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In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of super-nerds engage in Actual Play podcasts of Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Paths. Interweaving immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor, the Glass Cannon Podcast delivers like no other the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds. In May of 2022, the original Pathfinder 1E Giantslayer adventure came to an end and the previously unreleased podcast episodes of the Strange Aeons live tour were added. In September of 2023, Campaign Two begins as GM and Glass Cannon Network CEO Troy Lavallee leads a crew of network founders Joe O'Brien, Skid Maher and Matthew Capodicasa along with fan-favorites Sydney Amanuel and Kate Stamas through the Pathfinder 2E Gatewalkers Adventure Path.

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  • Jeremypodcastlistener
    Not as good as it used to be.
    Not sure what else to say.
  • Chris Lamke
    Fun and funny adventuring
    This show is fun and funny, with good storytelling and adventuring. I'm only 8 episodes in the original cycle but love it so far. I came to this podcast based on the Get in the Trunk show, a different game featuring the same people.
  • 😃😃😀😄😃😀😃😃
    Sent by the gods
    The gods love 1’s and so do we, death to PC characters 🔥🔥🔥
  • Number4Bobby0rr
    The best
    Listening to them has me wanting to play TTRPGs for the first time in 30 years.
  • Johnthesilent
    Simply The Best!
    No better TTRPG podcast out there, beats the rest handily!
  • Caedus2692
    Love this
    This is some of the best Pathfinder actual play content out there. If you love Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder or any kind of TT RPG, and you enjoy shows like Critical Roll or Dimension 20, you'll probably be into this podcast along with other shows from the Glass Cannon network. Like all shows like this, I recommend starting from the beginning, which is a recommendation I feel much more comfortable giving now that they have edited out jokes that didn't age well to put out a more inclusive product.
  • YEET will rule
    Something off…
    Idk what it is but something is not hitting as hard as season 1…
  • J_hawk76
    More than just an awesome Pathfinder podcast!
    I found the GCP way back near the beginning of campaign one, around the beginning of the Pathfinder 2e play test. I immediately fell in love with the fun, easygoing atmosphere of the show, and then shows when Androids and Aliens released. My group plays the other big fantasy RPG, and I listen to some other TTRP shows, but this is the one I choose to support on Patreon. I love the banter, it makes me feel like I’m sitting in with a bunch of friends. Keep up the great show! Love you guys.
  • aaron136699
    Just listen, it’s amazing!!!
    I almost never write reviews, but these guys are totally worth it. I’m on episode 167 right now. They have a new game that they just started and it doesn’t disappoint, I’m too into giant slayer right now though. The role-play and acting skills of these guys keeps me coming back for more. Just listen to a couple episodes and you’ll be hooked. I took a little bit of time off, but came right back to binging these episodes.
  • NerdBoy77
    Best actual play out there.
    As a lifelong gamer who finds that getting other grown adults schedules lining up to play make believe gets harder and harder. I was wanting a bit of that gaming fix. I tried other actual play podcasts and they never really made me feel that I was at the table. The glass cannon crew is totally different. You feel like you are really part of this crews games, jokes, and triumphs. This is simply the best game to listen to, with the best chemistry between friends out there.
  • ParmaFlyersAC22
    Great show, great personalities, very funny
    The original 5 (Troy, Joe, Skid, Grant, and Matthew) really gelled on Giantslayer. Then they added Ellie and Sydney for A&A, and it got even better. Now with Kate on Strange Aeons and Jared on SQSS, it got even better and even funnier. Looking forward to Gatewalkers! Update: Gatewalkers is live, and it is delivering! All the hard work to make it good paid off! Love the new intro music. Sydney and Kate are great additions.
  • ACatSat
    A single problem
    I’m loving the new campaign and the fact that Troy is being less insulting to the players. However, the intro music is jarring and terrible. It’s like a 70s sitcom. Can the composer of the “Blades in the Dark” intro create something to replace it?
  • fork management
    Perfect, just perfect
  • JudgeHusky
    GCP season 2 is amazing!
