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Sarah Silverman is back with a new season of The Sarah Silverman Podcast, where Sarah shares her thoughts and musings on anything and everything under the sun. No topic is off limits, from politics to the rampant overuse of cologne. Your voicemails dictate the trajectory of the show, but Sarah’s always driving. Yes, things will get weird. But weird is her sweet spot. New episodes of The Sarah Silverman Podcast from Lemonada Media premiere every Thursday. You can leave a voice memo for Sarah at

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  • lidia___011
    Makes claims with nothing to back them up
    Everything she says regarding politics can be easily flipped and applied to the other aisle, and would be true!! She should definitely take a minute to examine that. It makes her seem less intelligent.
  • ajlistening
    Not a good person
    No thank you. Not interested in an Islamophobic zionist's podcast
  • ImagineAgape
    You had me at “Orca explosive diarrhea cloud”…. 🤣🤣🤣 Oh gawd, gajillion thanks for your lovely, unique brand of SarSil (yeah, I made up a word) humour. ROTFLMAO. Love ya! 🤙🤙🤙✌️💚🌎💫
  • Turntup4wut18
    Always honest, comforting and funny ♥️
  • already taken.
    Whose podcast?
    Too much Amy.
  • Sarah68
    Love Sarah. Thank you for sharing your life openly and without fear. Sometimes people who are political can become depressing to listen to after a time even if they are very funny people. But I think what you have is you a growing too and we are in this trip so it doesn’t get that way. I can tell you just want to set people free to fly. I’m the same way. Never let the kiddo die always have fun no reason to dampen that down.
  • NTx Pat
    Just a question
    Why are there only two reviews of your podcast viewable? A popularity rating issue? Your political affiliation? Just curious
  • latice
    Not trying anymore
    I liked her when she was a comic. Then she made unhinged statements hostile to the concept of human rights. I can’t unhear it. Goodbye, Sarah. You had me fooled for a long time.
  • they call me Bud
    The best
    1. That was not a one star review. My hand grazed one star and the review got submitted both in total .01 of a second. 2.Sarah: Funny, intelligent, well-informed with thought-provoking opinions, open, honest. Love listening to her.
  • Niftynels
    Stop giving mediocre people a platform when they do not deserve it
    She’s not funny or witty. Even worse, she advocates for the genocide of our Palestinian comrades
  • Daniellicaaa
    So genuine and honest. Love this podcast ♥️
  • Ourkindatown
    Just one thing
    Love the podcast. 9/10. Just one note: maybe it's time for a new opening "song?" I cannot hit the 30 sec forward button fast enough when I hear that thing begin. 💋
  • Wow, what nickname isnt taken
    Sarah is a thoughtful person with a respective perspective to share. Worth a listen and cheery. It is refreshing that she uses personal example that keeps things relatable; (ie. steers clear of being someone spewing off unsolicited advise). She keeps it upbeat and hopeful - she lives and breaths the idea that humor is healing and healthy. This is a supportive community that can be tapped into when someone wants to connect with the good feelings when feeling alone. Happy listening :)
  • Jackalack65
    Finally the truth comes out!
    She IS a ragging racist. Thinks it’s fine for children to die. Cannot believe she is allowed to have a platform at all. She’s also extremely unsupportive of women. and yeah she says she is but we know she’s not based on her “comedy” acts.
  • Mr. Purple Sky
    Great podcast!!! Listening to the latest episode and when you guys were singing the “Greatest American Hero” theme song, I couldn’t help but hear George Costanza’s answering machine.
  • daisiesgrow
    Just beautiful
    I don’t even know Sarah’s comedy but her advice to her callers is so empathetic, helpful and profound. I have found myself in everyday situations remembering her words and feeling grateful that I found this podcast. Hearing her talk about really hard things on a variety of topics (with some humor, of course) has been do meaningful to me.
    Terrible person
    Legit terrible person who doesn’t deserve a platform
  • arthousecleaner
    The best podcast out there!
    I listen to so many pods as i paint many hours of the day- Abstract not houses- I wish I could paint houses but I don’t know how. I laugh out loud so many times a day while listening- The bit about the heels 👠 I totally relate to. I used to wear 6 inch heels in the day and now I can only wear super low heels. I really don’t mind those days are so behind me. Thank you for sharing your life and vibe with the world. Makes us Jews feel less alone.
  • Feral Rhetor
    Showed your hand
    Doing a show about Israel and Palestine (not Hamas) doesn’t get you off the hook for your racist comments about Gaza. Funny you think you’re a social critic until it comes to propagating ridiculous lies and misinformation like Gaza citizens get their water for free. Open your eyes!!!!!
  • kelkelrf
    I used to think she was one of the most compassionate people in the world. Now I’m just disgusted.
  • TaylorOng
    Sarah is a racist and I will boycott her work for the rest of my life.
  • IanieBean
    Simple Concept, Great Execution
    Sarah is so entertaining and charismatic: she literally just listens to voicemail and talks to herself in response to said voicemail, and the result is fantastic every week. Funny, joyous, topical, sad, insightful, real - this podcast ranges it all, and we couldn't ask for a better host to take us through it all
  • LucyFox0718
    Witty Titty
    Easily in my top four.
