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Everything is the Best is an expert guide to simply- not feeling so alone. Host Pia Baroncini, Creative Director of LPA asks her guests, “how did you go from 0 to yacht” in an attempt to get real, get vulnerable, and find those common denominators that connect us all. The goal of this show is to inspire YOU, the listener, by talking to guests of all backgrounds; which hopefully, evens the playing field and inspires you to go after your dreams and never look back! Recurring guests include Pia's husband, Davide Baroncini and her mother Margit, who will help answer all your weekly relationship questions - how cute it that?!
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  • Obsessed~**
    Listening to my LA Bestie
    Love listening to her convos. Whether Pia is talking with her family, solo or interviewing someone, she makes everything feel special and loved on. Truly everything is the best kind of vibe! She’s so positive and intentional, it reads so authentic to us listeners. So grateful for my LA bestie podcast
  • lenaellison
    I mean…
    She tells her story like she’s talking to her best friends but she’s talking to the you and me and that kind of honesty and vulnerability is rare and beautiful. Thanks, Pia. Also, would love to have: 1. Regular talks with your mom 2. Wine and chat with your best friends-who-are-bosses and their businesses 3. Monthly round up of your favorite sustainable kids products or their founders 4. Regular chats with Davide 5. More tinder talks with Love AJ You guys are the best!!
  • beautycoz
    Wow unhinged
    Honestly quite appalled by Pias reactions to any sort of criticism. She records herself threatening to look up IP address of the commenters and why? All because she is so thin skinned and can’t handle any comments and flies into unhinged rage. It’s really f. embarrassing Pia. Seriously get a grip.
  • maddymartinb
    I love Pia!
    My favorite podcast ever
  • RHBklyn
    Simply the best!
    The only pod I eagerly wait for and listen to weekly. It’s like catching up with a friend. I love the mix of episodes whether it’s a guest interview, a solo episode, or one with Davide or Pia’s mom joining in - they are all great. The show is honest, relatable, funny and heartwarming and Pia is growing so much as a podcaster.
  • raissaurora
    I don’t write reviews. This podcast is wonderful. It’s clear the host, Pia, has grown so much since her first podcast. She invites the listener in to her life and talks about romantic/platonic/familial relationship dynamics, health, body image, as well as lighter topics like fashion, food, business, and travel. It it is just so well rounded. It is clear how her life (including the tragic loss of her father) has shaped her to who she is today. Although I’m not into a lot of the health/wellness content it is still interesting to listen to. Sometimes Pia holds back her opinions a bit, but I wish she would not. It is great to see her and husband Davide’s perspective on things, even if they are not “PC”. Different perspectives are what makes life interesting and not everyone/thing has to be relatable! signed, a longtime listener/first time reviewer.
  • Glenco83
    Love it!
    Love your solo episodes! Thank you for your honesty and wanting to share real life examples. Navigating businesses + partners + kiddos is not easy. Thank you ❤️
  • user3918395
    Been here since Pia’s pod and have only latched on stronger to this pod! I love your solo episodes and wish they were even longer. I just moved to LA and feel like you’re my bestie, you have helped me navigate so much life and given me inspo that everything will be okay. I also just listened to the Peace4Kids episode and as someone who works in social justice nonprofits, I would love to see you uplift more work like that if you have any orgs you’re passionage about! ok ily love to carmela and davide and the pups
  • julia moon 411
    The ads
    Genuine fan girl and lover of everything Pia does. I listen to this podcast religiously and have noticed in recent episodes that the way the ads are added in post is quite disruptive, sometime just cutting in mid sentence. Not sure when this started happening but it’s making the listening experience challenging. I get the need for them, and i support your success in getting these ad opportunities but is there a way to implement them more thoughtfully for the listener?
  • Bronwyn🧚🏼
    Is TEN STARS an option?
