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Beauty and YouTube superstar, Patrick Starrr, and friends chat about how they met, how they got success and how they overcame the status quo. Some serious tea will be spilled in this fun, inspiring, colorful podcast. Guests vary from the top business CEOS to up and coming beauty gurus just stepping into the world of beauty. By the end of each episode you will be saying YAS to the guest.

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  • _NYOnion
    Patrick Star is such an absolute garbage human.
  • Emily Laramore
    My favorite podcast !!!
    I’m a huge PatrickStarrr fan and I love his podcast!! Fav guest from the podcast has to be Mac Daddy. Patrick if you’re reading this ily.❤️❤️❤️ p.s. MAKE UP IS A ONE SIZE FITS ALL 💋💋💋
  • Flawlessina
    I love this pod b !
    I love this pod b !
  • Reese71886
    New Favorite!
    This podcast is amazing. Love the exchange and the energy!
  • BeBueno22
    Everything of the sort 🪄
    Loving every episode so far! I love learning about everyone’s backstory and how everyone is so open when speaking to Patrick.
  • HermanZemer
    Patrick is a great interviewer
    Love you and the podcast, you’re so sweet and kind. But PLEEEEEASE stop saying “sickening” every other minute. Pretty please 🙏🏼
  • Llksjxucuhdndjdificuc
    Love this! It’s a cute way to get to know influencers better and Patrick is an entertaining host
  • Rhirhi2245
    Bad Audio
    This is a good podcast but at times I cannot hear or understand what Patrick is saying. Either he needs to be closer to the mic or his mic needs to be turned up.
  • stefanny96🤍
    True Latina ✨
    I love how raw Jenny is! I was hearing this while doing my mommy things and let me tell you Jenny made me cry! But I am so proud of how much she has overcome 🙏🏼🤍 Keep it up girl! ✨
  • jackitaaa
    very entertaining
    i love this i can go throw my workouts listening to this love you missss starrrr
  • Darla💋
    Omg I enjoyed this so much. You are such a good interviewer. I love how you do not shy away from the difficult questions however always very respectfully.
  • Prissy23love
    So genuine
    Love hearing honest and hilarious conversations! Love you Patrick!
  • DaySapp
    5 Star!!!
    I love these podcast 🤣🖤 you should totally have Markel Washington on for one!! Also new favorite podcast I just came across this today and I’m hooked! ✨
  • SilBos
    Loving this!
    I am thrilled that makeup youtube personalities are starting podcasts!!! We get to know all pf you better! Ty Patrick for this treat! <3
  • Brian Peoples
    I don’t mean to be dramatic or anything, but this is the best thing that has ever happened. YAS!
  • gul_sosan
    Thank you for this! 🤍✨
  • Dalji Imara
    Jackie episode
    Loved Jackie’s interview. Please have more black creators on here telling their story. This is literally the only podcast I’ve ever listened to all the way through. Keep them coming!
  • GameReviewer1975
    I love patrick starrr
    literally always wished patrick would start a podcast because his voice is so soothing and just watching the first episode its alread a great flow and conversation. Keeping it real and im just in love with this mama!!
  • emilyisgreat808
    I’ve been a OG since you and manny basically started as a dynamic duo. I’ve loved to see you BOTH grow and be yourselves. I love this podcast Patrick you are such an inspiration forever and I’m so happy to see the other guests you will have!!!! So happy this is here!!!!
  • Chrissypooh6582
    Love it!!
    Loved u and Manny together definitely need video also !!
  • smason02
    I LOVE that someone I respect in the beauty industry is doing this. Being able to get insight on the industry and hear from other big players is so awesome. Cant wait for more episodes. So far, these have been great.
  • Krizz'Tina
    I enjoy listening to this while doing my skincare!
    Love how natural and sort of casual the interviews are! It’s nice literally hearing some insight on various aspects of their lives and work and getting a glimpse of the interviewees perspective on things. So far Jackie Aina was my favorite and I look forward to hearing more soon!
  • Leslie sunshine
    I will always support you been here since day1
    Im so happy you and manny are doing this podcast the real OG’s. I love you Patrick! Im so proud of everything you done ! And im happy you doing and trying diff things ❤️ congratulations once again!
  • mochamistie
    listening to the manny episode made my day. hearing you girls giggle like back in the day was beautiful! i’m so glad to see you both reconcile and grow from the past. i heard of manny because of patrick and through everything i’ve always been a fan of you both.
  • GenuinelyGagged
    So good! I’m gagged
    Patrick is born for this!
  • jmoneyy$$
    I loveeeee
    I love love loveeee that Manny and Patrick are friends again because they were the first boy youtubers I fell in love with. I remember waiting 3 hours in the front of the line to see them at beautycon! They were all I cared about. But I have to say when Patrick said he still loved Manny after he got cancelled doesn’t sit right at the fact when Jeffrey Star shaded Manny on Twitter only for Patrick to like and make a slight shady comment. That’s a lil off for me 👀 however I’m overall happy they are friends again and they could have hashed it all out. I’m here for it xoxo
  • McCarthycj
    Had not heard of Patrick Starrr prior to the release of this show, I’m halfway through episode 1 and I’m hooked!! Patrick is hilarious, excited to see which guests he brings on next!
  • PostScripter
    I’m so excited to see who’s on!!!
  • Christy_5731
    Can’t wait!
    I can’t wait to hear the stars Patrick interviews! I love his YT collab videos!!
  • Fantasia Catherine
    I honestly can’t wait ❤️
  • emotionallyskny
    I’m so excited!!! 💫🌟✨
  • Lydberry333
    Patrick Starrr is out here really SAVING 2020 with this new podcast 🙌 I’m so excited to hear him and his friends touch on their success stories and give out all the beauty / life advice we could ever need. Counting down the days till launch!!!
  • MymGemini
    About time!!!
    Better late than NEVER!!! I always wanted to be apart of the starrr family. Now finally every Monday I can listen in and keep my sanity in check🙏🏼 it’s about time Pattrick starrr! We needed you on our face now we have you in our ears, what’s next?
  • JaxPinay
    YAS to anything Patrickstarrr
    I’ve been so excited for Patrick to have his own podcast. I can’t wait to hear who’s going to be on.
  • Allie Proszek
    Yay you have a podcast!!!
    I love that you have a podcast!! Can’t wait to hear! LYSM!
  • Diezavel
    I cannot wait!
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