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Carl Sagan famously wrote “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”. Join Emmy-nominated television personality, futurist and filmmaker Jason Silva on a deep dive into the wonderland at the edge of the world’s knowledge. In these episodes Jason explores Technology and transhumanism, Science and spirituality, Psychedelics and psychotherapy. Mental health and transformation, Awe and Wonder and the existential realities of the human condition.

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  • caring about kelly
    Unbearable advertising interrupting otherwise good conversation.
    As above.
  • jordanlyoung2192
    Amazing podcast!
    Jason!…I recently discovered your work and have absolutely LOVED! hearing you articulate the things that are on your mind. You are a true poet, and a true artist! The guests you have invited on are also some of my favorites! Bring on more podcasts!!!
  • NeverReviewz
    Interesting / Enthralling / Exciting / BUT..
    Jason has an awesome mind and wonderful use of words. I find the conversations interesting and you can feel his passion, as well as the guests for the subjects. First episode I listened to, I was hooked.... as I kept listening it was more of the same conversations. I feel there is HUGE potential with this podcast, but switch it up. Every episode is about psychedelics/drugs... I’m looking for more interesting discussions on how the mind works and getting Jason’s insights on more subjects than just the drug thing. (I know this is sponsored by a cannabis company, but let’s branch out a little otherwise the episodes seem redundant and I think listeners will be lost).
  • Alex00119922
    Love the ideas, but let guests speak
    Love Jason’s ideas and the importance behind them, but I agree with others that it becomes frustrating to listen to guests continuously be cut off mid-sentence. I would’ve liked to hear more from the guests and think there’s room for improvement to make it an amazing podcast!
  • magalimoon
    Solo podcast?
    I’m right on board with all of the critiques about the need to finesse your interview skills. Jason- you are clearly so highly intellectual and enthusiastic about each topic you discuss. Have you ever thought about having a solo show in which instead of having guests on you share excerpts from them and then piggyback on your own afterwards?
  • Thoreau32
    I really wish the host was a bit less emphatic and certain of everything he said. It might be more interesting and impactful to just take a breath, pause and listen to learn, not just reply. We know you are smart. Chill out a bit Thoreau32
  • stay curious jake
    A Warmup for the Mind
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these few episodes. These discussions often seems to warmup or prime my mind for thinking clearly and widely. It’s a desirable state. I hope to see more episodes out soon!
  • djkezako
    Love the content the guests and the host!
    Jason, your words are resonating with my thoughts. Thanks for being a tuning key for my complex mind. And here I thought I was alone in my daily quest for amazement and “Unboredom”! I would love to be interviewed one day or interview you as I am making some decisions as to expanded significance to my life..The podcast is a dance between guest and host and well balanced.
  • Gkrim
    Let the guest speak
    There are fantastic guests on the show, but more then half the time (it seems) Silva is talking. Ask questions and let the guests speak, don’t interrupt and talk over them. The content is great, but the host is (even though smart and knowledgeable) talks too much. Best Gary
  • OshanJarow
    Jason's enthusiasm is a double-edged sword.
    I'm a long-time fan of Silva's work. While I love his videos, I struggle to listen to his podcasts. His enthusiasm does not translate well into the interview format. Time and time again, he has fascinating guests who I want to hear in dialogue. But time and time again, Jason continually cuts them off, often mid-sentence, to let out some bit of rapture. In his interview with Michael Pollan, it became physically uncomfortable to listen to Michael continually try to speak, only to be overtaken by Jason. You can feel Michael learning over the course of the interview that he won't have much of any window to express himself, and so close himself off. If Jason could learn to slightly restrain his outbursts, and create spaces for his guests to articulate themselves in the same way that he enjoys, the conversations would be a much smoother, more involved, participatory experience. Jason is brilliant, and he can draw some fascinating lines of inquiry out of his guests. I hope he learns to adapt his interview style to be more conscientious of his guests.
  • shaklesbeard
    Talk less, listen more.
    Great topics, amazing guests. I’m hoping these reviews are read as they all repeat the same critique which is for Jason to please let his guests speak! Mostly just sounds like he’s tweaked on Adderall and spewing quotes and reading a bibliography of his favorite books. Listen to JRE, takes notes on good interview techniques, take a bong hit and slow down.
  • evfurb
    Super awesome show
    A great place to come for stimulating ideas of poetry and awe! Definitely recommend. Yet I have to admit I’m occasionally bothered. I’ve heard the things Jason has to say multiple times, and sometimes it feels like he cuts off and talks over his guests. I know its a conversion not an interview, but I would like to hear more from the guests because while I’ve heard Jason many times, I often haven’t yet heard his guests before! Still a huge fan, and am always looking forward to more AWEsome content!
  • Thadancer95
    I want to like this podcast but YOU HAVE TO LET YOUR GUESTS ANSWER. I started listening to the flow podcast an cannot continue to listen because you bypass an brush over your guests who are also intelligent an deserve to have a chance to speak. You throw out “quotes” from past books/convos an end up talking about things to the point the guests can’t continue their thoughts. Love content, but interviews need work. Listen 2020
  • kelly-anne!
    Room for improvement
    Jason really needs to let his guests talk. I haven’t been able to finish a single episode just because I get annoyed at the poor interviewing skills. Also, where are your female guests? I think Jason is great and I admire his work, now go make all of your fans proud and listen instead of talking over your guests!
  • desideratum08
    Awesome podcast overall. It’s mental stimulation at it’s finest. Like others have said though, it would be great to let the guests speak. It’s frustrating to hear them constantly being interrupted/talked over.
