Insight Hour with Joseph Goldstein


Joseph Goldstein has been a leading light for the practice of Insight and Loving Kindness meditation since his days in India and Burma where he studied with eminent masters of the tradition. In his podcast, The Insight Hour, Joseph delivers these essential mindfulness teachings in a practical and down to earth way that illuminates the practice through his own personal experience and wonderful story telling.

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Recent Reviews
    Listening to Joseph heals my soul.
  • nickanderhoey
    Man, I love this guy!
  • K. Hoh
    Thank you very much
    I can’t express the gratefulness in my heart for your thoughtful, grounded, compassionate, wise and awakening teaching and explanations. After groping in the dark for over 50years, I am so beyond grateful to know I am seeing the crack of light, and I am going to follow it.
  • XI Allogenes
    Words are insufficient to describe the impact this podcast has had on my life.
  • AtomBombW/MothWings
    American Bodhisattva
    This man in my hero. He’s helped me so much it’s incredible for me to reflect on. He’s my teacher. He’s a gift to my life. As I struggle with an awful illness, his dharma talks provide a practice that enriches existence while revealing its underbelly. Thank you Joseph! ... If in Columbus, OH know you’ve a warm place to stay! 6143703025
  • harveyj2
    Amazing Resource
    I am a long time follower of Joseph. He is an amazing teacher. His three volume set: Abiding in Mindfulness was a truly indispensable, transformational resource for me. Joseph's repuation is probably well known to most western meditators, but this is my small thanks to him for all that he has done to help us in the west become less reactive, more ethical, and more deeply spiritual even as we become more secular as a society.
  • spiritforest
    Thank you
    Soothing voice. Inspiring while logical and applicable. Post more please! Love Goldstein’s teachings.
  • I'mMIMI
    Metta morphing
    Joseph Goldstein is a great teacher.
  • the ear swab
    Blowing my mind
    Joseph Goldstein has a comforting voice. It almost embodies the gesture of letting go; his warm, sometimes sarcastic, always considerate instruction expertly slips past the defenses and protests of the ego. He’s literally fellatiating my mind.
  • dayweeks
    Relaxed speech true nutriment.
  • tiestomau5
    Talks way too much!
    How can someone relax to singing bowl when there is constant intermittent talk throughout?!? This should be entitled, “guided bowl”
  • Sunny Wunder
    Insight Hour
    Your wisdom knows no bounds.
  • Silent Peace Walker
    The great teacher
    Joseph Goldstein is admirable. I learned and continue learning so much from him.
  • jeblen49
    Insight Hour
    Very insightful
  • NO NAME23456789900
    Huge Appreciation
    Thank you for your amazing gift of insight and research - your podcasts are healing and hopeful. So excited to see and hear you are back❤️❤️
  • weezaholic
    This podcast has helped me in my practice. Love Joseph.
  • TalcumX
    Hope the content keeps coming!
    Love listening to Joseph. Great podcast!
  • silverships
    The real deal
    Joseph Goldstein is one of the most respected and longest practicing teachers of meditation in the west. His deep, insightful and humorous talks are rich with detail and worth several listens each. A humble master, a down to earth guy. One of my favorite podcasts. Also check out Sharon Salzberg.
  • bluejsachs
    Gold standard
    Joseph Goldstein... enough said
  • Bobbydoe
    This podcast reduces my DUKHA
  • tristontriston
    Thanks Joseph
    Thanks Jo
  • Vipassananewbie
    The best discourses by vipassana meditation
    I went on the 10 day retreat and now back at home, missing the nightly discourses and this is an excellent alternative
  • Charlie-Danger
    Fantastic podcast, I have listened to every episode multiple times. Highly recommend it!
  • DharmaCandy
    I am beyond grateful for this wisdom from Joseph Goldstein. He is, from my experience, the most knowledgable, wise, and mindful teacher of the Dharma I have ever heard. I feel blessed to have access to such wisdom. And I am eternally grateful to Joseph for making this podcast available here. Thank you 🙏
  • PCGemini*
    Grateful to have this here
    Joseph Goldstein is one of the --if not the most-- profound teachers of the dharma. There is nothing more to say except thank you for sharing your wisdom here with us, Joseph.
  • Krhodes586
    Fantastic stuff
    Joseph Goldstein is probably my favorite mindfulness teacher and this pod series is wonderful. Thanks!
  • bigdogslizzy
    It's great
    Joseph is a great teacher.
  • Jo.hn3
    Great podcast
    Joseph is an excellent teacher of mindfulness meditation. He has had so many amazing experiences on his path to enlightenment. They make for a entertaining podcast.
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