Join Shannon McNamara as she discusses celebrity blind items and pop culture theories. Deep dives include popular and obscure theories, individual celebrities, hot takes and more!

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  • It's "LAY-ton," not "LEE-ton."
    It's "LAY-ton," not "LEE-ton."
    I love your podcast but the Gossip Girl episode made me cringe because my name is also Leighton and you’re not saying it correctly.
  • IvetteDL
    Not the voice changer 😂
    Girl you had me dying! Lol can’t wait until next weeks episode!! Also it was a nice way to end such a heavy episode!
  • Kacie R
    A whole new world
    I was only lightly aware of Blind Items (my grandma used to get Enquirer and Star Magazines as entertainment) until I found Shannon’s TikTok. Now I’m so deeply invested in this podcast! I love that it’s all speculative, not mean spirited, and the goal is either fun gossip OR nailing abusers to the wall.
  • bellaswanr
    So fun!
    I am enjoying this show it’s a great time and I love the speculation and fun.
  • This Is It Hater
    Beginning Episodes were Amazing…
    I love the beginning episodes of the show! Shannon is so funny and clever. The show was so organized and easy to follow. Shannon’s input made me feel like we were two friends just gossiping about celebrities, but that Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez episode was TRASH!!! It was all over the place, jumping from one topic to the next to back to this other topic mentioned 3 blinds ago, in between these awkward pauses. I couldn’t follow along at all which made me not want to keep listening. Before, the episodes were organized by themes of a group of blinds or per celebrity, showing some degree of planning. The Jelena episode was like they were making it up as they went along. Also, her guest added NOTHING to the conversation and made it even more awkward. I listen to every episode when they’re dropped immediately but I actually didn’t finish that episode and I’m hesitant to listen to new ones.
  • uuuuhyuhhh
    Love it
    I started listening after finding her on TikTok and I’m obsessed! The humor and conversation is great. Shannon has the best podcast voice!!!
  • ulissax
    Can’t stop listening
    Because of Sharon I love blind items now ,and is so obsessed with them in love with her podcast she gets me through my day at work.
  • clclynnc
    Better Blind Item Podcasts Out There
    A lot of this feels . . . just not as legit as other blind item podcasts. Obv they’re just rumors, but a lot of these feel less grounded and pretty mean spirited.
  • yosoyuncustomer
    So Much Love
    I love Shannon and I love this podcast my only wish… is for MORE. I’m so new to this world so there’s so many things that I think you think everyone knows but I have zero idea about. I’d love to hear what’s up with Scooter Braun. Or blind items about Taylor Swift that aren’t about Karlie lol.
  • romoromogramo
    This quickly became my favorite podcast and now I can’t stop listening! Shannon is so kind and she really knows how to connect with people. One of the few people that can talk about gossip and conspiracies in a really rational and respectful way while still being hilarious. I look forward to all the future content :)
  • calista244
    Love it
    So entertaining and hard not to gasp out loud when I’m listening. Would love to hear a podcast on Euphoria cast blind items 😏
  • Not a guinea pig
    I’m obsessed
    Shannon. I need more. It feels like I’m sitting in my room with you at a sleepover and we’re talking about the popular kids in high school. It’s a level of feminine friendship and intimacy that I haven’t had since middle school and I didn’t know how much I needed it when I’m sitting at the office. I absolutely love this podcast!
  • oliegurl
    I wish I was a celeb just so Shannon could talk about me with her soothing voice. Hands down favorite podcast! Also, just listened to the episode with Enty.. am I crazy for thinking his voice sounds like Seth Rogan??
  • chanynespinoza
    Gaylor convert!
    Thank for Shannon for finally presenting the overwhelming evidence I needed to become a believer! 🥲🥰
  • PMARSH95
    Love love love
    This podcast is soooo good! I have been binging it since I discovered it on TikTok last week. I shared it on my Instagram story and have my friends listening to it as well.
  • Einahpets199151
    So Entertaining
    Just discovered this podcast and binged the entire thing in 3 days! So much fun to listen to!
  • harnwizzle
    best. podcast. ever.
    i am obsessed with this podcast & honestly wish the episodes were longer. i have not been able to shut up about blind items for days. so beyond entertaining & insightful into the reality of celebs. 100000/10 would recommend
  • Corinne Entenberg
    My new obsession
    I have been listening to this podcast for the past 2 days and I am absolutely obsessed. If you love pop culture, gossip, and theories, listen to this podcast! Shannon you’re an icon I love you.
