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Entrepreneur Andy Frisella and his guests discuss, debate, and laugh their way through trending topics and hot-button issues. (This is also the home of Andy's other show, the top-ranked MFCEO Project Podcast)

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  • McBeard79
    Boom! Best Podcast out there!
    No Ads, no bull$h!t! Great motivational shows and there are great nutrition products at 1stPhorm. 75 Hard is the FREE program, I just like to invest in the dude that invests in us!
  • AndyCandy2.0
    #1 Podcast in the 🌎
    Literally every single episode is 🔥🔥🔥
  • H8 Xqs
    Life Enhancing
    The amount of information, knowledge, perspective, and laughs I have gained from these sessions cannot be measured. My overall growth over the last two years is mind boggling. Such amazing content to learn from. THANK YOU ANDY!
  • jandbeidnx d
    5 Stars
    Great job on the podcast, good sir. One stop shop for what it takes to thrive in sales and business - especially for someone like me who needs to hear it in raw form.
  • 3boys88
    Life Changing
    If you want to WIN in life it’s a must listen. It’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
  • aperpetuo1
    Love it!
    One of the most motivating podcasts and influential! Thank you for being you!
  • Homa 13
    Finally some logic and rational thinking
    It’s refreshing to hear actual truth and reality instead of the lies we have been getting fed by the media and politicians. Plus you actually learn real life tools on this podcast you can relate to.
    This podcast has changed my life and continues to when I need it the most . Going through some real tough times ? Andy we’ll get ya through it and make sure you come out better on the other side FOR FREE!!!!!!! Thanks Andy keep inspiring .. your spirit is priceless we need more people like you !
  • Buckblue
    Episode 151
    F**K those guys… You are loved & respected by your people! Thank you for speaking & living TRUTH! Much Love 🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸 Chuck Seas
  • Dazwazup92
  • Thee Johnny V
    Dues paid!!! Supporting abs sharing your podcast even though people look at me different now. I don’t give 2 fks. God bless
  • CM198888888!
    A white dude and a black dude do butt stuff
    The latest episode was straight fire and hilarious. Y’all need to make that an hour show every time. The real question is....who’s butt?
  • Shelby.P93
    Thank you
    Today’s show was great! Andy and DJ were great. I loved how everything thing bounced from serious to laughing. I really needed the laugh today! Great show
  • c-money's mom
    Bless up
    Love your show & genuine compassion for Americans!
  • Muh Ris Uhhh
    Actually really inspiring and motivating
    My boyfriend listened to this while we were on a roadtrip and this isn’t something I would normally be interested in. However, this podcast is totally different from anything else available right now (in terms of podcasts). It’s nearly impossible to move up from one class into another. There are unspoken rules for those in every class system in the US and these guys actually share so many of those unspoken rules out loud. You probably aren’t going to hear this information told so bluntly, and they give directions along with the info! You have to Change your actions to change your thinking to change your reality. These guys know what they are talking about. I’m not an entrepreneur but I’m interested in success and this is a podcast about succeeding. EDIT** I’m only on episode 5 so we’ll see how things go lol
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Andy, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • AndrewSTL64/44
    If you ever want to run for president, that’d be cool, I’d vote for you. Actually, please do. Love the podcast. Love the company. I’m born and raised in stl and I’m super happy we got people like you coming from this town.
  • ChaseStrubIowa
    Changed my life
    This podcast 100% changed my life. Because of it I am a better man in all areas of my life. I have now completed 75 Hard and cannot truly thank Andy enough for giving out all this information and motivation for free! Well worth the listen!
  • Cjohnson_
    Best podcast on the planet.
  • Kazlene
    Really Real
    Mid-30s wife, mom, salesperson. This podcast isn’t for everyone but it sure is for me. I was living in a state of weakness and spent every day making excuses for why I wasn’t achieving my goals. This dose of reality was a tough pill to swallow but I needed to hear it. RealAF Taught me how to become mentally tough. I completed 75 hard and today I start phase 1. I’ve never felt more in control of my life and my circumstances. Thanks Andy and company. Your content has made this mama an incredible example for her three little girls.
  • manosteel14
    Working Through It
    Hey Andy, just finished this mornings episode 150. I paused the episode when y’all suggested to go to the website and sign the petition. Funny part is right after you said something about how you didn’t care if you’re in Butteffing easy Kansas… hahaha Shout from Manhattan Kansas. Keep it up @manosteel14
  • Jepic82
    Andy speaks the truth.
    Andy is to the point with his messages and helped me tremendously with my growth.
  • G.Fuller
    Andy tells it like it is- no sugar coating- exactly what we need to hear- tremendous insight- and with great guests on the show. He has made a huge difference in my business and helping me think better about the real world- and all WITHOUT ads - Unlike many other great podcasts: (E.M.)…
  • rue883
    Real men
    A real man teaching men how to be a real man.
  • Porter102965
    Best podcast!
    Andy and co-host Vaughn are the best duo to deliver entrepreneurship, leadership, and tips about life. And On how to stop being a standard human being!
  • Gavin Newsoms Worst Enemey ^
    The only real one left
    The only real MF left out there. Elevate yourself and listen to the podcast.
