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Disney podcast bringing you a little Disney World where ever you may be. Talking mostly Walt Disney World OrlandoDisney | Disney World | Disney Podcast | Disney World Podcast| Like WDW Radio and Disunplugged www.unlockingthemagic.com

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  • Colt_10
    It’s so awesome
    I love this podcast. When Covid started my family started listening to your podcast. You guys convinced us that Disney is so great so we actually went to Disney World. Keep being great!
  • Brittys08
    Hi Coney! My favorite… 🧡😁
    Coney oh my word my favorite color is orange to! But my favorite holiday is either Easter or Christmas 😆
  • cattownmayor
    This is the podcast I listen to when I want to relax!
    I started listening to this podcast because I’m planning a Disney trip, but now I’ll listen to episodes that aren’t even relevant to my particular plans because I enjoy the hosts’ banter and vibe. They are knowledgeable about their topic; the show is well-produced, and it’s just a nice way to plan for a Disney trip or just dream about one.
  • GA Brittany
    New listener :)
    Found this podcast on my way home from a one day Disney trip that I was NOT ready to be over. After trying a few, I was so glad to find this one! I listened to it for the entire rest of my drive home and have been catching up on episodes since! I love the variety of topics, the fact that Bruce is an introvert, and that I feel like I’m planning a Disney vacation when I listen! Haha it definitely brightens my commute!
  • marcinkow
    Great Disney podcast
    Love this podcast! Bruce and Connie do a great job by mixing things up with their own spin on Disney Parks info and fun things to eat and do. I look forward to this podcast every week!
  • mandi
    It’s more than just a podcast
    As a Disney Lover and UTM Patreon subscriber I can confirm that what Bruce and Connie have put together goes beyond the podcast and is very special. I’ve made friends (albeit online) that understand my disney obsession around the country in the Utm Patreon fb page. It’s a welcoming place. Many online disney groups are divisive and full of jerks but not this one! Give this one a listen, super relatable and fun.
  • Nina Soon
    Great Podcast Voices! & Funny Episodes
    I’ve just binged every episode and I’m about to relisten. LOL I can’t put my finger on what it is about Bruce and Connie, but they are so easy to listen to. I suspect it’s the way their voice tones compliment each other?! Anyways hope you guys don’t stop, and I love hearing G’s cute lil baby voice even though I don’t think she’s a baby any more :’( You guys have me obsessed with Disney and I oddly hope I get to awkwardly run into you guys one day.
  • schrismer3
    Love it.
    They are extremely relatable. I really really love this show.
  • sydneyshh
    Love this podcast- all things Disney! I listen to this everyday on my way to work and it really helps with my Disney blues. If you’re missing Disney or need some tips this podcast is awesome! #TeamTonga #TeamTalks #CanIBeBoth?
  • Elise M9416
    Wonderful podcast!
    I look forward to listening to UTM every week! I love the way that Bruce and Connie describe Disney World and share their opinions on all things Disney. They’re positive and relatable and bring a little bit of Disney to my life with each podcast while I plan our next family trip. Thanks for putting together such an awesome podcast!
  • notfunbootheshow
    Fun Show
    I enjoy it
  • prolapse 6661313
    No thank you
    Disney sides with child groomers instead of families.
  • Patty loves Disney
    Great Show
    I’m a California girl, so all I know is Disneyland!! After listening to your podcast, going to WDW is definitely on my bucket list! I love the way you guys describe everything about each park and each land!! I can google all the attractions but you guys do such a great job in describing all the elements! I really hope to visit soon!!!
  • Dasiy and Minnoe Fan
    I love this podcast so much I have learned so much about Disney World in this! It has been so much fun listening to Bruce and Connie’s opinion about Disney! They are positive and make me laugh. Thank you Unlocking the Magic for all these years of magic!
  • MrsKimHawaii
    Best episode #353 introverts
    First time listener, first episode I found was #353 for introverts. Great episode! I listen to many WDW podcasts and this is the first time I have heard a discussion on this topic. Will be subscribing and listening to more episodes.
  • Shaowywksiwvcwveb.
    My favorite podcast!
    I listen to this podcast almost daily!
