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Christopher Harris's fantasy football podcast. We ignore the box score and watch game film. Draft better. Manage smarter. Win.

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  • mynameisrob
    He is self aware.
    Most fantasy podcasts are not self aware. They live by these strange stats. Harris gives honest opinions. Based on evidence that he sees.
  • cjackson10111
    You literally...literally must stop what you’re going and send in some Snark
    First episode I ever heard after catching a guest appearance from Chris on the Footballers, I thought it was terribly dry, and that robot voice. But the fantasy advice really appealed to my analytical mind as he tore apart crutch arguments espoused elsewhere. And then I heard the first mixtape and realized what a fun, goofball community it was. And the robot got an upgrade. And I wrote a mixtape and heard it on the show. And heard my first Snark Bag email and made my wife stare disapprovingly when I laughed out loud in glee. And I wrote another mixtape. And Harris kept giving good fantasy advice. And Cousin Josh. And now it’s the only football show I listen to. Cumulatively, it all makes my heart glad. But also, this show is so stupid. 🎉🎉🤪🤪
  • Joshua-
    Not as good as it was but still easily the best Pod
    Please stop having Chris Raybon on the Pod. He’s not good at breaking down football for fantasy & (much less importantly) his lisp doesn’t make for good audio based media.
  • MooseRaider
    Stick to Football
    Chris needs to remember that he is relevant because football is being played. Quit bashing the NFL for playing football. We all need and want it on. You are one of the best analysts but it is a bug turnoff to hear you whine about the league that helps you make a living.
  • RyaMmmmm9
    He’s a dick
    Harris is a dick to his guests and rushes the whole pod. Update- Changed this review from one star to four because I appreciate how he’s advocating for masks and civility during covid.
  • Cricket8172
    Excellent podcast
    Excellent advice from an expert who relies on facts. I highly recommend it!
  • AaronCrug
    Best advice I’ve found
    I’ve had the edge over friends who listen to ESPN for the last few years. Love the podcast...this is a guy who’s the best I’ve found at the podcaster position.
  • sally2dicks
    Harris is a guy.
    Here's a guy that watches all the film and gives you the take from an industry expert. Helpful alternate player valuation method that goes against the group think. Thanks for the great podcast Chris! Update for 2020: Chris is still the best. Have been listening to him since the mothership days and can’t imagine a fantasy football season without this podcast.
  • NGarrett2112
    Talent wins!
    I’ve listened to the podcast since inception. Following Chris’s advice - to critically think about players, risk and situation (and to avoid clickbait!) - I’ve won my league. This show is smart, honest and entertaining. Like the many players he turns his audience on to, Chris Harris has talent and his podcast should be played week in, week out!
  • Hokies97
    This is the most informative and entertaining fantasy football podcast there is. Nobody is right 100% of the time but Chris watches every game so his analysis is based on seeing the players. Even I can read box scores. You gotta listen on Fridays!
    Stop the Stress Farts.
    Stop listening to other podcasts that ASSume what players WILL do and just listen to someone give you all the information available so you can make a sound decision... although sometimes you have to send him a few tweets to remind him what his job is so he can get going again.
  • Gafiltafish
    The Best
    The best fantasy football podcast out there. Unique and stands above all else. I could go on and on but just give it a listen for a week and see how it compares.
    Always My First Choice!
    Harris Football is the best podcast if you actually want a true assessment of a player’s ability to play. Most other podcasts rely on stats or highlights to justify what they already believe. Great and funny!
  • bobby5566
    Must Listen
    Very few analysts are more thorough and more methodical in their approaches to fantasy football than Chris Harris. His emphasis on game film also sets him apart from the others. Plus he keeps things fun, and every episode is a good time.
  • Eve Pops
    Time well spent
    There are many options out there, this is one I never miss because of the value of understanding why Chris comes to his conclusions
  • E-Streets
    Smart humor, excellent insight.
    Ive been listening since the beginning and I never miss an episode ever.
