mentioning our moral obligation to help if we TRULY believe in our service and your sense of humor - “the plants wilted when she walked by”... LOL! Can’t wait to learn from you at Summer Camp 2020!
    Tell the People!
    Great content here! If you have a great service that helps people you have to tell them! Your service alone, no matter how great, is not enough. People are struggling and suffering because you are NOT communicating to them! You can serve your community with integrity and be wealthy at the same time.
  • The great Stanton
    Awesome advice from the horse’s mouth
    👍great podcast
  • Infotainer
    Jordan Belfort is the MAN!
    I love the episode where he interviews the FBI agent who followed his activities and arrested him. It’s ironic how after several years, they’re now friends and Jordan is interviewing him on his podcast. I love these kinds of transformational stories!
  • Increase7
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