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Listen in as the superlatively knowledgeable Mitchell Owens, Decorative Arts editor at AD (@ADaesthete), talks with the greatest design-world talents of our time about all things aesthetic. From the legacy of iconic decorators to the promise of design’s future, his lively, bold, and engaging conversations truly appeal to a mixed audience of industry pros and design enthusiasts. New episodes Tuesdays.

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  • NaomiBurton
    I’ve been following Mitch Owens for years and have learned so much from his insightful design commentary. So excited he now has a podcast because he gets the best people and talks so engagingly. Whether you are a novice or expert design aficionado, you always get a new perspective or insight listening to his podcast.
  • labeille11
    More of this please
    In this era of quarantine - please give us more of this precision and perspective on design & architecture. Thank you.
  • andyybobandy
    Simply the best
    It’s not only the best design conversation podcast, it’s one of the best culture podcasts period.
  • penelopebi1
    I cried when Mitchell stopped blogging!
    Now he’s back!! Thank God!! He is beyond brilliant in all these podcasts!! Captivating and fascinating! Bravo!!!
  • Lady Broadbent
    Please do another! So enjoyable and informative!! Thoroughly enjoyed!
  • atiredGran
    Another fan
    Kudos to Mitch Owens for deftly leading his guests In such informed and entertaining conversation. His own broad knowledge of de Wolfe’s era contributed enormously. I cannot wait for the next episode and the next. AD scored big with this!
  • NickNYC
    Guest at the best party
    This is my newest guilty pleasure. Its like being invited to a terrific dinner party where everyone is interesting and someone I want to know better. But this is not simple dinner party chatter — these are informed and creative guests at the top of their respective games. Bravo to Mitch Owens, and to Condé Nast for su h a great podcast! Im hooked!
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