Hidden Brain

by NPR

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

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  • Me11111111122222223333333
    Love hidden brain
    I love hidden brain, I talk about it all the time in conversation. Great insights that often start with intuitive ideas but end up in really interesting, thought-provoking places.
  • Jelleybean72688
    All repeats now
    Good podcast but not so good that I want to listen to every episode 3 times! Please stop with the constant reuploads and just make a best past episodes guide or something
  • NinaSchw
    love this every single time
    I can barely wait for new episodes to come out! I listen to them on a run, with the dog, while I commute. I teach with these episodes from time to time. So versatile. 100% recommend
  • Ghoti spells fish phonetically
    Every episode
    I have listed to every episode (many twice) and I can’t get enough. Thank you all for your hard work
  • 6 Minute Magic! 🤩
    Phsycology Nerd
    I am 10 years old and Hidden Brain is my second favorite podcast. I love the topics NPR chooses, and I also like how when a Hidden Brain is not appropriate for kids, it will give you a little warning before starting the episode. Waiting for the next podcast! Thanks Shankar, and everyone who helped put this podcast together!!!
  • GarfyBiscuit
    Want to understand human behavior better?
    Listen to this podcast. I’m an executive coach and this podcast provides entertaining, compelling, data-based insights I use daily.
  • Shaking with laughter
    Smart and Ridiculously Engrossing
    Amazing podcast, one that really sparked my love for podcasts in general. The questions are exactly what I would ask. I would love to hear more about decision making. Love it!!! Thanks
  • Lii.Official
    Only female guests?
    How come there are only female guests brought on the show?
  • DanZOsbo
    Best Podcast
    Every time I listen to this pod I realize how important it is for all of us to get in touch with the “hidden brain”. Thank you for bringing a much needed reprieve to the monotony of everyday life. I learn something new about myself and my world view with each episode I hear👍👍
  • DK360
    Political sucker punch
    Most material is just amazing but, your constant political put downs of President Trump is becoming a nuisance. I listen to this program daily but I will quit if this does not stop. It doesn’t matter what side of politics we are on, knowledge is what most of us are after, stop with Trump it’s getting old.
  • That1uNeed2NO
    This pod ever expands my brain and excites my curiosity of life while challenging my initial perceptions! Thanks so much for all the work u do! Namaste! 🙏🏼
  • Sonomarina
    Actionable Knowledge About YOU
    The most up-to-date brain science, clearly presented, helps us understand the world around us and the world inside our heads.
  • Donna's Winning
    Enlightening topics
    It seemed that I always reach my destination whenever Hidden Brain comes on when I am in my car so I started listening to the podcasts. There are so many interesting topics and each one is given enough time to be discussed.
  • --Tatiana--
    Too many repeats
    I enjoyed this podcast but there are soooo many repeat episodes. I would get excited every time I saw a new episode pop up in my feed only to be disappointed a few minutes in when I realized I had already heard it.
  • luisgmic
    Impressive podcast!
    This is one of the best podcasts available l, with good selection a topics and Shankar Vedantam always goes deep into the topic to get applicable insights. Congratulations Shankar and NPR team!
    The Best
    This podcast will change the way you view the world, open your mind to deeper thoughts and inspire self-reflection. Truly interesting subject matters and ideas. To the podcast creators, thank you for helping me understand how the brain works and what makes me do the things I do.
  • MPK999
    Enlightening and captivating
    I listen to a variety of podcasts and this is by far my favorite. I drive over 2k miles a month and this is my companion to keep me alert and engaged.
  • AliScalley
    Hidden Brain
    I am fascinated by each and every one of these podcasts. Shankar Vedantam has an exceptional radio voice and is thoughtful and always fully engaged in each and every show. The productions are thoroughly researched and well nuanced with their sound effects. I love the credits including the unsung heroes. The subject matter and experts are unique, and I always learn something new. I am inspired by the Nobel Laureates and professors who participate and share their knowledge and research in a manner that is not too intimidating considering the subject matter. Please keep it up!! My favorite source of material by far!!!
