Unlocking The Magic: Talking all things Disney World and Disneyland


Disney podcast bringing you a little Disney World where ever you may be. Talking mostly Walt Disney World Orlando
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Recent Episodes
  • Episode #338: Disney World Halloween Would You Rathers
    Oct 22, 2021 – 42:11
  • Episode #337: Unlocking Genie+ and Some Questions
    Oct 15, 2021 – 56:26
  • Episode #336: Unlocking Sci-Fi Dine in Theater at Disney's Hollywood Studios
    Oct 8, 2021 – 40:31
  • Episode #335: Unlocking Walt Disney World: Celebrating 50 Years
    Oct 1, 2021 – 46:47
  • Episode #334: Two Attractions One Meal (In each park)
    Sep 24, 2021 – 47:53
  • Episode #333: Do You Know These Disney Secrets?
    Sep 17, 2021 – 40:47
  • Episode #332: Unlocking The Mailbox: We're answering your questions
    Aug 27, 2021 – 41:26
  • Episode #331: Ultimate Couples Trip to Disney World
    Aug 20, 2021 – 39:02
  • Episode #330: 7 Things to do with a “Non-Disney Person” in Disney
    Aug 13, 2021 – 38:58
  • Episode #329: Unlocking The Cabins at Fort Wilderness
    Aug 6, 2021 – 44:38
  • Episode #328: Overrated or Underrated in Epcot
    Jul 30, 2021 – 45:17
  • Episode #327: Better in Disney World: Attractions-Lands-Parks
    Jul 23, 2021 – 39:14
  • Episode #326: Unlocking The Mailbox: We Answer Your Questions
    Jul 17, 2021 – 58:40
  • Episode #325: 25 Ultimate Things To Do In Walt Disney World
    Jul 9, 2021 – 53:21
  • Episode #324: Top Attractions in Disneyland That Are NOT In Disney World
    Jul 1, 2021 – 46:40
  • Episode #323: Unlocking The Mailbox: We're answering your questions.
    Jun 25, 2021 – 46:26
  • Episode #322: Would You Rather: We're answering your would you rathers
    Jun 18, 2021 – 37:59
  • Episode #321: Worth the Price? Disney Restaurants
    Jun 11, 2021 – 42:14
  • Episode #320: Unlocking Sanaa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Jun 4, 2021 – 42:01
  • Episode #319: Disney World 2021 Trip Recap
    May 21, 2021 – 37:24
  • Episode #318: Live from Disney's Polynesian Resort
    May 14, 2021 – 31:42
  • UTM #317: We're Going To Disney World
    May 7, 2021 – 32:55
  • Episode #316: Unlocking The Mailbox: We Answer Your Questions
    Apr 23, 2021 – 57:23
  • Episode #315: Underrated or Overrated Magic kingdom
    Apr 9, 2021 – 41:49
  • Episode #314: Underrated or Overrated Animal Kingdom
    Apr 2, 2021 – 40:56
  • Episode #313: Overrated or Underrated Hollywood Studios
    Mar 26, 2021 – 38:04
  • Episode #312: Disney World Lingo 101 (Plus abbreviations)
    Mar 19, 2021 – 40:26
  • Episode #311: Unlocking The MailBox Part 2
    Mar 12, 2021 – 40:38
  • Episode #310: Unlocking The Mailbox (Best eats in each park, best park to rope drop and more)
    Mar 5, 2021 – 46:09
  • Episode #309: Our Top Disney Regrets
    Feb 19, 2021 – 36:10
  • Episode #308: Ways To Save Money On Your Next Disney Trip
    Feb 12, 2021 – 43:43
  • Episode #307: Unlocking Disney Springs
    Feb 5, 2021 – 37:40
  • Episode #306: Would You Rather (Plus a Few Questions)
    Jan 29, 2021 – 46:58
  • Episode #305: Unlocking The Mailbox: First Resort, Best Snack, Change One Park and more
    Jan 22, 2021 – 46:10
  • Episode #304: Overrated or Underrated (Food, Places, Attractions)
    Jan 15, 2021 – 39:11
  • Episode #303: Unlocking Space Mountain
    Jan 8, 2021 – 49:02
  • Episode #302: Perfect Day Magic Kingdom w/out Kids
    Jan 1, 2021 – 35:07
  • Episode #301: Kids Perfect Day Magic Kingdom
    Dec 24, 2020 – 31:57
  • Episode #300: Unlocking Mickey & Minnie Mouse. It all started with a mouse
    Dec 11, 2020 – 39:26
  • Episode #299: Holiday Would You Rather
    Dec 4, 2020 – 39:45
  • Episode #298: Unlocking More Questions w/ Special Guest Host
    Nov 20, 2020 – 42:30
  • Episode #297: Answering All Your Questions
    Nov 13, 2020 – 52:09
  • Episode #296: Unlocking Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom
    Nov 6, 2020 – 48:15
  • Episode #295: A Little Bit of Everything
    Oct 30, 2020 – 31:31
  • Episode #294: Shall We Play a Game: Are you in or out?
