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In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path. Using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG system, the Glass Cannon interweaves immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor to deliver the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds.
The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed podcast of Paizo, Inc.

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  • JR402424
    It’s ok
    Decent enough group for when I’m waiting for my other podcasts to drop new episodes. I wish they’d bicker about rules less and keep their politics out of it, but they’re usually good for a laugh.
  • Mychael G
    How did I live without GCP?
    Recently I took a trip with one of my close friends. There was a lot of driving and to pass the time, my friend decided to introduce me to the Glass Cannon podcast. Within minutes I was hooked, from the personalities of the players to the death defying acts of the characters, and since our trip I’ve been rapidly listening to the episodes trying to catch up on the adventure. Hands down the best RPGpodcast I’ve ever been introduced to! 🙌
  • NormalJoe2
    Pretty cool fellas
    Thanks for all the awesome medical advice, professional game players. You guys are clearly staying up to date on all the latest studies. Especially Matthew Crappadicaza.
  • Hand dismayed h
    Love the Naish
    The GCP and GCN account for the majority of my podcasts, the perfect mix of irreverent humor, and crunchy pathfinder. Sign up for the Patreon and complete the whole package, you won’t regret it.
  • Mary!!yay
    An Epic Adventure with a great group
    I have laughed. I have cried. And I have cried laughing at some of the situations they put themselves in. The group follows the Giant Slayer story and the adventure is wild! They create amazing characters throughout the adventure that you will love and become attached to. It might be daunting with a large backlog of episodes but you will fly through them and wish there were 600 episodes available! I wish I could go back and listen again for the first time- if you are looking to follow an epic quest choose this one!
  • lionalkilligan
    Episode 294
    Love that the guys are still debating what the phase spider bomb is for. Its volstis’s dead man’s switch. They had heard about it literally five or six episodes beforehand.
  • GoatLunch
    See all those 5 star ratings? There’s a reason. Stop reading these and start listening to this quality content!
  • Pookdawgashizzlenizzle
    Superb! Excellent! An exceedingly good way to spend an hour!
    Troy! Listen is only to hear his off the cuff Mad hatter style! His ability as a dm and humor has made me laugh so often. The whole cast is really good. All of them hit the characters their trying to play well. A fun group of guys. Do yourself a favor and listen.
  • Karanna91
    Great podcast for people who love to play
    I love this podcast, it is perfect to listen to on my commute. There is a great balance of role playing, jokes, and actually advancing the story. Some D&D podcasts waste endless time on inspecting every little thing or random role playing that adds nothing to the story. I think that Glass Cannon strikes a great balance. Plus, it is straight up hilarious. I’ll be in the car or painting and just dying of laughter. I especially love how much they hate Troy. If you’re a player who likes old school D&D that is not on easy mode, this podcast is for you
  • Dr. Rob M
    The single best actual play podcast
    Have you listened to an actual play podcast and been disappointed by lackluster players who aren’t interesting or good at talking into a microphone? Perhaps the constant background noise, beeping microphones, and crunching of Doritos immediately followed by a chug of Mtn Dew drives you nuts? Dump those shows and listen to some quality The GCP is made by adults who took time to set their quality above and beyond the competition months in advance to their first recording. And the quality only improves from Ep. 1, where you should start. There’s a reason why they are now officially partnered with Paizo, the publishing company responsible for Pathfinder. If you’re new to D&D or Pathfinder or you’re a veteran of D&D and are interested in Pathfinder (previously D&D 3.5) then give it a shot.
  • JK minitwo
    Episode 280 Quiz
    Troy’s question was, “Who?” The answer “Actually, if you don’t mind, it’s just the doctor”
  • UtilityMaximizer
    Starts out a little rough, gets better
    This is hard to listen to at first. Audio quality is acceptable and quickly improves. The role-playing is good. The extremely crunchy gameplay of Pathfinder is faithfully represented and interesting. There are problems. They're all men and two of them sound very similar. The early episodes of the podcast feature some pretty ugly threats of rape and violence against NPCs and it could be hard for some people to listen to. Later episodes feature some extreme descriptions of gore and brutality. Some of it is hard to listen to because of how graphic it is, and some of it is hard to listen to because of how pointless it is. On the other hand, they're playing a prewritten adventure path, so the weird NPC behavior and motivations aren't all the GM's fault. Combat toward the beginning is very formulaic. The GM springs a monster on the PCs and gets a surprise round, and the players scramble to respond. They seldom play carefully enough to set up their own ambushes. No punches are pulled, and player characters die regularly. That's fine, but often it seems like their deaths are somewhat arbitrary. Other times it's clearly the fault of a player (Joe, of course) who seems to be playing a different game from everyone else. Joe refuses to optimize his characters, instead building them to be mechanically interesting, and then has the temerity to be suprised when they die. Joe will never read this, but it's worth saying anyway: Joe, build a mechanically successful character FIRST, and THEN give the character an interesting backstory and personality. Troy is not playing a rules-light collective storytelling game; Troy is playing to kill your character. Stop faffing about and play the same game everyone else is playing. Write a book or play a different game or with a different GM if you want to tell a story without optimizing the character build. Listeners will still get interesting characters and voices and a lot of jokes. I could do without the fifteen minutes of banter before each episode, but apparently they consider it part of their schtick. It's still worth a listen, and their Patreon-only campaigns are also good.
