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A lively and fiercely analytical breakdown of news and current events, with interviews of thought leaders, experts, and innovators.

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  • ReviewDude007
    Mom was famous for being a gloryhole queen in Beverly Hills. It’s the reason he doesn’t know who his biological dad is. Also why he checks the boxes of all the cluster b personality disorders. Textbook r*pist this guy is. Lol
  • OutdoorsyLA
    Great podcast
    Super interesting guests, good questions and allows people to share their views.
  • geig123
    Unfortunate attempt to give voice to a side of the story that’s packed with delusion
    Sad narrative of a woman who was indoctrinated so deeply that deflection of responsibility becomes what is proclaimed as being accountable. NXIVM was a criminal organization. The trial proved that. Keith Raniere was convicted of crimes and was represented by the best defense attorney in Manhattan. Hard to believe that Mark Agnifilo didn’t pursue evidence that was suspect. It’s all just so sad.
  • Daniela Rihannon
    Apologism for a human trafficker
    This podcast promotes NXIVM, a cult that trafficked multiple women for decades.
  • "C" "C"
    Guy has no idea what he is talking about…
    Embarrassing really. Feeble analysis.
  • fashionlaw123
    Great podcast!
    Look forward to each new episode , great podcast!
  • Remember History
    Too conservative
    I used to enjoy listening in the early episodes, but Matt has gone too far right. It is no longer a middle of the road podcast, and has gone completely partisan.
  • DBarça
    Outstanding, Unbiased, Honest
    One of my favorite podcasts to listen to. It’s refreshing to hear different perspectives and honest dialogue. Lots of reasoning and deep focus on common sense. I only wish there were more frequent episodes.
  • a_mandaland
    A necessary listen!
    This pod makes my husband and I hit pause and discuss, frequently. Matt literally provokes critical thinking. It’s a must listen and 5 stars worthy.
  • BKronsch
    One star reviews are from December
    I was reading through the reviews and couldn’t help but notice the one stars were from December when there was an ad for this podcast. Maybe the ad reached the wrong people. This podcast is insightful, entertaining and thankfully keeps me listening every time.
  • dr.shine_fivestar
    Where is Matt Bilinsky?
    I love this podcast. I look forward to hearing from a unbiased, middle of the road critical thinker. I just wish they happened more frequently and consistently.
  • sangria_sweetie
    Spot on
    I learned about this podcast by following Matt on Instagram; as a lifelong CA resident that is acutely aware of how dysfunctional this state can be, he rightly calls it like he sees it and is spot on with his analysis and guests. I love the varying perspectives of people on his show, even if I don’t agree with them. The 1 star reviews are hilarious - if you can’t bear to hear an opinion that’s different than yours, please turn CNN back on and go to the kid table. He’s also spot on about all the screwed up nonsense re: Gascon and Boudin - as a mom, it’s literally terrifying to raise kids in this state. Love this podcast!
  • js2e4
    High quality, analysis and interesting viewpoints - despite alleged biases
    Reasonable opinions and arguments even when I don’t agree. Well informed and generally sane, even if biased or self assured commentary from Matt. Interesting guests. Don’t trust the bitter 1-star reviewers throwing a tantrum just because someone is unapologetic in their disagreements, or god forbid occasionally being wrong on an issue.
  • Dontavius Avalonte
    One of the worst podcasts I’ve listened to
    Don’t waste your time on this one. Heavily biased right-wing nut-job host who lacks logic and critically thinking skills.
  • nbhh777
    Matt earned my FIRST podcast review ever!!
    I have never left a review on a podcast, but I felt like if anyone deserves amazing reviews, its Matt. He is doing, in my opinion, an extremely important service to humanity in this very polarizing and scary time. Over the past few years, politics has gone from simple debates and different opinions, to full blown cencorship, illogical law changes, and an overall lack in common sense when it comes to disagreeing with the other side. The way Matt is able to navigate his points, while not being overly biased, is truly a sight to see (and hear). It’s clear to me that he always gives both sides to any argument a fair shake, and will always come to a logical conclusion. Sometimes it even might go against what his viewers want, or what he WANTS the conclusion to be, but he remains true to the facts. This is truly what I respect about Matt. In addition to all of these points on the host, I also am amazed at the guests he’s been able to get on his show. It says a lot about Matt’s personality that he’s been able to keep such incredibly talented friends, and grown such a fantastic network through his own life and career in law/tech. You would think Matt started this podcast as a celebrity by the guests he has, but its just sheer hard work, and genuine connecting. The world needs to hear what is being said on this show, and the more people who listen, the closer we will be to being back to a place of normalcy. Can’t wait to hear more!
