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What's hot? Perez and Chris let you know! These two pop culture experts bring you their unique perspective and insight into the trending stories of the week in the world of showbiz and beyond. Nothing is off the table! No holds barred! And these two usually disagree about everyone! It's a highly enjoyable and engaging listen!

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  • alyson_b
    Perfect escape podcast
    This podcast is the perfect escape from the heaviness of the world. I love that Booker almost always disagrees with Perez 😂 Perez is the gossip queen 🙌🏼 Love how he keeps me looped in 😘😘
  • nbvc75432$@&
    Thank you for calling out TMZ
    Recently I subscribed to TMZ and was horrified to hear their mean spirited judgmental, biased remarks, especially in regard to Brittney Spears. They sound like late 80’s frat boys who somehow exist in 2023. Thank you for your accountability Perez - a true act of bravery. I appreciate you two and your positive outlooks on pop culture in 2022 and now 2023!
  • higcerro
    💋. RPSH
    Luv the show! Booker is fantastic with P😜
  • myko914
    My first podcast listening..they awesome!
    It's my first time listening to your podcast. I have to say- you guys were awesome. Very informative/NOT REPTITIVE which bores me big time. I like Perez insight into ALL the different topics. And Booker also adds a little chili pepper lol. He swears some but his point comes across clearly. Maybe I'll be back 😎
    Pretty good
    I listen to this regularly. I enjoy Perez and feel like he has changed and is genuinely trying to do better than how he was in the early 2000s. Booker can be a bit annoying to me but I do feel like he adds value being contradictory to Perez.. otherwise we’d just be listening to Perez agreeing with himself. Oh and Bookers constant criticism of Britney Spears every time she’s brought up is not it.
  • Danielaland
    Toxic and boring
    Nothing new, B is so arrogant and P always attacking woman, good thing there are so many other podcasts and options! Your hatred of Megan and Harry is just sad Byeeee
  • *ErinD******
    More Perez and Booker please!
    Love you guys! Thank you for making me laugh every week!
  • Podgal88
    So done
    I draw the line with the Balenciaga stuff. You two really missed the mark there boys. You’re both very ignorant to real work problems.
  • Susie467
    Slow down
    Sometimes P talks so fast I can hear the saliva in his mouth. Don’t do that, please.
  • NGold92
    Just love these two!
    Great chemistry, great pod!
  • truthandcharacter
    I listen for entertainment, not to be chastised by a host for my political beliefs. Apparently, Booker doesn’t want anyone that may not share his opinion listening to your show. His rant about “Defund the Police” was ridiculous on a pop culture podcast. Way to chase away listeners. 🙄
  • Sweet_T777
    Need two shows a week
    Monday & Wednesday shows with both Perez & Booker would be a dream. U guys are the best.
  • lindyfly
    Wake up!!
    Congratulations Booker! Perez you are a fool if u don’t think every part of that campaign wasn’t thoroughly vetted. There are a lot of sick bleeps out there who exploit children and to let even a glimmer of that in society be ok is abhorrent. Shock value! Are u kidding me?! They should be strung up. I’m really disappointed in your who cares attitude.
  • 1029sw
    Booker, you sound like a blast to be around
  • Lizv35
    Love Them Both
    This was the first podcast I started listening to. Perez and Booker have great chemistry. Even when they disagree they can still come back the following week and still have a great banter. That is the sign of a great friendship and why it makes this a great podcast.
  • Haley Grubbs
    Ophelia “Mama Tot”
    I’ve always loved you and Booker together and been a fan of yours since the early 2000’s, but I have to say I’m so enjoying your guest interviews. Ophelia is such a wonderful woman and she deserves to be promoted in every way possible. She’s easily my favorite guest you’ve had. Super bummer the interviews are over. Geez I had to edit this after this week’s episode. I’ve been noticing it for awhile but Booker’s attitude has gone from a fun other side of the coin perspective to just rude. The Jessica Simpson topic for example, he himself over the years has always had your back on the fact that you cover these stories because it’s your job. All of a sudden that doesn’t compute for him? It’s weird. Of all the things to call you on, this one you actually didn’t “stir the pot”. You literally didn’t say anything negative, just shared a pop culture story because you cover pop culture. Calm down Booker, it’s getting ridiculous lol. It bums me out that there’s so many other reviews saying the same. I genuinely like him, he’s just taking the contrarian role a little far lately.
  • annkruck
    Calm down Perez, please.