    I truly am not a podcast girl. I’m a read a book, take a bath, FaceTime my best friend who lives in another country girl. HOWEVER, I never miss this podcast. Ever ever. Pia is a gem!!!! All of her guests are wonderful and informative. Her sweet and sensitive smokeshow of a husband Davide is just magic and having met him in person at Ghiaia in Pasadena I can personally attest to his grace and charm in person. Her mother is an angel. Most of the episodes make me laugh AND cry. What more could you want? What a life, and what a woman! We all want to be her best friend. For now this podcast is your surest bet ;) TEN STARS!!!!
  • Gabby AZ
    Thanks, Pia!
    Let me start by saying I am historically NOT a podcast person — over the years, I’ve tried to find and listen to various podcasts, but never found anything that stuck. I’d often turn one on only to become distracted by my own thoughts. But THIS is one of two podcasts I now regularly listen to. It’s fresh, I love listening to both the personal and informative (not that those are mutually exclusive, either!) pieces. Pia is a great host when others join and does the best solo pods too. The pod is a joy to listen to!!
  • awablahblah
    Thank you x100000
    I’m 28 years old and have listened to every single podcast Pia has dropped, I totally feel like I’m talking to my big sister! Her and Davide have such a dreamy relationship that I look up to. She gives such amazing advice and I love her perspective on so many things. My favorite episodes are solo or with Davide. Thank you so much for making this podcast Pia, you have no idea how much it’s helped me.
  • saradoane
    love pia
    came for the awesome guests
  • mellitza
    Love you PP!
    In my head, Pia is basically a big sister to me. She has such an authentic, transparent, and darling personality, she immediately feels familiar and like a dear friend. I especially enjoy the solo episodes & her episodes with Davide. It’s an easy listen, not a daunting or hard to listen to conversation like how some other podcasts can feel. She is really refreshing in an age of very calculated and phony internet/social media personalities. Pia if you’re reading this, I would love another favorites ep on your fave home stuff /kitchenwares! xx from florida with love
  • HadleyLogan
    Love Pia
    I don’t think I’m influenced by anyone as much as I am by Pia. I love following her life and career. Excellent podcast!
  • nicoleclaire88
    Over it
    Ever since pia launched that blog and I browse the clothes she links (that she wears and owns) I can’t help but see the irony in the extravagance of her clothing / jewelry, compared to the narrative she constantly has on this podcast about her money struggles. She used to be relatable but between this and also the hypocrisy in her talking about clean baby products, clean health, food, etc while also posting ads for Botox is just silly by now.
  • SJLaw19
    She is truly the best
    Believe me when I say I’d step in front of a bus for this woman. So sweet, so kind, so genuine. This podcast is truly the best!
  • marli204
    She’s like my BFF
    I admire Pia’s wisdom and how real she keeps it!! She is so relatable in so many ways.
  • cisboomblam
    Pia is the BEST!
    This podcast is quickly becoming the soundtrack to my life - I love Pia’s honest takes, advice, and curiosity in all the amazing interviews she does. Her solo pods are some of my favorite episodes although I love all the guests as well and I learn something new every time I listen. Love you Pia!!
  • WolfEmoon630
    Amazing resource!
    Pia, I love you, and your podcast, despite the fact that you’ve blocked me on the gram. Because of you, I’m doing mercier therapy on my endometriosis and it’s helped my pain almost disappear. You’ve shared amazing health information that I’m sure has helped so many people. Thank you, and apologies for offending you!
  • Emeltea
    Relatable fun honest inspiring
    I found Pia’s IG account about a year and a half ago when I was pregnant (and so was she). She’s funny, raw, beautiful, entertaining and has a great sense of style so I was hooked. I had never really been into podcasts but as I walked and walked and walked throughout my pregnancy, playlists became boring and podcasts more fun. Her and Davides episodes were always my go-to but not a year plus later I just love it all. I appreciate her care for all people as well as her ability to express her thoughts and feelings in a vulnerable and independent way. Thank you Pia for all of the work you put into this!
