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The real events of the world are out there, but it all depends on who you listen to. Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec is bringing you the unfiltered and factual updates on how current events will impact our country today and in the future. This show is breaking the news that the biased mainstream media can't handle.

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  • Mari4Ears
    I love Jack’s speech in Europe! MBLV
    What an amazing powerful speech that you did Jack! It was excellent and well said. Good luck out there be careful watch out for the globalist come back to America safely
  • L00Ms2
    Sound News Source
    Moderate conservative here. Jack fully won me over when I heard his criticism of George W’s comments and that decision to invade Iraq. Criticizing traditional conservative issues like that is something I appreciate as opposed to someone who broadly supports anything right wing. Great news source and I very much appreciate the Naval Intelligence background and those insights.
  • modone2
    This show is a great source of verified info.
    I was following this show and realized I wasn’t getting any new episodes this week. Then I realized it somehow became unsubscribed (I didn’t do it). Re subscribed and thought I would write a review so you ppl know.
  • Jkerr121
    The best news podcast!
    Perfect length and informative!
  • fair281
    Great show, very informative
    Jack nails it daily, information is on point, brief and worth listening to daily
  • Winterwoman
    I like
    This is becoming my favorite pod cast. Interesting subjects, great presentation.
  • Twete
    To the point
    Love how precise and to the point this podcast is. It’s like the cliff notes from Bannon’s War room!
  • kaaylo
    Love Ultra Maga Poso!
    The alter ego of SB, concise, gets to the point, short & sweet, gives you the inside scoop.
  • Joe128274
    My Favorite
    Love how Poso lays it out straight and to the point. Always informative and entertaining! It’s my “go to” everyday!
  • Groovy Daniel
    One of the best
    This is one of the best podcasts. No fluff; just good stuff.
  • MyAmerica10
    Love the show
    Always positive. Always informative. Often prescient. Never miss your show.
  • Jhwahaha
    Play this vs NPR, jack rocks
    Great show but I wish they would add podcasting 2.0 tags so people can give value for value.
  • MagaMarie
    Best Podcast
    Jack, you’re the best. I love your podcast. It’s brief but extremely informative. I listen daily. Keep speaking the truth.
  • MylissaR
    Love your bold and faithful approach!
  • celejo
    The most important issues
    This is by far the news best briefing … the history is great addition to the podcast. Love history!
  • d_can_Non
    Best Quick Roundup
    By far the best roundup of the relevant news of day with a bonus history tidbit. As well, you get that distinct 1970’s radio disk jockey voice and a smooth presentation from Mr. Jack Posobiec.
  • RachelAnna71
    Informative & Interesting!
    Jack, We love seeing you on the WarRoom and are so glad you’re doing these podcasts! Thank you for presenting current events with clarity and excellence. Your wife is an amazing lady, and we love her appearances on the WarRoom too. God bless you and your family!!! 🇺🇸🤍🇺🇸
  • Bert*1
    May 2, 2022. Part on Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner
    Always Great! The part on the WH Correspondents Dinner where they were all laughing about the hardships on everyday citizens reminded me very much The Hunger Games movies!
  • RLG551
    Wish I’d found Poso sooner!
    There’s nothing I can say that would do this podcast it’s due justice! Take 30 minutes and listen to an episode an you’ll see what I mean. Once you do, you’ll be hooked. Thank you, sir, for your service, then and now. Yours is one of 3 podcasts that I won’t miss!!
  • 1st Amendment Kickback
    Laser focus on financial, global and current events….No sugar coating of Neo Liberal Leftist Marxist agenda….
  • Jackbrad4
  • hawksmjd
    Daily listener
    Poso is the man!
  • DavidD7963
    Love the history tidbit at the end!
  • bwreviews
    Excellent: Good, Brief and Gone
    One of the most important and underrated podcasts for coverage of most significant news headlines pf our day, especially those most likely not covered by the legacy media outlets. Well done presentation and great commentary. Also suggest watching on youtube.
  • diredd
    Love this!
    His speaking cadence and voice are pleasant on the ears as a nice bonus; but his content is vital. Reliably current and an astute student of events one can always trust him to deliver whats happening with laser insight.
  • emilypotter918
    "Be good, be brief, be gone"
    Best succinct news podcast that hits all critical and complex but often underreported or censored topics in a clear and concise way that is easy to understand. 10/10 recommend!
  • E. Dawg
    Nothing more to be said.
