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Each episode addresses a reader's parenting issue through the lens of Janet's respectful parenting philosophy. Janet is a respected parenting adviser, author, and consultant whose website ( is visited by millions of readers annually. Her work informs, inspires, and supports caregivers of infants and toddlers across the globe, helping to create relationships of respect, trust, and love. Her best-selling books “No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline without Shame” and "Elevating Child Care: A Guide to Respectful Parenting" are available in all formats at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and free at Audible ( with a trial subscription. Episodes of "Sessions," a collection of intimate recorded phone consultations with parents, are available exclusively at Best Parenting Podcast by "The Washington Post," The Bump, Fatherly, "Early Childhood Education Zone," and many, many more. Copyright JLML Press (2020) All Rights Reserved

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  • Becca.S.
    Fantastic and immensely helpful!
    Every time I hit a rough spot with my parenting, I listen to an episode of Unruffled and it really helps me re-set. I don’t even want to think about how I would be parenting without Janet’s wisdom!
  • dibomama
    If you have a toddler- give a listen!
    New to positive parenting and what a huge wake up call. My now 3 year old started showing extreme behavior and I had no idea why. I have learned so much, as there is so much helpful information in this podcast and I can relate to many of the examples she goes over. I’ve listened over and over and always parent and feel more confident afterwards. Thank you Janet for all of this!
  • Yazdnil
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast and would highly recommend to parents of babies and toddlers!
  • Meagsta88
    New, loving way to parent
    Janet has taught me how to parent my 3 yr old in a loving way in which I have already noticed he is confident to make the right decisions and also accept when he’s wrong during playtime. I was raised w spanking and evening tried it with my son in the beginning which turned into a tumultuous parent-son relationship. I feel connected w my son now and more confident than ever hat he will come to me in times of trouble instead of hiding from me in fear of punishment (the way that I was raised). Thank you Janet 🤍
  • Katalytic
    Incredible resource for parents (or anyone)
    There is no bigger influence on my parenting than Janet’s podcast. I learn so much about boundaries, communication, and the child’s perspective that I often recommend her podcast even to my non-parent friends to help them understand how the ways they were treated as a child impact how they feel and act now. Thank you, Janet! Your efforts on this are a gift to the world.
  • Em Garlinsky
    So helpful for the day-to-day
    I love Janet’s gentle yet effective approaches. I’ve taken at least one thing from each podcast and positively added it into my parenting, with great results. I recommend this for any parent, especially those with littles! Thank you, Janet!
  • csrob
    Reframing caregiving
    I love this podcast! Her advice is often subtle but really helps work on reframing your job as a parent/caregiver. I love listening to every episode even if the specific issue she’s dissuading doesn’t apply to me.
  • Alex...S18
    Thank you and yes!
    I’d looooove for you to continue unruffled or even a tangent series! I might be late to the game, but I’ve found these podcasts so assuring and self correcting for our family! You have opened up the relationship between us the parents and our toddler and soon our new baby. I love how you encourage the parents regardless of how they are currently handling the situation.
  • Jules726
    I get what you’re say but...
    I do like the woman who runs this podcast. I enjoy her voice and agree with a lot of what she says. However I feel like a lot of her advice is limited. She’ll talk in depth about what the issue is and then say something vague like there’s nothing wrong with your child doing this or that - don’t beat yourself up ,you need to help guide him. Uhhh okay. Also in practice a lot of what she says just seems like a huge undertaking for a busy parent of multiple children. I have 3 kids under 4 I don’t have time to always sit by and have in-depth conversations with my 3yr old daughter about why she’s saying or doing whatever crazy thing she’s doing. In a perfect world I’d love to be the kind of mother she is suggesting one should be -it’s just sometimes I think it’s a little unrealistic.
  • Nelle98789
    Sensible, joyful parenting instruction
    I love Janet’s attitude of respect for our children and focus on authenticity. There are no gimics or tricks. She teaches simple techniques that seem to recommend that we parents use the golden rule to guide us. Her podcast is soothing and calm while interesting and enlightening. I feel like her podcast has really helped my partner and me and taken much of the stress out of parenting for us.
  • healthyliZ
    So helpful
    This podcast has helped me immensely in my parenting journey. The ideas that she has shared has made my parenting experience a positive one. Thank you for your work!
  • Bagooshi
    Amazing. Important. Wish every parent had this.
    This is my go-to source for any issues. It's insightful and compassionate and really just frames my whole view on being a parent and having a child while giving me specifics to help ground me when I'm thrown by the myriad situations that present themselves. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • evanspritchard
    Extremely frustrating
    This podcast both makes me feel awful about my parenting and offers almost no actionable advice. She will spend 20 minutes reflecting on the importance of boundary setting (yeah we get that!) and then give like one tiny suggestion for setting boundaries. I honestly don’t understand people who find this helpful. Seems like an advanced way to get more ad revenue. I spend half the time telling her shut up in my head. Super annoying voice too.