  • skyheck
    If you can’t sleep like me. I find his questions and shows vert receptive. He goes over and over the same thing so not much info is gathered. .
  • Tha Bonk
    Incredibly interesting
    Found this podcast so captivating that I downloaded all the episodes and started from the very beginning. Only a couple hundred to go! 😍
  • rayj710
    Very interesting
    Subscribe and listen
  • kozmickid54
    A cast that makes you think
    The show is well put together an keeps your interest I love it
  • TheOriginalGlaz
    I enjoy that the host and producers of this podcast are just infinitely curious individuals in the same areas where I have similar curiosities. It is always interesting, and always well-produced.
  • Nancie ada
    Hidden brain
    Every episode I have listened to has been interesting, presenting new insights. This is my favorite podcast; can’t hear it enough!
  • Byu is for lovers
    This is my all time favorite podcast. Each episode is fascinating!
  • Ops ah
    Very good
    I wish the episodes were a little shorter. Short attention span I guess.
  • Willard Woman
    Worth every minute!
    This show makes learning painless. He has a way of taking what might otherwise be a mundane topic and pulling the listener in. I listen while I walk and suffice to say I have worn out many pairs of shoes. The episode on the lady who chose to go on the respirator was captivating. I also love the unsung hero tribute at the end of every episode.
  • Red Right Returning
    Hidden Brain
    This is my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of them. I love the narration and the interesting topics. Many, many Thanks. I can’t wait to hear the 2020 series coming up!!
  • baitandswitch?
    Yet another podcast that promotes their tribe
    Are they oblivious that they favor interviewing people like themself?
  • Drewx67
    Deep and powerful
    I’ve been listening to Hidden Brain for a while. The episodes always stick with me for months. Like the one about the left and right side of our brains. The most recent one “Heat of the moment” was really fascinating. I did know and yet I didn’t know how intense situations make us act so differently than our rational self. I’ve found that laughter helps keep a mind clear, even when it’s not really appropriate. Thanks Hidden Brain. I love what y’all do.
  • La Profe Amber
    Best Podcast
    I subscribe to several different programs and this is by far my favorite podcast. I look forward to every episode each week, and usually listen the day it’s released. I only wish they produced MORE frequently and didn’t do repeats. I’ve heard every episode available on Apple podcasts!
  • AnonymousInDC
    Zipcode Destiny
    This episode failed to address the underlying cause of this data, which can be summed up in two words: systemic racism. Until we as a society are able to change how people of color are viewed in the US, the status quo will continue.
  • Jwill62
    This is, hands down, my favorite podcast! I look forward to it every week and I always learn something fascinating about people and why we behave the way we do. Highly recommend this one!!
  • totozmom
    Fascinating and insightful
    I have found each episode to be interesting and thought provoking. I appreciate the variety of topics offered.
  • ohdarling89
    Gripping & Insightful, yet Agenda Driven
    I absolutely love this show. The narrator has a great personality & I feel like I learn something every episode. But sometimes the show cannot see past Race.
  • Alex12$@
    Fantastic topics, but too many recycled episodes
    Every once in a while Hidden Brain releases an episode that really captures me and changes the way I think about the world. The December 2, 2019 show on the empathy gap was one of those. Its lessons have countless applications to our personal lives as well as our policy choices. And the show strikes a nice balance between hard science and easy listening. However, I really do not like how frequently the podcast posts old episodes. If I wanted to re-listen I would go into the archives, and now I have to constantly check if I’ve heard it before and then delete. Sometimes I can’t tell from the name and then start listening only to stop 5 minutes in. Listeners would be fine with one episode a month if that’s how long they take to produce. Or perhaps mini-episodes in between?
    This podcast comes with depth in a relatable way. Surprising topics that we all deal with, truly hidden brain topics.
  • Kat Treehaus
    Hidden Brain is the best!
