Rabbi Daniel Lapin


Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how the world REALLY works and reminds us that the more things change, the more we need to depend upon those things that never change.

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  • Stonebank
    Fresh air
    Dear Rabbi Lapin, Thank you for your insightful speeches; your wisdom should be heard by all, as you are truly a breath of fresh air in a world where so many opt for filth. I am a Christian, but my two closet friends are Jewish. They are amazed that I know so much about their faith, yet they do not realize how close it is to my very own. Keep lighting the way. My wife and I enjoy listening to you and I love it when I catch you on Glenn’s show from time to time. G-d bless you always.
  • Muk Man
    Masterful Speeches
    Dear Rabbi Lapin, I wanted to express my gratitude for the masterful speeches that you make available in your podcast. I enjoy sharing your wisdom (citing your name, of course) in discussions with my family, my Chabad Rabbi, the Director of my Pastoral Counseling Program, and my friends. Thank you for all you do. May HaShem bless you and your family.
  • FreedomOverTyrants
    Best Podcast
    This is the one podcast that I never miss. Some weeks, I will listen to the same show multiple times as the insight and information is so valuable to me. Thank you, Rabbi.
  • Sedh21
    The best Podcast especially if you want to know how the world really works
    Rabbi has taught me so much. I invite any and everyone to listen!
  • 1MarkAntonio
    How the World Rrrrrrrreally Works
    I read Thou Shall Prosper 6 years ago and it positively changed my life forever. I then discovered this podcast and have since listened to every episode. The rabbi doesn’t sugar-coat anything with politically correct cowardice. Every episode is full of wisdom. If you listen to this podcast you will definitely see a positive return in your time invested.
  • 3Yeladim
    Finally found my Rabbi
    I finally found a Rabbi who aligns with my values, speaks about things that will actually help me in my life, and help me make sense of the chaos.
  • alinagee
    This is the podcast I’ve been looking for my entire life and didn’t even know about it! Biblical wisdom combined with intellect and knowledge of how our world rrrrrrrealy works. It is so amazing how every episode, no matter the topic, edifies and strengthens my belief in God. I grew up in a truly Christian home, with God-fearing parents and strong knowledge of the Bible. The public schools’ and universities’ strong stands on feminism, fluid gender, and other philosophies tend to murk your beliefs. I am so happy that Rabbi Daniel Lapin is so strong in his stance and supports every idea with reasoning, the Bible, history, science, and common sense! Thank you!!
    Full of Wisdom
    I look forward to listening to Rabbi Daniel Lapin every week. He truly possesses a deep understanding of how things are and he explains them so elegantly.
  • Jchoffman
    Great biblical wisdom
    The presentations show a deep understanding of Godly principles and the application to the world’s events is spot on and often solidifies my beliefs.
  • Mohutnost
    It's great.
  • Mouthdoc
    Love Rabbi Lapin!
    Listen to this man! He is wise and very well informed.
  • jadetulips
    Rabbi is fantastic
    I learn something new every time I listen. I eagerly wait each week for the new podcast. Thank you for your wisdom. You as well Mrs. Latin!
  • Joebod87
    Love it!
    Love it!
  • Someonesmom
    Very informative shows.
  • fairplease
    Life Changing
    I have been encouraged, edified, and enlightened by this podcast. This is the most intelligent podcast available. Rabbi Lapin is knowledge and able to impart his knowledge. He knows how life “Reaaaaaaly” works! Steve H. Portland, TN.
  • Plumberguide
    The Timeless Principles are Essential to Know
    I urge you please, listen to this podcast. I’m a Christian. It doesn’t matter if you’re secular. The timeless principles Rabbi Daniel Lapin teaches will only enrich your life. If you’re living in mediocrity and obscurity, he’ll explain why and you’ll see there’s no one else to blame but yourself. There’s no political correctness. He tells you how it is and doesn’t hold back. I’ve had to sit in silence after many of his podcasts, realizing I need to make some serious changes in my life whether it be my habits, perception, beliefs, decisions etc... a lot of your attention will be turned inward and it may not be an easy pill to swallow. Good work Rabbi I can’t thank you enough.