  • Tess Losada
    One of my favorite parts of my week
    I’m always excited when Pia has a new episode out. I relate to her in so many ways. My best friend introduced me to her podcast/IG after my father passed away, and Pia’s online presence in my life has been so soothing through this year of grief. I’ve always been proud to be someone who was never influenced by others - but I’m happy to be influenced by Pia and enjoy the product recommendations she gives! As a late twenties chick who’s wardrobe was confused (my college clothes & young professional clothes created a weird mix of no style at all) - I have so appreciated her sense of style and she has helped me put together a new personal style which has made me feel so much more comfortable in my skin! The bullying she experiences online is appalling - Pia please know you are truly appreciated!! Thanks for everything.
  • paigehernandez
    Pia is the best!!!
    I’m not exaggerating when I say that this podcast has changed my life-the advice from the doctors/guests has been so helpful, and Pia feels like a cool internet big sister. Her openness and vulnerability is inspiring. Besides being informative, the podcast truly does make me feel comforted and less alone. It’s my favorite and I always look forward to listening- thank you so much for sharing with us!!! xoxo
  • Henporsche
    Total babe laying down wisdom
    Pia was born in the right circle and had a super privileged upbringing, but you can’t deny she’s drenched in ambition and has put lots of those ideas into action. Yes, some of the topics she covers are a bit shallow and materialistic but she knows her audience well and takes advantage of this. As an influencer, It helps she’s beautiful— but she works very hard to be this successful.
  • ladygangish
    Love Pia
    Can’t get enough. 🍓
  • Tanita042
    Interesting, authentic, funny, educational
    I started listening because of my own hormone issues and seeking guidance on that topic. I kept listening because we are a similar age, history and time of our lives. It is not like listening to some egomaniacal podcaster pushing ideology at you and more like listening to a friend chat about their favorite things, discoveries, relationship advice, health journey etc. cheers!
  • mlvwgirl9
    Pia and her podcast are a gift to us all
    Pia and the guests she has on are so genuine, insightful, raw, illuminating, AND funny. I look forward to each new episode!! Pia is so authentic, she makes everyone naturally feel like you’re her best friend. She has many superpowers, and being a terrific podcast host is only one of them!!! Everything Pia touches is worth your time & attention! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Tbs hbhnnnn m
    Find it quite difficult to listen to this sometimes so am at the point of unsubscribing. We are all trying to better ourselves, and I truly do feel Pia is in that place as well. However much she tries to “connect” with the audience, this is “the Pia show” at the end of the day. At the best, her discourse is egocentric and at the worst, disappointingly dismissive. Not quite as unique and exotic as she desperately wishes to portray.
  • Paulina BH
    Love!! Love!! Love!!!
    Listening to Pia’s podcast feels like talking to your one homegirl that’s down for anything. She’s fiery, warm and cuddly, always channeling her inner socialite, your go to for a good place to eat and will cry and drink a bottle of wine ..or five..with you if you’re having a rough day. I find her solo episodes especially special to listen to on my way to and from work and it really does feel like having a friend in the car with you. All of her episodes are so informative and possess a charismatic wit unique to her. I adore her and cannot recommend this podcast enough.
  • Lindsey Clinkscale
    Just authentically awesome
    Listening to the pod just makes you feel like you’re talking to your too cool best friend that has that aura of helpfulness and knowledge but never condescends. Just so raw, real, and honest.
  • klln_em
    Fav podcast
    Love Pia. Love this podcast and all the guests that come on. Love the solo episodes and wish they were longer! I still go back and listen to certain episodes from over a year ago and send them to friends bc they are so eye opening and informative (Alissa Vitti for example).
  • megb1027
    Truly the best
    Wednesday’s are my favorite day because I get to spend time with Pia and her amazing guests! She’s real and relatable, and I feel like she’s my longtime friend. Thanks for sharing pieces of your world with us, Pia <3
  • Michyy_b
    The BEST podcast
    I cannot explain how much I love this podcast!