  • mitchywilly
    An awesome story
    Start from 1. One of the best actual play podcast out there
  • SakuraHarunoxX
    Absolutely love this podcast
    Best podcast to listen to while doing my FedEx deliveries
  • Fletch_Jr
    The Best of The Best
    Hands down the best actual play podcast I have found. I have tried several other AP podcasts and non of them have the balance that the GCP has, mechanics, story, and banter. If you like this check out more of their work on Twitch/YouTube or subscribe to their patreon, these guys deserve it!
  • Old Man Clubber
    I’m incredibly picky about what podcasts I listen to. I’ve only been able to enjoy 2 other D&D ones actually. When I tested GCP however I got hooked immediately. Many claim to have a good mix of gameplay, storytelling, banter and humor but this one actually achieves it. You really need to like all the players and especially the DM and I do. I’ve only made it to about episode 80 so far but really hoping this continues.
  • JimmyDocRocks
    Entertaining, BUT...
    Let me start off by saying that this is an enjoyable podcast, and the cast has good chemistry which adds to the fun... but, and yeah there is a huge BUT here: the players are CONSTANTLY playing rules lawyer against one another. It detracts from the story, from the intended RP part of the RPG, and from the overall experience. Please, stop with the annoying calling each other out about every little thing and focus on your characters, it’s the DMs job to focus on the rules.
  • Talock5
    I’ve started GMing 3 groups since binge listening to your episodes! Nerdage!
  • SigridDuncan
    the most bingeworthy podcast of all time
    everything they put out is amazing. ily Skid
  • QuentinQuire
    Fantastic when they get on with it.
    I love the podcast I really do, I’ve got to if I’m 285 episodes deep in it. But sometimes they get so bogged down in rules debating and planning banter. This most recent episode more than half an hour passes in the podcast and less than a second passes in the game. Love ya boys but … Get On With It.
  • Chazquatch
    Review Pre - Beetles
    Found y’all a month or so ago. Currently around episode 150. Was going to wait until I caught up to review but the spy beetles have me crying with laughter at work and this is amazing.
  • Johhnnyqwqw
    The best actual play podcast out there!
  • jason a enright
    Love this show.
    I started listening a month ago and just realized I am 80 episodes in. This is a great actual play podcast. I live the characters and the hosts. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve screamed at Lorc for missing another attack. Great job guys. Keep it up!
  • Ullr-son
    Don’t remember how I found them, but so glad I did.
  • Thistlerock
    One of my favorite things, period. So much fun and wonder and earnest imagination. I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this motley crew.
  • LucasGrillos
    The Gold Standard
    This podcast is the metric by which you compare other podcasts. A masterclass in comedy, roleplaying, and long-term storytelling.
  • Nope4
    Love it
    Love all the content and the all the cast and guest they have. Can’t wait to see them live!!
  • Weasley6273818
    Get in the Trunk
    If you are not subscribed to their Patreon, you are OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! The penultimate episode of season 2 of Get in the Trunk is maybe the best 90 minutes of audio I have heard in YEARS!!! I’ve been subscribed to the GCP since 2017 and they continue to blow me away week after week. Keep it up guys and gals.
  • Kansbsngahvfdghjs
    Awesome Podcast
    So very funny. About time I get over and write this — all caught up on the episodes since 5/29/21. Highly recommend to anyone who likes to listen to actual play podcasts where the players and DM respect the rules of the game.
  • rugbyrover
    I love this network. I listen to all of their acutal play. TEN THOUSAND TIMES better then any other organization. I play 5E, you don't need to play Pathfinder to enjoy.
  • gilbert_the_hilbert
    Solid Listen
    Don’t play Pathfinder, but these guys are great. If I ever need a good laugh or a stressful Joe roll I just pop an episode in and enjoy the show.
  • tananananannanananan
    Best Role playing podcast out there
    Honestly, never played pathfinder, but I’m a huge fan of role playing podcasts and this is honestly my all time favorite. It’s a perfect balance of humor and drama. These guys are so passionate and have so much fun. It’s a joy listening to people who enjoy what they do this much. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. The characters are so great and well rounded. Highly recommend. I can’t remember the last time I binged a podcast this hard.
  • bkterryjr
    Another titan being felled by wokeness.
