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Education #167

Are you ready for homeschooling to feel joyful again? Do you need support as you learn alongside your kids? Welcome to Homeschool Better Together. Hosted by Pam Barnhill, this podcast shares how to stop questioning if you are doing enough and create a homeschool experience that fits your family.

Each Tuesday, we break down the big ideas into manageable chunks to give you the confidence and resources you need to finally step out of the overwhelm and into the wonder. Homeschool stories and practical tips are delivered straight to your earbuds full of inspiration and encouragement. They are perfect to listen to while running errands or folding a load of laundry. No matter what homeschool method you use, you’ll learn how to remove the overwhelm from your homeschool so you can focus on building relationships. To stay connected and learn even more about the Homeschooling Better Together resources, join the free community:

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  • tnjrjjdsdpfeihetktevk
    This Podcast saved my Homeschool
    I began homeschooling roughly two and a half years ago. My daughter was in third grade and I withdrew her from two charter schools after several negative incidents during and after COVID-19 shutdowns. Starting out, I chose a curriculum I thought I would enjoy that she would also enjoy. Turned out I did not care for the curriculum at all, due to my own extreme expectations. I looked all over Pinterest and continually came across “Morning Time” and “Morning Basket” blogs. It sounded great, and I really wanted to try it! However, I kept biting off more than I could chew, and FAR more than my daughter could chew. I ended up switching curriculum and tried morning time again and again and it just kept falling off the wagon. I came across this podcast when I discovered my iPhone had a free podcast app about a year ago. Starting from the very beginning, I’ve listened to nearly every episode there is, only skipping the few that didn’t apply to me. About three months ago, I began to implement Morning Time and reevaluate how I was teaching school. I absolutely love the curriculum we use, but it was dragging out to be an all day thing. I currently have five children, three are school age, two are two and under, so Morning Time was really appealing. Now, we have a successful morning time, though it is long by some standards, but it covers the majority of their school day and all that’s left afterwards is 30 minutes to an hour of skill work. I truly believe had I not found this podcast, morning time would still be a far off dream and school would be a drudgery. I cannot recommend Your Morning Basket enough. Though I am not a member of Pam’s YMB+, her advice, and the advice of her guests, has been life changing for my homeschool. We now enjoy our school days (barring the occasional ‘I’d rather be playing’ mentality from my older boys, aged 6 and 5). Truly, this has been monumental and thank you so much, Pam and your team, for putting in the time and effort to make this Podcast happen!
  • HomeEducation4Two
    God Send
    As a former teacher turned homeschool mom it can be overwhelming trying to figure what our day will look like. So many walls I’ve had to break down because of time in a classroom. Finding Pam has been such a God send and has given me the permission I needed to do things differently with my kiddos. Home education doesn’t need (or should in my case) look like a public school classroom!
  • mrsbeliever
    Thank you
    I take my walks outside two times a day. I enjoy listening to all the knowledge you have on your podcast! I am a mom of 7 and have been homeschooling for 18 years! I’m not a novice but have loved all your advice and input! Thank you for everything you do! I love it!
  • Lizzie O'
    Always a favorite!
    Pam continues to do an amazing job with this podcast. She is a wonderful host, never hurried, asks great questions and really lets her guest share his/her experience fully. The variety of experience & wisdom here is fruit for the homeschooling community at large. I’ve been listening from day one and this podcast continues to be a top favorite. Thank you Pam!
  • RachBoz
    Morning time will change your life
    I’ve listened to YMB and Pam off and on for years, and she literally changed my life 7 years ago when I was just starting to homeschool. I’m so thankful for her ministry and encouragement to homeschool moms of all ages! I highly recommend doing morning time!
  • Skilletfan13
    Love the Folk Music episode
    So nice to play folk songs and not only classical music. The soundtrack from Oh Brother Where Art Though? Has some great folk songs. In the Disney Frozen Shorts they have one with John Henry that my boys love. Have fun with banjo and fiddle music!😄
  • Logandinco66
    Life Affirming
    This podcast is amazing and has helped me so much as recovering perfectionist homeschooling mama! Pam gives so much great insight into so many aspects of life and focusing on homeschooling.
  • lapatita5
    Life giving!
    This podcast has been so great. It’s so practical and encouraging without being overly preachy or narrow. It gives ideas in a take-what-fits kind of way. I have used many of the recommended resources and ideas mentioned and been inspired by many others. Even the episodes that I found less relevant to me specifically, often had tidbits that I could use. Pam’s podcasts, books, and resources have been a godsend to me in my beginning years of homeschooling, helping me discover my own way to teach my kids in a way that prioritizes what is most important to us.
