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True Crime #105

The Opportunist tells true stories of regular people who turn sinister by embracing opportunity. How does an everyday person turn into a thief, a scammer or a cult leader? Perhaps the most dangerous person is the one who appears the most normal. Perhaps there is a dark potential lurking inside all of us that is just waiting for the right opportunity to emerge. The Opportunist is an original podcast hosted by Hannah Smith.

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  • MMM5620
    I absolutely loved this podcast until a $9/month subscription was required. I know money makes the world go round but that seems a little steep for the content that’s being produced. I’d rather listen to a few ads then chuck out more money for yet another subscription.
  • M_Cubed_
    So Well Written and Interesting!!!!
    Loving this show, so captivating and the host is phenomenal! I am very picky about my podcasts and this is definitely one of my favorites
  • namenick494938737995433680658
    was an amazing podcast to listen to, till you guys decided to make episodes only available to plus members. pretty sleazy.
  • CBuckie
    Subscription review
    Disclaimer: this review is strictly related to the required subscription. I LOVED this show and recommended to SEVERAL people. However, a $9/month subscription for one podcast a week seems pretty excessive. I understand everyone needs to make a living but so do I and as much as I dislike subscriptions, I’d consider it for this podcast at $3-4 per month…. Disappointing.
  • olddognewtrixie mom
    Excellent podcast
    Responsible reporting that asks all the questions you want answered.
  • Kendra_036
    Used to love
    I loved this show and the concept but nothing has been posted in months except reruns of old series!! Everything new is subscription only and that’s ridiculous. Unfollowing.
  • Ermengarde V
    Interesting and well done
    I just discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago and have been binge-listening ever since. Hannah Smith does a great job telling these very interesting stories.
  • Dylan Halbz
    Opportunity lost
  • bugeatmud
    Love it!
    Akin to binge watching a docuseries, I LOVE a good podcast dive where the story spans multiple episodes. Most of these opportunists I have never heard of and they are all crazy interesting. Hannah Smith does a great job narrating, providing good flow for complex information that spans years and she asks great questions.
  • Holley Poulsen
    So good!
    This podcast is fantastic! Intelligently written. Well portrayed and, amazingly edited. I really enjoy the content and the hosts voice. One of my favorites!
  • kip crackston
    A model of investigative podcasts
    Astutely titled, well researched, and expertly produced. The 1st hand interviews make these stories really rich, and they reflect real well on the host and her intentions. I love that each story takes as many episodes as it takes and no more.
  • DN36218
    Great podcasts!
  • insight without Sight
    Excellent podcast
    This is a quality podcast. The reporting is professional, the sound quality is excellent, and the storytelling is extremely good. A much-needed light is shown on certain individuals that should come with warning labels attached to them. My heart goes out to the victims. As someone who did all the work and put all the time in to become an actual licensed mental health professional, I am particularly disturbed by the hypnotherapist who thought he was a mental health clinician and put himself out as someone trying to do good for a vulnerable community. He is just one of many who have taken advantage of the lack of oversight often involved in the rehab industry.
  • HannahUnq
    Less details and more ads
    I love this show but it feels like each season has way more commercials and less information/details on each opportunist.
  • cbs362
    Love this podcast
    Incredible story telling, great production value and real human stories. Such a big fan of every season!
  • BCM123456789
    Love this podcast!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts
  • KenSpind95
    Great storytelling, riveting stories!
    Hannah is such a great reporter and voice for these sometimes sinister stories. I really enjoy how some stories are told in just one episode and some are multiple parts. It’s so easy to get engrossed in these people and you just want to know more!
  • deluxeMF
    Great storytelling
    Easy and interesting listen
  • 2244356745
    This show is SO good!
    Seriously, I could listen all day.
  • ❤️Hughes
    I 💕 Cliff
    Cliff- a genuine guy that just doesn’t get heard.
  • lovetayswift<3
    My favorite podcast channel !!
    Love your podcasts so much they always keep me So interested. And I’m very particular about pass host voices and yours is perfect you were made for this job! I’ve been binge listening and I don’t want it to ever end! Also the editing of the voice clips is great! Your team is great keep up the good work!
  • jamaramadingdong
    I think the show does a great job of exploring both the victim’s and the perpetrator’s experience of the crime without being exploitative of people. It also describes the effects the crimes still had on many the people involved (consensually or not) many years later, which I appreciated. It helped make the story feel complete.
  • lkak
    Incredibly done
    Deep dives, thoughtful, thorough… excellent podcast.
  • s0phaya
    Kast Media is Trash
    I thoroughly enjoyed the show but Kast is an extremely unethical company. Look it up. It’s sad to know that Hannah didn’t own this podcast because she did such an amazing job putting it together. It deserves 5/5 but potential listeners should know what’s going on
  • eg portland
    Well told story about a complex guy
    I didn’t know what direction this was going and I liked that. I love that the hero is portrayed with all his flaws. Enjoyed !
  • Allie M. H.
    Thoughtful and Incredible Journalism
    I never leave reviews on podcasts, but this show is just so so good. Hannah and her producers do an incredible job of telling the full story in an honest and respectful way. All of the seasons are very well done and meticulously produced, but the Aubrey Lee Price season is really what prompted me to leave this review. Hannah is incredibly (and honestly very impressively) respectful during all of her interviews, but I was especially impressed by her decorum and poise while talking to Lee himself. She is able to craft a well-rounded view of these “opportunists” in a way that I feel most true crime podcasts are unable to — she understands that they are human, and works to uncover that part of them while still being mindful to not excuse their behavior. She speaks to people of all backgrounds and religions and worldviews, and I have never once felt she used anyone’s beliefs or circumstances to paint them in a negative or biased light. Truly good journalism. On top of that, the flow and style of their reporting keeps you interested and always wanting to listen to the next episode. I am always wishing I had time to sit down and listen to the entire season at once!! Well done Opportunist crew! I love this podcast!!!!