    I’ve been a big fan of this series since it started, but all good things come to an end. It all started with 4 middle aged offensive best friends playing together because they loved the game. And now it’s transforming into something “diverse”, “equitable”, insert sjw slogan here. I’ve never seen people work so hard to replace themselves in my life.
  • RImailman
    The Best AP Show
    I have been listening since the beginning. I am a letter carrier for the postal service and have spent so many 8 hour days with these characters I consider myself a lore keeper of GCN history. I would contend no one has listened to these episodes more than myself. You say I act like I was there when Lorc fought solo in Red Lake Fort? Well that’s because I was. I’ve stood there.
  • supwsilas
    You get a bottle cap
  • MinuteMage
    These good good boys
    I have been a long time DnD player and I always thought pathfinder was just the great value dnd, but after binging for the past few weeks I am now in my own roll20 pathfinder 2e campaign and I’m absolutely loving it. Thanks for bringing this to my ears and keeping me company while I’m at work on my microscope. You guys are great!
  • VWiles
    So f$&@ing great!!
    The title says it all. This is a phenomenal podcast!
  • Tayswift#1fan
    High quality, entertaining, and incredibly moving
    I don’t have words to express how much I love this podcast. Every episode I laugh, and I feel so enthralled by the story. Such an incredible show.
  • Completly Unique Nickname
    Honestly very good
    Even for none Role-Players, this is a amazing story with comedy, drama and action. I laughed, cried and sat at the edge of my seat at many points. I feel like I know these guys personally.
  • Manicfreak88
    Glass Cannon Network!
    These guys are great. They have taken the spot as my most listened to podcasts. I’m working my way through their entire backlog. I recommend everything they do!
  • Calbarog
    Can't get enough!
    I just binged the Glass Cannon Podcast playthrough of Giantslayer over the last several months. I loved the story they told so much! Now that I'm all caught up to the current episodes, I'm going to start on Androids and Aliens, their Starfinder Deadsuns campaign. I'm stoked about the new cast member, Ellie. Someday I hope to catch one of their liveshows and meet the Naish!
  • ShannPenn
    This group has been responsible for some of my favorite content in the last 5 years! Listen. Then check out the Patreon content. Can’t recommend enough.
  • DeathCon Yellow
    Best podcast out there
    Stop reading reviews and start listening to this podcast... right now!
  • YaBoyMike2319
    Phenomenal Work Gents
    My brother in law recommended you guys as a podcast to listen to during work and I can’t stop listening! You guys have inspired me as a GM/DM in such a great way and I’m grateful for all the hard work you guys put into the show. Keep it up! -Your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master and Cpl of Marines
  • itsjustlisaa
    I can’t stop!
    My husband has been recommending this podcast for awhile and I finally started it about two weeks ago. I am so happy to be this far behind, I won’t run out of episodes anytime soon. It’s the best!!!!
  • ya boi Trump
    My favorite podcast to binge
    It’s the best and most entertaining podcast I’ve listened to
  • CaptainMojo85
    I have heard mentions of the Glass Cannon Podcast for years, but wasn’t super interested. I began the pandemic reuniting with friends with whom I played dnd with back in 2003. We started with DnD 5e, and Pathfinder last June. I finally tuned in and I have not regretted it. While I drive to and from work, I get to cheer and groan with the Players on the podcast. It gets me pumped to play each weekend, and inspires my play style. If I thought my friends and I could be as fun to listen to, I’d make a podcast of our play.
  • Lily Everett-Curwick
    Great Nerdy TTRPG Goodness!
    I have binge-listened through 93 episodes in about 2 months! I came to this podcast as a fan of The Adventure Zone and Not Another DND Podcast. I had never played or listened to Pathfinder gameplay before. As a result, this podcast felt clunky and full of so many detailed rules I got lost several times in the first few episodes. For this reason I held off writing my review. I quickly got the hang of the more complicated rules however, and absolutely fell in love with the guys’ chemistry and contagious laughter. I got so involved in the story and characters that I completely forgot about writing my review until now, almost 100 episodes in! I love the polished story-telling of the other “actual play” podcasts I listen to, but I had never realized how many rules they glossed over and how rich and engaging those rules really make the game (once you get the hang of it), until I was 50+ episodes deep in the GCP! Honest opinion? This podcast is a delectable combination of fantastic voice-acting, incredible improvisation, gripping story-telling, deeply dimensional characters, great sound-work, and good old rule-keeping! I have laughed, I have cried, and I can’t wait to continue this journey with the cast of the GCP!
  • Cooper1424
    The superior TTRPG Actual Play
    Hands down the best RPG podcast I’ve listened to
  • VP Albert Akoff
    A very confused Vice Principal...
    Some FBI consultant just took my phone and made me download this podcast. At first I thought Roger Cumstone was nuts, but turns out this is a really really great podcast. So many laughs and really great storytelling!
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