Dear Hank & John


Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. © WNYC Studios

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  • gymnasticspanda
    Can’t get enough!!! 😁
    I LOVE this pod! Every time hank says his little dad joke, my day gets better. They’ve wrote some of my favorite books, and I love how smart and funny they are. Thanks for everything you do! Keep up the great work!!! 👍😜😀
  • KristaM99
    I really like this podcast to listen to on my daily commute as well as when I’m at work. It makes me smile every time I hear it! I have recommended it to friends, and my friend recommended it to me! It brings us together!
  • Farvanna
    Making it a comedy
    I love this show, but it got 1000x better when I accidentally put it on 1/2 speed. It makes them sound drunk and it’s hilarious.
  • the number1
    Love this pod!
    Always my favorite part of Monday is listening to the green brother’s banter!
  • doverkamp
    Great Podcast
    I first heard of the green brothers in middle school when my teacher showed a crash course world history episode in class. From there, Hank and John have provided me with amazing books to read, passing grades in most of my classes, and now an amazing podcast. It feels like I’ve grown up watching them grow. Thank you for everything John and Hank!
  • OllieWood15
    Love their podcast and YouTube channel!
    I’m a long time listener, just never wrote a review. I absolutely love this podcast! It’s been great since the first episode. If you love Hank and John, definitely go check them out on YouTube. There’s even a video of them planning this podcast. Their content is amazing!
  • Jemma&Lucaya
  • Sabrina2004😁
    Ahhh it’s sooo gooood
    I love it. I love it. I love it. I binge listened to this thing for an entire month just to catch up and it was worth every second. These two brother and the content they put out has affected me so much and I am forever grateful to them and their team for helping to to think critically about the world I walk through everyday. -Proud Nerdfighter
  • buns28
    It’s good
    Save the earth! 🌎🌍🌍🌏🌏please! Don’t wanna die early!
  • MaydeofDreams
    They said, “Hi Grace,” and I felt like they ment me.
    It’s ridiculous, I know. They DEFINITELY meant some other Grace, but in that moment I felt like they were talking to me. I then felt guilty because I haven’t yet left a review for this lovely podcast. The conversation is casual between two people who love each other very much, and occasionally we are blessed with a Cameo cameo. It’s a sweet and calming experience while discussing the terrible and stressful vortex that is Twitter. I definitely recommend it.
  • daniellebfly
    Keep on keeping on
    Laughter and heart and lightness and a touch of darkness. That’s what I’m here for and the Green Brothers are about it! This podcast brings a ton to my life, found it because I listen to Anthropocene Review now and then. This content and delivery is everything I want in my morning routine, big fan and spreading the word to worthy friends (aka all of mine).
  • speakofapples
    Love love love love love dftba
  • Peepee184837
    Amazingly Interesting
    Love this podcast. Always new and interesting topics with dubious advice.
  • Eanelsonnnnnnnn
    Great for my commute!
    I have a long to commute for school and this is the one podcast I can binge listen to. I’m a long time nerd fighter and love having more vlogbrothers in my life!
  • Haida Haida Haida
    This is an amazing podcast, and honestly one of the only ones that can hold my interest for an hour. It is so funny, nerdy, and dubious. I have been listening for about two years and have no plans on stopping.
  • Pumpkins&Penguins
    Pumpkins and Penguins!!!!
    I absolutely love this podcast. This is the first podcast I listened to with the Green Brothers in it, and because of this podcast, I discovered The Anthropocene Reviewed, Delete This, My Brother My Brother And Me, and SciShow Tangents!! I am finally caught up and listening to the latest episodes as soon as they come out!! It saves my Middle School Mondays!!!!!! I LOVE the Dad Joke Segment!! I look forward to it every week!! Thank you, Hank and John! Also YOUR HEADS LOOK LIKE PEANUTS in a good way I just needed to get that out there start reading reviews like Delete This please it’s cool and ReAd ThIs OnE 🥜
  • Eddief419
    Deer Honk and Jorn
    I love these McElroy brothers
  • Carol-Bear
    Just reflecting on how much I love this podcast. It was the first podcast I ever subscribed to and since then it has been one of the highlights of my week. Hank and John (Or John and Hank) are funny and thoughtful in a way that makes me forget about my anxieties.
  • ElleNotWoods
    Hands down my absolute favorite podcast. Thanks Hank and John for being hilarious, honest, vulnerable, wise (though I can hear John denying it...), educational, and motivating. You guys are hilarious and make me feel better every time I listen. Don’t forget to be awesome!
  • CrossFit Gal
    It’s great
    This podcast about death and dubious advice is both lighthearted and sincere. I laugh throughout every episode and have shed a few tears. As a long-time Nerfighter, I love to hear John and Hank interact with each other and members of Nerdfighteria. Hank and John have a way a making listeners feel like everything is going to be ok. Don’t forget to be awesome!
  • Deborah E.
    A True Joy
    Listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with friends. There are jokes, stories, AFC Wimbledon, Mars, and THE GREEN BROTHERS! John made me care about a sports team. Note: I really didn’t need the word “relegation” in my vocabulary. And Hank made me laugh at a dad joke...or at least I laugh at his enthusiasm. I notice if I haven’t listened/watched them in a while - I truly miss them. I feel a sense of “home” when I hear their voices. This podcast is part of a really great community; have a listen and join the family. All are welcome! To the Green family - Thanks for the dubious advice and the love you share through your work. I won’t forget to be awesome.
  • ScottOreily
    Episodes with John are great
    This is a great podcast, but episodes without John are very hard to sit through and I’ve just been skipping them entirely.
  • Jalaynas
    Podcast is great, but...