  • maurogotera
    Rated a 5 because i can only hope that the podcast thrives. Been listening to Jason on other podcasts for some time & he’s an absolute philosophical wizard. With that being said, though, I must say i wish he’d allow the guest to speak & let his ideas unravel instead of constantly interrupting. I couldn’t quite finish the episode because it was uncomfortable to listen to in that sense. Can only hope this serves as constructive criticism in order to help the podcast shift into an educational gem... considering the brilliance of the host & his guests. Saludos. Will give another more recent episode a chance
    Let the guests talk!!!!
    I really wanted to like this podcast but the host is always interrupting and interjecting. Please, just ask a question and then listen. That’s why you have these guests on right? To learn from THEM. And don’t get me wrong, Jason is brilliant and I like his input there just needs to be much less of it and at more opportune times. This is constructive criticism, I’m not some troll. But replay any podcast and I bet there isn’t more than 15 seconds where your not saying something even if it’s just a grunt of agreement.
  • davidgee118
    Obviously amazing
    Wonderful content ! So do not want to rate anything less that 5 stars but as another reviewer mentioned - the volume is a bit low , especially when trying to listen in places with background noise! Would greatly appreciate a boost in the volume! Thank you thank you thank you!
  • Jameson A.
    Mind expanding
    Definitely about time he got a podcast! Audio is low? Girlfriend said the same in her vehicle. We’re big fans!
  • Tefhgbhffwd
    Absolutely Brilliant
    Thank you Jason for creating inspiring and informative content! It’s content that leads to cognitive coherence in my life! With great respect...Pastor Jeremy Evans
  • X3JAI
    Love it!
    love it
  • jrod4010
    Let the guests speak
    Love love love Jason and this podcast, but the art of interviewing is real. If you want to muse in life, continue with shots of awe; if you’re going to have a podcast, let your guests speak!
    Jason Silva
    Jason Silva is what humanity needs. If you aren’t seeking out his content, you are robbing yourself of mental fulfillment. Start listening!
  • JSimp
    More Ego Death, Please
    Listening to the episode with Rick Doblin, I wonder why Jason has a guest. Silva keeps interrupting, making noises, and featuring himself. His interview style is like the podcast cover - mostly Jason. He rarely allows his guest to talk more that ten uninterrupted seconds. A word count of the episode would I suspect show that more than 65% of the words were Silva’s. Feature the guest, Jason. Flow sessions? Enthusiasm is good but be quiet and let flow the thoughts of the guest. Facilitate but get out of the way. Let your own ego dissolve.
  • Lauren (Loey)
    New favorite
    Love this podcast. It’s like I’m sitting down with Jason listening to him flow through all of these ideas with super impressive guests. Excited to hear more.
  • jjoblumer
    Poor Interviewing Skills
    The job is to interview guests not talk over them about yourself.
  • auxtemp
    Into the mic!
    I love the podcast and can’t wait for what these conversations bring. All I could point out is how often the guest would trail off on some sentences and became hard to hear. I had to keep turning the volume up and down.
  • dik_sf
    After so many years!!
    I’ve been following Jason Silva for almost 6 years always thinks- “I wish he could have his own podcast” And here it is, wishes come true with Jason Silva!!!)
  • Alex-Emp
    Jason please let your guests speak and listen
    Love you man, but you need to decide if you want to do a solo show and get in flow and do your art, or want to ask questions to your guests and LISTEN to their answer. If you are not clear you are doing a disservice to your listener/fan. Abrazo
  • kmill77
    Great content but room for improvement
    Dude, Jason, the content is awesome but let your guest speak.
  • Cworsh4
    Been waiting for this
    I’ve consumed just about every podcast Jason has appeared on, so I’m thrilled he’s moved into the space on a more regular basis. Great first episode. Excited to have more flow in my life.
  • asoli
    Jason Silva was meant for this
    Jason has always communicated such thought provoking content in the most articulate of ways. I cannot imagine a better platform for him to take advantage of. Keep it going Jason!
  • 509Gman
    Hey Jason! Loved the first episode! One suggestion, since you guys went over and discussed many people and books, research and more... Is there a way that you can jot down these sources and references for the listeners? I’d love to go and check out these individuals and read these pieces of research or books. So, not a complaint, just something that would be helpful (especially for those of us listening while driving!) Keep up the great productions!
  • Edgarzea
    Felicitaciones mi pana, amazingly put together. Súper fan de todo tu trabajo, y este nuevo proyecto se ve muy prometedor Mucho éxito!!
  • Alchemist579
    Can’t wait to hear who comes on to discuss the depths of humanity and the elevation needed now more than ever to become self aware. Excited to chop it up with Jason one day 👌🏼🏆
  • KAAATTii
    Awesome but one at a time
    Talking over each other was painful to listen too.
  • knobelwoman
    Let’s keep it going
    Everyone need some time to get into their own flow, this is great when you’re distracted and you need a reminder on how to come back to the present and basics.
  • Chelsaez
    Philosophical and Sound
    Jason, You constantly expand my mind and consciousness and I have been watching your content for quite a long time. Your podcast is a reflection of that 🙏🏼. Thanks for sharing your gifts.
  • FlowLands Lover
    Thank you!
    I am so pumped to see who you souljam with! Starting with a favorite, Mr Kotler! Yassss! 🥅⛹🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️🏇🏾🥌 ⭐️💕🌊💕I am 🤤 as a huge fan of your content and expressions, Mr Silva for this to happen. This is gonna be fun to finally see this go down! Thanks Flow Kana! Infinite shots of awe! Yea!
  • Lui star
    Your words
    The ways you are able to articulate your thoughts melts hearts. I am I awe with anticipation for this new journey.
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