  • tiffpru
    makes me feel healthier /happier
    Love Pia! She’s so honest and open. She encourages us all to take lead in our life and strive for that happy, healthy lifestyle we all want. My first time writing a review on a podcast (& I listen to a lot) bc I love her!
  • Pink113
    One of my Faves
    Pia’s podcast is one of three that I genuinely look forward to every week. She’s so real about her life and relationships and struggles. I can relate to a lot of them so I love listening! She has the best guests too.
  • AZ LH
    Ref: I support Morals and values.. see ya
  • Keeks333
    Everything is the Best is the best!
    My fave podcast- Pia is like the big sister you always wanted. Absolutely loved the Luv Aj/Amanda episode. Pia have more friends on please- it was so fun and hilarious!
  • kristal with a K
    Iconic - I love it
    Pia is so warm, relatable and lovable. I feel like I’m listening into a conversation between friends.You learn a little, you laugh a little and you leave feeling good. I listen to this between my bartending gigs. Fav episode is obviously w/ Amanda from LuvAJ.
  • bumbum
    Love love love
    I enjoy all of your pods so much but this was particularly awesome please bring Amanda back regularly!!!
  • amehex
    Earnest, genuine, vulnerable
    I’ve followed and listened to Pia for a few years now, and we are both professional women of about the same age just trying to figure things out in this “can women really have it all” way of constantly being both curious and overwhelmed by family, work, friends, health, beauty, travel, money, and everything else. That’s definitely the vibe of this pod. Reading these reviews and reflecting on her work, I think Pia is well loved and sometimes not as loved by a small subset of people because she comes across as extremely earnest, vulnerable, and genuine, and she’s also very much a product of the Goop-y California celeb-adjacent environment she’s steeped in- so her content will rub some people the wrong way if they want a super cool, detached, polished product, or aren’t around the ‘west coast’/fashion world much and find it irritating. Overall, I think Pia is a very genuine and kind person trying her best to navigate what branding herself and her life should look like, and she clearly works hard to make great content and talk to her followers like friends. All that said, as I think Pia herself has mentioned in an episode or two, I personally think she could drop most of the interviews (which sometimes feels too Goop-like) and just do something more “keeping up with the Baroncinis”-esque with this pod! I only listen to the Q&A and solo episodes anyway and I don’t think I’m the only one. Anyway, thanks for continuing to share your life with us, Baroncinis!
  • erinblockabitch
    Room for Improvement
    I love Pia and Davide but sometimes it’s hard to follow what they’re saying when they’re constantly talking over each other
  • hifromOK
    Pia is the best!
    This podcast is such a breath of fresh air. Pia is real, raw, and honest in a way that feels fully true to who she is. She is smart and wise and this show is constantly bringing value to my life. I love you Pia, keep being you.
  • Kittenlovesyoualwaysss
    like an older sister… the Q&A episode with Davide give me so much hope and inspiration for love and the future. I love your dynamic and realize now that I can have all that I want in love. You both are beautiful thank you!
  • Kr766543
    Unique, honest and inspiring
    I don’t know what it is…But Pia your tone is so refreshing and unique- i could listen for hours! Thank you for a great pod 🥰
  • jahleemyers
    Your recent solo pod had me crying happy and sad tears.. thanks Pia for being open and real.
  • qwertjnmllttññ
    My weekly relief.
    Thank you Pia. For being so you, so real, so human. Just THANK YOU.
  • courtneymbb
    This podcast is a gem - pia keeps it raw and real and is very easy to identify with.
  • fayn96
    Ily Pia!!!
    Pia is the big sister I never had. I’m always so moved by her honesty and relatability and the podcast is such a joy to listen to. I especially love the solo pods and the Q&As with Davide. I always look forward to listening and always walk away from it feeling more at home in myself.
  • emmasthing
    Love love love
    I dig Pia so much. Follow her on IG and listen to her pod weekly. I find her to be very interesting and very authentic. ❤️
  • erzie92
    Authentic beyond
    Such a treat to be able to listen to this kind soul, v grateful for this pod!
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