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Join legendary NFL running back Ricky Williams as he discusses astrology, sports, and the benefits of medical marijuana with a special guest every week.

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  • Laurie's place
    It’s written in the stars. This pod is fascinating. Now I’m researching my own chart. Of course I’d love for Ricky to interpret it for me!
  • Thank you Ricky
    This Podcast really helps me learn about astrology. I have been a spiritualist for a few years now and still trying to become more knowledgeable in the craft. Ricky is my favourite NFL player and I love learning from him. This podcast helps me get through my days while chasing my dreams. Have a great day everyone and thank you Ricky!
  • Lexpaxz
    Excellent podcast! Thank you, Ricky!
  • JenAz12
    Lots of insight
    I have learned so much through listening to this podcast. Ricky has such a calming demeanor. I want him to talk to me about my chart!
  • Joeysoote
    Welcome back Rick!
    As a Dolphins fan who grew up watching a lot of bad Miami teams, I always felt pride having Ricky Williams as our RB (twice). This podcast has helped to bring my favorite football player back into my life and I couldn’t be more pumped. Phins Up Ricky!
  • Bluminerva
    Just Discovered this pod today. Ricky is so insightful and calming. Wish I was famous enough for him to read me. Really loving this pod. Especially loved the Bomani episode, I’m also a Virgo 8/31/80…so similar. 😁
  • Cristobal1027
    Love This
    This is such a good concept and podcast
  • Jazzdax
    The best one yet!
    I can now let go of the resentment I’ve harbored for Dan LeBatard since he wrote those articles way back. I’ve only just begun to understand how I became such a devoted Ricky Williams fan. Following along thru media his journey from football until today. And finally subscribing and learning from this podcast. Both of these very smart guys by sharing their views and stories have touched me spiritually in a profound manner. Being a Scorpio, I have understood others way better than myself. Clues to understanding myself and my journey are welcomed at my advanced age. I could write an essay on this podcast but suffice it to say “This Was The Best One “so far. ! 👏👏
  • father-Anubis
    Free and open dialogue
    I have always admired Ricky, for his ability to do what was on his heart and take a unbeaten path for a professional athlete. Also he was my favorite player to play with on Madden 2004. My son went with the Falcons “Vick” myself the Dolphins. Please keep doing it, gives people like myself a space to feel comfortable with uncomfortable topics. Devon J
  • Shannam2
    Easy and educational listen
    Haven’t followed football or players but each episode I have taken something from. It would be really cool if Ricky could take callers and help break down there chart. One day maybe 🤔🤞
  • kristinstephens
    This podcast hits different
    Ricky is an amazing interviewer and so skillfully weaves astrological symbolism into these dynamic and beautifully deep conversations. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Wick & Mortar
    One if the best podcasts out there!
    I absolutely love how deep Ricky gets when he discusses astrology. This man is a legend and a genius. We can all take a page out of his book!
  • L7Panda
    Need A Reading
    Being a football fan and an admirer of Ricky’s game is what brought me here, but after a handful of episodes I’m interested in the actual astrology at hand. I have since done research to find my Rising Sign. I’m a Gemini with a Rising Sign of Libra. I would love to get an in-depth reading/understanding one day from RW.
  • Jentabulous
    Favorite New Podcast
    This is a beautiful collision of content by an objective, empathetic, engaging host. Was skeptical, having read little about Ricky other than was what force-fed in popular sports culture, but any preconceptions were shattered. The Astrology foundation in this podcast is as enlightening about astronomy and science as it is about the guest and their journey. Would love to see this Live when we are all healthy again!
  • JustinBinoBrand
    Great Show
    I’ve been a Ricky fan for almost 20 years now and this podcast is nothing less than what I would expect from Ricky Williams. It’s deep, it’s insightful, it’s educational, but I have one question; when will Ricky get a Pisces on the show?
  • Hebe Lu
    Just lovely!
    I didn’t know Ricky as a football player but love this healer, beautiful soul. I really enjoy the open and vulnerable conversation and look forward to it every week.
  • Walkstar007420
    Love this podcast already and I’m 10 minutes into #1!
    This is such a great podcast, Ricky is such a down to earth humble human, can’t get enough. I also need Ricky to read my astrological chart.
  • Graciemydog
    Ricky... this is for sure what you need to be doing ! I love the first few and now can’t wait for each one. You are one of a kind and bring so so much to the table in all your experiences and abilities. I’m here for you in any way I can contribute and support. 💗🙏🏼
  • Pauly Gumballs
    Man I really dig this podcast
    I feel like I’ve found my people listening to the first 3 episodes. I am an emotional and spiritual tough guy type and really relate to Ricky. His first guest Eben Britton really got me feeling like I found a home with the way I feel and how I navigate life. It’s inspiring and comforting to find other Men with similar stories, similar journeys and similar answers to life. Keep it up Ricky, you’re doing more for people like me than you will ever know!