    I’ve been listened ng to the Glass Cannon Podcast since before they had a network. For the past several years they’ve managed to pursuade me to fork over my hard earned cash on their Patreon subscription and I’ve been following along as they’ve massively expanded their content. I’ve tried many other actual plays, but nothing compares to my first love, the GCP. I love everything they do and can’t recommend it highly enough. We’ve entered a whole new era with the new flagship GCP show, and the new subscription service to go with it. All the pieces have clicked into place and they may have produced the most perfect role playing entertainment product to ever exist. There is comedy. There is tragedy. There is tension that some character you love may die and leave the show forever. All of this is brought to you by the most talented improvisational performers working with the best production values anywhere. TLDR: the show is better than ever. A new story is just getting started. You should start listening today.
  • Benjybun
    Great pace, great group.
    There are a lot of TTRPG podcasts out there, and this has to be the one with the most fun presenters, the most interesting stories, and incredible pacing. By far one of my favorite things about this show is their continued interest in spreading the love for Pathfinder and other tabletop RPG’s. Please keep up the good work guys.
  • Rolth
    Not enough content
    I loved season 1, but I know a lot of people have commented about the banter and stuff. It looks like they have changed their feed so many times a lot of the old reviews fell off. I actually never minded the banter until recently though. There is only about 49 minutes of content per show, but they constantly interrupt the flow with whatever else. It took them around 3 hours to do something that I suspect was only supposed to take about 1 hour.
  • L’orc
    The most exciting group in actual play podcasts
    Been a fan for many, many years. These guys know how to craft an entertaining story while keeping the game moving. Some of the funniest people to ever grace a microphone. <3 <3 <3
  • Haedcase
    Totally worth a listen
    GCP1.0 started in 2015, at something like 346eps (sorry Troy, Matthew is right) and it is such a great and easy listen, I was hooked early and am still going back to the old stuff, HOWEVER, recently GCP2.0 just started up and it is GOLD! 3eps in and I am already hungry for more. Thursday nights can’t come soon enough. Give these folks a chance, they WILL NOT disappoint.
  • D3bluensilver
    Glass Cannon: An Ode
    Oh, Glasscannon Podcast, you are a treasure untold, In the realm of actual play, your stories unfold. With dice in hand and voices ablaze, You transport us all to Varisia's maze. From the Giantslayer campaign, we've come to adore, Characters like Gelabrous, brave to the core. Lorc the half-orc, with an axe in his grip, Barron's sharp aim, never missing a hit. Fairaza, the cleric, with wisdom untold, Guiding the party through challenges untold. But it's not just their stats that make them so grand, It's the players behind them, a talented band. You bring us adventure, both thrilling and dire, With laughter and drama that never tire. Through perilous battles and dungeons so deep, In your world, our hearts and minds take the leap. With humor that sparkles like Bardic delight, You make us laugh late into the night. Yet, beneath the laughter, emotions do swell, As we watch our heroes triumph and quell. You've crafted a world that we long to explore, With storytelling prowess that we can't ignore. Oh, Glasscannon Podcast, you hold a special place, For in your tales, we find a familiar face. So here's to you, with gratitude and cheer, For sharing your adventures year after year. In the world of tabletop, you're a shining star, And in our hearts, you'll always be bizarre. To the Glasscannon Podcast, our ode we raise high, For the fun, humor, grit, and emotions you supply. May your dice always roll in your favor's embrace, And may your stories continue in this boundless space.
  • Zenjager
    Come for the game, stay for the bant
    This show is so great because Troy and the players prioritize having fun over everything else. There is sooooo much here. You can start with Giantslayer and watch the naish grow or with Aeons and 2E or with the latest Gatewalkers campaign. The last Side Sesh was hilarious too, thanks to Jared!
  • arhertlein
    Catching Up!
    My brother introduced me to GCP last August. I started from Episode 1 and I just reached the March To 200! I figured I should rate it and support you guys! Hope I can catch up or start with your new campaign and attend a live show with him soon, he’s been to at least 3! Thanks for the entertainment!!!
    Don’t leave town!
    Was introduced to the pod by a friend a month or so ago and haven’t been able to stop listening since!
  • Heinzyee
    Perfect for Road Trips
    Started the podcast before a cross country drive. Perfect for keeping me smiling and geeking out. Back now and still listening. Highly recommend.
  • hXchristian7
    Couple of things are gonna happen…..
