Two Moms. (Not married.) (Actually, married. Just not to each other.) Four kids. Two husbands. 6 dogs. Minimally, 2 glasses of wine. Lots of laughs.

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  • Cali03021
    Thankful for you ladies adding a little joy into my day!
  • Lafemme Nocita
    My dear friends…
    I wanted to reach out and thank you for your humor and podcast that reaches us on so many levels. I’m a paramedic and Monterey California. As you can imagine I work long hours! I am exposed to many physical challenges as well as emotional ones. I listen to your podcast after every shift on my drive home. it helps to reset my mind and body before walking in to family life. It’s a whole different challenge being a wife and a mother as you ladies are very well aware.😉 your podcast makes me laugh and sometimes cry. Especially this last episode about hugging. I cannot tell you how many hugs I give out daily between my immediate family, my mom, friends, and my Work family. I hope you come back to Monterey so I can see another stand-up show! i’m sending you a virtual hug right now, all my best, Stephanie
  • Bjsoccer16bfox
    The best!
    Love the realness! Love you ladies!
  • Brie2800
    Love ❤️ it
    I started at 1 a few months ago. I clean houses 5 to 12 hours a day and I always listen to yall. Yall make me so happy and I laugh so much. Yall are absolutely amazing!!
  • hey.stace
    What the BLEEP, though?
    Maybe I haven’t been paying attention, but the bleep!s in the recently posted episodes … were those a thing before? This podcast isn’t explicit. Let the natural language flow! 😊
  • huron94
    Y’all are awesome and hilarious - as a mom of a toddler and trying to navigate life, appreciate you so much! Best podcast of its kind.
  • beka_licious
    I had lost the girls in my feed and recently started listening again and am so glad I have. They crack me up while working and driving!
  • StephMaNeuge
    Listen NOW
    This is literally the best podcast ever.
  • Dancemom5
    I was born too early
    Hello my BFF’s, I know you don’t know me and that’s probably my parents fault. You see, I was born too early and I’m much older than you PYT’s! Had I been born later, I just know that we would have been besties. I truly wish that I would’ve had you amazing women around when I was momming so hard! Now, I’m a grandma and have told my daughters to tune in because you’re the funniest and most honest ladies I’ve ever listened to!! I wanted to take my oldest daughter (a new mommy) to one of your CA shows but the timing wasn’t right. Someday! Any who, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you both and appreciate everything you do. You probably know this, but you’re a bright spot in so many lives. A weekly comedy break while in the trenches of motherhood is priceless!! You give the gift of laughter and understanding that is so very needed in our world today. Sending you both love and appreciation! XOXO, Missy 🥰
  • Jill D R
    Absolutely love you ladies!
    Jen & Kristen, I just wanted to say thank you and I love y’all so much! I discovered your podcast in the months before the pandemic hit, and not only did I feel seen, heard, and not alone as a mom of two young kids, but y’all were also an much needed outlet during the stress and anxiety during covid (I’m in healthcare). I should have sent a review ages ago, but you know—life and kids happen. My youngest (now 7 year old) son loves to read Meanest of Meanies with me and will pick it out special if he can tell I’ve had a rough day. I feel like if we met in real life that we would be besties (I’m sure everyone says that!). But also working the Disney College Program to loving Mathew MacFadyen’s Mr Darcy, Kristen, I feel like you are my spirit animal! I love everything you ladies do and look forward to the awesome things that you’ll do in the future. Love yall!
  • Keeka26
    You Give me the Chills
    I love you ladies so much! Kristin, your sweater looked amazing! I’m listening to most recent episode about social media and just listening to the emotion in your voices.. I’m talking to you like a crazy lady just agreeing with you, “Oh my gosh Jen, right?! I apologize about my lasagna too” “Kristin, girl I know. I would love to be able to adopt all of the ‘unadoptables’ and make our own bunk beds”. I love you ladies, you’re my friends, I’m going to keep you forever and ever.
  • emmyh17
    My two new BFFs!
    Enough said, best podcast ever!
  • Scrappy Mary
    Great stress release
    I can’t get enough of these two! They are hilarious and entertaining. They are the best! I cannot wait for to come back the Charleston,Sc or in the 3 state range. They are worth to road trip!
  • D Figgins
    From one Nebraska girl to 2 others
    Just scheduled my mammogram for December!!! Even before you wonderful reminder! Thanks for making me laugh week after week. Especially when you talk Nebraska talk. Kind people, Runza, Omaha Steaks, but not #usker football. I’m a Hawkeye fan through and through! Still have to get to one of your local shows. Someday!
  • Lego-My-Mego
    Love this podcast!