  • arojas92
    Awesome Podcast!
    love the content, keep up the good work🙏🏼
  • Tkraft701
    I recently got rid of all social media, looking for a route to true freedom of negativity and a just a better life! I love rickys outlook on life!
  • Sweetpea1108
    Love You Rick
    My Mom and I followed your career and we love you may she Rest In Peace Run Ricky Run was one of our faves like this Podcast! Salute!
  • Laeler
    Like a big hug
    I feel like Ricky is giving us a giant reassuring hug. Everything is as it should be, even when it’s tough. Thank you Ricky!
  • Scott in Orlando
    So Happy
    I am so happy I discovered this podcast. I look forward to hearing more of Ricky’s stories and about his journey. As a Cannabis Coach I am always interested in hearing about people journey though Cannabis. Looking forward to the next episode!!
  • susanebere
    So interesting and so palpably soothing to my soul .
    Love this convo with Chris...the synchronicities!
  • Erin Nichols
    My favorite new podcast!
    Original. Uplifting. Inspiring. It is such a pleasure to listen to Ricky’s unique journey from NFL player to Healer, & so much more!
  • Jbo TheKind
    Great listen
    Very refreshing and calming to listen to Ricky put his own spin on some stuff I’ve been interested in. Beginning some meditation and astrology studies soon as a result
  • colinpthomson
    Really good!
    Strong start to this podcast, excited for it!
  • captnzen
    Ricky Enhances the Galaxy’s Vibe
    Ricky Williams is, simply put, a joy.
  • Rafeeke
    Pleasant surprise
    Awesome to see a childhood hero buck fame and fortune for true happiness! A role model like no other! It made me so happy to see him come out of nowhere in the browse tab and find him happy and living awesomely over 10 years later! Thank You!
  • chrisdabone
    What a mashup of awesome info.
    Big Dolphins fan and always loved to watch Ricky play. Also a cancer moon (who is 27 1/2). Felt seen hearing these two talk about their lunar returns. Great listen.
  • AmyCS1030
    You will impact lives
    Just by opening up and sharing your true self with whoever is listening will have an impact because now players have someone they can talk to and let down that “macho” exterior and see an alternative. I once read a profound article on the brutality of football and the effects that last long after you retire. So much addiction to pain meds so much depletion of savings for pain management for broken bodies (because it’s no longer given in the locker rooms) to just get up every day and the effects that addiction has on families. Even though you had a predilection for astrology and spirituality you found your way out of football and pain in a positive uplifting way that will hopefully resonate in the industry and that as players get older and more mature they will listen to what you have to say and find an alternative route to their pain management.
  • MusicMan808er
    Was always a fan of Ricky an his Beast of the East days in Miami. Hearing his philosophies make me understand why he was my favorite player. Thank you for this an look forward to future episodes!
  • Soleilmom
    Fighter and the kid
    Best interview ever, came here on episode one and will be here till the end.
  • leslie36houston
    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing your stories in such a calm and uplifting way. If you need something to take you away from the stress of life and open your eyes to a better path. This is the jam
  • phhs94
    Great 1st show!
    Ricky, I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation you had with Eben. I’ll be listening in to your future casts.
  • dnscall
    Enjoyed this podcast very much!
    Funny how much this spoke to me. Female -over 60 -not an athlete and yet can relate in a different way. Looking forward to more...
  • J2X155
    Killed it on the Show can’t wait for more of these 🙏🏽
  • Nickbfromaz
    Great listen! Thanks Ricky
    Recently heard your interview on 1 Star Recruits and am glad I did so I could check out your new show. Thanks for all you do Ricky! You’re inspiring more people than you know. Much love! ❤️💚💛
  • the fly Fijian
    My favorite running back of all time.
  • NessusBlackCentaur
    Unexpected insights
    I knew Ricky is a renassiance man. Who knew that offensive lineman Ebin Britton, had such a sensitive warrior poet soul?! Ricky has such a curious spirit I’m really excited to see what further conversation he sparks in these dialogues.
  • Astro-Ophi
    Love hearing Ricky's wisdom and natural curiosity about people—so much great insight and truth here!
  • mat-edubs
    incredibly insightful interview
    just a fascinating look into the minds of and lives of these two men
  • japaninmotion
    Looking forward to this
    Just listed him on to the carolla show. A good pod
  • Tbone62511
    Amazing athlete, great mind, this should be an excellent listen.
  • tablehockeyfan
    Excited to hear what Ricky has to say!
    Going to be a great pod!
  • School541
    About time ...
    Glad to hear truths of people, not speculation. Enjoy hearing of people doing their thing not the NORMAL (so called)
  • ihateschool99
    Heard about this podcast from your episode with the Viall files really excited for this!
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