  • CMHardie
    Janet is simply amazing. These podcasts have helped me gain perspective immensely over the past 2 years and still continuing. I will also listen just to hear her soft, sweet reassuring voice when life gets especially hectic. Thank you Janet!
    Excellent resource for parents, teachers, caregivers
    Im a big Janet fan. I love her books and these pod casts bring real life examples to refresh her beliefs.
  • Shuhvalyey
    Great Podcast!
    This podcast has given me new perspectives in parenting and the confidence to stand firm within them. This podcast has changed my attitude from “I can’t do this” to “I’m a great dad!” So fortunate to have discovered this podcast. She has help me to see my daughter as a whole person who wants to communicate who she is and how she feels about things. A person who needs to be validated. She is not just my child or an extension of myself. I’m currently making my way through every episode. Can’t wait to learn more.
  • Ann1490
    Seriously love this
    Spending 20 minutes to rethink my perceptions of my children and my reactions to them really, really helps me act more how I want to as a mom Janet shares this wisdom In a clear and nonjudgmental way, much in the way I want to communicate with my children!
  • Bugdiamond
    An essential resource for us now!
    When you’re first time parents and working on undoing generations of trauma, this has become an essential resource for us! My busy husband with very little extra mental space has resonated with this particular podcast, and I find it so validating, full of grace, and very informative. It gives me hope that we can be the parents we SO want to be for our son.
  • NelPod
    The I don’t like black people podcast
    Clearly, this was my first podcast and I was taken aback. To teach your children that it is okay to say I don’t like black people in private but not in public is EMBRACING RACISM. No, a parent should immediately explain that this is not acceptable to not like a person because of the color of their skin and not the content of there character. Perhaps, you should’ve consulted with black people before publishing this podcast because this is how racism starts in home!! Smh!!! Do you really believe that it’s okay to say you don’t like a certain race at home but not in public???
  • AshleyMMM808
    On one episode she critiques a mother’s parenting style, pretty much saying that she is the cause of her child being clingy, then did a 180 on another episode and said a mother was judging herself to harshly and that no ones perfect. The podcast addresses some interesting topics, just the way she goes about it rubs me the wrong way.
  • Amynicole86
    Changed my life as a parent
    Janet Lansbury helped me discover the world of respectful parenting and completely changed the way we parent in our house. Parenting is a constant learning process but I can always come back to this podcast to get back in touch with the ways I want to parent whenever I feel off course. Janet has such a calm and soothing voice and her advice is always spot on.
  • acb6490
    Great parenting podcast
    I love this podcast! My daughter is getting close to the “terrible twos” and I sometimes don’t know how to respond to difficult behaviors, but this podcast gives me great insights on how to implement respectful parenting. Janet has a very soothing voice and she helps me understand my child on a deeper level. I highly recommend this podcast to parents of young children.
  • aditay3
    I am a mom of 3 boys ages 4, 2, and 2months. The older boys are super strong willed and sensitive children. I have listened to many books on parenting and discipline and nothing has been as helpful as Janet Lansbury’s podcast. I only discovered this in the past 2 weeks. Many of my fears that my husband and I went wrong in raising our eldest have been allayed. I have soaked up Janet’s writings and I am so relieved to know that my sons behaviors are normal and just that change in perspective has helped me to be more accepting and comforting during what feels like totally unreasonable crazy outbursts and controlling needs.
  • ChloeBecks21
    My favorite podcast
    Janet's approach and perspective on parenting has helped me so much. Thank you for this gift of a podcast!
  • fanoffunstuff
    Very encouraging & helpful
    I am amazed at how much insight I get from each episode. Janet is brilliant and so kind to share her wisdom. I appreciate her charity when talking about situations where parents are struggling. (Bonus: she has a great voice to listen to ☺️)
  • hawaiiankick
    Life changing
    This is more than parenting tips- it’s a powerful message about building a loving relationship with another human being, regardless of age. I wish everyone could hear this! I learn more each time I re-listen to an episode; even when the topic doesn’t seem to apply to my situation, I still get something out of it. I can’t recommend this enough!
  • adri haus
    Always illuminating! Thank you for taking the time to answer parents questions and discussing helpful topics
  • EllaSpeev
    Exactly how I feel as a parent
    I often come to listen to Unruffled when facing a specific challenge or situation with my kids. Time and time again I find exactly the guidance and reframe I need in hearing Janet’s words. So thankful for this podcast, it grounds me!
  • Bailey O'Hata
    I am always grounded by this podcast. Brought back home to what I know is true, which can be so easily forgotten in the whirlwind of life. Thank you, Janet. I love the tangible yet creative imagery which expands upon ways of embodying “confident leader” and for the grace offered in the reiteration that this practice does not blossom over night. It is always ongoing. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Megan-F
    Must listen for Parents
    Janet thank you so much for all your work - especially during this pandemic. This is a must listen podcast for any parent trying to be better and more patient with their kids.
