Phoebe Reads a Mystery

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Phoebe reads a mystery novel. Our other shows are Criminal and This is Love.

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  • childish drivel
    New Listener
    I’m a longtime listener of Criminal but new to this podcast. It’s fantastic—love every book so far. Very well delivered. Great stories.
  • jOmammad
    Phoebe is amazing!
    Can life get better, yes!!! phoebe judge now reads to you!!! Two thumbs way up 10/10 highly recommend
  • colleenbunny
    Best narator
    I love listing…. It brings me peace 💓
  • BeckyJ_124
    Not a narrator
    My personal opinion is that Phoebe is a great interviewer and story teller but not that great at narrating someone else’s work.
  • #loveskyview
    Jane Eyre read by Phoebe Judge?! ❤️
    I adore Phoebe Judge and everything she creates…. And the when I discovered that she reads classic mysteries too, I was so excited. I’ve been listening to her read Jane Eyre and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I look forward to listening to all the other seasons as well!!
  • Gmasandi8730
    “I wish Phoebe would read to me”
    I had just been thinking while listening to criminal “I wish she narrated books!” Then BAM!…she started reading books to me. I could listen for hours, and have, to her tell real stories or read fictional books. I recommend the podcasts to everyone who’ll let me talk about them. Keep them coming lady! And thank you for making working 12 hour shifts tolerable.
  • Lulu1298
    Bring on more!
    I don’t know why I’ve never read A Picture of Dorian Gray. Thank you for bringing this to life for me! I appreciate your thoughtful choices and wonderful voice.
  • Health phoenix
    Very enjoyable despite numerous mispronunciations
    Phoebe has a lovely soothing voice which is a pleasure to listen to. I also enjoy most of the novels which she selects. I will say, however, that there are rather a shocking number of mispronunciations. Her French is quite dreadful, but, more surprisingly, there are many mispronounced English words also, which is fairly shocking in a professional literary podcast. Is there no one on the production team who could listen and deal with these sorts of issues?
  • KelseyKater
    I know that the team works very hard and Phoebe is an excellent reader, and listening to the little Cricket chirping softly throughout The Picture of Dorian Gray is such a treat. Thanks for letting the Cricket be part of the show!
  • Espiana
    It got me through the pandemic and I’m here forever.
    Phoebe is a mood. A calm mood, and at times I wish to feel tense. I also love classic novels and am sometimes too tense to read them myself. This series helped preserve my sanity during the pandemic. She’s an incredible narrator and I hope this series continues!
  • UPENN2016
    Better if…
    I like the format, selections and narration BUT the number of mispronounced words is rather amazing. Everything else about the podcast is very professional so it really, really detracts when they regularly appear. Season 11 examples: divan, Ptolemy, desserts and more. These aren’t difficult words.
  • Kwkr
    She’s BACK!!
    My nights(and days) are complete. “Phoebe Reads the Phonebook” would be just fine. Thank you, dear Phoebe,for sharing your time with us. “Criminal” for learning & stimulating the imagination , “Phoebe Reads” for calming it💖
  • angie applesauce
    It’s Phoebe, anything she does is fire.
  • themissourigirl85
    Listen to Podcasts and was thrilled when I found that I could listen to Phoebe read classic favorites!
  • Dee396
    The Moonstone and my cat
    I absolutely loved your narration of the Collin’s mystery. My psycho kitty finds your voice so calming and soothing that she’s asleep in minutes. 🤭Thanks so much!
  • MEHmotormouth
    Super happy!!!
    I too have been waiting and hoping that Phoebe would bring her talents back to reading mysteries for us. I love to listen when I need to relax from work. Thank you for returning and picking up the classics of mysteries to share with us.
  • pmccfan24
    Yay! She’s back!
    I am so happy Phoebe is back reading to us! I’ve been watching my podcast library for over a year, waiting to see this one update with new information. I love listening to Phoebe when I am working or when I am winding down for the day. She’s so soothing to listen to and the stories are a mix of one I’ve read before, ones I’ve been meaning to read, and ones I’ve never heard of. It’s just perfection. I opted for the ad-free version and it’s worth the cost. Welcome back, Phoebe! We missed you!