    Perez, I’m a longtime listener.I knew you “before” & I must say, you Sir are slipping. Your overdramatized and angry, irresponsible and outright stupid commentary is getting me nauseated. You are such a narcissist you won’t see anyone else’s points of view. It’s ugly.I’m getting turned off. I see a bunch of your old judgmental and mean attitudes leaking through. Please calm down and communicate in an intelligent manner. Start by accepting that you are a “pot stirrer” duh. and I think sometimes you stir the pot in a dangerous way.Every time you say “it’s my job! “It’s your job that you chose. You weren’t given this job by some high honor. You enjoy bing a pot stirrer and you are. but by denying it, you’re also a liar. If the shoe fits. Yeah I’m really getting sick of you I think. Seeing how mean you were in your early years when I see you creep backwards, I’m starting to lose respect. Booker- please make him wise up! if you keep this up Perez I’m bailing. Maybe Booker can start his own podcast. I can get good gossip in a lot of places out “there” that will be just as funny and a lot less “Perez’s Ego and a huge helping of narcissism” Aj Benza,Heather MacDonald…. You’re not the only one Perez.
  • Tinamarie1987
    Stopped listening
    Can’t take Booker shutting down topics anymore.
  • MandyWithaThought
    What is up with the podcast.
    Hello Perez, are you ever going to address the hundreds of negative reviews abo it booker. Why is he a part of this? You do not need him!
  • BookReaderJK443
    Fun listen
    Is great to not only hear about things going on in showbiz, but also how Perez interprets the news & stories about his life. Booker acts as the regular guy & stops Perez from going too far out. Love it!!
  • cvdixon29
    Love Perez!
    Love Perez and his podcast , I follow him on other social media platforms and I listen to his podcast too and I enjoy it. It’s very informative!
  • amm87778
    Pod always plays on loops and the guests are a waste
    What happened to the show? It’s 10 min of actual news and the rest just calls and the most random guests ever. Those episodes are just silly to even have. Also, please fix the audio from looping. This is the only podcast that does that
  • jnjsmile
    Political opinions
    Updated from 5 stars to one star. Next time you want to denigrate the political views of at least half the country with your woke, divisive rhetoric, do it in a liberal echo-chamber. You just lost a listener. C ya!
  • blahblah12888
    Updating my review. I have listened for years and have always enjoyed and loved Booker and Perez’s often very different takes on topics. I really like Booker a lot but feel like he isn’t a good fit for this anymore. It seems like as time goes on he literally cares about none of the topics perez brings up and always tries to shut it down. I can agree with him sometimes but it’s almost every single topic now. I dunno, I will still forever adore this podcast though and will continue to listen every week! ❤️
  • Am497
    I woukd give you 5 when you fire Booker. Why do you have him cohost you can find someone so much better . Your podcast is about social media and all he does is stop you from talking about people. SHUT HIM THE F UP !!! Can’t stand him he is like a 90 yr old grandfather 🤢🤢
  • tania perez
    Please remove that cohost!!!
    Just came across this podcast, loving the podcast but PLEASE for the love of god replace the cohost. That man whoever he is, is BEYONG aggressive. It’s totally fine to have different opinions and ideologies but frankly he comes off a bit racist and extremely close minded. Would he sooo nice if you found someone younger with an open mind.
  • rainy asky
    I love you Perez
    Always fun and so glad he's back
  • alexandranyd
    My favorite podcast!
  • GoYO0975231plm
    Just when I was starting to think you were a nice person, HAH HAH HAH !!! You had me fooled for a bit, then your true self pops right back out. 🤡 You are just a lonely, angry washed up man that nobody likes.
  • Lue '91
    Booker needs a better attitude
    What’s the point of him being on the show if he doesn’t care about ANY of the topics?
  • PhotoJenInc
    Makes my drive to work less boring!
    Booker plays great opposite Perez! It’s very black & white!! 🤪😂🤣🤜🏼🤛🏼
  • TranplantMom
    Is there anything that Booker is not annoyed by? Why do this job if you’re so above it all? Perez we enjoy you, but your sidekick is annoyed & annoying! Just saying!
  • recent listener 221
    Could be better without Chris
    Chris’s commentary is so negative and seems to be annoyed by everything. Enjoyed Perez, he is so entertaining.
  • ldge1960
    Go solo, Perez!