    Oct 23, 2020 – 40:55
  • Bonus Show: How You Can Win
    Oct 19, 2020 – 03:02
  • Episode #293: Our top Spooky Spots in Disney World
    Oct 16, 2020 – 41:18
  • Episode #292: Unlocking 13 Spooky Tower of Terror Secrets
    Oct 9, 2020 – 41:41
  • Episode #291: Unlocking The Mailbox
    Oct 2, 2020 – 47:54
  • Episode #290: What's The First Thing You Think of? (Magic Kingdom Edition)
    Sep 24, 2020 – 42:28
Recent Reviews
  • mrs car coop
    So fun
    I love everything about Connie and Bruce. They both make me laugh and have fun while listening. You know it is something when I am on People Mover since listening to their podcast ,I think…Bruce says it is so much better with a Joffrey’s, how could I get my Starbucks in? Thanks guys!! Susie
  • Janet bbbbbb
    Helps me through my Disney blues
    I've been listening to this podcast for awhile now, and just joined the Patreon. My favorite podcast right now that gets me through my workday, and my post Disney blues! I learn something new almost every podcast! Thanks Bruce and Connie!
  • Camdude74
    Can’t start my day with out it
    I only wish they did a podcast everyday! I listen to the podcast everyday on my way to work and have started listening to some over again! I too live in New England and love Disney so I totally get them! I love the banter between Bruce and Connie and just enjoy starting my day with them!
  • mad212121
    Best Disney Podcast!!
    I’m a huge Disney fan and being from PA we don’t get to go nearly as often as we’d like! This is the best podcast that talks about absolutely everything! Bruce and Connie are the best! The only thing is that Connie moves away from the mic often and it’s harder to hear her and gets quiet! But other than that it’s the best Disney podcast out there!
  • TantheMan34
    Hooked on Unlocking the Magic!
    My wife and I were visiting Disney World for the first time in May of last year. We discovered this podcast while looking for some tips and information on how to make our first visit the best possible, and we got hooked!! It not only helped us enjoy our Disney trip in ways I don’t believe we ever could have without the pod (especially including Tonga toast!!) but we’ve continued listening ever since to give ourselves a weekly taste of Disney until our next trip comes. Thanks so much to Bruce and Connie for making our Disney experience that much more magical!
  • Silly Mop
    The absolute best!
    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your pod cast. It is always a bright spot in my week when a new one drops!!! Love the content and keep doing what you are doing.
  • Lucas#1fan
    Bruce & Connie are great!
    As soon as I made reservations for my family to go to Disney, I started my research. I found Bruce & Connie’s podcast & started with episode 1. I needed to get caught up to speed because it’s been 15 yrs since I’ve been. I’ll admit, when I first heard them say “Slow down, take your time” I thought they were nuts! lol But once I listened enough & felt their passion for Disney & their family, I now understand & am convinced that is the way to go! We go in less than a month & this will be my 14 yr old son’s first time. I am so beyond stoked to be able to share this experience with him. Thank you, Bruce & Connie. Your witty banter & passion have taught me so much. -Jessica Rogers (Sorry this was long, Bruce 😜)
  • milesb4me
    Road trip must-have
    We had a special Disney trip in August of 2021, as well as two eastern seaboard road trips for my daughter’s hockey team…that’s two Tampa to New England trips in the car, one in June and one in July. Unlocking the Magic was singlehandedly THE BEST travel companion, and we binged every episode (I’m sure of it!). Content was A+ and it got us so ready for our visit. Fun and goofy and entertaining, as well as super useful. It helped me and my daughter pass many (joyful!) miles in the car! You guys rock.
  • Pascal's Place
    Happiest podcast on earth!
    Just recently started listening to podcasts in general, while also thinking about a Disney vacation and came across Unlocking the Magic. What a fun podcast!! Such a great couple sharing their knowledge about Disney in an uplifting way! I feel happy every time I listen to an episode! Thank you!!
  • A great escape!