  • hlyhze
    Great show!
    5/5 for sure. found out about this podcast via tiktok and instantly was hooked. I’ve never listened to a celeb gossip or blind item show, never really paid much attention to tabloids but something about this show has sucked me in. I feel like it’s getting a rundown from a good friend (and all the epstein info really pulled me in lol) since discovering this i’ve also been listening to beyond the blinds and i love both!!
  • Rkmother
    We approve!
    I played this podcast while driving with my husband and daughter. My husband commented that he liked Shannon’s voice and the way she tells a story. It’s like you’re just hanging out with her and chatting. I found this podcast from following TikTok. Such good entertainment.
    Stick to solo shows if you can’t help cutting off people
    Love this show but Shannon cuts off her guests too much. Please work on that or just keep it a solo show w/o guests
  • 4836473
    Found you on tiktok a few months ago and am such a fan of ur work!!!! Great job and thank you for helping me kick my yucky true crime habit. Gorgeous gorgeous stop listening to true crime and start listening to salacious celebrity gossip 🐣
  • mabelsmom666
    Love it
    Found the creator on Tik Tok and love her content on the app, decided to give the podcast a try. Glad I did!! Love her voice and her insight. It’s Hollywood gossip with a bit of armchair psychology. Right up my alley.
  • Mac katas
    What a Revolution!
    I found out about this podcast after I watch almost half of her content on TikTok yesterday (Saturday afternoon) and I’m currently binging pod episodes from most recent to the first to catch up. I’m am addicted lol I have truly enjoyed every minute and the Kayor episode has converted me. I’m hooked. This mixes all my favorite things. Pop culture, hot goss, and some conspiracy theories!
  • Emily Jean 22
    Need more!
    My new favorite podcast. Please keep recording.
  • jawwwsssss
    Good quality but kinda mean
    It’s a good podcast, and Shannon does a good job explaining what blinds are and presenting them, but at times she and her cohosts are kind of just mean towards the celebrities. It is what it is, gossip at its core, but the people she talks about are also just people and if they ever heard the way they were talking about them it would probably hurt their feelings very much. Specifically in the office episode towards Jenna fisher
  • akcarr
    Apparently I’m obsessed with blinds 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I came across your account on TikTok and love your content!
  • Gjghdhuhbnk
    Fun subject, cold takes
    Unfortunately, the host takes fun topics and adds nothing to them. Even with guests, they make uniformed opinions with no depth. Yes girl give us nothing! Cold readings of things already available in the internet and discussion I’d expect at a corporate office…needs fun and flavor!
  • Tdp822
    favorite not guilty pleasure
    Shannon I feel like I’ve met my twin conspiracy theorist flame, I binge listen while doing boring house chores or running errands and everything you say, I swear! …. I find myself yelling YAAAAS at my vacuum. Thanks for saying everything that’s in my brain out loud, it’s extremely validating and also deeply entertaining.
  • morgan0630
    i actually listen for hours 😅
    i’m nosey and do not like accidentally supporting weirdos so i can really appreciate the content and could/do binge listen to the podcast. i also just think shannon is funny and love her tiktok
  • mraelundquist
    I love blinds and Shannon has refused the obsession
    But I did laugh at/agree about the women vs woman pronunciation review - especially evident in the Call Her Daddy episode haha. I’d also try to get a little more balance in volume whenever someone else is on, I had a hard time hearing Shannon. All stuff that is super tiny and nit-picky. Great job! Love it.
  • kaylie_mart
    My virtual bestfriend with all the gossip
    I found shannon on tiktok a few months back and began stalking her account or second account until i ran out and luckily she has an AMAZING podcast. It truly feels like chatting with your bestfriend about what’s on the up and up and i always have references as she’s super interactive with her fan base and socials and provides the photos and evidence she references which is so nice. I’m extremely extremely picky with podcasts (even beyond the blinds) but i can not get enough of fluently forward nothing feels forced or scripted and listening to someone talk about such real things that happen in hollywood has completely opened my eyes and i have this amazing women to thank for it! everyone try out this podcast you won’t regret it. thank you for everything you do shannon you get me through work and s hood with this!
