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WAR ROOM: 2020 with Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and more.

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Recent Reviews
  • woodsmabn
    Episode 1575
    This episode is all garbled. Please FIX THIS! Thank you! Too important to miss.
  • basslake928
    Great show
    I love the “we are all signal and no noise. I get caught in the noise and you set it straight. I appreciate that. MSM is performing the “Solomon Asch theory on the world but you are fighting back.
  • Steamboat girl
    Bannon, you are a corrupt moron with nothing to offer anyone. You belong in prison.
  • Mt404
    No good blender reviews
    I was informed that this podcast has the best blender and other kitchen gadget reviews on the internet but seems like just rando people who know nothing about blenders blabbering on just to hear the sound of their own voices. 1 star.
  • 1 cisco
    No nonsense
    Keep up the good fight
  • Edsterx111
    Will soon be in jail
  • cdoyle-cox
    Thank you
    Much appreciated Steve Bannon I have been watching and listening to you every single day since the November 3 election night - when I turned off Fox news and watched the coverage via Warroom. You bring normal every day people on that are getting up and doing something to take our country back. You provide us the knowledge of the many people including veterans that are running for office is across the country so we can help support their campaigns. Thank you thank you thank you Action action action
  • اشکانیا
    Hey apple
    Hey apple people you all forgot my episodes of war room please story up here and there call the play run the play don’t send repeat stop feeding repeat episodes
  • JMFT!
    Lots of passion
    I enjoy the passion. I don’t always agree with everything but I feel that there’s more honesty than not. I am concerned that apple is slowing the download ability of the podcast since other podcasts like Shapiro down load at full speed, are larger files and the war room trickles in sometimes in kbs. I have been worried about the production team being on top of it at times but good on them for doing almost every day.
  • Canuck Patriot21
    Great show!
    True people power in action. Go patriots! I am jealous - we in Canada are too timid to fight back against the radical left - yet. American patriots are showing the way and Bannon et al are facilitating it through the best news show out there.
  • freedom454545
    Spread the word all thru Hong Kong
    Makes sure you follow BorisEP on GETTR, coming in extremely hot on the gram, scorching hot on Twitter, Boris EP the MAGA brain trust the MAGA posse.
  • Jetfan2468
    True Patriots
    This is a top podcast I can’t miss it
  • Chatter boite
    Master Leader
    Master leader Steve Bannon & his TEAM & Great lineup of Guests. . Warriors in the War Room. I read some pretty awesome reviews here.. . God is in control and may we all get involved in our own War room of praying.Thinking of loosing America is Painful UNTHINKABLE getting on our knees balling our eyes out screaming 😱 for Mercy is A OK the Holy Spirit takes them to the River and takes them up to Heaven translating them All for US ready for God. No tears get wasted. 🙏🏼
  • ZsaZsaSzaraz
    Eh !!SHARE WarRoom Pandemic in Canada too eh!!
    I send screen recordings to Cuba. I love Steve's knowledge. Thank you for all your hard work. You woke me up in Jan 2020 I haven't missed a show since. WarRoom Is the best news in the world!!! He is always right.
  • rick2000
    The go to podcast for every patriot .
    This is the podcast I wait for every day and sometimes re- listen a second time , it’s that good. Detailed full coverage of everything you need to know on a daily basis regarding the ongoing battle with the Left , the Pandemic, and global geopolitics .
  • Martina1965
    The best show
    Thank you for helping me to stay sane!
  • 17Flowerpower
    Love the show, details in the coverage .
  • Worried Canadian
    Great Show
    Love the show..listen to them all. My only criticism is the mike volumes. Stephen’s mike volume is lower than the guests and as a listener I’m always having to adjust the volume between Stephen and the guests. I wish we had a a show like this in Canada. We are in deep trouble here in Canada with our substitute drama teacher Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..we are sinking into the abyss of communism with no conservative media left in our country.
  • Anderson Maddow
    Truth and intelligent analysis
    10 stars. Bannon exposes the big lies of the liberal fascist media with intelligence, wit, and a fighting spirit that would make George Washington proud!
  • QZzzy
    Far right trash.