  • gscottolson
    A fresh take on fantasy football
    This show is entertaining and smart. If you need to break out the standard fantasy “this is a guy” show, check it out. You won’t go back.
  • Matt Erler
    A podcast that cares
    I love this podcast! Chris has a unique take on fantasy football, based on film watching. He does a great job finding guests who match his knowledge and sense of humor. A lot of fun!
  • WW Dayman
    We don’t know!
    Harris tells the truth: we don’t know! Fantasy football is poker. You can play your hand perfect and still lose. It’s about putting yourself in the best position by trusting your eyes and acquiring the most talented guys.
  • Deez111111111111
    I tune in every week for the best insight into fantasy football there is! Chris takes the time to watch the games, analyze them, and form his own opinion to share uninfluenced by the market! You are a true gem in this community
  • charles bronsons stache
    commi watches film
    single, commi, boomer who watches film and tells you his interpretation. clean audio and professional
  • jlee3485
    Best FF Pod...and It’s Not Close
    My absolute go-to for fantasy football analysis. Been a listener since day one, and several years later it’s still the best. Analysis based more on film than numbers, an invaluable tool if you can’t lay your eyes on every snap of every game yourself. Highly recommend this pod to any fantasy football fan!
  • E.Blem13
    Please stop growing your online presence
    The worst thing about “the little podcast that could”is that it’s becoming “the digital giant that is”. I hate how badly I want to make inside jokes and snarky references with my league mates derived from the show, yet don’t want to explain them for fear of leading them to listening to Harris’ sage fantasy advice. I finally bit the bullet and got the almanac the day before my draft and I’m kicking myself for procrastinating so long. I’ve been a follower back to the ESPN days, but after finally ascribing to the talent over statistics/situation paradigm, I was able to turn my franchise around and take a major step towards the fantasy mountain top. In the year we fight back I fully expect and intend to take home my league title. -Eric B Updated 11/12/2020: I finally won my league for the first time last year by trusting to process and hanging my hat on talent instead of situation. I’m in the hunt for the playoffs again this year and I bought the almanac again. 10/10 cannot recommend more highly. -Eric B
  • canadianbacon87
    Great podcast!
    I take fantasy football far too seriously than healthy, and one of my go-to resources is Chris Harris’s podcast. It’s the perfect blend of serious and humorous, and I love to listen while I’m on my daily commute. Keep up the good work Chris!
  • Notemaker
    Keep on DL w your league mates
    Please don’t tell my league about this guy. Harris teaches you how to think about this stuff with out making you feel like an idiot. Smart dude. Fun listening. Good mixtapes. Top tier fantasy guests for sure.
  • jdueiehhduue
    Best information you’ll find in a fantasy football podcast
    The bottom line is that Harris puts in the work to make a very informative podcast that differs from other podcast that usually chase stats. Been listening for years and he’s made me a more knowledgeable owner. I use his ranks on draft day year after year.
  • Champ $tyle
    Communism stinks
    You were 5 star but I had to share the wealth. Sorry!
  • 17638945673930
    Good Show
    Good show, weird guy. Way too many commercials. When you finally get info, it’s quality.
  • Karb-
    Has no respect for his guest. Interrupting them and treating them poorly
  • DuckTats
    Fun and Informative
    I find this to be the most informative fantasy pod out there. I also really enjoy the fan interaction as well as all of the guests. It’s quirky, enjoyable and an easy daily listen. Give the little pod that could a shot, you won’t regret it!
  • Cam Ron08
    Just The Best
    It’s just simply the best fantasy football podcast. No corporate ties with quality, honest, analysis. Don’t tell your league mates about it. It’s an advantage.
  • Briguy36
    Manipulating the podcasting charts
    Best adjectival fantasy football podcast!!!
  • BrBoesch
    Excellent podcast
    Chris does an excellent job breaking down the latest in fantasy football. It’s not a “do-this-or-else” type of show that doesn’t talk down to its listeners. He gives great information, giving fantasy players the ability to make well-reasoned decisions from there. Keep up the great work!
  • Skeeps
    “Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t win a SB, we know that, right?!?”