  • Winnie Pearl
    As a Christian, You Need a Rabbi!
    If you know anything about Rabbi Lapin, you will be familiar with at least half that title. I added the “As a Christian” part because I am, and I find Rabbi Lapin’s teaching immensely enriching to my Christian faith. Rabbi Lapin speaks in terms of the “Ancient Jewish Wisdom” of The Bible. When you think about it, what was one of the things Jesus was teaching? That it was time to bring the teachings of the Holy Scriptures to the rest of the world. He was not in conflict with that, He was in conflict with the religious leaders of his day. Rabbi Lapin, as a leader of the American Alliance of Christians and Jews, is certainly to say the least not going to say anything that Christians find objectionable. Far from that he’s going to give you insights that will clarify your understanding of what we Christians call The Old Testament.
  • adjuster8
    Your work, wisdom and insights are appreciated.
  • DJBokChoy
    Great content, kept it up!
    Thank you my Rabbi! I enjoy your show and have tried to spread the word. Thanks for all you do. -CH
  • dcm04103
    Great Net Work
    Must listen Podcast, Pure and honest Rabi Lapin
  • Ray Rill CEO
    Everybody Needs to Listen if they Really Want to Know How the World Really Works!
  • pankizzle
    I always believe and “feel” the way I live my life was “right” and The rabbi truly reinforce this beliefs. Great podcast and the best investment in time you will ever spent.
  • Desprate to Leave California.
    This is my Rabbi.
    He helps me understand my own religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  • Fjr1300asd
    Happy warriors!
    The rabbi Daniel lapping show is a great mix of theology and politics from a Jewish perspective. Wonderful insight and a wealth of knowledge, this rabbi is outstanding! Truly a terrific podcast! Really hope that BlazeTv can merge with the Daily Wire sometime soon. #BlazeTvWire
  • katbskt
    Such an amazing intellect. Once you listen, you will be hooked. Thanks to Glen Beck, I’ve discovered Rabbi Lapin.
  • Gibbeline
    He makes a lot of great points - fascinating insight!
    Rabbi Daniel Lapin is not afraid to speak the truth about "how the world really works!"
  • Jared Dunkin
    Brilliant wisdom
    I just love this podcast - each episode offers deep wisdom that is actionable and applicable. It is such a blessing to have discovered this and so generous of Rabbi Lapin to invite us into his unique thinking and storytelling.
  • microchip9
    You need a Rabbi!
    Amazing, nowhere else content! My favorite podcast! I like the older longer shows. 2 hours+ is better because it allows deeper dives and the content is always second to none. Everyone should listen to this podcast. We’d all have better family, faith, friendships, and finances.
  • IMDMom
    I didn’t know this podcast would be so political. Not what I was looking for. Won’t listen to again.
  • Mormon Maphia
    Unsoftened truth
    Rabbi Lapin tells it how it is without bashing the other side. He is knowledgeable about the Bible and isn’t ashamed of Gods word. This podcast has deep insights on how the world REALLY works. I don’t know what I’d do without my Rabbi and I’m a Mormon!
  • Locutus9
    How the world really works!
    Our entire family loves learning how the world really works, particularly insights and clarity on politics, and tips for financial success through serving others. Thanks~
  • Bootka
    Life Guidance & Wisdom
    Rabbi Lapin’s podcast is entertaining, enlightening and educational. I appreciate that I may listen to it with my 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter in the car without concern for the language or how the manner in which things are said. My loves the tag line and mimics the “How the world reeaally works!” I have learned much. Thank you Rabbi.
  • Ken B CO
    This podcast is a gem. A conservative rabbi with sane, common sense thinking delivered with rabbinic knowledge. The vast majority of rabbis are progressive so it is refreshing to listen to a conservative Judaic philosophy. Plus the coverage of everyday problems that we all struggle with is invaluable. Anyone with conservative values would enjoy and benefit from the Rabbis podcast. The occasional intertwining of biblical wisdoms is very welcome.
