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Hosts Chioma Nnadi and Chloe Malle – both longtime Vogue writers/editors – take you inside the world of Vogue. Each episode features conversations with Vogue editors, creatives, and cover stars. Who's the new designer you should be paying attention to? And what are Vogue editors buzzing about this week? Listen to The Run-Through with Vogue to find out. This is the podcast to listen to when you want to be in the know about fashion and culture. 
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  • Plutopiccolino
    You may want to revisit the insistent use of the expression “sort of” and “like” before or after any thought. Especially when your guests don’t use it. . It doesn’t make you sound “colloquial” nor “hip” .
  • Menatey
    Love it
    I learn so much about the world of fashion and the people behind the scenes who make it all happen. Chioma and Chloe feel like my fashion friends!
  • Thesilentaudience
    Go ahead chloe, give us nothing besides your mean girl energy
    Whether it’s her snide remark about Michelle Yeoh’s watch being a “sponsored flex” or her ignorance in not knowing how to pronounce Cillian Murphy’s name, I truly wonder what Chloe brings to the table besides her nepotism that got her here. She tends to interrupt her guest and be extremely judgmental. While I value opinion, Chloe’s opinions lacks substance.
  • Chartreuseandpeach
    Chloe is painful
    Please make this show better and change one of the hosts
  • noflowersplease
    Chloe Please
    Let your guests and cohosts speak without constantly interrupting them, it’s beyond aggravating to hear you constantly cutting people off.
  • katie licht
    more José Criales-Unzueta pls!
    they are a TREASURE and i genuinely love whenever they pop up on the pod.
  • xuey555
    Chloe Malle’s laugh is a near deal-breaker
    I like Chioma and the general content. However, don’t understand why Chloe Malle is co-host, besides having a strong radio personality and having worked at Vogue due to her mom being Candice Bergen. She tries too hard, doesn’t have natural charisma, has the most annoying voice and her laugh is unbearable. It’s not so much a laugh as it is gasps. Yeah I realize she can’t help it, but this is a podcast and it’s god-awful to listen to.
  • chaa12
    Chloe ruins it
    Can Chloe Malle make it through one episode without either rudely interrupting someone or barking instructions to the guests (or even her co-host!!) so that they say what she wants?! I love Chioma, the other Vogue employees who frequently join, and so many of the guests—but I cringe at Chloe’s horrific behavior in every episode! Either get better manners or a new host!
  • AppReviewerZach
    Um? Thoughts?
    Would love to hear your opinion on your coworker making fun of meg the stallion’s assault?
  • @Habsburgprince
    Disappointed fashion gay - step it up ladies
    Ok so I’ve been a long time Vogue reader and have patiently listened to this podcast for over a year but I’m finally compelled to leave a review. Really disappointed in how mediocre the commentary is, especially from Chloe Malle, who seems to have such a basic and limited perspective of fashion. She lacks the passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm, plus she has an irritating vocal-fry voice. Chioma Nnadi is charismatic with a lovely voice, although she as well appears to have a shallow knowledge of the industry despite her now lofty position. This just feels like a very watered down show for the masses who don’t know anything fashion related outside of their social media feed. If you read actual fashion articles and have studied it’s history this show feels like it’s for Midwest toddlers.
  • Hahaha9472
    Tried to listen to the Andrew Scott episode, but Chloe kept interrupting him constantly. It was infuriating to listen to, and if it’s any indication of the other episodes, I’ll pass.
  • ashleymorgan989
    Fashion lovers, this is for you!
    THE perfect podcast for fashionphiles yearning for insider info and great interviews with designers, celebrities, etc. Also, I love Chioma and Chloe’s dynamic together.
  • Yola Mzizi
    Chioma and Chloe are absolutely amazing! I look forward to this podcast every week and they’ve truly reignited my love for fashion.
  • Ciao for now!
    Ciao belle
    Love this conversation. I must say that Travis Kelce put Taylor Swift on the map for this sports and fashion fan. Don’t fence us in…
  • AAM8427
    We need more podcasts like this!!
    Love content. Pls keep them coming :)
  • Sara Belten
    End the Wintour
    I for one am completely bored by the direction of Vogue under Anna Wintour; her vision of fashion is TOE up, “tiring, old, and elitist” under her Vogue and is becoming irrelevant this snooze of a podcast is just another nail in the beige carpet box this woman put herself in.
  • Lady Bookathalon
    The Next Evolution of the Vogue Experience
    I love the dynamic between Chioma and Chloe — they are both effortless cool, smart and curious and help lead interesting discussions about the intersectionality of fashion’s imprint in culture without sounding exclusionary or snobbish. All of the guests are interesting and The Run Through is such a cool new iteration of Vogue.