  • Irishrepublic
    Need more like this
    I love this podcast it is short and to the point
  • Dib
    Please Drink Some Water
    Love the content, but the constant hard swallowing is so annoying. Dude, please drink some water first...or get a cough button to mute that every few seconds.
  • Letshike1960
    Great info
    Revenant news and commentary. A must to listen to each morning.
  • Jill B T
    Volume control please
    Love this podcast. I Listen every day but the constant volume fluctuations are quite off-putting. I have to keep adjusting the volume. I listen while I work so I have to stop what I’m doing to turn it up then down again. Please fix this.
  • Mollibtexan
    I love this podcast
  • Dark Wabbit
    Integrity wins
    I’ve been observing Jack for years. I find him to deliver news as it is, not twisted. Integrity is vital. I have had some differing opinions around his, but he seeks to share truth. His podcasts are easy to listen to, brief and to the point. I appreciate that. I would recommend his show to anyone.
  • chazlindholm
    Glad I found this podcast
    Great content and sponsors
    Well done
    Found Jack on Twitter and then just saw him tonight on Bannon’s War Room. Learned about this podcast. I like that’s it’s over and done in 25mins (I can even increase the speed 1.5x or 2x - time saver!) I like the recap at the end and then the moment in history. Good job Jack!
  • MmamaLlama
    Concise but doom filled. Could do without the imitating of people’s voices.
  • Pooky530
    On point 30% of the time
    Less than 1/3 of the time Jack is right. Jack is just another grifter grifting off the MAGA movement. I used to like Jack. But he and Bannon turned in to Russia apologists. Sad.
  • The system is broken fix it
    Flora Manhood
  • LovelyAlicia
    Be Good Be Brief Be Gone
    Everything about Jack’s delivery is very entertaining even though the truth with verification is why I listen to Human Events Daily. I never miss a show. He uses different voices, expressions and frankly says it like it is whether he uses sarcasm or is deeply serious. I like that he briefs us on what topics he will cover first and now even at the end he recaps. His experience serving in the military intelligence, family from Poland, living in China and being a believer all help him to have a healthy understanding overall of world events. I appreciate his work on a great show.
  • Lfj3
    Great Show !
    I love Jack’s accuracy and brevity in reporting daily news.Its refreshing to have someone in the news business actually telling the truth as best he can.
  • Dutch812
    Human events daily
    Great show Jack!
  • Itt44
    Well Done
    Great job reporting the truth Jack, God will bless you and we love you for your courage.
  • jmcvictoria
    Gets to the point.
    I like it!
  • mrdadelus
    Nothing new
    This guy doesn’t nothing but rehash bad talking points and trying to make himself sound like a free thinker who’s telling you “the things THEY don’t want you to know”.
  • aishat
    Amazing report
    We need more guys like him in this country. With guys like him this country has bright future
  • Kanaka0316
    Efficient excellence of reporting
    A logical and well delivered conversational reporting of the daily goings on with the most pressing topics affecting Americans both domestically and global. The plain speak illustrations and drill downs on the subjects reported on are excellent.
  • JBswimstar
    Excellent short and sweet
    Great show. Jack is a star. Heard him on Bannon War Room and he is insightful and sharp. So now both podcasts are a must.
  • Trump4EVER61
    Clearly Explained
    Thank you so much for a clear explanation of the situation with Russia. Thanks for including g the biolabs information that has been mentioned. Enjoy the quick explanations covering the main details. Listening is as important as seeing and a visual in my own mind is created. Thanks again.
  • X112358
    The conservatives are losing just as before WW2
    I understand conservatives concern about starting WW3 and shedding American blood. It's ironic the same ones who shout from the top of their lungs all the time that freedom is not free are the same ones repeating China pro-Russia propaganda to the letter t. The Republic was irrelevant during WW2 due to their isolationism, they are repeating the history now. As someone born in China, I lament the weakening of a great world power. To the host of the podcast I only want to say, you may have learned some Chinese but you have no understanding of communist regimes. In your imagination you may view yourself as a proud Pole, in reality you have no idea that after Ukran, Poland will be the very next, 唇亡齿寒, that's why Poland's trying everything to wake up the West/NATO, while you are trying everything to dissuade US deterrence. WW3 has already started, the later the West responds, the wider the evil of war shall spread.
  • wjc65
    Be Brief, be good, be gone
    That says it all! Thanks, Poso!
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