  • Ckelly007
    Tools to help you parent differently than you were raised
    Can’t recommend this podcast enough. It gives you tools and examples that you can use to parent in a more respectful and positive way (which may be very different from the way some of us were raised). A lot of other things I’ve read/listened to talk about what not to do (shame, blame, punishment, time-outs, etc etc) and I feel like this podcast helps fill in a lot of the gaps of what to do instead. Love that they are short and to the point. Can’t stop listening. Some many great nuggets of wisdom.
  • Vipiski
    Reasonable and loving
    I have found a lot of peace listening to her approach. I’ll be trying this path with my little one.
  • FlyingSquirrelGirl
    The parenting style I was looking for
    As a 40 year old first-time mother, I naturally want to right the wrongs of the way I was raised. This gentle yet firm approach is what I was looking for.
  • Mbgriffin
    Incredibly helpful
    This podcast has helped me identify the cause my toddlers actions and address them. It has given me much needed tools and hope that I can do, and be, better.
  • Cowbell Man's cousin
    Get on with it
    A 2 and a half minute ad at the beginning of the podcast? I’m out. It shouldn’t take that long (and it was quite boring) to give me info on a product.
  • delfini467
    Life changing podcast has really helped my parenting and connection to my children! Thank you!
  • Vili
    The only podcast I make time to listen
    I admire Janet’s work and approach. I have read both of her books, I actually read them occasionally for a reminder, and this podcast answers questions that come up when I parent my two young children. I wish I had time to listen to more podcasts but I don’t and this is the one that I make time no matter what as it helps me be a better parent ... usually while cleaning after the little tornadoes 🌈 Thank you for the work you do Janet .. what a wonderful, and I am sure fulfilling, purpose you have in life!
  • sKlitsch
    Favorite Parenting Podcast
    I wish I had found this when I was pregnant. This way off conceptualizing parenting makes so much intuitive sense to me, but can be challenging to implement at times. The weekly podcast highlights how to implement respectful parenting based on questions from parents. Janet has a lovely demeanor, and she goes a great job breaking down the parent’s question in each episode.
  • Archjgp
    My go to podcast when I need a confidence boost
    Janet always delivers the confidence and encouragement I need to continue the respectful parenting journey.
  • Alexadian
    Every parent can benefit
    I have been listening to Janet for two years. Her message resonates with me and every day I try to take her suggestions into practice. When I am successful, whatever I’m trying to do with my son goes better. She has a ton of episodes, so if I have a specific problem, I can go back through them and often find one that directly relates to my concern. I think my favorite thing though is her calming voice - even just listening to her relaxes me. I often will put on an episode on the way to pick up my son, which puts me in a much better state of mind than when I’m rushing from work and already stressed. Thank you Janet for all that you do. Your message is helping me to be a better parent and person.
  • pelvicfloorhappiness!
    Thank you Janet!
    Thank you for helping me navigate life with my toddler and reminding me that I can do this!
  • Miss hrb
    Best parenting podcast ever
    Transformative & approachable. It’s my favorite podcast.
  • katiemarieb
    This blessed and gifted writer, speaker and wonderful woman has been and is such a tremendous help to this newly single mom to my three sweet boys. Josiah is 4, Jordan is 2 and my baby Giovanni is just about 5 months. God has used your kind willingness to share true honest well educated knowledge, teachings and experiences and I am so thankful for you!!! God bless you and all you’ve done and are doing, and for always keeping it honest and real. You are an encouragement and help to so many others I’m so sure of that!
  • BJ*86*81
    So helpful!
    Great for Grandparents as well as parents! Wish I’d had this information when my kids were young.
  • mrstuhr212
    Changes my life
    I deliberately said changes instead of changed in my title because every time I listen to a new episode it changes my perspective and helps me grow as a parent. I love Janet Lansbury and so appreciate her nonjudgmental approach to helping parents become more peaceful and understanding.
  • swmoore13
    One of my go-to pods
    I look forward to new episodes and listen to them right away. Her calm demeanor and encouraging approach help me feel confident I can be a better parent, and person. If I’m able to feel that as a very set-in-my-ways older first time parent to twins, I just imagine how much our young children gain from my implementation and internalization of her wisdom. And when I do follow her advice, I don’t have to imagine — I can see the results of it in our children’s self confidence, resilience, and ability to cope, among other wonderful qualities I’m hoping to instill and guide to.
  • Stephanie_Kay
    Grounding & Inspiring
    Janet has transformed the way I think about infants and children. Her book, website, and this podcast have helped me develop a close, loving, grounded relationship with my son. I'm able to stay a loving, patient, nurturing leader.
  • FAC11
    She brings clarity
    And a calming energy. I’m so grateful to have her in my ear giving me concrete tips and centering axioms that I believe help me be a better parent.
  • Lovethischurch
    Such wisdom!
    I love listening to this podcast when I feel like I’m in a parenting bind. I feel like she is always so wise in what she teaches and mostly that she always errs on the side of the child. My children are my world and I’m so grateful she often reminds me how to be more loving, kind and patient to them!
  • courtneyanneA
    Must listen podcast for parents
    Janet gives wonderful, practical parenting advice in such a nice and calming manner. Her soothing voice will give you the confidence to be a better parent!
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