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“Hard Fork” is a show about the future that’s already here. Each week, journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton explore and make sense of the latest in the rapidly changing world of tech.

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  • dgs140
    Mouthpieces for corporate media
    I’ll pass. Brian Stelter type news is not trustworthy.
  • Hellerbox
    New York hard forking place
    I recently heard your show and compliments to your discussion just the right amount of humor and substance throughout and your guest speaker from the show was a real clever and smart persona as a enemy of TikTok was very funny especially when the comment “ that was your go to move to spy on a journalist ! Loved that 💥 pow I subscribe to nytimes !with ur show as catalyst to
  • Coachjj17
    My new favorite podcast
    Truth… I wish this podcast was more than just once a week. Kevin and Casey are insightful, honest, and REALLY fun to listen to. The topics are incredibly fresh/top of mind in the tech space. I feel as though I get a better picture of what’s going on from their very thorough approach to reporting. Keep up the awesome work Hard Fork team. I love it.
  • Petloover
    Great digest of tech news
    I just wanted to say thank you for creating this show because it’s made it easier for me to digest and relate to the changes going on in the tech world. The rapport between Casey and Kevin is fantastic and through smiles and laughter this podcast achieves the perfect balance between entertainment and education. Looking forward to your episodes each week!
  • cherylwesley
    Entertaining and informative.
    Came for the tech info, stayed for the one liners. Kevin and Casey provide up to date tech news while also making me laugh. I look forward to the new episode each Friday!
  • Mogenselixir
    Love the show
    I find this show very insightful and a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the great work!
  • kennnyihatethis
    I am 35, from New York and not a herb
    this is a good combo of that snarky-ish but smart conversations that used to happen on reply all / TLDR . It’s loose, but it’s nice combo if you like WSJ tech minute or watch MKBHD on YouTube.
  • NArizona1
    Great tech podcast for a non-techie person!
    I always wish I knew more about things going on in the tech world as they’re unfolding… But I never knew where to start. This podcast has definitely been a fun learning curve for me! Now I can’t stop listening.
  • GSSanFran8
    Your intro/outro music
    I just love your music. It puts a pep in my step. Also the podcast is good :)
  • Gotfrogs~
    Great podcast for geeks
    I absolutely love this podcast. The hosts and content are great. If you are at all interested in technology, I highly this podcast!
  • R_salis
    My new favorite podcast!
    I’ve listened to every episode, shared the show with my friends and look forward to Fridays to hear a new episode 😊
  • C-A_H
    Interesting but unlistenable
    I don’t want to be too harsh, but I find the amount of vocal-fry to render it unlistenable.
  • Hinkbert
    Interesting and generally informative podcast (yes there’s a Ned Stark but coming…)
    It would be great if the guests (and sometimes the hosts) could speak more articulately. We don’t need to hear “like” every other sentence.
  • Talola
    Exactly what I needed
    I’m always looking for smart, interesting takes on the tech world from non-jerks. This is harder to find than it sounds, and Hard Fork exceeds my desires. This is why I was NOT MAD that Hard Fork showed up in place of Kara Swisher’s Sway in my feed, because it means I found it faster. I love Casey & Kevin, they are great off the cuff, and the pieces they put work into are brilliant (anybody else get a slight “Reply All” feeling sometimes? In a good, non-union-busting way, I mean). Protect the Hard Fork podcast at all costs.
  • RCollins
    Good idea, not consistent
    I was looking forward to this podcast and think it’s a much needed one (which is saying something in the glutted podcast landscape that exists today) but it’s not every week. Not even close. Good start; needs to get more dependable.
  • schuyler007
    <3 from a Luddite
    I’m not particularly interested in technology… But I love this pod.
  • Serial Learner
    They rock
    These guys are entertaining, informed, thoughtful and self deprecatingly funny. They rock.
  • sueannew22
    Interview some women!
    Decent explanations of new tech and good recap of tech news HOWEVER there is a very sad lack of female voices on the show. One of the hosts should be a woman or the hosts should interview some female journalists or entrepreneurs.
  • Andrindis
    Fun Tech podcast
    If you are a tech guru or someone just wanting to keep up with the latest technology this is a great show. I love the breakdowns and fun manner the cast runs through it. I’m so what new to this space so I really appreciate the way the hosts bring you up to speed.
  • heytotherana
    My first review and I’m no Techie
    I thoroughly enjoy the both of you. I’m the kind of person who gets devices because someone got a newer one and I genuinely get excited. So for me to listen, enjoy, and even understand your show, is HUGE for me. I even had to tell my partner about it because I legit feel cooler than him now and he’s in Tech. I spew words like “Chat GBT” and “that boy SBF!”. I’m usually the one telling him first now. He’s currently reading about Chat GBT next to me as I’m typing this up. and Yes, I have a smug look on face 😏
  • André Joseph Berjoan
    Look forward to Fridays
    Wonderfully engaging cast — I smile the whole way through. Smart, sharp, interesting. And the music: *please* let that beautiful soft-techno outro rip for a full five minutes each time!