  • restlessincolorado
    Phoebe Is Back
    I have loved listening and I'm so happy that you have come back. I've listened to the existing stories over and over again-they're a big part of winding down each evening. Thank you for taking the time to come back and read to us again!
  • -@)3 nb
    Great podcast
    Always enjoy the books that Phoebe reads, so glad that the show is continuing. thank you!!
  • CMDaniel1
    Fabulous Storytelling!!
    I’m so glad that Phoebe’s continuing to read those wonderful novels! Her voice is a pleasure to listen to, and I look forward to her next narration.
  • Quel the belle
    How much do I love this?
    I’ve been introduced to so many authors! Can’t face the real news til I have had a dose of Queen Phoebe! I have tried a few books on tape and couldn’t stand them-either they read too slow, or the attempt at different accents were painful. Phoebe does it just right!
  • Lindseylatch
    Love the podcast, cannot stand the sweet tart ad
    I still listen almost every night to go to sleep. Eventually, I’ll probably hear all of every book. ;) I have trouble reading some of these classics so it’s actually been awesome to hear them. And I like that Phoebe doesn’t try to do voices, that can get so distracting with other readers. I know you gotta make money cause capitalism but that sweet tart ad is the WORST. And when it plays twice in a row, at the end of one episode and the beginning of the next? Torture.
  • nikbobik
    Phoebe is the best!!
    Fantastic read. Phoebe could definitely have her own night time meditation app . Love it!
  • roxspa
    The Valley Of Fear
    I thoroughly enjoyed it.Superbly read by Phoebe.More please!
  • SinginLin
    Excellent reader of an excellent story! Give us more, please!!!
  • manishakreddy
    Listening to this podcast is soothing and relaxing. Great way to wind down at the end of a day. Phoebe’s voice is lovely to listen to.
  • Fashnmama8
    Love Phoebe and audiobooks!!
    I really love how soft and soothing Phoebe’s voice is. Listening to her read these books is enjoyable and much better than reading them myself! It’s the perfect way to “read” a book before bed to unwind and relax.
  • TreeMac4
    What a find!
    I love my podcasts and hearing stories read - when I just want to listen to a good read (and I don’t have the book on hand). This was a great find! I’m so excited to hear the repertoire of books read by Phoebe. Update 6/2022: What a story “The Woman in White” is when I listened to it on this podcast! It was such a treasure to listen to from beginning to end the way Phoebe reads it. I found myself doing a lot of playbacks. Seriously, what a book and what a reader! Update 11/2022: I just listened to Jane Eyre and fell in love with that story because of Phoebe’s reading. I don’t recall liking it when I read it in hs or college. Miss you Phoebe!!
  • dbrrv
    Love this, but …
    Phoebe, your voice is wonderful and you read beautifully, but you might want to check on how some foreign words are pronounced. Monsieur is pronounced ‘mehs-siur’, not ‘mone-siur’. Victoir is pronounced ‘Vic-twa ’ not ‘Vic-tor’. It was really distracting. I follow your other podcasts and notice this in other places as well. When in doubt, check it out. Otherwise, good research. Great podcasts.
  • Tss71
    Trail of the serpent
    Wonderful!!! Please do The Master Mariner By Nicholas Monsarrat
  • laura840
    I hope this returns
    I don’t want to hear another classic tale read by any other narrator. Thank you PJ!
  • Autismom1991
    Thank, Phoebe
    Thank you, Phoebe, for reading to us throughout the pandemic. You introduced me to titles and authors I’d never read before—pure delight! I look forward to hearing your voice on Criminal and This is Love.
  • Sehpwa01
    Please keep reading
    I love this podcast and would be a paid subscriber. Thank you for all you do!
  • tberry111111111
    DONT GO !
    I cannot sleep without you! Another adult in need of bedtime stories will miss your daily chapters dearly. Please consider a YouTube channel or something!
  • alabamarich
    Anyone who didn’t rate this 5 ⭐️ is a hater
    But fr… this got me through the pandemic… the idea is amazing… we love the consistency likeeeeee you really have to be on some other ish to not like this podcast.
  • eonarts
    Just what I needed during these trying times!