    God forbid Perez should like something or have an opinion. Booker is constantly berating him. Perez is quite entertaining and doesn’t need a co host. I
  • cinderelochka
    Remove Chris Booker and it’s a 5 star show
    Long Time fan of Perez here, and I’ve followed his evolution towards becoming a more compassionate pop culture journalist. However, I can’t deal with the other guy Chris Booker anymore. After listening to the newest Britney Spears episode, it was OFFENSIVE to hear this man talk. What kind of “journalist” talks trash on celebs when they addmitedlt haven’t even read the piece they’re discussing? (Several examples in this said Britney episode) The man dumbs down a great show on light hearted pop culture fun. Also fyi, I’m not some super Britney fan and I don’t even care for Meghan markle - that’s how little I respect the work of this other co host. I’m not some crazy fan. I just prefer to not waste an hour on someone who has no idea what’s going on. Lastly, never ever speak so ignorantly again about how “trauma works”, Chris. Drop him Perez, you can do this on your own.
  • HeatherBarnesMN
    Ok, Boomer Booker 🙄
    I read Perez Hilton religiously way back in the 00’s, and found his podcast back in 2016. I love getting celebrity news in podcast format for convenience sake. Perez is Perez, and sometimes gets stuck in the weeds, and can’t get out of his own way. But if you’ve followed Perez for any length of time, you’ve grown to love him in spite of this. Booker….Booker has GOT to go! I am SO tired of him “directing” the podcast, telling Perez to quit talking about certain topics, or to hurry up with a story because “no one cares.” If no one cared, we wouldn’t be here listening to the podcast. Booker is out of touch with what celebrity news people are searching out. Perez will discuss the BIGGEST story of the week that’s the top story on TMZ, is flooding social media, and is the cover story of the tabloids, and Booker will proclaim, “no one cares about this story”, when that is clearly not factual. Bookers take on certain topics can often be misogynistic, uninformed, and ignorant, and he is guilty of gaslighting Perez at times. That combined with his “no one cares” attitude is a MAJOR turnoff that causes me to be an inconsistent listener to the podcast.
  • Joko 13!
    Agree w/ Booker 90% of time!
    I love the podcast , listen every week. It’s finally 2x a week! Love you both! I loved the interview with Jillian Barberie!
  • Jackie Riiv
    Absolutely love this podcast!! Perez and Booker are the best duo in the business and I highly recommend you take a listen. Love you guys and thank you for giving me something to look forward to each week!! xo
  • MKnow24716be
    The new show is GREAT
    Love the solo Perez!! Sweet, uplifting and interesting!! Thank you!!
  • AdamIsAJerk444
    Updated Review
    Perez chats are whack.
  • Meehash1971
    “Interviews” = Perez talking about himself lol
    The new Perez Chats are a struggle -It’s a chance for Perez to ask a question to the other person just so he can share his own story. Endlessly 🙄
  • NaomiBurton
    Heads up
    You aren’t the first one to interview Shane Dawson since he was cancelled. That would be the Unpopular podcast with Jacques Peterson
  • Fun1894
    Wow , Booker...
    .... women’s mindless tv is reality and men’s is sports? 1945 called and wants its gender roles back. Geesh. Update 2021—-so many ads. Ridic.Poor Perez. Yup. Talks about needing money yup. So so so poor. With all his free swag. UPDATE 2022: I quit. An ad every few minutes. Good bye. Can Get better celebrity news online.
  • Sterling0610
    Make longer podcasts!
    It seems like the podcasts are much shorter now with the addition of the interviews at the end. I wish you would do a poll and see if people are really interested in the interviews because I feel like they are taking your interest from the actual podcast. I do love Booker, but I do feel like you and him just don’t want to do the podcast as much. Please put more focus on the podcast!!
  • always60minslate
    Perez and Booker are my besties
    Listen hear for all the celeb gossip you need to know! Update: the listener calls are like NAILS ON CHALKBOARD. Please for the love of God fix the audio. I CRINGE and race to end the podcast when they come on, which is now way too often. Disappointing.
  • aleonha
    You need a new cohost
    Perez your audience like gossip, and it seems your cohost its always annoyed with it.
  • whammer66
    Stop bickering!!
    I like the content but they always fight! I think it’s because this guy Booker has the worst attitude and always sounds like he doesn’t want to be there and talk about anything. Talking is what a podcast is!! Who is he anyway?? Perez you really need to find a new cohost!! Get rid of that guy!!
  • Tayharg
    Could be great w/o booker. He should have stopped talking about pop culture in 2004. It’s so lame now, he all he does is say negative things. He does not understand the new generation.
  • AromiKinosian
    This should be all about booker cause Perez is just another one of those messy white GAYZE! You lost weight and still can’t lock down a dude lol. Oh and stop spoiling ur kids so much ur gonna have major brats later on js.
  • Teffy098
    I like it, it keeps me entertained and I look forward to it every week.
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