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Politics has never been stranger – or more online. Each week on WIRED Politics Lab, our reporters guide you through the exciting, challenging and sometimes entertaining vortex of internet extremism, conspiracies, and disinformation. Expect in-depth analysis and conversations based on facts and research. Plus, we’ll give you information you can actually use to lift the fog of disinformation we find ourselves in today.

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  • Shay of Red Robin
    I love WIRED Magazine
    I had no idea Wired had a Podcast. I love listening to the commentators. Wired has very articulate and intelligent editors, journalists, and guest experts in their particular fields of comment.
  • Katiebellsmiles
    Good info to have!
    But this makes me even more terrified about the election 😬
  • bluegarvis
    I feel smarter
    I almost always learn something listening to this pod. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. Gideon and Laura kept the conversation moving at a pace that works for this subjects they cover. Keep it up folks! Miss you when a week is skipped which has been very rare.
  • Traveler87!
    It gets better and better
    This is my all time favourite! Always interesting topics and people.
  • Info_Sprinkles
    Great ideation podcast
    Love this one for ideation for our graphic novel series. Based in 2099, but lots of flashbacks to mid 21st century for the young audience focus on technical literacy. Cheers
  • BattlesGuy
    Especially love post script
    Superb podcast about the threats, challenges, and opportunities ahead. Great interviewers and subjects, and I especially love the post-interview where the hosts honestly and openly discuss the interview and the interviewee.
  • chipsndips
    Needs More Caution and Debate
    Sometimes this podcast has the right blend of excitement and discomfort, but the balance seems to favor too much hype. Even with the controversial topics, they rarely seem comfortable leaving an unanswered question. The advertisements for HaNF had me hoping it would "be ok to be a little scared." Specifically, I like when the hosts ask each other, "how does this idea make you uncomfortable?" They have good contrast, but it would be better if both of them could contribute to interviews. Often it seems that the hosts will hold back criticism if the other host did the interview, so it turns out to be a hype puff piece. I'm sure guests would still come to a debate show or good cop/bad cop, instead! I wanted Lauren Goode to rip Andrew Hessel to shreds when his interview went off the rails talking about eugenics. However, Both hosts stopped short of calling out the guest's glaring ableism at the end of the July 26 episode. Maybe the power imbalance must make it hard for Goode to speak up? This show can compete with other futurist interviews when it can address the problems that might arise with justice!
  • Laurence B Winn
    Better than most, but not great yet
    Lauren and Gideon do speak to thinkers and creators, but none are top thinkers and creators as compared to, say, the guests on Sean Carroll’s Mindscape. As to the rest of the show’s claims, I don’t find much on where we go from here and all of that displays a disappointing lack of imagination. To be fair, I’ve only listened to a few episodes. Maybe it gets better.
  • talleadella
    Fun and Thoughtful
    I appreciate that the show ruminates on the implications of technological advances and cultural shifts in ways that are fun and weird and thoughtful without leaving me in a state of despair - some despair just not complete and utter.
  • Brilliantcrank
    Thoroughly enjoyed the Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse episode. Highly recommended. I hope you’ll talk to more futurists in, uh, future episodes. Their perspective and your synthesis is helpful and appreciated.
  • slapsh0t11
    Bad vibes
    Not a fan, it’s one thing to be skeptical about technology and our future but this is a bunch of depressed people who hate technology despite being technology journalists spiraling
  • kickintheeye
    Poor sound quality
    The sound quality in the episode with Sarah Friar was awful. This is a basic production issue that should have been vetted before the episode was recorded.
  • Mike "Nice"
    Great podcast!
    Love the varying topics and info you bring Lauren! Keep it up! Oh and Liz says hi 😜.
  • weaversfan
    Union busters
    1 star because Condé Nast is union busting
  • MapleInVT
    Virtual beings
    The podcast on virtual beings sounded interesting but it became a trip into fantasy land with over promoting facsimiles of interactions into into intelligent and sexual beings. Take up selling used cars instead of rising expectations for a technology with huge limitations.
  • Work&Turn
    Listened to a few episodes, very good. Big fan of Wired.
  • Rileynojunkmail
    Spot on
    This is superb
  • Diana from Northbrook
    The interview with Bill Gates was great, thank you sir for all that you do for this country and the world!
  • J school grl
    Wish there were more eps!!!
    Luv it and looking forward to more.
  • Panty ripper
    Love it
    Saw a tweet about it and decided to give it a try. Knew Lauren Goode from her time at the Verge and glad I found it! Love the 2 episodes so far and have found them very intriguing and insightful. Interesting topics and their relation to technology. Excited for the next episode!
  • SofiaBTold
    There’s a ton of discovery in this show. It’s a novel entry in tech reporting and a great contribution.
  • SharonWaters
    I’m hooked
    Concise but complete. Insightful.
  • waltm
    Strong debut!
    Lauren Goode is a first-rate podcaster and interviewer and the first episode of her new podcast shows why. I found it fascinating.
  • indumania
    Fascinating stories, great reporting
    Really liking this so far. Looking forward to hearing more.
  • _________Tessa__________
    Much needed
    That first episode was a breath of fresh air
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