  • Startup Travis
    Love the show!
    Love your content and the guests you have visiting the show! I am a huge believer in using the morning hours well. Thank you for your direction and products!
  • rufocused
    Enjoy the podcast & some thoughts…
    I enjoy listening to tips on starting and using morning time as I am just starting it this year. We have kind of done it in the past, but when you only have one child you tend to just call it bible, story time, etc… but now that my second one is old enough to join we’re going to have more of a true morning time. I did notice Pam mentioned CNN ten in one episode. CNN can be pretty liberal biased in the main news, I’m not sure if they curb that in the “CNN ten”, but thought I would mention the Daily Wire, which is from a conservative viewpoint (and often covers indoctrination in public schools) and could be fun to compare and contrast with CNN. Our family also recently discovered Daily Citizen from Focus on the Family which has a very Christian perspective, which has been refreshing as news can be so depressing sometimes! Just thought I’d throw that out there… but really do appreciate the perspectives and insights of these women who have been doing this for awhile!
  • HeatherRu
    Very helpful and pleasant to listen to.
    I have listened to many episodes of this podcast and have highly recommended it to others. It has been a wonderful source of inspiration and encouragement. Pam has a great voice and presence and I love that she does not interrupt or talk over her guests. Thank you for your hard work!
  • Eryn Lynum
    A wildly encouraging and equipping podcast for homeschool families.
    As a homeshool mama of four (Ages 2-9), Pam's podcast has been an increidble encouragement to me. Not only that, but I have discovered so many helpful resources for focusing on what is lovely and true during our homeschool days. I love that it is not overwhelming in nature, but instead a gentle help for moving forward one day at a time in our homeschooling adventure.
  • Bethetal
    Best podcast for homeschooling/variety of topics
    I love this podcast for so many reasons. (1) Pam is friendly, funny, humble and kind (2) She covers a multitude of topics (one at a time)- I have learned about nature notebooks, classical music study, narration, living books, Shakespeare and so much more. Whenever I have a question about a new (to me)HS term or practice, I come here to listen to Pam interview someone about it. Her interviewees have all been all-in on their respective areas of interest/expertise and I love the way she interviews/asks questions to really let the guests shine as they speak. I have changed the structure of my homeschool, found books for my kids and me, purchased materials, and found inspiration due to this podcast and I can’t recommend it enough! This podcast has shaped my homeschool in so many positive ways, most of which I probably can’t even articulate yet, as the changes have been done inside of me. Thanks, Pam!
  • Eloblah
    I love the variety of things that are talked about on this show for homeschooling - things that I would never even think about including or doing - with easy ways to do them. Very much recommend this podcast
  • MC8&4
    Love but wish it was shorter!!!
    30 mins tops would be awesome 😊 Love the great ideas and thanks for all you put into it!
  • A prit
    New home schooling mom
    I am listening to the past episodes and loving it. This podcast has helped me develop my own homeschool. So many ideas!! I love morning time so much, we do a nightly family time so my husband and public school attending son. We do all the things instead of watching tv, playing ps4, and YouTube. My kids hang around me every evening asking if we are doing family time. I can tell they love it but don’t want to admit it.
  • DrewSteadman
    Morning Time Magic!
    I am so excited Pam is back to her morning time focus for 2020. Our homeschool has been shaped by the rich ideas and practical wisdom shared here.
  • Homeschooler in Germany
    Yay! Morning time is back!
    I was so happy and excited to learn that Pam is shifting her focus back to Morning Time for 2020! I’ve missed the morning time exclusive podcast and can’t wait to hear her back in my earbuds.
  • JCrutchf
    So excited for 2020!
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast and was so disappointed when I realized you were not actively producing it! I’m NOW relieved to know there is a whole year of episodes ahead! I’m beginning my homeschool journey with 4 little ones very close in age and my style falls somewhere in the Classical and Charlotte Mason. I found your podcast by chance via Instagram recommendation as I was doing research on “morning menus.” Your content is beautifully philosophical but at a level most parents will be able to grasp and appreciate. Filled with truth, beauty, and goodness! Your episodes fill me up and leave me feeling inspired personally and in regards to my children’s education. Everything is so good! Please don’t stop producing ever again! I’ll be grateful forever!