  • Bagheera25
    Bring Nnadi and Chloe back now
    I don’t know who these folks are filling in for Chloe and Nnadi, but they are impossible to listen to — vapid, so much judgement and vocal fry. They are every negative stereotype of fashion industry employees. Ugh. I usually listen every week beginning to end, because Nadi and Chloe are intelligent and interesting and real, but these folks I had to turn it off after about 5 minutes because it was so awful.
  • GMM_SF
    Favorite Pod!
    Chioma and Chloe are the intelligent, witty and hilarious best friends we all deserve! I really love this pod as it’s such a strong mix of not only fashion but history, art, theatre, current events - and much more. I walk away after each episode having learnt something new (did you know when you buy couture you own the rights?! It’s your IP now!!) While I do not always read the print Vogue, I always tune in to the pod.
  • loelizabethmonty
    Margot Robbie herself! I looove this pod and just gets better & better. Thanks for creating incredible content 🫶
  • Fashion843
    Great Fashion Education
    I have recommended this podcast to several young people interested in the industry. I learn something new from every episode even though I’ve been reading Vogue since the 80s. Loved Candace and Sarah Jessica. As a buyer for a souvenir store, I really need to fact-check that baseball cap thing!
  • olivia ricche
    fav pod recently !!
    was a bit trepidatious initially because there are a lot of visuals i want and obviously can’t look up instantly while driving/walking/etc but got into a groove where i can engage with coordinating visual content before and after listening. chioma and chloe really have their finger on the pulse of all things fashion and culture. i love love love the little questions they ask, especially chloe, during the episodes to clarify who’s who and what’s what for less informed listeners. the depth of info is perfect for me; makes me want to drop out of law school & try to work for vogue.
  • Roberts Brooks
    Interesting but not sure about host dynamics
    I love learning about fashion in a pod but Chloe sometimes seems lost and so spoiled!!! Especially on the sarah jessica parker episode. I like the segments with guests to mix it up.
  • AbbySjo
    Learning a lot - very enjoyable
    I feel like every episode I learn a lot about the industry. I particularly enjoy when they have the Vogue Runway team on to talk about what they are seeing on the Runway. They've also had some really great guests!
  • dklfjnsdfjnlsjnfl
    This podcast should be good. But it’s not. I’ve been listening for two months and it’s soooo boring. Where is the great high fashion podcast???
  • Syd183749303
    Love it!
    Love this podcast, such interesting topics and great questions and conversation.
  • best fashion pod out right now
    My new favorite pod!
    Each week I start my Thursdays with a new episode of The Run-Through and this week’s episode with Greta Lee did not disappoint! She was so honest about her experience as a Korean-American and it was so relatable. Also her love and eye for fashion is so on point. Kudos to the team for getting her on the show. Can’t wait to keep listening!
  • thebiggestfan333
    Fantastic show
    I just started listening to this and as someone who didn’t come from a fashion background but is now getting into it, it’s a great way to learn about the industry and Vogue as a publication. The hosts are silly and engaging and I look forward to it every Thursday!
  • love_to_listen_to_this!
    Love it!
    I wait every week for a new episode! I LOVE the hosts and want to be friends with them. I learn so much from their conversations with fashion insiders and feel like I’ve learned a lot about what it is like behind the scenes at Vogue. I always love hearing what the guests are reading, watching, listening to — I feel like this podcast is making me smarter about fashion and culture every single time I listen.
  • LilMissSquirrellyBird
    Perfect for insiders and the fashion curious!!!
    A great listen for anyone who wants a peak behind the curtain of Vogue - in fact, I wish they would do more of that! Interesting interviews with the expected fashion set and fun surprises like the charming Erykah Badu. A must listen for people in the industry and anyone who loves or is curious about the world of fashion!
  • augustmoon815
    LOVE this podcast!
    As someone who considers myself up-to-date with fashion news and trends, this is the perfect addition to my podcast round up. I love the hosts. They are both funny, warm and smart-- the more I listen the more I feel like they're my friends! I also enjoy when there are opportunities to learn about Vogue. A must listen!
  • pcv11211
    It’s Just Ok
    Listening to interviews that are ok are fine. Most of the time, I’m looking for a podcast that isn’t too annoying. But they lost me when they were explaining the celebrity/fancy dress person gala circuit. Too boring and uptown
  • Oregonlil
    Loves the Guests
    I’m a casual Vogue reader and am astonished that I tend to know more about what’s going on than the hosts. I do love the guests, however. So insightful and great fun to be a fly on the wall of their world. Particularly, Kate Young. Gets a bit cringy when some guests have to answer questions from uninformed hosts.
