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A Good Pilot Is Always Learning

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  • xmgx01
    Please add to Spotify!!
    Excellent aviation podcast. Please add to Spotify! Thanks!
  • BlackDelta1
    Great Stuff
    Great voice. I couldn’t agree more that a good pilot is always learning. This has and will always stick with me for the rest of my aviation career.
  • poconnell10
    Superb pod …
    Detailed, structured and professional
  • crystal mtn
    Good content
    I’m wanting to and plan to get my PPL and this podcast helps prepare me for what is coming my way. Keep up the good work man!
  • roypfoh
    Just self promotion
    I think Jason would probably be a great instructor to work with. Unfortunately, MZeroA content is always half(at best) self promotion, and half content. It’s just not a good use of time when the ratio of content to filler is so low.
  • Drdtdd
    Lots of fluff and self promotion
    Listened to 3 or 4 of these, and the self promotion, religious overtones, and lack of actual useful material will send me elsewhere.
  • lebronshanes
    Great awesome
    Thanks for this amazing podcast I’m using as a supplement to Learn before my first sport pilot lesson. You rock Jason!!!
  • qeerttuioopbffvvnnn
    Thank you Jason!
    Love this podcast!
  • Pavel the captan
    Good podcast
    Great podcast
  • DJ_Cunningham
    We love Pastor Jason
    Thank you for all your help. Couldn’t of got my first solo without it next stop Cross country:)
  • wavra
    Best podcast fir private pilot’s
    This is a must listen to anyone going to become a private pilot. This took my knowledge to the next level. Thanks for doing this Jason
  • sophiebatchelor
    I recently passed my Private Pilot Checkride and it is mainly because of this podcast!! Thanks Jason, you are truly gifted at this!
  • conner702
    MZEROA is the best
    I just finished MZEROA’s Private Pilot ground school and not only was that an amazing learning experience but this podcast goes perfectly with the ground school training. It’s super relatable to any kind of Pilot in training. Jason was definitely meant for this!
  • Jpizzle g gizzle
    Welcome back!
    Love this podcast. Not sure if you read these but just a heads up the audio was pretty bad in your latest podcast(UAL173) sounded like latency pops or you were overdriving the mic preamp. Make sure you keep an eye on that input gain. 😉 keep up the good work, good to have you back.
  • Amir Mogul
    Best teachers around
    I feel like this podcast and the company will help me become great pilot someday.
  • macronerd
    Great Resource!
    Absolutely love it. I was uncertain at first, but one episode and I am hooked! Gonna need a lot more episodes. I am a student pilot and the advice and experience given is fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more.
  • Eddyroxstar
    Passed My Checkride!
    Thank you for this great podcast! I just recently got my private pilot license and a lot of it had to do with keeping my mind in training mode and listening to these podcasts while I was on the road.
  • CaptHush
    Best Aviation Learning Podcast
    I just spent my Saturday listening to just a few of these short podcast and feel like I've learned SO Much, in such a short time. Really do see why he's won so many awards for his teaching practices. Writing this review because I'm grateful for him giving back to the industry. Hope to pass my written before the end of the year!
  • Arthur7584
    Love it!
    Love it!
  • medic215
    Great Information
    I am a huge fan of MzeroA and everything Jason has done to provide a wanderful resource for pilots (or aspiring pilots) to stay engaged and keep learning to be more safe and proficient. With information this good, being presented this well - it is hard to wait for the next episode! My only wish for this podcast would be to have new episodes on more of a regular schedule. While weekly would be awesome, I understand that Jason has to have time for his other ventures and his home life. Keep up the great work!
  • Gooood !!!11
    Great listen! Great information!
    Always great topics and audio quality!
  • Uncle77bill
    Awesome resource.
    This podcast is so good just to get your mind in training mode. Great job!!
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