    Disney couple with real chemistry
    Bruce and Connie have found a perfect niche for them - Married couple with a big family who loves Disney. What makes them different is that they sound just like you and me, constantly trying to figure out how to navigate the many Disney changes constantly happening to have the best time on their trips. The most fun thing is when introverted Bruce makes extrovert Connie laugh - they have real chemistry and it makes listening a treat.
  • Hollar86
    A little WDW magic to brighten my week
    I started listening to Bruce and Connie in 2018 when we were planning our first family WDW trip, and I haven’t stopped since. Like Connie, I also visited WDW often growing up in the 80s & 90s, and I relate to how she reminisces and wants to help recreate that magic for the next generation. Between work and the pandemic, this podcast has been a little slice of nostalgia to break up the week, and it helps me dream and plan for our next WDW vacation (whenever that may be)!
  • Nightlight42
    Snack Attack
    We’ve enjoyed chocolate fruit waffles in the morning (perfect for hangry kids…and husbands), melty Dole Whips in the Tiki Room, and looking forward to (sneaking some) iced coffee later on! Your podcast has helped us discover Disney secrets that I never thought to try, or even knew existed (where were those chocolate waffles all my life?!). So glad I found you guys. Definitely worth a listen if you’re planning a trip and need advice on resorts, activities, food, and attractions, or just going through the Disney blues.
  • JP SUE
    I like it.
    I’m in.
  • Ava Ramsey
    So relatable
    I love this podcast! I have really been missing Disney during this crazy time and I can’t believe I just found this podcast! Bruce and Connie are hilarious and give great tips!
  • JenDC33
    Absolute Joy during a Stressful Time
    You guys, I’ve been really struggling with the intense state of the world lately and this podcast has been saving me! Fun, light and all about Disney, it has taken my mind off the stress I’m dealing with right now. Its become my online happy place. I don’t know when my family will be able to get back to Disney because of covid, but this helps me enjoy the anticipation of waiting for that next visit. Connie and Bruce are hilarious, sweet and so good together. And if I ever see Connie in a single rider line, we are so becoming friends!! 😂 I’m so grateful for you guys!!
  • coloradojohnny
    Love it
    Ive recently become addicted to your podcasts. Its a lot of fun to listen to. Keep up the good work.
  • Hicks0884
    Wife was right
    My wife has listened to all your episodes and has constantly told me how awesome it was. I cough the podcast wave but since have started listening to you two and honestly can’t get enough. Love the family prospective on Disney. My wife and I dream of taking our family there and enjoy hearing your stories. My wife was right, your podcast is awesome!
  • Luke Fowl
    Best experience on Jungle cruise
    When I rode jungle cruise o had the best skipper experience when I brought my avatar dagger
  • Thrivingnotsurviving
    Love listening while I work!
    This podcast is great for a Disney lovers. They are relatable and always make me laugh and think about what they bring up. Episode 327 had me laugh out loud- when they talked about making sure your kids return on Space Mountain. Last time at Disney world I rode in front and had a panic attack whole time cause I couldn’t see if my 9 year old flew out! Ps her first roller coaster was Space Mountain at age 6…you should see that terrified face lol. But now she LOVES it.
  • Ash_Jo
    My Favorite!
    I love Bruce and Connie! They are the perfect combination of embracing the magic while also sharing the real life details of planning a Disney trip. They always offer an honest perspective. Thanks to them, we are ready for our first trip to WDW in a few days.
  • cassiegrossi
    I’ve been listening to your podcast since February to get ready for my Disney trip this past week since I haven’t been in 6 years! It was my fiancé’s first time since he was 7, so I used all your tips and tricks to make sure I didn’t make him crazy during the trip. We stayed at the Poly and it was beyond amazing! Found myself saying “oh Bruce and Connie said to do this” a lot of the time. My fiancé loved Disney and so excited to continue going (hopefully) every year ! Thanks so much! 😊
  • mousin_with_mama
    Enjoyable podcast! Great tips for families!
    Found this podcast a few months ago and have listened to over 100 episodes. Great way to escape to Disney on my drive home from work!! I am certainly not a member of team talks (can’t officially be team Tonga because I haven’t tried it yet) and enjoy Bruce’s introvert perspective on experiencing Disney. Keep up the good work Bruce and Konnie! I like it!
  • Gopherpharm
    Do an adult only trip!
    Love the pod, planning an adult only trip this fall…definitely lying to the 4 year old about it. The 1 year old doesn’t know what Disney is. We’ll take them next year when they’re both vaccinated. Would love to hear a report of an adult only trip from you guys!