  • Asa$pades
    Incredible podcast and I listen to A LOT of podcast.
  • emily7c
    They sold the show
    From what I understand Hannah Smith never actually owned this podcast and it has been sold. :( The recent podcast published on 4.8.24 is an old episode. Follow Hannah Smith for her new projects! I have no idea how to actually rate this now. It was my favorite podcast and would have rated it 5/5, but now that I know it was sold and she’s no longer the host I want to rate it much lower so I’ll stick with 2/5?
  • lynnedoodles
    A very well done non-comedy true crime podcast that is not boring and tells stories that are varied, interesting, and hold my attention.
  • CHRISSYB1234567
    Hannah pushed out of her own podcast?!
    Very sad to hear that Hannah was pushed out of her own podcast!!!!!! I will not be supporting moving forward!
  • gianyank
    Great! Love it
    This podcast is one of my favorite. Hannah voice is very intriguing made me binge the show in couple of days thou, lol Excellent…
  • KateJessie
    Seasons 1 and 2
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough. The research is stellar. The host is wonderful in her narrative, research and interviews. From the content, to the interviews, to the musical selections this is 10 stars!
  • DobrivJ
    Nice approach
    I really enjoy the careful and calm storytelling. The show avoids spectacle and speculation instead relying on solid research. The narrators voice and delivery are excellent. One suggestion- sometimes sound/music is overlaid on source material voice recordings which makes them harder to hear, which can obscure the older, low fidelity recordings. Otherwise excellent work. Story idea- Billy Coull, Willy Wonka land guy.
  • ajm0916
    Great podcast! She really does a lot of research before covering an individual. Amazing work!!
  • Jt10087
    All it takes is listening for a few minutes and you get hooked on these stories and the way they are told. Great job!
  • Allthesenamestaken?
    Classy and fascinating
    I’m very selective in my listening. I’ve never written a review of a podcast, but I’m persisting through all the “taken” nicknames to find a unique one, so I can send this review. The Opportunist is excellent. The stories are well researched, told by Hannah Smith without sensationalism or gratuitous violence or gore, well chosen, and worth telling. The production is clear and balanced. I have always preferred multi-episode casts, but even the one-episode stories have me listening. I’ve really enjoyed every story I’ve listened to and look forward to more. I hope Hannah has a long podcasting life.
  • Lisa David Olson
    Heck yes, listen!
    Excellent show. Interesting stories. Well paced, great host. Thank you!!!
  • DiveBarDiva
    I love this show! It is so well researched and well presented. Keep it up please
  • redoakmama
    Hannah is an amazing storyteller and The Opportunist has been revealing true stories about fraud, scams, criminal actions and why we trust who we do - for reasons not particularly rational at times. Beautifully woven narratives well researched and well-told. Kudos!!!
  • Hufflepuff Potterhead
    WAY Too Many Ads … 😕
    Okay, so I should preface this by saying that I only listened to one story … the Chris Bathum story of Season 4, I think. Anyway, the story itself was good, well-done & everything (hence the 3-star rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️), BUT it had WAY too many ads … And they all SO badly placed, too … Like right in the middle of them talking!! 😡 At first, I thought it was just a mistake but then it KEPT happening over & over!! Luckily, I was able to skip through them, but still … it was SO annoying!! 😒 Unfortunately, because of this, I will not be continuing with this podcast other than this one story … Anyway, if you want a MUCH better podcast about Chris Bathum, listen 🎧 to the 13th Step podcast; it has MUCH fewer ads & is very well done, as well!! 👍🏻☺️
  • drrrefredredre
    Way too many commercials!
    This is an excellent show but there are a ridiculous amount of commercials. I just skipped past over four minutes of ads at the beginning. Then after listening for maybe one minute, there was another break for ads. I would rate this 5 stars if the ads weren’t so long.
  • T-Shew
    Great podcast
    I’m really enjoying the Opportunist podcast. There are a lot of interesting stories and the host (Hannah) is an amazing storyteller!
  • Newo215
    Why do i have to follow to listen
    Shouldn’t have to follow show to listen to a single episdoe
  • MiaDreamR
    They allowed ads from z*on*st organizations so listener discretion
    They allowed z* propaganda to buy ads. Listener discretion advised
  • Joaniebologna23
    So I’m binging this whole series. Very well researched and high production value. Announcer’s voice is very pleasant and few commercials! Thank you for that!!
  • Previously Sleepless
    Love this podcast
    Hannah is a great host and storyteller. Each story is covered well and easy to follow. These are great to binge.
  • Riki's
    Great podcast!
    Compelling storytelling and interesting topics. This is a great listen!
  • KeithHebert0
    Perfect - every time
    I absolutely love The Opportunist. It exposes the people in this world that need a lot more exposure and how their deception works and the way they do it. I am always gripped every single time I listen to this show. And I will binge the whole thing from front to back. Storytelling is amazing. The subjects are always interesting and the way they frame the interviews and the people are always respectful.
  • Rushmmmore
    Well-told, fascinating stories. Only wish the ads weren’t so poorly timed and jarring
  • devon0778
    My favorite story teller
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