  • BobbyMS2
    Great show!
    Matt does a nice job with the research for each topic, present both sides of an issue objectively. Will keep listening
  • Inna Mel
    Informative and on point
    Great and insightful. Love that he covers all points of views. Will be listening regularly and sharing.
  • luvcomedy
    Voice of reason in CA
    I first discovered Matt because I found his Instagram which was rightfully calling out the craziness of California- from masks to recalling Gascon. Matt is a renaissance man, as he is well versed on a multitude of subjects. That being said, I appreciate the little doses of pop culture he inserts in the pod like West Elm Caleb and Demi Lovato being triggered by sugar free options at the Gelato shop. He is very articulate, and as a listener I appreciate how he walks us through his thought process to formulate his opinion. He promotes others and sources his knowledge by sharing/recommending people he follows to stay informed, and/or people to be aware of that are up and coming. His guests are always top notch, and are usually very passionate individuals, and I have discovered new people to follow based on the interviews. Matt is always able to engage deeply with his guests and press them with thoughtful but fair questions. If I was single, I’d be trying to get his number. For now I’ll just use the knowledge from this pod to sound smarter at work.
    Finally some common sense and some good info. Too many ppl these days have zero common sense as can be seen in some of the poor ratings here. Takes some balls to be a critical thinker these days. Thank you!
  • CarlosHG98
    Heavy Right Wing Bias
    As others have noted, this podcast was advertised as a logic and reason podcast that tries to avoid bias. There is 0 avoidance. He even acknowledges in episode 2 that his feedback told him there was too much “dunking on wokeness” and he essentially said he doesnt care and that is what his podcast will be.
  • Julienned69
    Very straightforward! Focused on truth and facts. I listen every week! (The break advertisements are some of the worst I’ve ever heard)!
  • Jwwwwwwwwjr
    Balanced - Yes! Insightful - No….
    Balanced, but not very insightful
  • Redbullguru
    Independent Fox News
    His narrative seems incredibly focused on “balancing” the narrative not speaking truth. Speaking truth and not speaking lies are not the same. He may eliminate some of the blatant falsehoods you hear from other right wing personalities but he is as right wing as they come. Terrible show.
  • Osborne01
    Boring, repetitive
    Loves the sound of his own voice too much. I was looking forward to a fresh perspective, but it’s same-old, same-old. Had a headache 20 minutes in.
  • smikgtre
    About as balanced as Fox News
    I couldn’t get through the first episode. When he claimed that the efforts to slow the COVID outbreak were to keep everyone from dying, I had to quit. As most people know, the efforts were and are mostly aimed at keeping the hospitals functional. Most hospitals are still barely keeping up and many are sending patients away to other facilities because they are so overwhelmed. That’s why this is still an emergency. This guy spouts off as if he understands what he’s saying, but it’s obvious that he’s full of it, and of himself.
  • JYY!
    Balanced and Insightful Analysis
    Matt tells it like how it is. He refrains from ideology and instead focuses on facts and figures. Too often these days people are either in one camp or the other and they don’t allow themselves out of their own box. Matt is the opposite — he dishes it out to all sides regardless of affiliation. He just cares about one thing - truth.
  • Elizabeth Aley
    Enjoyable & Informative
    Great podcast for those with common sense and a sense humor, who are staring into the abyss of current world events.
  • masethomas
    Most on point unbiased takes
    I lean more right but Matt’s takes on just about every topic free you from your echo chamber and help you see issues from a logical point of view. With no allegiance to any political party. Takes out the emotion and the fallacies, and brings you the facts and the real consequences of current events.
  • saallday
    Really good. Take a moment to listen. Very grounded and very informative. Thank you.
  • Brentwood Caro
    Matt does his research
    In this day and age when we can truly not trust the major media outlets, society must be open to independent journalism that has no ulterior motive but to simply report facts and to help open up our minds to other possibilities. Matt does a great job at exactly that. Thank you Matt!!
  • Subaru dude
    A Great Listen
    Great podcast. Will be listening and sharing.
  • Boss1848483
    Misleading description
    Don’t bill your podcast as analytical or fact only and then run your opening episode like a AM talk radio. I am surprised he stopped himself from calling democrats libs.
  • A_Yaz
    Not what I was expecting
    While listening to another podcast, I heard the ad for this one. I was honestly excited to give it a go and was looking forward to logic, research, something free from bias (which I understand isn’t completely possible), but that’s not what this is at allll. This is opinion-based, which is fine, I’ll hear the guy out. But that’s not how it was advertised, so just a huge letdown.