  • Stuck on the TTA
    Great Podcast
    Funny, informative, down to earth. Really enjoyable disney podcast. Thanks for doing what you do!
  • Annieg1228
    Newer listener and I’m hooked!
    Love Bruce and Connie! They have helped me get excited and feel prepared for our upcoming Disney trip. They are real and relatable (especially since I’m not sure. W the also a New Englander). I love their focus on family and doing what works for you.
  • Cudapaul
    Very realistic and relatable!
    I just found this podcast and listened to a few episodes. My family and I love going to Disney and can relate to and appreciate all the advice and tips shared. I can’t wait to listen to more episodes.
  • jenlkbo27
    A little too arrogant
    This use to be my favorite Disney podcast. I loved it and was even a Patreon member (cancelled that last month) But sadly I feel like they’ve gotten a little arrogant. It seems as if every single episode they talk about how Disney is listening or they’ve mentioned how Disney takes their advice. Idk, I’m from the south and we are just more humble…maybe it’s a northeastern thing 🤷🏼‍♀️ They also seem more negative since their last trip. A little bit of the magic is gone that use to be here.
  • Will LV
    You both are great!
    My family and I have only been to WDW once and Disneyland twice, but luckily I grew up near Disneyland so we went a few times when I was s child.We are going to start a yearly trip to WDW in January. I feel like we were not prepared to WDW right, but listening to your show had helped me feel like when we go In January we are going to be pros. I love your advice of being in the moment, I feel that’s the best advice I have heard regarding a WDW trip. Thanks for being down to earth and awesome! I will be trying Tonga toast and Space Mountain is the best. Thanks for being awesome!
  • DJ_CMC
    Great pod for Disney lovers
    I found UTM in my FB groups, it came highly suggested. I love the topics they talk about and they get my family and I so excited for our future trips to WDW. I like Connie & Bruce’s interactions and Bruce shares nearly all my sentiments on the parks and crowds! It’s a great listen.
  • Aubrey A 83
    Love this podcast
    I found the podcast while planning our upcoming trip and listen all of the time now. I used to be a cast member but things have changed so much since then. You guys are so happy and give such a wonderful perspective of the parks and your experiences. I am going to use the tip to pretend it’s everyone’s birthday! I also have to try Tonga toast now! Thanks for doing the show!
  • sarah1987l
    Best WDW planning podcast
    Recently found this podcast as I plan my first family trip to WDW. I love how real Connie & Bruce are, and I love having found people from my home state (MA!) to listen to. I find their thoughts about NE weather relatable and their points of view down to earth. Connie & Bruce - thank you for sharing so many insights and tips! I have been going through past episodes and it gets me more and more excited for our 2022 trip.
  • indyjonez
    The first and ONLY podcast I’ve convinced my wife to listen too!
    My wife and I recently took a trip to WDW with our three kids (ages 16, 10, 2 - trip was end of May) and I wanted to get back into podcast listening prior to the trip so I did a search for Disney World podcast and found this one! My wife was half listening on the first one (your trip recap from May) but when our trip ended she asked “hey what’s that podcast we listened to before?” We queued it up and now listen and anticipate new episodes each week and even backtracking listening to older episodes. She’s NEVER been into podcast so I’m so glad that we’ve found one to listen to together and y’all are so down to earth and simulator us as a family that we totally relate on so many levels. Listening to this podcast is so refreshing and keeps the spirit of the magic alive in us each week! Thank you SO MUCH and can’t wait for our next trip. Hope to run into y’all down there someday!
  • GHock13
    Wonderful Podcast! Full of Magic!
    I found this podcast a few months ago before I took my 5 year old daughter to Disney (#girlstrip). So many wonder tips and tricks helped make the trip magical. Listening inspired me to book another trip for NYE! Disney should give them a kick-back or at least Tonga Toast for Life!
  • samluvodis
    Thanks for the Magic♥️🖤♥️
    I discovered Unlocking The Magic Podcast after returned from WDW in January 2021 and then being able to plan a return trip with my daughter in October 2021 for the 50th Anniversary Celebration! Thanks for all the tips and sharing all your memories!!
  • Hog2007
    Funny and Interesting
    I like it.
  • Lilly ln
    Love this podcast!
    I have recently discovered this podcast and absolutely love it! Although Bruce and Connie don’t necessarily set out to give tips and tricks to a Disney vacation, I find their insight invaluable in the planning process. I appreciate that they are not locals and truly understand that a lot of us listening are not getting to go multiple times a year. I think a lot of other podcasts regarding Disney completely ignore the fact that newbies or people that only get to go every 5-10 years are listening. Thanks Bruce and Connie for your hilarious banter and great insight into Disney. Team Tonga for life.
