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  • New listner
    Manipulate interview style
    I listened to the Chrisean and blue face interview and I found it to be extremely distasteful. I don’t understand why grown adults want to further excite and already terrible situation. I also didn’t like how one sided sharp is when it comes to blue face and Chrisean. You can tell that sharp already had a negative outlook of chrisean and wanted to use the interview to make her look bad. Definitely a WEIRD interview…
  • ezandco
    Simply the Coolest podcast in the world
  • hehhrrb
    Podcast review
    This podcast is my favorite because they talk about everything. They bring rappers and other people to share their stories and adventures in their life. The adventures can be from getting into a fight or being jumped. If your a person who likes rap music and like listening to crazy stories I would recommend this podcast for you.
  • Classic Finder
    Good job folks
    Very good universe of talent. Message to the talent … Pay attention to the business. Think about your future v
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Mr. 22,
    Perhaps Ye should tell Necro how he feels about Jewish people face-to-face. He seems like a reasonable guy. 😬🕯 Or…give him $31,000,000. 🕯 And…give me $29,000,000. 🕯 I feel ya nibbling on that line Kanye. I like to rip lips. That’s fishing talk to you and me… 🎣 🍻🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • putadrumonit
    Bad podcasting
    They lag on uploading . Bad podcasting
  • 303twizzy
    Cmon man
    Great content horrible at uploading
    I love everything and everyone about NOJUMPER but AD gives me energy everyday to get me thru my shifts 💯💪🏽
  • deyjahvoo
    Podcasts aren’t uploaded
    Podcasts will come out days later from it dropping on YouTube
  • UC.MePhoto
    The podcasts are the meat and potato’s
    Wish there would be more rapper interview and less weird people interviews 🥴
  • bigChungus0811
    Why do you drop the Monday show on Thursday?
    Whoever is responsible for uploading must be the office sloth???
  • JFeeney42
    Blame Flakko
    Too much red pill content these days. Ever since Flakko came on it’s been downhill. Very disappointed in the Nick Fuentes “debate” that wasn’t even a debate because the guys admitted later that they weren’t prepared to push back on his talking points. Sneako also is a person who doesn’t deserve a large platform like this. Shame because I like Adam and the rest of the guys.
  • Domm2353
    Ya’ll need to demote whoever is in charge of uploading podcasts to this app… The Podcast uploads have recently been inconsistent & some podcasts are cut short.. Pornman & Josh need to be on top of their media staff 🫡
  • Kw33z
    Podcast Updates
    Whoever in charge of uploading new episodes slipping 🤬 I can’t watch YouTube at work I’m tryna keep up!!! Lol
  • 09bammer
    Flaco is more annoying than anybody walking earth! Go awayy!!! 😅
  • american_greed
    mta episode
    i really appreciate this episode and topic. more of these interviews please
  • West wood hefe
    Needs work
    Takes waaaaaaay too long to release the pods
  • Davon5600
    Come in Adam
    We need the shows that come out on YouTube on here
  • Vinster97
  • Handy214
    Where are the pods on here
    So y’all are not putting the weekly shows here no more?
  • 80'sVillager
    Roe v Wade
    Profound ignorance with Schulz not knowing that Roe v Wade never allowed 8th month abortions. Both of you should know Roe was a consensus and compromise at 26 weeks.
  • Kay Kay 26
    Adam skills
    Adam solo with the guest is the only ones I listen too - don’t really care about his employees opinions.
  • toomuchRossss
    bic razor
    Adam got back from doing Flagrant and some other pods & started throwing one liners everywhere 🤣😭 love the energy
  • findMeYT
    Would b koo to get different types of ppl
    same type guy on every episode gets played out pretty quick, kind of an echo chamber
  • verosmelly
    Disconnected was the best addition.
    I think the disconnected show was the best thing added to No Jumper, it has all my favorite employees. Side note: Every episode I watch has a random part towards the end where it will repeat the previous 5 minutes and then continue on to the end of the pod. Not sure if this is a glitch or what but it would be nice if somebody fixed that. Not a huge deal tho just wanted to mention it.
  • bundle of anger
    Good ol fashion entertainment. A lil this a lil that. Love nojumper
  • lilwaterguns
    get flakko out of here
    he makin the company look bad he’s causing nothing but drama
  • BrianC0723
    who is this clown
  • Eboi2221
    Me i
    Utfyywkky r
  • teamseshrenji
    Coolest pod cast in the world
  • eddie spaghettini
    Sharps own podcast
    Enough said ! Sharp should definitely run this pod
  • Charlotte Melenric
    Sharp needs to go
    What a terrible addition to no jumper.. Sharp is insufferable and you can tell the rest of the cast doesn’t like him either.
  • tsunami2x
    No jumper
    Coolest podcast in the world
  • jukason
    Housephone off da ketamine
    Coolest podcast in the world.
    Disconnected best show
    Harmonius gang
  • aseelabdo
    This podcast is so open and real. You feel like you’re literally there hanging out with the hosts every week. Although they spend a large portion of the episodes making jokes & poking at each other for fun, they can quickly switch the flip to serious real life topics and dissect issues in there personal lives. Very down to earth. Easily one of my favorites ! 🙌🏽
  • weck1456
    Please post on Apple podcast😭😭
  • The Hombre in black
    I don’t listen to podcasts but ish
    Best stuff I listened to so far keep going wit these podcasts🔌🔌
  • LeBLM James
    We don’t want to hear thots
    Besides these women having sex with you Adam, they wouldn’t otherwise be on the podcast. I lose a point from my iq when I hear these women.
  • creepy uncle pete
    Like like like bro like
    Disconnected with house phone… you should change the name of show to “let’s say like 1000 times In the first 3 mins”. Also the east clone of SPM/fat dude from Whittier that says “FOO” and gets away with calling everyone bi**h is very tiring. That foo is on repeat. A-D why you let him call you a b!tc# Wanted to give 5 stars I LOVE THE SHARK TANK!! Love sharp love Adam! Baby soft lil cuh Charmin ultra quilted t-rel is the next jre with his interview tool kit.
  • Rich methods
    Hat battle episode
    Has now taken the number one spot as worst pod ever featured on no jumper
  • AnonRyanS
  • Sea bear 123
    No jumper show
    No jumper show is one of the most fire podcast I listen to but y’all keep forgetting to publish it on this platform. If you could do that it’d be dope.
  • mcDeezNutz69
    The culture through the eyes of “woke” white boy
  • morales_909
    On point
    Podcast is on point now the no jumper show,at the end of the day,the sharp show 3 for 3 can’t wait for house phones Thursday podcast great job to everyone on the crew
  • this is bad 6927
    Coolest Podcast in The World fr
    I listen to every single podcast and genuinely became a huge fan of the whole no jumper crew.
  • richard91231405
    Love you guys
    Can I get an shot out next show
  • @TheKorb
    Stop talking over each other!
    Please podcast has so much potential. Please listen to Adam I know he had told y’all about this. Lol
  • suggi daddy
    It’s real talk no fake crap
    I’ve been following a few years now ,and many interviews.I didn’t know many people where so different from what I imagined.
  • NotEllenPao
    Coolest YouTube show in the world
    No At The End of the Day, No Jumper, no drakeo interview…Why can the good content be uploaded???
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