  • Mr. TP Gamer
    Truth Pills
    If you want unbiased, unfiltered insight this is the place. He lets people have it whether they are left, right, middle, up, down…it doesn’t matter. His big picture approach to trying to fix issues and hold all accountable (rather than just slinging dirt with no intent) is much needed - especially in this time of misinformation and click bait headlines.
  • sm37130
    Not unbiased as advertised
    Like the other reviewers, I was expecting an unbiased review of the news based on an AD I heard on another podcast. This is not it.
  • JJLL123
    Highly intellectual podcast, always thought provoking
    I recommend this podcast to anybody willing to look beyond the surface and peel back the onion on issues facing the world today.
  • DoxyDad1977
    Just another dude bro with opinions
    I thought this might be an objective look at the news but it’s not. He’s a moderate right-winger with opinions. Completely unoriginal opinions at that and not at all objective about the material he covers. I pretty much figured out his agenda when he brought on another bro to talk about COVID as opposed to someone with an educated opinion like a scientist or the like. Save yourself some time. This guy is just a wannabe Shapiro.
  • xDGxCCx
    Matt has long been like that character in a bad horror film, the survivor calmly telling the group of teens that the killer is around the corner (See his takes from 2020/ 2021 on Gascon, Covid etc) Though I rarely admit it, he’s been right almost every time, love that he’s taken this to the pod— a harbinger of things to come I’ll be listening
  • g_amstutz
    Mismarketed pod
    Heard an ad on another podcast for this. It was marketed as being an opinion-less analysis of the current news. Pretty far from the truth. What you get is a guy talking about all the staple right wing talking points and rehashing old opinions. Nothing new here aside from poorly representing this pod in its advertisements.
  • MandyCarolineB
    Weekly Dose of Sanity -- Well Done
    I'm so glad that Matt decided to launch this podcast as it provides me and many others with a truly centrist point of view that does not cater to the far right nor does it underscore the progressive left. His voice and really his narrative are desperately needed these days. Many people are afraid to speak up as questioning “authority” results in censorship and/or cancelation. Bravo, Matt, on delivering intelligent and thought provoking commentary.
  • speedreeder
    Meh, kind of like Ben Shapiro lite
    I was pretty disappointed with this show. It was marketed as a meta-analysis of the news, but it's just some bro spouting off his opinions about "Wokeness" and "PC Culture." It’s unoriginal and derivative, this dude is just a wannabe Sean Hannity or Ben Shapiro, the content so far seems interchangeable. And honestly, the subjects were laughably predictable, Jusse Smollett, Victimhood, dumping on Simone Biles, Trans Athletes, and Vaccine mandates, and lots of Covid denialism. Focus more on what's not being covered in the news, and not right-wing media retreads.
  • truth seeker81
    Hi, no need to accredit or discredit people prior to telling your point of view. Just tell your story. This creates a false idea of whether or not what you then say next is true. Example, just because someone is a Harvard grad, doesn’t make them correct. (Just an example)
  • lievnira
    Real talk…
    Thank you!!!
  • DeFiend
    Political Orphan says “Refreshing & Well Done!”
    This is a solid podcast and does well to combat misinformation. Reading the 1-3 star reviews, and it’s clear to this ‘centrist’ with no dog in the hunt on either ‘side’ that they were written by left-of-center who prefer an echo chamber. Please continue pushing back against Wokeness and it’s inherent racism and utter ridiculousness. 👏👏👏 Also: nothing wrong with your voice. 😁
  • Sleeplessinsandiego
    Really, wokeness is a major problem in the US, really?
    More right wing nonsense wrapped in a pleasant package. Ahhh, he sounds so reasonable, but fails to have real perspective. Sjursen, a professor at West Point wrote a brilliant history of the US, that’s worth reading; this show is not worth any one’s time. There are so many great podcasts out there!
  • Rawk999
    A Show Made of Hot Takes
    This podcast is a series of emotionally charged rants about news items that make the host angry. If you were hoping for a fact focused and unbiased examination of current events, you should look elsewhere.
  • iTunesFan2008
    Great guy great podcast
    Matt is a clear speaker who tells things how he sees them and unpacks the stories of today in a way digestible and entertaining.
  • scross253
    Good balanced conversation
    It’s logic and reason with no agenda. Awesome new show.
  • D-Molds
    A star is born
    In a world that encourages tribalism and division, Matt simply encourages facts. News outlets can no longer be trusted to provide unbiased pure honest factual information, so we are lucky to have someone this sharp and honest be at the forefront of current events.
  • Justin mateenthedream
    Been a fan on social for a while. Glad to hear more in long form. First episode is great!
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