Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White take an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket...

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  • Positively Underwelmed
    You’ve gone soft!
    Well you sure threw Jimmy and the rest of the England team under the bus when interviewing Mel! You suggested that the Lords incident was to be discussed and as soon as Mel gave her opinion you agreed and moved on no discussion about how the Aussies will win at any cost! No push back at all! I have listened to this podcast from the beginning now I withdraw my support and will listen no more!
  • ThatGuyMike1989
    Non-stop laughs
    Loosely cricket-based, fully based on having a good time and laughter. What could be better you ask? Well, throw England’s greatest ever bowler, and my favorite cricketer, into the mix. Go well from Colorado-based American with an English father! If it weren’t for him, I would’ve never even heard about cricket.
  • therojay
    Too mean-spirited at times
    I used to listen to this podcasts at times, but the podders - especially Greg James - sometimes allow the edgy banter to veer into mean-spiritedness. In one recent podcast, James read a touching email from a listener who is working two jobs after losing his main job during the pandemic, and how he impulsively decided to watch an amateur cricket match for 15 minutes to lift his spirits. Shortly after reading the email, however, James mocked the reader with a sarcastic and dismissive remark - it was so needlessly rude that even one of the other podders (I believe it was Jimmy) reacted with a shocked chuckle. That started to turn me off the podcast, and the extended discussion in the next podcast that glorified heavy booze drinking has put me off it for good. Go well, indeed.
  • Caspivs
    Exceptional Value
    One of the best cricket podcasts going, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone whilst touching on the pertinent (and impertinent) news in the world of Cricket. Keep 'em coming, lads!
  • stbaker66
    Simply the best
    My “go to” podcast each week. Guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and occasionally scratch your head. The blend of all 5 of them is superb and clearly just pure luck - a test cricketer and a shoe sales man on the same show ... who would have thought that would work.
  • Husky58
    Ex Pat
    Need to get back to the three of you. More cricket. Less from the shoe salesman. Last live show (Palace) was cringeworthy.
  • AngryPatsFan
    Pretty good
    Entertaining and funny. Occasionally allows great cricket insights to slip through.
  • Leethelee
    What would I do without this?
    Such fun!
  • Susan McAllister
    I’m a believer!
    Do you have to understand cricket to love this podcast? No! You emphatically do not. I am a clueless American, and I’m trying really hard to understand the game. I mean, I think I may understand the rules of curling better. Curling! But even with my paltry understanding of the game itself, I fully enjoy each episode of Tailenders. The banter is entertaining and random in typical Greg James style. Give it a try and go well!
  • smhoyle
    Listening in Des Moines, Iowa. As is my newborn son when I do the midnight feed. Every night he gets a “go well” from Dad. Pretty sure I can make out a “cheers” between the cooing. His nappies are a bit spicy though in the morning.
  • dumpstershaman
    Always entertaining
    Simply a great podcast.
  • nhtm190
    Bit spicy
    Great podcast, keeping me sane on an 8 month trip in America you have also managed to convert my older brother Adam from a Non cricketer to someone who wants to join a local cricket team, go well guys cheers
  • Iceman scafell
    Great pod
    Keep it going! Why stop now carry on through to NZ and beyond.
  • HanStav
    here for the puns
    I don’t know what’s going on here, but I like it.
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