  • wgrow84
    Great show!
    This show helps me to think deeper into topics. Thank you rabbi!
  • Karen_E_D
    Honest tools for everyone
    Solid advise and wisdom during every season of life. I listen faithfully ever week.
  • Crom177
    Eternal Wisdom
    Wisdom for today and ever to develop eyes to see how things really are.
  • Massachusetts Student
    Rock on Rabbi Lapin!
  • Menno Peachey
    Great podcast
    Thank for the words of wisdom!! Love how I can apply these principles to my life and become a better child of god
  • Fvl333
    Optimistic Wisdom with Love
    Deeply wise insights into American culture as well as general human thinking, choice, and action. Presented positively, frankly and unflinchingly with love and true compassion.
  • Hog jowl
    Always look forward to this awesome show
    Keen intellect and always interesting. This podcast is well worth your time.
  • photostar7980
    Everyone should listen to this podcast. If you are a believer or not it to show the world in ways you haven't before. I have found more understanding than I had known before and feel better equipped to chart my course in life.
  • cyranodb
    Rabbi Lapin truly understands how the world really works.
    I eagerly look forward to each and every episode from my Rabbi. And the most recent episode featuring the poorly maintained Oroville Dam was spot on. In fact I listened to his words of wisdom on my way to my office in Oroville. Always such a privilege to sit at the feet of my Rabbi. You need a Rabbi as well. Take it from this Christian pupil of Rabbi Daniel Lapin.
  • Jose A. Garcia
    Spirituality + Politics = Awesomeness
    Got to love the content on this podcast. I am always waiting for the next one to come out, Rabbi Daniel Lapin really makes you think and grow in your thinking and perceptions. Thank you for all that you do!
  • Master Zeek
    The content of this podcast is amazing and mind blowing. You simply cannot find anything of this caliber anywhere. I love Rabii Lapin's insights to how the real world works. I really can't get enough and am blown away at his lessons on life and the detail at which this podcast provides. Everything from creation, to relationships, to life! I love his presentation style, and just the knowledge he has. It's crazy. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Slyfer9
    My God. The intellectualism that spills from the tip of this man's heart. It literally makes me dizzy. After I've finished a cup of tea and I'm up in a hurry to make more I have to sit back down because after just listening to this man, my body gets a little dizzy.
  • The i'm
    The Lapin Show
    More goodness from the blaze
  • Nolaguy87
    Wisdom and truth!
    Rabbi Lapin is such a great teacher. More people need to listen to him, Christian and Jewish alike, as well as people who may not be of a particular faith. I am amazed at how he will talk about the same stories I have heard growing up, and tells you what the Hebrew is saying in its original context, and brings to light so much more depth and meaning that was lost in the English translation. He is probably the smartest man I have ever heard speak. You go in thinking you will hear about one thing, then come out of it with so much more. His books are awesome, too!
  • nickname: ROSTISLAV
    Dave Ramsey introduced me to RDL ( Rabbi Daniel Lapin). The wisdom that's pouring out of this man's heart is sometimes making me dizzy. He shattered some of my lifelong views. He improved my public,private and intimate life. I now make more money, have a better marriage and I'm having better luck trying to peer into the future to see what I need to be doing. Just listen, please!
  • Tnewton66
    My favorite podcast!
    Discovered the rabbi from a ziglar podcast interview. I could listen to him read a phonebook. Luckily his program is much more informative and entertaining as he shows how the world REALLY works.
  • Chris Omlin
    How the world really works….
    Rabbi Lapin truly gives you new insights about the world and within your own family dynamic…he really articulates well the complexities of the world and helps reframe your thinking. Rabbi Lapin adds validity to the statement "the more the world changes the more we need to depend on the things that never change". Rabbi Lapin continues to help me formulate my thinking and perspective, after reading his books, listening to his audio lectures and podcast…I continue to need more material and I eagerly want apply the lessons so that I can share them with others. I’m very grateful for the lesson learned thus far.
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