    Hey Siri, remind me to @ Dan when the Bears or Cowboys trade for Fitz & ride the Magic into the postseason. Thanks for the great show - gotta say that I’m nervous for it to get too big because soon my whole league will get the same great insight as me, but the product is excellent & you deserve all the success that’s coming!
  • Tdeleon 70
    Love it
    Bro, bring Nando Defino and Big Herc on the show as guests
  • HelpMyHouseisonFire
    Top 5 Pod
    This pod will not only make you a better fantasy player but it will also improve analytic skills. There is a genuine community with the most amazing mix tapes ever. Seriously, come for the fantasy and stay for the mix tapes.
  • Toolzero
    Worth the insight
    Harris isn’t funny and I can’t stand the songs or nonsense, but his insight about players from watching film is outstanding and very difficult to find anywhere else. Most of the podcast is directly football related and it’s easy to skip the few parts you might not like. I highly recommend listening if you want to take your fantasy management to a higher level and gain perspective that likely no one else in your league knows about.
  • john wayne lacy
    Do the podcast
    I have listened for years and this is a good show that is not stupid like other shows
  • DUFFZ619
    Only fantasy advice I take
    Amazing podcast. The only fantasy football advice I’ll take online. Keep it up and tune In!
  • NickyC24
    Simply a top daily fantasy football podcast. Chris is bright and refreshingly honest about the game. Thanks Harris!
  • bfriedman
    Best Podcast
    This is the best fantasy podcast because Harris knows the secret, which is actually watching the games!! Chris watches everything and tells you how things really look. He’s also hilarious. Top Fantasy podcast hands down.
  • joe.pereira87
    He actually watches the games
    Love the feedback because it’s actually thoughtful and intelligent.
  • scraig314
    Amazing show!
    The best fantasy football podcast. In depth analysis of every game each week. Fun, quirky segments and features unique to the show. It will also help you win your league. Seriously.
  • Dftrl
    The only FF show you need to listen
    Chris has been for awhile the only analyst I listen to. The show is by far the most complete and fun FF podcast I’ve heard and I’d recommend it to anybody who needs help in their leagues.
  • RChasDiddy
    Unconventional. Which is why it’s worth a listen
    If you play fantasy just listen. You’ll get a perspective you won’t get anywhere else. In a world where it’s all about guessing, Harris has the soundest methodology and a subservience to logic that makes it so much better than the competition.
  • Coc ruined my life
    Realistic projections
    This show is the hot darn... Weasley Beasley... slippity dippity... hog washing ..... potato shooting.... best dang show in town! Idk why I did that But listening to Chris makes me want to say things like that lol. Also his fantasy analysis is really different and honest, no bs. Also I want to hear him play guitar.
  • Cubanitocf
    Hands down the best podcast in the business!!!
    If you’re into fantasy football this is the podcast for you! Christopher Harris is smart, funny, quirky and he watches film! His advice has made me a better fantasy player for sure, so give him a listen!
  • NicholaSimoN
    Great Insight
    Mister. Christopher. Harris. This podcast is just what we need in the vast world of fantasy football nonsense. Thank you for going beyond the box score and telling us who is actually good at football. This show is an absolute must for those that have toddler girlies at home who don’t have a chance to watch every play of every game.
  • MHarvco
    My favorite podcast
    Not just my favorite fantasy football podcast...my favorite podcast period. Chris brings not just the most intelligent fantasy advice available, but a lot of other fun. “Mixtapes”, the best lineup of guests, rants on dumb sports media and Cousin Josh! His YouTube page is also worth checking out. Subscribe...just don’t tell anyone in my league because Chris is my secret weapon!
  • GoHatters
    Fantasy Football’s Must Listen
    Update 2020. Still the go-to FF podcast. Robots, tape worms, and yachts OH MY! But seriously. Chris Harris breaks down the fantasy and game in a thoughtful and methodical way. he also leaves room for the listeners to form their own opinions as opposed to taking a fantasy prognosticators word as law. Keep up the good work!
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