  • no buses?!
    Solid tech headlines show
    Accessible hosts, enjoyable banter and cadence, simultaneously informative and entertaining. One of several tech podcasts I listen to, and while not as in-depth as the others, this is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Good for a general understanding of the major headlines in tech. NYT: keep the current hosts and format. Maybe add another episode each week.
  • mary margaret rachael
    OMG! That song!🎵
    First time listener and still smiling as I write this after listening to the Christmas song. So funny! I really appreciate your willingness to be real and maybe even a bit out of tune. Will definitely tune in again. Thanks, guys!
  • dbev79
    Great podcast
    If you’re a tech follower this is a great pod. Hosts get a little too cute sometimes but what the heck, if I wasn’t a nerd too I wouldn’t be listening.
  • Dan T. 123
    Sometimes good sometimes uninformative
    Yet another erasure of nuance. SBF is a thief and deserves some jail time. Potentially a lot if it turns out this was intentional (seems plausible). But, in addition, his philanthropy was pretty clearly genuine (while also tactical). Since his first job (when he was not even a millionaire) he has famously donated half of his salary to charity. His parents are famous utilitarian philosophers. This CERTAINLY doesn’t make up for his acts. But it happens to both be true, AND more interesting that such a person went so bad. But instead they give the easy dumbed down narrative. Maybe because they just think bad things are only done by terrible people. More likely they only read one or two articles to prep. More and more I feel like they just repeat the most simple and popular headlines rather than teaching something new. —-Couple good episodes. But then they’re talking about if twitter runs out of money that it will disappear and that that seems likely. I think certainly it’s possible that this deal could fail, and they may be unable to pay their debts. That would likely lead to bankruptcy. But a company only dissolves if dissolution would be more likely to pay more to creditors than reorganization. Twitter has, basically, two assets. Its brand and its users. It is theoretically possible that by the time they go bankrupt there are no more users, and it has a valueless brand. Seems very unlikely. Even Elon haters have a ton of affection for Twitter itself. If they declare bankruptcy, Elon would be out. They will bring on a new CEO. And I cannot imagine the creditors then saying “let’s auction off all the servers for like $1 million and call it a day” rather than bringing back the old policies and running Twitter as if this last couple months didn’t happen. Even if they lost half of their users, it would make more sense to run it with half as many users as they used to have because that would generate more money than shutting it down. And so far not many have left at all. Of course this stuff isn’t good at all, but it is very unlikely that twitter will go away. Maybe they have a really good argument for why Twitter will actually be shut down. But they need to make that argument, not just imply that bankruptcy equals company being shut down.— Yet another point: I want to preface by saying that I think the Elon Twitter deal is a disaster, and he has done an awful job. I have no problem with critical takes of Elon. They have laid out plenty of totally valid criticisms of his leadership. What I do find annoying, however, is that they very frequently present his decisions as if they’re totally insane with no possible plan. And some of them are. But many are not, and it does a disservice to listeners to not explain what won’t work and what might. Here are a couple of examples: Elon tweeted that Apple was thinking about pulling Twitter from the App Store, and that during that set of tweets, he mentioned than Apple takes 30% of in app revenue. Their take was 1. He’s an idiot for criticizing Apple, since they’re powerful. And 2. “Elon tweeted that Apple takes a 30% fee. Every tech journalist in the world already knows that” I’m not gonna make the point that is a brilliant strategy -I honestly don’t know how it will play out. But they’re making it out as if these are the actions of an unstable idiot. Well, Elon is certainly unstable, but, calling out Apple before they remove Twitter from the App Store seems like a very plausible strategy. First of all, they get to put their spin on it, “Apple is booting us, because they hate free speech” rather than simply waiting for Apple to do it and put their reasoning out there first. Secondly, if there’s a big blow back against Apple after Elon tweets, which there was because even though many people hate Elon, he also has many fans, that could absolutely make apple far more cautious about removing Twitter. And finally, it is way easier to prevent Apple from removing Twitter than it is to get them to reinstate it after they have removed it. Once they remove it, they have to admit they made a mistake if they reinstate it without significant changes being made. But in this situation, apple gets to just say oh, we were never thinking of doing that to start with. As to all tech journalists knowing about the 30% fee: I’m sure that’s accurate. And what percentage of Elon’s followers are tech journalists? Like 0.01%? Apples extraordinarily high App Store fees are one of the biggest PR issues they face. They want to be seen as the good guys, not monopolists and gougers. Elon telling his 100 million followers about apples, monopolistic practices demonstrates to Apple, that if they go to war with him and pull the app, he has the ability to fight back. And again, It is certainly possible that this is just Elon making random tweets, and it’s also possible that this decision will backfire. But you at least should point out the very obvious strategy that is likely behind this. After pointing that out, you are more than welcome to criticize it and give your opinion why it’s a bad call. But just making a strawman argument that there’s no good reason for this and it’s all idiotic just makes you look uninformed and doesn’t educate your listeners about the nuances to the situation.—- Why have I wasted an hour listening to them talk about crypto, and literally none of it is more insightful than what you would hear two drunk strangers at a bar say about bitcoin? I don’t care at all that they don’t support it. I am not invested in crypto, and a LOT of things have to be worked out (if they can be). So you don’t have to like crypto. But maybe you shouldn’t be hosting a tech podcast if you don’t have any tech expertise or knowledge of how it works.