    Seriously the best podcast I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to or supporting. I have been a Patreon supporter since it’s inception and it only gets better with time. If you’re asking yourself at all if you should give it a shot, then just do it. Stop reading this and give 5 episodes a shot. They start off a bit crass but do they learn? Yes. Hours of entertainment worth every second and cent. The guys are genuine, transparent, and honest. TW below. This podcast saved me from some really dark times.
  • Henchman Speedy
    This is what tabletop gaming should be!
    I wish Skid was my dad.
  • Mgjc cjgm
    Best show on the network. Keep up the good work!
  • MikeForester
    Delighted Review. MikeForester
    I’ve been playing dnd (and other rpgs) for 1 year longer than Skid. (Ha! I win). I’ve been delighted listening to this podcast. It’s a raucous affair and the group of friends that play clearly like each other, though tease each other mercilessly. My latest 5e campaign is 2 years old and still going strong, as I DM my daughter and a group of her friends through an arduous and sometimes hideous trek. When WOTC (or Hasbro more accurately) showed their true colors I went looking for a different game system. Pathfinder is obviously it. Thank you for the education and enjoyment of this clearly first class RPG. For Highbury!
  • the man called pat
    Hilarious and informational, do yourself a favor and give a listen
  • Mars8606
    Love this pod. Love this crew.
    This pod has given me so many hours enjoyment. The cast and crew is amazing even as it has changed over time the quality of the podcast hasn’t changed in the least and had only improved. I applaud the crew for all the work they have put in.
  • LorctheOrc
    The best actual play out there.
    Everyone on the show is awesome! If you’re a huge NERD!!!!! and you’re not listening to this show you’re doing something wrong.
  • KWright50
    This is Awesome
    I’ve been meaning to offer a review for a while and been remiss. The GCP is awesome. I’ve been playing D&D for about thirty years and Pathfinder since its inception. Hugely entertaining, and it scratches the role playing itch when I can’t actually play. Thanks GCP crew, you guys are are, once again, awesome.
  • BoaFangRacing
    Internet reviewers are the worst. You’ll read one below that says “Troy has always been an egomaniac.” Get out of here with that. He’s a self-made villain (on the show) for entertainment reasons. These guys are all brilliant.
  • SlayRod
    Absolutely love this show, amazing content!
    I have never played DnD or Pathfinder but I really love this show! Dan Carlin levels of podcast talent here, imo. A friend turned me onto it recently and I have been enraptured by it ever since. These guys are funny and explain the rules and dynamics of the game extremely well. This show has inspired me to jump into the world of Pathfinder with my children. You guys are seriously hilarious! Thanks Glass Cannon Podcast, for giving me a template to get into a game I’ve always wanted to try but have never played!
  • grendel530
    Love it
    This podcast never fails to bring a smile to my face. I am filled with dread with every fumble roll, I exclaim victoriously with every crit and I get laughter-induced stomach pain with all the frequent comedic bits. I have not played Pathfinder but these guys are making me consider becoming a Pathfinder addict, and hey, it’s better to be an RPG addict than a meth addict.
  • OliveProcessor
    It’s a good show
    Troy has been an egomaniac and a control freak for his entire life. Jared and Skid are better DMs by far. The rest of the crew are fantastic, 9/10 all around. Lovely work here.
  • The Mattmann
    The G.O.A.T.
    The single best actual play podcast that I have ever listened to. This is must listen material.
  • Lwnasidh
    Where a Great Thing Started
    I've listened to a lot of Glass Cannon pods in the last year and a half including the Patreon exclusives, and I've finally got the time to go back and listen to the original. Giantslayer is amazing, as is everything else these folks do. They are hilarious, and you can tell they're friends because of the amount of abuse they dump on each other for our enjoyment. The only downsides are the profanity -- so I can't share it with certain friends that aren't inclide to such things -- and the complete lack of knowledge about the existence of fresh water sharks -- especially river sharks. That last one almost cost them a star. But I suppose that I can forgive that one small failing in exchange for the hours of laugh-out-loud enjoyment that I've experienced from this crew. I can't wait to see them live.
  • ddose
    Once was grand.
    Without Grant, It’s just and…
  • blackelkpathfinder
    Funny and engaging.
    Good for people new to RPGs. I laugh every episode. These guys are funny, silly and fun.