    Racism. Lies. QAnon/Agent Orange death cult who had a part in instigating an insurrection based on conspiracies, lies & blind devotion to the most hypocritical, corrupt, grossly incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, weak, lazy, embarrassment, joke of a president in the history of America. Nothing can stop what’s coming..a beautifully diverse & mixed race America. The horror. You scared? You’re the minority. Get used to it. You’re guns won’t help you. Perhaps y’all whities should go back to Europe if you don’t like it 👋🏼
  • LuckyInTO
    About as real as it gets
    Bannon and crew present “things” as they are. There are no conspiracies - but there are also no coincidences....
  • Bob from TGWN
    Best show in media. Fighting for liberty for all, especially for the Chinese people.
  • Oldladyme2015
    Fast talking
    I listen most days, but today, Virus Part 1, was speeded up so fast I couldn’t follow. Shame, really...I might have enjoyed It and learned something.
  • JhE7
    We need fighting like this in Canada,good job lads !!!
  • you foooking coonts
    No one gives a f...
    No one,
  • MaryRea1
    Love you Bannon
    I look forward to listening to your show daily. Let’s take down the CCP.....
  • Graeme,Surrey
    Less noise & more signal!
    Easily the best US conservative political news channel available. Bannon is relentless and amazingly well informed on every issue. Nobody could be a more dedicated supporter of Trump. Haven't missed a show since the downloads were around 5 million. Now 32 million, what else needs to be said.
  • Nicholas 44
    Very good
    Interesting topics and perspectives you won’t find on MSM. Well done.
  • luke__mtl
    Signal, not noise.
    Cut through the nonsense in US politics.
  • The Country Animal Hospital
    Racist Conspiracy Crap. Seditious and anti-democratic.
    Racist Conspiracy Crap. Seditious and anti-democratic. Amazed this grifting fraudulent fundraiser still has suckers that will give him money.
  • jmswannabe
    Great pod ! If your nuts
    If you enjoy lies and disinformation you ll love this ! Lol
  • dcliffey
    Where’s my money ScammerSteve?
    “Best cause I ever donated to” said no one who donated to the fake build the wall campaign only to learn Steve and friends were stealing all the money.
  • TheXantar
    Murderous Insurrectionist
    Jail this man.
  • louisez2000
    excellent programe
    tell the truth always
  • HonestCanadian
    Great analysis - ahead of the curve
    Great topics, hosts and camaraderie. Tons of inside baseball. Don’t fall for MSM lies. Give it a shot.
  • mjzulu
    Voice of America
    In the same way that the Voice of America was a lifeline to people in communist Eastern Europe during the Cold War - this team speaks to those who live behind the cyber Iron Curtain of the 21st century. Always up to date and relevant - the straight news
  • MFleischman
    Listen every day!
    Love it! Real news!
  • Christinefranktaylor
    The Truest Political News
    The best of the best bringing you the low down on politics.
  • pdcincan
    In the vernacular of AOC
    The absolute tippy-top.
  • marsh pipe smoker
    Evidence based analysis
    This podcast presents brilliant evidence based information and analysis.
  • Mikeling777
    The truth
    Thank you for your the truth!!You are heroes!!
  • KohnBalls
    Most important/best podcast going.
    Steve and his team continue to fight the good fight. Must listen for anyone and everyone on the “right” side of the political spectrum.
  • Jthompsonsk
    Hero’s of the free world
    These people are broadcasting from behind the new globalist msm big tech iron curtain and providing real information that the weaponized msm is working to suppress. Luckily the fake news is about to walk off a cliff, good riddance!!!!
  • deeboooio
    So informative
    I actually didn’t like Steve after what people were saying between his firing and September but after hearing him speak for 3-5 min I was hooked. You can tell that Steve is a media genius and you don’t want this guy not on ur side.
  • Guild2020
    Brute force brilliance by this group
    Democratic and CCP schemes uncovered early and action, action action to counter underhanded moves of CCPDemos
  • mate416
    Take down the CCP
    We Chineses love you and Waroom,take down the CCP for people all of the world.
  • nbj622
    Great show but where’s ep 372?
    Bannon is an American hero. Keep fighting!!
  • stephen k bannon
    Whatnextstephen? much hot air!!! When do I tell everyone I’m Q?
  • BonnieWillimott
    More long form interviews please
    I enjoy Bannon’s rants as well as Jack’s insights and Raheem’s pithy wit. But I’d like to hear longer sections with guests. The spot with Jeff Sessions was really good. Also, Greg, don’t be shy.
  • lnantel
    Fix your audio please - it’s annoying
    Great podcast ! I listen to all of them but recently the audio has been really below standard in terms of quality for anyone calling in. Please fit it !!
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