  • jnehe
    Number 139 soil of America
    Andy, Sal, and DJ along with Dr Russ and my phavorite Philly Erin Elmore put on an outstanding show mixing facts and common sense with a side of patriotism. We’ll worth the listen for those who need spinal support. Fight on , gents! Fight on!
  • SF 1992
    Show 148 👍🏼
    Great show. Good points guys. Sad that the world is messed up like this.
  • ChinnDizzle
    Room for improvement
    With each new episode it feels like Andy and crew are becoming more extreme. I do believe at the end of the day they just want what’s best for the country but I fear the broad generalizations espoused only encourage further polarization and division. They always talk about the fact that if people on different sides sat down and had genuine conversations they would find they have more in common with each other than not. Yet, aside from maybe Jason Khalipa the majority of recent guests all carry very similar points of views (to be fair this is expected with any show really). The conversations often turn into emotionally charged rants but provide very little in the way of specifics or practical solutions that listeners can walk away with and implement/use in their own lives. I guess I’m used to the wealth of practical business knowledge Andy drops but these are just much different episodes/conversations (I do understand this is no longer the MFCEO Project). I get the sense that Andy is frustrated/discouraged but I hope he finds a way to stay positive and use his platform to help keep us accountable, drive us forward but at the same time together. By no means an easy feat but I believe he to be a man who has what it takes to accomplish that. So I will continue listening. It’s always good to get outside of your own echo chamber and better understand where different people are coming from anyway. Thanks, from a moderate Democrat in California but first and foremost an American, a husband, and a father.
  • itsyourboyangel
    This podcast is not 5 stars but 7
    Great content about motivation, business, tips about life, how to do and be better at it. I recommend it to everyone to listen to it. Thanks for the podcast
  • Rudy brehm
    Thanks Andy! Love his insight and motivation. Keep it up my guy
  • Cooper Williams
    “You’ll get you’re money’s worth”
    Andy does an amazing job explain the mentality of business and mental strength! And just the all around mentality of winning. Who doesn’t like to win?! Great Podcast! Andy keep doing you!
  • Hanna from Kansas
    This man has changed my life. I listen to him or his featured guests daily. Consistently. And it truly makes a difference in my day to day life. On Day 73 of 75 Hard, and I can’t put into words the changes that have happened within me. Thank you will never be enough!!! Keep going, keep pushing the limits, keep producing because it’s making a difference!!! Love y’all!
  • thrivekcmo
    Motivation x 10!! Life Changing!
    Absolutely won’t go a day without listening to this podcast! It lines up perfectly with my views and motivations…if you want to create the best version of YOU….LISTEN TO THIS!
  • megan422
    Life Changer
    If you are serious about improving your life you need this podcast. Andy says everything we need to hear. Keep doing what you do Andy!
  • DDolgos
    Old school brought modern!
    Love the show fellas! Also just FYI the vaccinated folks carry the same amount of viral load 👍🏻
  • Sherrman16
    Love it!
    Absolutely love the show, Andy! “New Drinking Game Idea.” …..every time Andy interrupts DJ, …. take a shot.
  • Chase_mcd
    Life course altering, future forging.
    I’m almost 22 and started listening when I was 20. I’ve become more of a man and more of a person than I could ever hope to be. Thank you, for everything. Truly.
  • Aubrey ITunes
    I’m obsessed with this podcast. I like that they shoot it straight and give such good information. Always gets my mind right.
  • futureinbeta
    Andy just keeps going further and further down the Qtard hole... Should have stuck to moitivation and supplements.
  • renaaavibez
    Real is rare
    Episode 143. The voice I needed to hear to know I am doing nothing wrong by taking the steps I am for myself. The closest people to you are usually your haters. 🙏🏽 cheers to doing me and being proud and not worried who I leave behind. That’s their choice.
  • VilkingBadAss
    Everyday Joe
    I’m literally the everyday Joe and this episode spoke legions to me. I’m gonna get involved today. Thanks bro!
  • driversam
    Thank you for Episode 142. Creating Loyalty…
    The stars just aligned for me finding you and this episode. Your message was heard loud and clear and thank you. I am a weapon - not a spoon.
  • Charlie wiesss
    Love this!!
  • cdk73
    Andy speaks truth!
    If you can’t handle the truth don’t listen!
  • G. Milt
    By far the best podcast i have found!
    I found andy’s podcast at a low time in my life. Best thing i could have ever listen to at that time. Im starting 75hard tomorrow! Thank you Andy and team for this kickass podcast!
  • Coffeycan
    The best podcast out there
  • KnowledgeCraving
    Mental Training
    This podcast is a must listen daily to get some tangible advice and mental motivation.
  • YP Mikey D
    I’m so glad I discovered this show in my 20’s. Helped me work through depression. I never want to know where I’d have ended if I wouldn’t have discovered this message and the 75 program
  • Karneson0321
    Contradicting that b**ch voice in your head
    Well, I guess all the “reasons” I always gave myself for not being able to succeed may not be all that valid. If you need to hear someone that is will to contradict all the little excuses you try to use to validate you life, this is that voice.
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