    I love Hidden Brain with a passion. The episodes are like pieces of candy that I can’t stop eating. They are informative, fun, and interesting. They keep me entertained as I walk from class to class at my university or do schoolwork. Thank you Shankar for this incredible show!
  • Porckhop
    BEST podcast ever
    If you’re interested in why you do the things you do and how your brain works (or doesn’t), here’s your chance. The recent episode on “In the Hear of the Moment” may be the best podcast episode to which I’ve ever listened!
  • Deyanna R.
    Great listen
    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I was given an assignment to listen to “Our better nature” along with the “Lazarus Drug”. Both podcast were extremely informative and objective. I learned so much from the effects of nature on my immune system and social life as well as the recent opioid epidemic that’s taken over the country. I would most definitely recommend this listen to others.
  • ChellaMcLelland
    Hidden Brain Is Illuminating
    Hidden Brain is the podcast that made me a podcast person. I look forward to new episodes every week that will shed light into the psychology and the sociology behind human behavior and the thinking (or lack thereof) behind that behavior. It often answers questions I didn’t even know I had.
  • Ididit the idiot
    Hidden Brain
    This is a incredibly interesting show. I’ve got to get a earful everyday or I feel like I’m missing something important. Thank you
  • mollymb16
    Re-run Nation
    This was a great podcast until about 2018 when they started frequently bringing back “favorite episodes.” I’m always so excited to check this feed every week for a new episode and more often than not, it’s a re-run. So I guess if you’re just now coming across Hidden Brain, you’ve hit the jackpot. For veteran listeners, it’s a disappointment now.
  • lexd32
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast!! I am a professor and I assign many of these podcasts in my classes. My students actually enjoy learning about psychology research the way it is presented in this podcast. I like the balance of research to anecdotal stories - although, I prefer the episodes that focus more on the research side. Some of the information has even inspired research I plan to conduct in the future. It’s a great way to learn about new research in various domains of psychology; I have later looked up many of the articles and guest speakers. I look forward to each new episode!
  • KDChinault
    Thank you!
    This show helps me get back to the world and see things from different perspectives. Thank you!
  • Ldelphoto
    Dates in descriptions please
    I love this podcast! But as a long time listener it is getting increasingly difficult to decipher if the “new” episode is a rerun with new information added or just a straight rerun. The most recent episode barely had a mention in the description that it was a previously aired podcast, but I knew I heard it before. Then a couple minutes in it is finally mentioned that it was a 2018 episode. I don’t mind revisiting episodes, but could the original air date be featured in the description so that long time listeners can know straight away that it’s a replay? Radio Hour has a great model of this, putting the previously aired date right at the top for easy reference. Thank you for the wonderful podcast! Look forward to listening for years to come!
  • Chowenhouse
    Difficult and important message here ..
    This was a difficult but important lesson to all on considering the importance of an Advance Directive and, particularly, the importance of designating a surrogate decision-maker for those likely situations when you are no longer able to give the direction re your caregiving that you would want. I created a similar Advance Psychiatric Directive in Minnesota for people with mental illnesses to indicate their wishes and designate a decision maker where they are no long considered to have “capacity.” This was a difficult and important story and I applauded you for presenting it to us all.
  • John Swiftly
    Psychology is not a science, and many of the claims made in this radio-show are said with all the emphasis of it being a rock-solid science. It is not. It has never been. It is an embarrassment to scientists who do real work in the real world, and it undermines their position. Absolute trash.
  • Julie G.W.
    Informative but re-runs should be indicated
    This podcast is a deep dive on interesting topics. The host and editing are excellent. Some episodes are noted as re-runs, but not consistently. Please correct this to respect my time as a subscriber.
  • New yogi runner
    Can’t wait for the next episode
    This is such an excellent podcast. Always interesting and intriguing subject manner presented in a comprehensive, unbiased but human way. I love hidden Brain and hope they keep going forever.
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