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Recent Reviews
  • Ameer.Alkadi
    Great podcast and very knowledgeable presenters!
    I love Imam Omar, he’s a very knowledgeable, smart, and loving person. I inspire by people like him, and I hope one day I get to meet him inshallah!
  • Kyautagogo
    The Best!
    This is one of the best powerful podcast I’ve heard on mental health, I am one of those people guilty of toxic positivity especially when it comes to the emotions of my children. I always felt they were strong enough to weather the storm and they’re well equipped with mechanisms of imaan. Now listening to all these scholars on mental health vis-à-vis our Islamic jurisprudence and perspectives it gave me an opportunity to searchinwards and the resolve to do better next time when counseling and listening to others pains and agitations. SubhanAllah! This is a life changing webinar that everyone must listen to especially people like us that operates in gender based violence. Ma’asha Allah! You have no idea how much you have enriched my soul! I normally run away from podcasts that lasts more than hour but this, I kept listening to over and over again to equip myself with the lessons and teachings that will help me advance my mission better. JazakAllahu khayran. May Allah continue to bless you and enrich us all with more insights and knowledge to help HIS Ummah. Allahumma Aameen. BarakAllahu fiyqum...
  • JebsM
    He is so Knowledgeable and his voice is a blessing
    Since the day I listened to one of his lecture he became my favorite. May Allah bless him in this duniya and akhira. 🤲.
  • Wanderalot
    Islam is false! Jesus is Lord!!!
  • Jayden's Muvva
    Juz 17
    I love this podcast. As a new Muslim it is extremely helpful with understanding as I read Quran and also understanding Islam. Juz 17 review with the sister was beautiful. Mashallah! I had chills when she gave her insight and how it connected to her son riding a bike. Shukran for this podcast. May Allah continue to bless everyone listening and everyone who provides insight. Alhamdulillah
  • warsan nuura
    Absolutely amaze my Allah reward you all the work you do for this ummah. It is much needed one. JazakaAllah
  • Sabah ha
    Sabah Ha
    Mashala May Allah reward you all, I listen to this podcast every day whenever I’m free especially in the evening with my family please keep doing this even after Ramadan Inshala.
  • SaraSheikh
    Mashallah so lovely
    Mashallah so lovely to listen to! The Juz khutbas as well as the ‘ meet the prophet’ are really helping make my Ramadan special. Thank you! May you be rewarded in this life and the next !
  • chukumake
    Great lectures
    I love listening to these lectures . I have learned a lot about my religion. May Allah bless and grant you Jannah.
  • ali tsepo
    Listening to you Omar has transformed me a lot..may Allah guide you on the right path always..our world needs people like you. I guess Ibrahim AS dua worked on you .
  • With Allah is true reward
    May Allah build you a home in janna and bless you in this dunya. Alhamdullilah for Muslims like you in this world .
  • machende90
    Great preacher!
    May Allah reward you in all your good works for guiding people like me and for giving us better clarity on what Islam is all about! I really love how you use the ayas from the Quran to back up what the sermon is all about! MashaAllah!
  • khadijahRA
    Excellent Iman booster.
    I recently went through a divorce and started driving for Uber. I love that I can listen while I drive. This podcast has taught me so much about my religion , inspired and motivated me all while bringing me closer to Allah. I love the calmness and clarity.
  • Tahero
    Subscribe. 5star it. Share it.
    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Alhamdulellah. I love Sh. Omar for Allah's sake bc of the accuracy of the knowledge he spreads forward. May Allah reward and accept from us all iA!!
  • Saleh Hady
    جزاك الله خيرًا
    Asalaamualaikum Warahmatullah. Thank you very much for this, such a great way to spend my commute. 1 request, please add more speakers/lectures: -Green Lane masjid -Okasha Kameny -Abu Usamah At Thahabi -Aqeel Mahmood جزاك الله خيرًا
  • Jafari5
    Islam for the 21st century
    Omar Suleiman is one of the few modern Islamic scholars that today's youngsters can relate to. These podcasts are audio taken from the recorded videos. Would be great to produce podcast shows to cover different topics.
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