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Welcome to Advice to My Younger SELF! Join SELF’s editor-in-chief, Rachel Miller, as she interviews SELF’s cover stars about the life lessons they wish they’d learned earlier. 

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  • MentatUS
    Informative and inclusive
    Great podcast with authoritative narration. I appreciated the host’s attention to inclusive details: referencing “people with uteruses” instead of “women,” for just one example. I also learned a lot — even from episodes that didn’t feature situations that apply to me personally, the top-notch experts had great strategies for thinking about conditions and approaching different scenarios.
  • asbrooke
    Well researched
    I appreciate the research and care the host puts into every episode. I know I can count on the information provided and enjoy the positive, supportive tone.
  • Robyn AC
    Great host
    I am not into podcasts AT ALL, but really enjoyed these. The birth and meditating episodes are my faves. Zahra is also a gem!
  • Chami1004
    Thank you.
    I really needed to listen to that grief episode tonight.
  • lam0807lm
    Great podcast for women!
    I have been searching for a podcast for women with relatable topics and reasonable advice- this is it! I’m very much looking forward to the next season!
  • laura49s
    Great show.
    The host is understanding, nice, and open to everything and all people. This podcast has helped me better understand things that have happened to me, might happen to me, and are happening to others. Very grateful I found this!
  • Ladynurse2007
    Many Thankyouuuuus
    Being a nurse, I found this podcast to be a gateway to opening my mind to different ways to show up for my patients. Thank you! 🙏
  • mmmm12349471
    Wow, this hit me
    Listened to the Am I Drinking Too Much episode while tipsy, started crying, and now I’m feeling seen and inspired to make some changes. Thank you.
  • KimberlyJoM
    Very insightful
    Loved the podcast and I am looking forward to more. I particularly loved the podcast on clenching your teeth and the physical signs of stress. Highly recommend.
  • Kaitlynambrose
    Love this podcast!
    So happy I stumbled upon this. Just listening to “Am I drinking too much?” And it’s excellent.
  • ddaaiissyyy
    Thank you for this!!!
    Widow loneliness
    I’m so happy that I found this podcast! This first episode that I found was really eye opening. I’m a widow if 13 years that lost her best friend of 30 years. I still struggle everyday. I’ve been judged by a lot of people, especially my youngest daughter. Thank you! I needed to hear that I’m not the only one going through this! LLANDERS31
  • Madgradstudent
    Practical and useful
    Love this podcast! The interviews are the perfect length and provide information that I can realistically incorporate into my day to day
  • patjim41
    Recently widowed
    Thank you, needed this!
  • jssvining
    More of the practical queer sex info, please! So fantastic!!
  • FrankieSezRelax
    Thank you team SELF. This is exactly what I need right now.
  • I hate lines!
    I'm hooked!
    If you need to hit the reset button after 2020, this is the best show for your health. I've always been a big fan of SELF mag, so excited to see they FINALLY have a podcast. First ep was really good. Can't wait to listen every week.
  • podcast perfection
    Important wellness info!
    There couldn’t really be a better time for this type of wellness podcast to launch—giving the people what they need!
  • Donna Danielo
    This podcast strikes the perfect balance
    I enjoy the tone of the podcast. Ms Kylstra is a great facilitator as she combines balance, curiosity, and empathy to provide listeners with legit expert advice that is hopeful and encouraging.
  • ScooterDMan
    Super interesting
    Reminds me of Reply All’s “Super Tech Support” - but for health. Love the holistic approach.
  • mae317
    fascinating convos!
    this podcast hits the perfect balance between easy-to-listen-to, but still packed with solid, science-backed info. i love how approachable the advice feels!
  • Hannah Marika
    Informative and interesting
    I loved the warm tone and the helpful expert advice, delivered in an approachable and real way. Excited to listen to more!
  • kelseybbee1
    So helpful and timely
    Very needed for these trying times! A must listen
  • heights438373
    More, please!
    Love this idea- relevant and thoughtfully approached. I’m looking forward to hearing more!
  • sq1000
    So excited for this podcast!
    Really hype for info about wellness that is really well researched and based on science like I always see from self. Also just appreciate how they bring an intersectional lens to wellness and don’t just do more white lady yoga bs kind of stuff, they keep it real
  • yshu2020
    So helpful
    This is just what I needed during this awful time. Highly recommend!
  • Ehp1229
    Exactly what women need right now.
    This podcast makes me feel like someone hears me—like I have a friend on the other side of the phone. Going to make it an essential part of my wellness listening routine
  • Jon Andre
    Interesting and helpful
    Informative experts, and a nice and thoughtful tone from the host. Important topic to cover, especially right now.
  • Ettpisano
    What a great podcast! So informative and empathetic.
  • SarahRY
    So excited for this podcast
    Self-care has been such a challenge during this pandemic and I think this podcast is coming at exactly the right time. Can’t wait for the first episode to drop
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