    I feel like we’re friends even though we’ve never met. I’ve followed Kristen and Jenn since I came across them on Facebook 7 or 8 years ago. Real and honest - not just about motherhood but just life in general. And they’re hilarious!
  • Lacy-Slager
    Love you both!
    So much fun listening to you both - I’ve been a fan for years and I was happy when I found the podcast! Keep up the good work ladies! Xo ❤️
  • Paul McCartney's Michelle
    I'm your audience, so I have to say this....
    I've been a fan since the beginning. I go back and watch the older videos when I'm having a bad day. I've listened to every episode of the podcast. And I’ve seen you live twice. So I have to say this.... Kristin, please stop talking over Jen all of the time!!!! You are obviously more outgoing but come on, it's crossed over from a personality trait to rude behavior. I could barely listen to this last episode which makes me sad since I've been a fan since the beginning. Tough love.
  • Bcargo
    Cheaper than therapy
    These moms are so funny and I find myself LOLing all the time. I saw the infamous YouTube video of the swim suit fashion show a few years ago and would see their clips once in awhile. Then my bestie, who lives 20 hours away, sent me their book. It was just what I needed as summer was winding down and I was counting down the days until school started. I laughed and cried and then started listening to the podcast while cleaning the house. Their conversations are so real and honest and are actual conversations I have with my friends. They make me feel seen and heard, just like I do with actual therapy (thank you Better Help). And thank you Jen and Kristin!
  • KatWed22
    I love this podcast so hard!
    I’ve been listening to these hilarious moms for years. I love their raw and real stories that are so funny and relatable. Tuesday drives to work are always my favorite since I get to listen to a new episode. Thanks for continuing to make me laugh ladies! 🥂
  • Alex 80634
    Man haters
    Poor husbands
  • genstr000
    Truly the best skinny funny moms
    I started watching your videos from the beginning and didn’t know you had a podcast until the beginning of 2023. I literally only listen to you gals now! Every Saturday I clean a church for some extra money and I binge listen to your show, I started at the beginning and am on episode 100 (I’m with Kristen my hubs makes fun of me and I laugh it off cuz a good sense of humor makes up for a lot lol). I absolutely love y’all and hope y’all come to Dallas again soon, my friends and I would love to take y’all out for drinks- we know some great places. Anyway you guys are a hoot and I’m so thankful for your honesty! Keep being magnificent ladies- you are truly the best!!
  • MsDebLT
    You’ll find something to laugh about!
    I’m a grandma and they keep me informed on topics I didn’t even realize was out there. Some of their topics bring memories of raising my own children, others fit things happening to me and my grandkids now! I can’t listen without laughing many, many time during each episode.
  • MrsCoy2018
    Literally LOL
    These two will never not be funny! This is my go-to pick me up from weekly dose of laughter that gets me through! I laugh, I cry, I “laugh cry” because let’s face it, we’ve all been there!
  • Kim GC
    Laughing Out Loud in the Office
    Y’all make me laugh way too hard while I’m trying to be quite in my office building. So much so that I had a coworker ask if I was ok… since I was trying to control the noise. Haha. Thank you for the constant laughs and for making feel like I’m not alone in this thing we call life. Momming is hard.
  • kimkim40
    I have listened to every podcast episode at least twice! You never fail to bring a smile to my face as I navigate the hardest job there is but the best job of being a mom!
  • You will play everyday
    The best and most relatable
    I love this show ever since I found it last year. I’ve followed those ladies on social media for about 4 years now and I love everything they stand for! First off, they’re hilarious and making all other moms feel better about motherhood through comedy. Secondly, they keep it real. Lastly, I love hearing them talk about everything from parenting, to organization, to even space junk 😂. I look forward to every Tuesday and listening to the podcast throughout the day. Thank you for making my Tuesday’s brighter!!
  • RunnerBethany
    Starts my Tuesday out on a high note!
    Love you ladies and can’t wait to see the show!
  • Redrockerluvr
    My weekly dose of Mom Reality
    I love these ladies!! Have been a follower since their very beginning Facebook videos. Made it to Reno Show last year and had front row seats! They are exactly in person as they are on this podcast! Love that they can make everyday mom life sound normal and hilarious! We feel heard and seen now 😂. Keep up the work ladies. We are living vicariously through you!
  • Meaghan Fitzg
    The best!
    Never ever stop podcasting please!!!! I legitimately look forward to new episodes and I listen to the older ones multiple times. You guys are so funny and bring out the humor in hard/awkward parenting moments. You are awesome!