    I love this podcast so much, I usually listen to each episode twice. My only complaint is that it seems to be getting shorter and shorter. The most recent episode was only 35 minutes. I’m pretty sure it used to be an hour long. I hope it gets longer with more questions answered soon!
  • mehunold
    Never gets old
    Listened to every episode since the beginning and I look forward to them every week.
  • Gab-Nar
    Dubious advice ftw
    Dubious advice is the best advice...well for a comedy podcast about death at least
  • MissGrad
    My favorite
    This is my favorite podcast! It truly makes me laugh, yet has poignant insights. I will always remember the saltine crackers salad episode about Ohio! OH-IO!
  • Fallenoffacliff
    Fantastic Pod
    Longtime nerdfighter, but after "stumbling" onto this pod through WNYC, I haven't missed a week.
  • #nerdmom
    A good companion
    I usually run to the dulcet tones of John and Hank giving dubious advice. I love their wit and charm, and in hundreds of episodes I have rarely been disappointed.
  • Esteban_PodcastReview
    For fans of Vlogbrothers
    If you like John and Hank, you’ll love this show. My only complaint is not enough description of Smashmouth’s Walking on the Sun music video. I look forward to Dear Hank and John every week.
  • Lorelei Faye
    Dad joke segment is best segment
    Pumpkins and penguins
  • Boone Family
    Veteran of the world's largest balls
    The September 16, 2019 episode, 'The Still Escalators of Doom' is 100% SFW. I promise.
  • endofsuffering
    This ridiculous show
    I look forward to this podcast every week. Mostly it makes me laugh waaay too much. Occasionally I find myself wondering why I spend time listening to this ridiculous show. But I love it, and it’s become part of my routine. It shows me a sillier side of both John and Hank. Guaca, Molly
  • frogonalillypod
    I love things that don’t have gimmicks
    New review: this podcast has been really comforting to me during a down time. I listen to it when I don’t really want hear my thoughts. Thanks guys. First review: There’s a scene in classic 1999 teen movie “10 Things I Hate About You” in which the main character ponders, “You know how to can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” Yes you can, and it’s by listening to this podcast. Thanks for some relaxed, smart, funny sounds. Love you guys.
  • reckshow
    Making Mondays Better
    Every Monday, Dear Hank & John brightens my day with their dubious advice and enthusiasm for all the good stuff in this world.
  • mariebtxxi
    My favorite podcast
    John and Hank are so interesting and funny together. I love this podcast, its entertaining and educational. *subscribes*
  • Toadman11
    Dad jokes are great
    Love these two brothers and their mix mostly goofy and sometimes actually helpful advice. Their outlook on the world and self reflection coupled with jokes about secretly learning the violin and what to do with that bowl your mother in law got you is just want I’m looking for out of a podcast. Also the Dad jokes bit at the beginning of the pod are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you different especially not John!
  • Mister E.
    Podcasts-A $1,000,000 Idea
    Great to listen to while you do the dishes!
  • Armstrong Johnson
    The New Car Talk
    This is my Saturday morning go-to so I can wake up with a smile. This is basically car talk but replace the cars with nerds talking about their phobias and books. Good stuff!!
  • Rayah91
    Always amazing and lighthearted
    Love it
  • J0hn-F.
    Dad jokes
    The Dad Joke segment makes my day
  • kiki__2019
    Funny & Entertaining
    Hank & John are my favorite brothers of all time and they always make each episode funny and interesting. My evening walks are no longer boring and I like the weird questions they answer.
  • Stef.msk
    Amusing, encouraging, great way to start my week
    The world would be a better place if everyone listened to this podcast. Amusing advice, amusing questions, and if everyone could hear John and Hank put some issues into perspective, the world would be a better place. Thanks Hank and John!
  • Bella-2
    Dear Hank
    I love the dad joke opening segment!
  • AliWiley
    100% worth it
    I am in a long distance relationship, and driving the 6 1/2 hours to go see him goes by so quickly when I’m listening to Hank and John and their banter! LOVE it!
  • Josie Beth
    Love the Pod!!
    I love this podcast, but only if you have enough life jackets!
  • bobjoecoolbro
    Dear John and Hank, I have limited screen time. But I never know how to use it. I always end up scrolling through random memes on the internet. Help me decide how to use it!!!!! Dubious advice appreciated! Rhymes with malice, Alice
  • annahbannahhhhh
    Hank and John make both Harry Potter references and Game of Thrones references in one podcast. In addition to the TOP NOTCH advice, throughout the years of listening to this pod, Hank has somehow made me care about space and ( more impressively) John has made me scare about sports! Like what? I truly love these two bestselling authors, I love the community they have built and I am so glad I get to be a member in it.
  • jjsdlkjflksd
    Yes please
    Hank and John get me through the day, and their dubious advice lulls me to sleep at night.
  • MCM3000
    Hoagies and grinders and thank you
    I began listening to this podcast today in a long car ride as I ate a sandwich for my dinner. I laughed so unexpectedly, suddenly and forcibly that I coughed out sandwich. I have never enjoyed a podcast so unexpectedly, suddenly and forcibly as this. Thank you. Hoagies & Grinders, Mia from Worcester
  • Feyoria
    So I only recently got into this podcast but I’ve been a fan of Hank and John for years now, both from Johns octopus tumblr photo and just from watching various YouTube shows that they do like my life generally depends on it. But back to it I recently got an iPhone and was checking out this one and while it’s not really funny on a normal level I honestly love it. Just like The Anthropacene Reviewed (God I hope I spelled that right) it makes me think and I enjoy the conversations that happen on Hank and John. 10/10
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