    I came to these from your podcast Criminal and immediately realized I needed these. They were such a respite from all the true crime I was listening to. Halfway through the first book I realized Oh! I’m finally “reading” a book from the list of 100 Books you should read before you die (or some such name). Then the second book which was also on the list! OK I admit I read many of these as a child but didn’t remember them correctly. Others I’m enjoying revisiting and some! I never read. I love your voice and rhythm. If you weren’t intentionally reading books from this list it’s so great that you’re getting through them. I understand you will be taking a break which already makes me miss you even though I have 4 more books!
  • Terryjane1225
    Oh Phoebe say it isn’t so. I’m going to miss this daily dose. It is wonderful.
  • bigkitty7
    Phoebe is an American Treasure
    Oh Phoebe, I don’t know what I will do without you. You reading to me at night has been the one consistent and calming joy, for two years now. You have turned many of us into children who now require a bedtime story. I thank you for your dedication and for sharing your gift. My hope is you find your way back to us.
  • BanjoGrey
    Exquisite: I’m addicted for lessening my Anxiety
    For many reasons, my attention to Phoebe’s voice: cadence, pronunciation, diction, and emotional undertones, makes me relaxed. Sometimes I listen to chapters twice. So far Dracula and Jane Eyre are my favorites. I do fall asleep, for which I am eternally grateful.
  • JoeyMarie2436
    Thank you! (How kind!)
    Thank you, Phoebe! I’d gotten behind so I only just today heard your message that you’re leaving off reading for a while. So I’m updating my original review from the very first day of the Mysterious Affair at Styles. Though it was your first audiobook, you read it courageously I must say. And you improved greatly over time. And I loved that Agatha Christie book, one I hadn’t read, so much, that I went out in search of as many Agatha Christie audiobooks as I could find! My very favorite was The Moonstone, which sent me out in search of more Wilkie Collins, an author I hadn’t heard of before. I’ll miss you, and I hope you find another book you can’t resist reading to us sooner rather than later!***** Oh, Phoebe, how very kind of you! Just the thing for me to listen to as I look out at my own bird feeder.
  • Joe25533
    My Favorite Voice
    Phoebe has chosen wonderful books and reads them like Peter Falk at Fred Savage’s bedside. What a welcome escape from the leaden repetitiveness of modern vocabulary. Thank you Phoebe! Please make more!
  • Salty///Dog
    Sleepy time
    I love listening to this when I can’t sleep, makes the longs night much much better ❤️🐱🐱❤️
  • adfan76
    Thanks Phoebe
    This podcast mattered to me the last 2 + years. One of the good, safe things things to count on.
  • Cat Nips
    Please come back!!
    I can’t imagine ending my day without your stories Phoebe! Pls reconsider, you’re irreplaceable!
  • loulou1929
    Mooning Over The Moonstone
    I had no idea that The Moonstone was so hilarious! Phoebe’s smooth, lovely narration allows the book’s many unsuspected charms to shine through. Sending many thanks for treating us to Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and now Wilkie Collins. I can’t wait to hear what she reads next, although I don’t want this long lovely book to end. Almost post-pandemic update: Thank you for so kindly and thoughtfully bringing light and literature a span of time so many of us found a challenge to adjust to, and for introducing me to some great books I had’’t read yet.
  • Bodastella
    Thank you
    From the start you calmed my days with each story. Thanks for hanging in there so long.
  • Ushshdhdhxnnd
    Thank you
    I have listened to every episode. Please keep reading these amazing books!!
  • Being Sunny
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You offered a most generous gift through the art of storytelling. From one who was never read to as a kid but who went on to be an avid reader and author. Sunny Alexander, PhD
  • JanLHT
    Thank you
    I’m going to miss listening to you read! This has been my very favorite podcast from the moment you started it. Thank you for continuing as long as you did and for reading books I might have missed. Best of luck in all your endeavors. I’ll continue to follow you and hope you find another book you want to read to us. Thanks again.
  • Lawdiva50
    Thank you
    Dear Phoebe, Thank you for bringing so much calmness and joy into so many lives during these difficult times. I have enjoyed every minute of your readings and wish you a much needed respite. If you ever decide to start reading “A Mystery” again, I will be right here listening. All the best, Pat Broussard
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