  • Strecker
    Loved the interview with Deeda Blair
    I was touched to hear your interview with Deeda Blair. It was wonderful to hear her voice! Thank you for the special treat.
  • Varietyvlogs tv on yt
    Chloe is annoying sorry
    Sorry but chloe is an obnoxious know it all who very obviously comes from privilege and is not used to thinking anyone else has anything good to say but her. Either stop shouting over people in a condescending interrogative and accusatory manner, or find a better fit. Why have they not addressed this? I hate to think nepotism is to blame for my ear drums suffering.
  • jab512
    Sometimes hard to listen to
    I love Vogue so much and was so excited when this podcast launched. I’ve listened to every episode, and I’ve figured out what is rubbing me the wrong way- unfortunately it’s Chloe. I saw someone say she is the Emily in Paris of the podcast and that’s sadly accurate. This is a vogue fashion podcast, and it feels as if she isn’t familiar with many things. This show has a lot of potential but I think considering getting a new host could really vamp this podcast up.
  • Rcuny
    Oscars show
    I really expected a better, more exciting & informative Oscars show from the ladies. It seemed halfhearted, inattentive and more about the show than the clothes. Everyone was talking abt how Angela Bassett was dressed - the show talked about her face when she didn’t win. Tems had on an amazing structutal dress from an increasingly popular designer, which blocked the view of those behind her shen seated. A great oppty to think about ypur outfits seated, walking, posing etc. Some of the VF party outfits were more stunning than the Oscars. No discussion of the “barely there” theme of the party and how different ladies responded to it. All in all you guys kinda phoned it in for an episode that I anticipated with excitement.
  • commeonmegarcon
    Replace Chloe M
    I really wanted to love this. But Chloe M doesn’t seem to know very much about fashion, which wouldn’t bother me normally, but it’s a fashion podcast-so that seems strange. Specifically the Italian Vogue segment, they seemed so aloof about not knowing things, which maybe people think is charming but it’s actually really annoying. Also they interrupt people during interviews which is hard to listen to. It’s not working.
  • californiacool8
    Chloe in Paris
    It’s the official Vogue podcast with the most amazing guest and accessibility to cover the latest and greatest in the fashion industry, and yet… at times it’s unbearable! Both C and C have great thoughts and opinions but sometimes I can’t help but wonder where did Chloe come from? She is constantly questioning and mispronouncing the most grade book fashion concepts. She is the Emily in Paris of the show a girl with glossy eyes who can’t read the room and just chill out and play it cool. Sorry not sorry.
  • omarsdad
    Couldn’t go on
    As much as I wanted to enjoy this show, the constant talk-over of the one host by the other is too grating.
    Ronald McKnight aka “greenpeepers66”
    ADORE ADORE ADORE ADORE ADORE 4 those of us who live n the “Fashion Universe”, this is the is a smorgasbord from the “Fashion Gods” I savored every detail not 2 mention the memories it brought flooding back- also, it answered questions I had long pondered- I DEMAND MORE❗️
  • Boozie Beerman
    Who knew Erika Badu is so hysterically funny?
    I love this show so much but the 2/23 episode was one of the best!
  • Sleiman88
    Very well rounded they kinda dip their toes in controversial topics. Very informative for people recently interested in fashion and it’s ins and workings
  • fraudpatrol
    Park the snark
    Kate Young had super interesting things to share and the snarky—and what seemed quite insecure —stucatto interview style of the Malle person really detracted from the podcast.
  • Clare-y
    C. Peters
    Very interesting podcast. I enjoy it very much - I think Chloe should interrupt less.
  • X911X911
    Gave me a migraine
    One of the hosts would NOT stop cutting off the guest who actually had insightful things to say. It was so grating I turned off the podcast.
  • Natalo99
    Solid Podcast But Not Great
    This podcast is a solid podcast about fashion. It’s not completely inaccessible if you don’t know much but also but is still about fashion more than gossip/ pop culture. I do wish that Chloe would work on interrupting her cohosts and the guests. I couldn’t make it through the Jacquemus interview because I was frustrated by how often he was interrupted. I also agree with other reviews that the response to the Balenciaga controversy was a little too flippant. But, overall, I do think it has potential to be a good podcast once the hosts can work out the structure and establish their voice.
  • goldensilva
    They just scream… a lot
    Pretty basic, would maybe be interested in continuing to listen if the two hosts didn’t scream in my ear constantly or weren’t so basic with their questions/ topics
  • oxfordshll
    We don’t approve of Anna, but we also don’t approve of the blatant contempt shown by these interrogators.
  • BourgeoiseRebel
    Not interested in the new format
    Enjoyed the 90s series, however the new podcast is quite boring, as expected- it’s American vogue after all. Very commercial , no interesting opinions or stories. Oh well …
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