  • Drum and Bass
    Mostly amazing
    I loved Giant Slayer. The Stange Aeons pod is very hard to follow at times, and if you are a serious pathfinder player kind of hard to listen to at times. Just too many characters and new players that don’t know what they are doing which makes the combats especially painful listen to. 5 players getting bodied by a campaign designed for 4 because they don’t know how to play the game or build a character and single turns can take 20 minutes. That said the role play is super high quality and the players are all very entertaining.
  • kreminal27
    Great show
    Innovative and amazing, these folks have branched out in many directions, pushing what actual play podcasts can be. The Patreon material is amazing as well.
  • Paintballinrn
    Best actual play TRPG show
    Ran into this show when they first started out and was hooked from the beginning. I listen to everything this network puts out A+++
  • CaptainDigitalis
    Amazing stories, fun friends
    I learned about this podcast 5 years after it debuted, in the middle of this pandemic. Their stories, friendship, and care for their audience drew me in instantly. I binged all 5 years joyfully laughing out loud as my family stared at me strangely. It is an awesome example of pathfinder, live play, and just good fun!
  • Amos_encrypted
    One of the best table top role playing groups in the world right now.
    These people are hilarious. If you love witty improvisation, snappy dialogue, great chemistry, and snarky east-coast style humor then you can’t do any better than this. I’ve spent many happy hours listening to these wackos pinball around a dizzyingly wide variety of role-play scenarios while I clean, cook, and clear those cursed logging missions in Snowrunner. Highly recommended.
  • madbar525
    Always worth it
    Proud NAISH member since maybe 2017? 2018? Love the show, love the players, love the content.
  • Shokotsu
    What I’ve Been Missing
    So, I’m late to the scene. Like… Very late. I’m in my thirties and discovered Tabletop RPG about 4-5 years ago. I avoided tabletop in general, board games, RPGs, and anything that was too nerdy. Not cause I thought I was too cool, cause I’m not and I wasn’t. I played MTG, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and played Video Games. D&D just seemed so old and pencil, paper, and cliché. People made fun of it and no one in my nerd group even considered it. My sister-in-law asked us to play 5e one day and I fell in love with it! The freedom of 5e wasn’t for me and I wanted something crunchier. Enter Pathfinder 1e and very soon after 2e when it released. I’ve been hooked ever since and yet, I wanted a vision of what I crafted in my head as a perfect group. Serious RP with a splash of comedy, describe your action, act out your roll, and a group of players into the AP or Homebrew. However, it’s all jokes, memes, boring RP, and green text garbage. Occasionally I’d get a group that ticked a few boxes, but never all of them. There was always a joke-player who wanted to build Kermit, a Grog, Horny Bard, or Edgy Thief. Not saying those are always bad or don’t have their place, but when every game and multiple players just wanna kill the shopkeeper, bang the dragon, or check out after combat ends. It’s depressing. I’ve never been a podcast guy, even before tabletop. I didn’t watch Twitch or listen to podcasts. Listening to someone else have fun didn’t make sense. A friend of mine I knew outside of Tabletop had joined my group of players and got me into Glass Cannon. I’ve been listening for a week or two, I’m currently on episode 24 of Giant Slayers and I’m hooked. This is what I’ve been missing!!! I’ve been hunting for THIS in my groups. The level of serious RP, detailed GMing, splash of comedy, explanation of rules, and using the crunchy system I love! It’s perfect. I’m gonna finish this and the next and the next and get caught up! Maybe when y’all start your next new campaign I’ll tune into twitch. However, 5 stars out of 5 stars. Thank you for reigniting my flames for the hunt of THIS! In finding this in a group for myself. Thank you.
  • Sande_Cheeks1286
    Seriously, THE best actual play
    This podcast got me back into ttrpgs, helped me meet new friends, made me cry, made me laugh, so much quality entertainment over the years.
  • Druxy95
    The best
    Really it's just the best. Not always rules accurate but they try and the chemistry between the group is fantastic.
  • Bubbasfatfriend
    Fantastic Show!
    This show got me hooked on pathfinder. I love the banter at the beginning of the shows and the Giantslayer cast is amazing together. The transition of cast members in Strange Aeons worked well as did the move from 1e to 2e.
  • Meta Godzilla
    The best in the biz
    It’s good!
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