  • Nap3378
    So, I listened to at least 10 episodes. I liked their friendly tone and it was nice to hear their opinions of the whole experience and all the parks. There are definitely a lot more informative you tube channels, etc out there that you can find (DFB). But, when they tried to review The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and had only seen one book and one movie. Just so much no! I tried to send a message and tell them that that would be horrifying to Harry Potter fans and also not very helpful and they were very rude. So, k
  • JodyC82
    Great show!
    I started listening to Disney podcasts around March of 2021 while planning my January 2022 Birthday Trip. Unlocking the Magic is one of my favorites! I love their dynamic, sense of humor, and content. They mix it up with reviews, history (I love unlocking shows), would you rathers, etc. While they will be the first to say that they aren't a tips show, you can gather so many great bits of knowledge as they share their experience and passion for all things Disney. I am a fast paced New England girl, but I really took to heart the idea of slowing down and appreciating the moment(s) on my trip thanks to Bruce and Connie. Grateful I stumbled across the show.
  • kcarlile12
    Super fun and relatable
    Love Bruce and Connie and their banter! Wonderful Disney content from two people who love the magic of Disney! I love that this podcast gets me excited to go to Disney and experience all the magic. I love that they aren’t full of just your typical park strategies, more about really making your vacation work for you! I will say Bruce usually has me jonesing for a Jofferys by the end of the episode 😅Team Tonga!
  • luluskidoo
    Appreciate Bruce and Connie so much!
    I started listening to UTM as I started to bumble my way through planning my family’s first trip to Disney last month. I really appreciate Bruce and Connie’s family perspective, which is less about critiquing Disney’s every decision and more about how they realistically approach Disney as a family. From how to enjoy Disney with different personalities in mind to how to gear back expectations and slow down and enjoy the moment with your loved ones while not being sick of them at the end of the trip, we ended up having a GREAT time, thanks in part to the info from this podcast.
  • samjam198997
    Great show
    Informative, funny, wholesome and all around a feel good podcast that brings positivity to my commute
  • MiAmi. HeAT
    Highly Recommend!
    I love this podcast! They are always so informational and fun at the same time! It helps get me excited for my next trips! Highly recommend!
  • RavenManiac31
    A comedic hour(ish) of Disney magic.
    You guys are hilarious. I love the show, the content is relevant, helpful and entertaining. We’ve been to Disney World 20+ times and I’m always learning something new from Unlocking the Magic.
  • EmilyG143
    A Taste of Disney to Tide Me Over Between Visits
    I am always either planning my next trip or dreaming of planning my next trip, and Bruce and Connie give so many practical tips, in an entertaining way. One of my favorite podcasts! Thank you! Bullets For Bruce: 😊 1. Fun 2. Informative 3. Nostalgic
  • NewGradRN2010
    LOVE this couple!
    I stumbled upon this podcast a few weeks ago, and I’ve had the most fun listening! I’ve learned many things that I don’t know, even as an avid Disney fan. Bruce reminds me of my anti-social hubby, so he’s constantly making me laugh! And I love Connie’s voice—very calming & friendly😊
  • laura am 91
    Love this podcast
    I laugh every time I listen and feel like I’m hanging out with friends. Connie and Bruce keep it real and I love how relatable they are.
  • Mike Disney
    Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
    Latest episode has tips on how to steal from Disney. When you wonder why there are chips in your cups that keep you from refilling immediately, this is why. Bruce and Connie recommend you take advantage of the free refills. Shame. The podcast was charming until this. Yes it’s stealing. Yes you should do better especially when we know you’re raising kids.
  • Tiff from Texas
    Things I love about this podcast:
    1. Bruce and Connie make it seem like you are hanging out with friends. 2. I’ve gotten lots of ideas of what to do on our next trip. 3. I am a mom of 3 so I like hearing how they do Disney with their family. 4. I enjoy eating and I can tell they do too. Love the food recommendations. 5. Appreciate the tips on how to sneak Joffreys on rides - thanks Bruce.
  • Nikkibbmandy
    Fun and smart- and great tips!
    Love listening to these guys as I get excited about my upcoming Disney trip. Bruce and Connie are smart, funny, thoughtful and warm and just so much fun to listen to. They bring the pro tips of experienced parents (with older kids so refreshingly none of the baby stuff). They value the experience of the trip itself- being “in the moment” Vs the “maximize every moment” approach, which as a “doer” is important for me to remember. I find myself grinning through my morning walk when I listen to them. It’s a little escape in my day and I’ve learned so much from them!