  • TravelMel88
    Funny but I wish Kristen would not interrupt so much it drives me nuts. Seems like Jen hardly talks and she is funny as well
  • JASD11
    A fun listen! I enjoy listening when I’m driving, gardening, and doing chores around the house. Kids know if mom has her earbuds in not to bother her. ;-). Lots of laughs!
  • Atheisen22
    Love these ladies
    Love love love these moms! So real and relatable! Thanks for the laughs
  • Beesdknees
    Not for me, but at first it was for me
    I’m not a mom but i find these ladies hilarious. I first started watching these ladies on YouTube while I college and something about them felt comforting. I was so excited to listen to their podcast and it was all good vibes until I started to notice that Kristin has a habit of interrupting Jen constantly and derailing the conversation. The talking over her and making it about Kristin’s experience…I’m sorry but it got to the point where it drove me absolutely bananas and I had to stop listening. I love both of them and I think both deserve an equal opportunity to chime in!
  • Almom3
    Great show!
    Thank you for all the laughs and for being real moms. Y’all make me feel like I am not alone and not the worst mom ever! Thank you!
  • Jess-eighty-one
    REAL life!
    Great to listen to alllll the time but super helpful when you feel like you’re on the Mom Island all alone! These girls make me feel seen!
  • Geodina
    ❤️ you guys!!! Thanks for the laughs!!
  • 3 Bemana
    Soul Sisters 🥰
    In those crucial years when you have tiny kids and feel all alone, the bright light of these Angel friends will magically make all the blues melt away. I absolutely adore you both.
  • Lizzyap
    No interviews
    Not a fan of their interviews. But other I normally like the show.
  • Piklz24
    You don’t need to be a mom!
    These two are HILARIOUS! ❤️ this podcast!
  • Lcstew
    Nothing but laughs and smiles
    If you are a mom, daughter sister or female enthusiast listen! So funny and real, these girls always make me laugh
  • Brookeannnelson1
    You save my commute!
    Hi Kristin and Jen! I commute roughly 50 min to and from work (that’s 50 min each way…during good weather🙄) and you both are the ONE thing I look forward to when I finally leave my classroom and get to my vehicle (it’s a Chevy Equinox which isn’t nearly as great as my first car, a 1984 Caprice Classic: 2 toned green🤣). You ladies are the ultimate best and I feel like I know you even though we’ve never met. When you ever decide to come to Minneapolis/St. Paul, I’ll be there!! Love you guys!!
  • CynAlt
    I think you’re hilarious!
  • BigPhil5719
    My weekly go to podcast
    I love these ladies! I have never felt more seen! My twins are the same age range as their kids (almost 12) and they constantly talk about things (in the most hilarious way) that I identify with and it makes me see I am not the only mom going through it! If you are looking for a heartfelt, belly-laughing, relatable podcast by good people, this one’s for you. I have loved these ladies for so long and just want to be best friends with them! I hosted a watch party for their special, I read their book and bought another copy for my aunt, I listen to the podcast every week, follow them on Facebook, and one of these days I’m gonna get to see them live 🤞🏼. Kristin and Jen- if you read this- keep killin it ladies! I am HERE for it! Thank you for making this happen week after week! And I’ll gladly take junk from your storage unit! 🤪🥰
  • cami716
    Mom friends
    I play your podcast while I’m home with my kids and it’s like I have mom friends here with me. I love your podcast so much and appreciate the humor and reality you bring to motherhood. This podcast is for every mom.
  • tigergal2003
    Love it!
    One of my fellow PTA mom friends told me about this and I am now obsessed! Kristin and Jen are so funny and entertaining! They help me feel like a better mom and put life into perspective. Thank you for entertaining me!
  • NakkySweet
    When I can’t get a girls’ night in!
    I love these moms! Always laughing out loud when listening. Feels like a good girls’ night!
  • Joy Mama B
    They start my day off with laughs!!
    I absolutely love this podcast! It’s absolutely relatable, hilarious with so much truth. It makes me laugh and smile every morning on the way to work. You ladies are the best!!
  • SWest55
    The best!
    Authentic and honest. I LOVE this podcast. I relate to it all.
  • Bay Area Jes
    My sanity!
    The best! I feel like I know you both but at the same time I would totally celebrity geek out if I saw you out and about. Thank you for being you and for putting out awesome content after awesome content! I love the podcast, I look forward to it every week. Love the live show…saw you in Reno (and of course the Amazon special). Book was fantastic! My daughters love The Meanest of Meanies! (Especially the “toots smell like lavender” part) Y’all are the best! And you definitely help me find some light in the sometimes dark mom life tunnel.
  • SPTexas
    Like hanging out with mom friends!
    Love these ladies!!!! They are relatable and soooo funny! Keep up the amazing work ladies!
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