  • woahlogi
    I started seeing her on tiktok & finally jumped over to start listening & this has so quickly become my favorite podcast ! I love hearing Shannon talk about these topics. The only thing that upsets me is that there aren’t more episodes
  • GhostPants224
    Love love love
    I’ve gotten into blinds from you, i love listening to your podcast and I’ve also been listening to beyond the blinds. I hope this makes you smile when you wake up ♥️♥️
  • AstridLeongTeo12345
    Love, but *woman* vs. *women*
    Love this podcast so much, love the topics, love the Podcaster …… But, can we talk about how to pronounce *WOMAN* versus how to pronounce *WOMEN*
  • aherriot13
    Amazing Podcast & Shannon is so funny!
    Soo glad to have found this pod at a time when I’m going thru a lot. Shannon is so likeable and knows a lot about blind items & celebs. She presents it in a funny way and I can’t get enough of the episodes! Shannon, please make a Fluently Fwd Reddit!
  • Ciiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiii
    It’s like we’re FaceTiming but you won’t let me talk
    So happy you started this podcast! Found you on tik tok and immediately started listening because I’m obsessed with podcasts. Happy to have a new content in rotation! Also I’m on Reddit too so… lmk if you start that sub
  • Sarah.B.21
    New Favorite Podcast
    I’m currently binging every episode and I just love listening to Shannon talk about celebrity gossip. It’s elite entertainment and is making my day so enjoyable! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • heyitsme127383
    literally obsessed
    never heard of blinds at all & just got sucked in literally fluentlyforward is my favorite podcast now love
  • ganjiamanji
    Shannon, you are INCREDIBLE!
    You have single-handedly carried me into the world of blind items, which I am now addicted to. Your soothing voice and virtuosi talent of creating this fresh, new, creative content is admirable, alongside your blooming interview skills. Keep it up— and you best believe I’ll be subbing to that Patreon! Xoxoo Georgia (@horticultleader on TT)
  • chelsorow
    hey SLUTS
    i love you on tiktok, i love your podcast, you have the nicest voice to listen to, and I'm 100% team "hey sluts" 😍😍
  • kellphillipsen
    The best!
    My fav podcast to listen to!!! Love the tea
  • Maritchka
    Favorite Podcast
    I adore this podcast. I love the host’s voice and her deep dives into all things celebrity gossip and blind items. Keep spilling the tea, girl! Love your show!
  • kelseydtx
    So fun!
    Thank you for giving me something to look forward to for my Monday morning commute☺️
  • Hales :)
    Conversational + Informative
    This is podcast is SO fun to listen to for a perfect blend of information on pop culture and fun conversation between the host and guests. Shannon is so charming and it’s impossible not to fall in love with her!
  • jrsssssssss
    Found this girl on tik tok and instantly fell in love. Love her take on things, and we both have similar interests in celebrities/gossip. Listening to this is like having a conversation with my best friend and I’m so glad I found her!
  • pizzasuperbowl
    Fix mic please
    Can’t listen anymore until your mic is improved. I can literally hear the saliva move around in your mouth
  • graciiie095
    Found you through TikTok & love your content. Even though some of your episodes is just you without a guest I find them really entertaining & your voice is calming. There are a couple episodes you refer to ex: (Ellen degeneres) but haven’t been able to find them? I already binged all of them though & can’t wait for more!
  • Adelinadelacroi
    From the bottom of my heart
    Shannon, the quote “she’s an icon, she’s a legend and she's the moment” is about you❣️ I have never listened to podcasts (just was not a thing for me) but because I was a big fan of your tik toks and the tea I decided to listen to yours and ngl it’s SO good!!! I don’t know you personally ,but I have such a light feeling when I hear your voice ,like we are best friends on face time, your podcasts make me feel great☺️ I am very excited for your future episodes and you do such a great job in finding info, talking it out and girl I live for your sense of humour! So from the bottom of my heart , thank you for all the work you do and you have a very loyal fan right here 💅🏻💗
  • mspumpkinpatch
    New to channel
    You are so talented. I saw you on tictok and decided to check out your podcast. Excellent. I have gone back and listened to you from the beginning. I would like more Blinds on Harry and Olivia. Especially after Olivia‘s backlash this week from her vogue interview about spreading her legs is her power. She is a whole different level of gross.
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