  • Ainsley Spillan
    I’m a huge Disney fan and I love this podcast! You guys are so nice and give great tips! Love you guys!
  • Pamelajanebiebs
    Team Tonga
    A people person from afar so totally Team Tonga, sorry Connie. This is such an easy podcast to listen to. Fun, informative and keeps me interested. I’m prepping for our upcoming October trip and it’s honestly been so helpful. I’ve been twice. Once as a kid and one action packed day in the dead of summer. No bueno. This time will be a week of adventure and UTM is so helpful!!!! Excited for the next episode!
  • cnbmamabear
    Unlocking my Disney Blues!
    I’ve been listening to you guys for several months in preparation for our most recent trip. Now having returned with no plans for a trip in the near future (sad face!), I’m listening as a cure for my Disney Blues. Thanks for the sprinkle of Disney magic and pixie dust!
  • Gmhv
    Great Disney Podcast!
    Connie and Bruce give us a great, entertaining and awesome Disney podcast! I enjoy what Connie and Bruce have to say about Disney, giving us their genuine thoughts and telling us about their experiences with Disney. They both are great with each other on the show, feed off each other (figuratively, not literally!) and are the perfect fit for the show (which explains why they are married to each other!). They could seriously have their own morning show! Thanks Connie and Bruce for your honest thoughts and opinions, and giving us a great show, something to look forward to every week! Regards, Horacio
  • MorganLevering
    The Best There Is
    I found this podcast while I was planning my third trip, and my husband and son’s first trip to Walt Disney World. I was trying to find a podcast that gave me all the tips and tricks for planning and if that’s all you are looking for, this is not your podcast. Walt Disney World gives me a feeling of happiness and joy, kind of like home. That’s what this podcast is to me. It makes me feel like I am back at my favorite place and I look forward to new episodes every week. Connie and Bruce, thank you for your banter and giving this Disney lover a place to recharge while I’m outside the Disney bubble!
  • cparrish09
    My favorite podcast!
    I started listening to this podcast because we are planning to go to Disney world to celebrate our daughter’s adoption which was finalized last month. We go on our trip next week and Bruce and Connie have given so much information to help us prepare. I love your in or out and would you rather segments. You both do such a great job and are fun to listen to. Love you guys! Keep it up! Christina
  • Katie TX
    This podcast provides a unique perspective on traveling to WDW
    I found this podcast when I was in a funk in Summer 2019. I decided (kind of out of the blue) to plan a trip to Walt Disney World with my husband and two kiddos as a distraction. No one in my family had ever traveled to WDW. I love podcasts so I looked to see if there was one about traveling to WDW. I can’t remember what I typed into the podcast app to search, but Unlocking the Magic was the first Disney podcast I found. I went all the way back to the beginning and listened to every single episode. This is a great podcast to listen to if you have no familiarity with Walt Disney World. The hosts discuss different dining experiences, snacks to try, their love for certain lands and attractions, and so much more - they will make you fall in love with Walt Disney World before you even have a chance to travel there! I feel like I can experience “Disney Magic” wherever I am when I listen to this podcast. I also ended up also listening to the audiobook How to Be Like Walt at the hosts’ recommendation and it was so inspiring! Bruce and Connie’s (the hosts) episode about the trip that changed them forever (where they were going through a hard time and scraped together funds to go to WDW, and had their encounter with “Oswald” at the park) was one of the most relatable stories I’ve ever heard. We finally got to make it to WDW this year and it’s 100% because of this podcast that we had a successful trip. My husband was a “one and done” person before we went. I made sure to NOT try and pack in too much during the week we were there (the hosts talk a lot about taking things slow, slacking up the ambience, and appreciating the small things while on your trip). We enjoyed the best rides, lots of snacks and food, and plenty of pool time. It was an amazing trip and great memories for our family. I am so thankful for the podcasts and its hosts!
  • mqtna
    So fun to listen to!
    I love to listen to this podcast in anticipation for my family's upcoming WDW trip! I love Bruce and Connie's voices and their husband and wife banter is the best! I find them very relatable. I've been getting my husband to listen with me and he's enjoing it as well. This podcast is super entertaining and the best way I can describe it is - it's like having a casual conversation with friends who also share my love of Disney. Thank you and keep up the great work!