  • Moviesmusic
    Great Show
    It’s like Pivot minus the obnoxious hosts. Very informative for the lay person when it comes to tech.
  • Sterhg
    analysis yes prediction no
    but predictions are hard anyways. good to follow for big tech news, interesting discussions
  • ¿.) Jason
    A highlight of my week
    Witty, timely, insightful, and informative
  • Depressed voting
    Explaining the hard to explain
    These guys break down how technology works and how it can impact you in addition to relating the headlines to our every day world and providing historical context…. Among other things. Thank you.
  • fig newton fan
    Love these guys!
    These guys are smart and their banter fun to listen to. Love it! I’m Casey’s mom, but still…..
  • soph✨🔬👁🌚🌊💫
    Approachable and informative!
    I’m usually much more of a political news podcast type than a tech news podcast type, but hard fork is this really great balance of digestible and informative and Not Boring, and you can tell that the hosts are just having a blast talking about their nerd world. Still can’t tell their voices apart, but whatevs.
  • Editing CEO
    Love this show!!
    Like this podcast. Nope. Love it!!
  • Rick Messier
    Report More - Prognosticate Less
    I appreciate this Pod for the inside track on what's happening in the tech world, but it's exhausting listening to the "If I was running this company" takes from JOURNALIST! Their reporting is great, but the gossipy, frivolous role play as CEO is childish and a hard listen.
  • lkdfjdsfj
    A sad replacement for the insightful masterpiece that was Sway!
  • shantaram gee
    Got educated
    -I think social media is dying -So, what do you mean by social media exactly? I love this kind of conversation so much. It’s like a debate. When somebody say something big to me in the future, I will ask them to define it clearly first.
  • RssnHil
    Great podcast idea in getting these Tech journalists!
    I ❤️❤️❤️Kevin Roose from the NYT, but I also ❤️❤️❤️Casey when he’s been on Pivot with Kara Swisher. So this is a tech podcast dream team to me with the insights and analysis that’s easy to digest and find entertaining at the same time. The two of them being so self-deprecating, quick-witted and tech aware makes for a great podcast.
  • Rejas M
    Loving this show
    Funny and in depth - love the banter between the hosts.
  • Casnh
    Interesting! Casey so hard to listen to though
    Could you use AI to replace Casey’s voice?
  • Pdr777qxy
    One of my favorite shows
    Informative, current, and hilarious. I literally laugh out loud listening
  • dadmarie
    Your interviewees
    Sound like bots
  • Loganfool
    You need to keep up-to-date! That’s what we’re here for.
  • Shadwell von Bernstein
    Can you please expand to cover people who actually solve problems?
    To Swisher et al, technology is largely about massive money making products that solve no problems and actually create problems. To her credit, she addresses the latter, but she rarely engages people who are using technology to... wait for it... address socio-technical problems in the world and help people individually and as a society overall. What about healthcare, what about education, what about research, what about people with disabilities? Enough with the same old cast of slicon valley bros and their endlessly vapid and banal social media apps. There are so many other super intelligent and innovative people working with not just technology, but technology and real issues that impact individuals, communities, and society.
  • Solomon Harvey
    Refreshing take on new technologies
    I love the way these guys explore new tech. Excited to keep listening. The transition music and content structure reminds me of the podcast Reply All. Thanks!
  • Adrwr
    Make more podcasts so we can have more music 😁
    Just want to say that the show music (and reporting) is 🔥🔥🔥. Keep it coming :-D
  • Gena Karpf
    Content & theme
    Great content and excellent theme music!
  • 十七的大宝贝
    Love the show
    Especially love the AI greetings that mimic the two hosts :D
  • Rwentwor
    Love it!
    Perfection! Wish it was more frequent. (hint hint).
  • techiepodcastguy
    New Favorite Tech Podcast
    Used to be a big Reply All fan until they botched it and shut it down. Been looking for a new tech show and Hard Fork delivers. Y’all keep at it.
  • John@Muezin
    The social media rabbit hole was conceive early
    Dependence on user data is the root to all of their problems. Connected individuals—an engineered advantage—is full of issues. What if we connected regions instead? The early internet businesses needed to influence us enough to use their offerings. We learned their rules—rules set in motion when data rates were much slower—and bought their games. Muezbiz.com
  • JennyJenkinsNewYork
    Less Antic, Manic, “We’re Fun” Chuckles, Please!
    Some good basic info on tech news. But the happy talk — the manic interruptions — the excited chitchat and chuckling at their own perceptions — makes this podcast hard to listen to without irritation. Casey, just take a breath or two and then launch in. Podcasting is a cool medium, not a hot one.
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