  • Tiff32317940
    No thanks
    Was a fan, but she’s foul.
  • Deeeeeedubya
    Racist trash
    She’s racist trash. Not much more to say than that
  • SnappyDani
    This woman is a racist who supports genocide. Anyone is better than this.
  • usahozierfan2019
    It’s never been better
    I loved your advice about not lying. So hard and complicated to lie
  • kelly_88
    She’s the one!
    Sarah is hysterical. I’ve loved her for years. Such a fun podcast to listen to!
  • oRpHaN_anniiee
    I just wanted to say that I truly admired you, your story, and your work. One of my favorite comics and so influential to my life growing up. However, during recent events and your stance on these events I no longer agree with my previous statement. It was very disheartening to hear you push propaganda and celebrate the disgusting actions taken by a certain government. The wording you used and the attitude you had towards the situation was deplorable . The wording you chose to use only proved to me that you do not stand for what I thought you did, and because of that alone I am unfollowing this podcast and also refuse to support any other endeavors you might pursue. I regret ever having supported you at all.
  • Boreas22!
    The Best
    This podcast is so good! Sarah goes where it matters❤️years ago I heard Sarah and felt like “she gets it!” Grateful I found this, thank you!!!
  • NickPappa
    Soft bigotry for men
    She has a soft bigotry for many things like men. This does not mean all men, buy close to it
  • magicalkaleidoscope
    Thank you Sarah!!
    I’m so glad I found this podcast. So refreshing and puts a smile on my face.
  • martensify
    You are encouraging war crimes, Sarah
    After seeing you without any hesitation say that the people of Palestine doesn’t deserve humanitarian aid I cannot believe or support anything that will ever come out of your mouth ever again. I hope you will retract your statements and apologize especially to the innocent children who you argued against should receive water, food and medicine. Shame on you Sarah Silverman.
  • Star man 2
    Sarah Justifies Killing Palestinians
    I can no longer support you given your stance on the perpetration of massacre in Gaza. Shutting off water and electricity to Gaza is not only a war crime, it is murder. Thousands of children have now died as a result of Israel’s ongoing bombing of civilians. Use your platform to speak out against this atrocity. This can be done without being pro hamas!
  • Goldenbridget
    Israel mini episode
    Thank you for this episode, and being a strong voice of reason.
  • Nicole ---
    Yay you're back!!!
    Welcome back, Sarah! I've been missing you. I hope you answer my question!
  • Leah2342
    Immoral Statement
    Sarah’s statement on cutting off water and electricity to Palestine being justified is absolutely disgusting as the people of Gaza are only seen as collateral damage. I am absolutely disgusted and can no longer support her as a listener. She says she cares about people but it sure doesn’t show.
  • Angíl Ní Breathnach
    Captivating podcast
    Sarah is engaging, mature (sorry Sarah), wise, very funny and real. There’s no pretence. What a wonderful slice of human being we get to listen to each week. I’m locked in. Highly recommended.
  • Sugar42
    Love this so much. I’ve been bingeing since I found it. Keep up the great work.
  • kwagtoo
    Sarah is as real as it gets. No wonder people ask her for advice - she is wise and caring and bright and ridiculously honest. Always look forward to new episodes!
  • mrelectrode
    Sarah, You are the greatest. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I am trying to get the courage to call and hear you break down my life. Please return with your intuition. You are very “woke” and I’m loving it
  • cjsiss
    New to listening
    Love your podcast. I watched your latest special on Max and loved it, heard about your podcast and so have been listening recently. Good stuff! You are so helpful to people. I know all are grateful for that. We need more people like you in this world.
  • Paige lulu
    Sending You Much Love
    You are such a delight Sarah! And, thank you very much for your bravery. So very sorry for your loss; May Your Dad & step-mom’s Memory Be A Blessing To You Always.
  • SpaceGhost33
    What’s not to like?
    My kind of humor. A beautiful human being. You go girl!!
  • TJWenker
    Deepest condolences
    I am so sorry for your loss.💜
  • Iris Minot
    Deepest condolences
    So sorry for the loss of your parents . You are such a beautiful soul, the way you love your Father and his wife is so inspiring! Love you Sara sending you a big hug 🤗💕🌹
  • Jorgan_Garlath
    Not sure how anyone could not love Sarah
    Throughout my life, any time she was on the screen or the air, I knew it’d be a good show, because she is good. Funny, kind, irreverent and cool, the older sister many of us never had.
  • cait.rch
    Healing & Hilarious
    One of my favorite podcasts.
  • SMLP
    Sarah’s Dad on Air
    Sarah’s dad is a pig. I’d hate to have him as my dad. Foul and terrible role model. Hard pass
  • Kirby 16
    I’m autistic
    I’ve noticed about society it is alright to be prejudice but don’t make fun of anyone else. I’m having a sex change to become brave and strong
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