  • aliceincalifornialand86
    Wonderful Disney Podcast
    Connie and Bruce are a warm welcome each week when they drop a new episode. I love to listen to this husband/wife duo talk about their love of Disney vacations. They are the “Everyman” talking about realistic expectations for a Disney vacation. Plus their tips are top notch! Keep up the great podcast, guys!
  • Ashley H 22
    I like it!
    I listen to a few Disney podcasts and UTM is always a great reminder to ENJOY and take time to make memories in the parks. It’s easy to get wrapped up in planning details but Bruce and Connie remind us to pause and take in the little things!
  • Mugls123
    Simply one of the best
    Always entertaining. Their perspective is down to earth. Real people giving a family view of all things Disney. They don’t bombard you with everything news worthy at Disney, rather take the time to discuss their opinions insightfully while injecting humor along the way. A true gem!
  • AshMarie307
    Best Disney Podcast
    I have been a listener for 2 years, and it puts a smile on my face each time I listen! Bruce and Connie are excellent hosts. Their genuine love of Disney and their entertaining interactions are what has kept me coming back for so long! They help keep the magic of Disney alive in my heart between each trip. Highly recommend this podcast!
  • Mel Carter
    My family and I adore listening to Bruce and Connie!! They are so relatable as people, parents, and a family. Their love for all things Disney shines through in every episode. Thanks, UTM. We DO like it! Keep unlocking…THE magic!!
  • lvmidwife
    Best Disney Planning Advice & Expectations
    I found UTM during the pandemic while I was dreaming of being some place more magical than my house in quarantine! My husband and I goto Disneyland regularly as adults but, Disney World holds a special place in our hearts with fond memories from childhood and listening to Connie and Bruce is what prompted me to book my families trip for Sept 2021. It was 20 something years from my last trip to Disney as a teen and a lot has changed since then. Plus, this time it was me doing the planning and footing the bill! Listening to UTM helped me set up my expectations for our trip. Their own feedback on successes and failures they have had while traveling with their families is truly authentic. The best weather and your precise planning won't matter when someone in your party is having a meltdown from overstimulation or too much walking, even in the most magical place on earth! Knowing this ahead of time, I was able to plan for each person in my party and thought about what they needed to be comfortable which made our trip truly enjoyable, even in the heat and without a rest day (which you should always take their advice and plan a rest day!) I found what to pack, how to maximize your day, food and ride info in catching up on old episodes and on their website. After becoming a weekly listener, I joined the Patreon community. I love getting to know Connie and Bruce more and connecting with other UTM and Disney fans. I’m so happy to have found this podcast and always look forward to Friday’s when new episodes come out!
  • Famof6
    Our Families Favorite Podcast
    The only podcast we as a family all love to listen to! Bruce, Connie and the girls are a part of our family and I’m sure they will become a part of yours as well!! We love their banter and fun dialogue!
  • Shark Attack904
    No new information
    For being Disney experts it is very clear from the host lack of knowledge that they have not stayed at many of the hotels. The unoriginality from the male host is cringy and surely adds to the disaster that this show is. I have never left a review for a pod cast before BUT this one was so bad I knew it was necessary to help others.
  • raff8979
    A Must-Listen if You’re Planning a Disney Trip!
    This podcast is fantastic. My husband and I were planning a last-minute trip to Disney World and I was overwhelmed with all of the various Disney websites. This podcast was much more helpful. I listened to it on my way to and from work in the weeks leading up to our trip and felt very prepared. Bruce and Connie (the hosts) are super fun to listen to. You feel like your friends are giving you a breakdown of the info you need for your trip. Highly recommend.
  • S.OKeefe
    Disney Fix
    I like it! This show is the best way to get a Disney fix when you’re missing WDW and/or are patiently waiting for your next trip. Thanks Bruce and Connie!
  • Jessssd
    My new favorite Disney podcast!
    I started listening a few weeks ago and am obsessed. Bruce and Connie make me feel like I’m listening to two friends talk Disney.
  • xG2LoveATLx
    Adore the hosts
    I feel like we would be friends in real life! I originally stumbled upon this podcast before my first WDW trip (as a socal resident my whole life) and even after the trip I keep going back because I love these two! Woke up at 730 am and Ubered to the poly on my trip just for Tonga toast at captain cooks #worthit
  • Pavls7730
    Best Disney Podcast
    Very informative and fun, look forward to listing to new episode every week. Definitely have new todo’s on our next trip, try Tonga toast and Joffrey’s coffee and the people mover
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