  • Abbydawnk
    I like this podcast
    This is the best Disney podcast I’ve listened to. Feels like you’re talking to your friends about all things Disney. Can’t recommend it enough!
  • MissME1985
    I just love them! It's as simple as that. Just a little bit of magic as I go through life waiting for my next magical vacation. One of the best Disney podcasts out there!
  • Rbecks23
    Happiness in a Podcast
    I can’t recommend this podcast enough to anyone who is a Disney Parks fan! Bruce and Connie are such entertaining hosts and do an incredible job of engaging with their audience. So happy to have found this little dose of Disney for whenever I’m missing the parks or feeling down - they always lift my spirits! Thank you guys for all you do! - Rian
  • Ellalavallee
    Disney love!!
    I found this podcast because I needed something to listen to during long days at the office. Since covid I work in the office alone so having Bruce and Connie talk about Disney makes the day so much better! Going to Disney in October get more excited every time I listen! Can’t wait to try Tonga toast!
  • Krissy Free
    Thanks Bruce and Connie!
    I recently started commuting to work, and this podcast starts my days off with a little Disney magic! Bruce and Connie always have fun ideas for episodes and I love hearing about their experiences at the parks. I am a former cast member, so I’m picky about my Disney podcasts, but this one is the best! I love hearing all the Disney history that is included. Thank you Bruce and Connie!!
  • cdeeeeeet
    The PERFECT Disney Podcast
    I just found this podcast about 6 weeks ago… and I’ve listened my way back all the way to episode 234. So I’ve listened to about 100 episodes in a short amount of time. Connie and Bruce’s podcast chemistry and banter is hilarious and they could talk about how to tie your shoes and I would still listen. Disney talk on top of listening to them is a plus. So thankful for this podcast … it’s my happy place!
  • Kelly Jean Jelly Bean
    Thanks for all the Tips
    You guys are awesome! I have learned so much from you guys and hope to make our upcoming trip less hectic than our first trip (which i way over-planned). Can’t wait to try the Tonga!
  • ccbaxter818
    My favorite of the Disney World podcasts
    What makes this my favorite of the Disney World podcasts is the personality of the hosts works really well together, with Connie being the sweet, and Bruce being the sour (not an insult, I like sour too). This may not be the most informative podcast about Disney World, but it's a nice relaxing listen, that brings positive memories of past trips, and gives ideas for future trips. Keep up the good work!
  • D.I.Kiick
    Amazing Podcast
    Great podcast. Good information and fun hosts. I’m not certain, but I knew a Connie when I lived in Boston who could put both legs behind her head.
  • TikiTikiTikiRob
    Sorry, you lost me.
    Update: No cheeseburger spring rolls?? I’m out.
  • margaretks21
    Favorite Disney Podcast!
    I greatly look forward each week to being transported back to Disney World thanks to Bruce and Connie! They make such a fun show, giving their own twist on tips and tricks to having the best Disney trip possible. With their sarcastic, yet fun, humor, you really do feel like they are your close friends while they talk all things Disney rides, history, and food! Thanks for doing what you do, Bruce and Connie, and for bringing the Disney magic to all of us on a weekly basis!
  • ccgilly7
    Fun podcast
    A fun Disney podcast with a variety of topics. And doesn’t go too long like many others. Great insights into what to do and what to skip. Very enjoyable listen once a week
  • CoachKaylaMac
    The BEST Disney parks podcast
    I’m a die hard Disney parks fan. Been to Disneyland twice. And Disney World 10+ times. It’s my happy place! So when I’m not at the parks, I love to talk all things Disney. Connie and Bruce fill the void for me between my Disney trips. Love the mixture they provide of information, perspective and laughter! Stop shopping for a Disney parks podcast. This is the best one out there, folks!
  • NatHaynes412
    Best podcast to get excited for Disney!!
    I am so glad that I clicked on this podcast compared to the others. The humor, facts, tips, and the love for Disney instantly got my hooked. My wife and I are taking our young boys for our first big family Disney trip this fall(2021). I have been to Disney before but actually never experienced all four parks before and my wife is a bit of an expert. We absolutely love Disney and can’t wait to share that with our kids! Also quick question, Did y’all remember ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter? It was the ride Before stitch. I was 6(2000)when I rode and lets just say, I an still scarred for life.
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