  • alissajohn2020
    So glad Your Morning is back!!!
    So glad to have the morning basket podcast back! Thank you for bringing it back!!
  • JoanieHummel
    So good I ran out of gas.
    This podcast is awesome! It was recommended to me a few years ago by a very wise and experienced homeschool mom but I didn’t start listening until I saw it come up a few more times on Facebook, recommended in various groups (in particular, episode number 41). I wish I had picked it up years ago! So much great information, I’m learning so much! Be careful though, I was so interested listening to this podcast that I didn’t notice how low my gas tank was getting! I ran out of gas and as I write this review I’m stranded on the side of the road waiting for a friend to come rescue me! Happy listening!
  • A.J. Edwards
    Knowledge Goldmine
    I’ve just been eating up every episode of this brilliant podcast over the past few months. The guests are stellar and Pam’s interview style is wonderful. She gets each guest to the meat and potatoes of their topic but it’s anything but a plain meal. This is a feast for the homeschool mom’s mind. I know I’ll be revisiting many of my favorite episodes again and again. Feeling so inspired by each guest!
  • Allierhn
    Myths and fairytale truths for homeschoolers
    Mind blown! I’m listening to the myth podcast and it’s absolutely perfect. It is answering so many questions I’ve struggled with my whole life. It helps me to view our curriculum and informs my teaching so much more.
  • Jennlee C
    Super Helpful!
    I can’t speak highly enough about this podcast. It has been a huge inspiration and a practical help to my homeschool! Thank you so much Pam Barnhill and everyone else who contributes to this. It has been an amazing blessing to me and my children… And possibly generations to come!
  • Ancon76
    My heart is enriched and I can’t wait to learn more.
  • Joey5176
    Just what I was looking for!
    I was looking for morning basket ideas—simple ones. These podcasts are giving me a picture of a good morning basket.
  • HeRo84
    Wow!! What amazing nuggets of knowledge
    This is truly life changing information for me as a homeschool mother. Thank you Pam for this amazing series.
  • s chenvmv
    Love it!
    I love all of Pam’s podcast but this one is prob my favorite. I love to listen to all her guest and see the different ways a morning time can be done
  • a_ship_of_theseus
    Love this!
  • SarahPMiller
    Love, love, love this show
    And I'm not even a homeschooling mother! But I've created a Morning Time for my children nonetheless, and I wouldn't have been inspired to do it -- nor could I have done it -- without this podcast. It's my favorite, and I get something out of every single episode.
  • honebubble
    Wonderful resource!
    This podcast has changed what I thought I could offer my children, my family and myself... I never would have believed that it would be possible to live a life as so many people actually do. Thank you for these tools and for what you do to help women, teachers, moms and all those on this path. You are amazing and I just can’t get enough, each episode teaches me so much!! Thank you again!
  • Mackenziechester
    Insightful, Inspiring, Life-Giving Podcast
    I love this podcast. It has turned cleaning my kitchen into a really valuable part of my day. There are great tips here for gathering your family together and finding ways to share the things you are passionate about but can never quite find the time to fit in to a typical school day. So many ideas, so many varied topics. Great, inspiring guests. Life-changing podcast. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!
  • WifeyKayla
    Some great interviews and very helpful for figuring out the flow of our mornings.
  • JoysTeacher
    WARNING: This podcast will revolutionize your homeschool!
    Honestly, I started listening to this podcast because I had run out of other homeschool podcasts to listen. I really didn't think we needed a morning time! I homeschool one teen daughter and I thought the concept was too "baby" for us. WOW! I was completely wrong!! We needed a morning time, and it has changed the climate and the productivity of our homeschool. The habit was so important to us, we still do morning time when we are one break. (And neither of us is a "morning" person). Pam is an talented interviewer and will not waste your time (her time is precious, too)!
  • Jodylleigh
    I'm really enjoying the ideas and tips Pam bring up in this podcast!
  • JLT429
    Very helpful!
    I really enjoy this podcast. Helpful as I begin my homeschool journey with my children. I just wish it didn't start with a rooster crowing. I sometimes listen to podcasts when I'm trying to sleep and this one wakes me up when it comes on. 😂
  • Soaring2him
    Truly an inspiration!
    I have started a morning basket just because of listening to this podcast. Pam sold me on the beauty of having a morning basket. I love all of the ideas I've gleaned from listening and I've implemented many of the ideas I have heard about through this podcast. It's really helped simplify some things in our homeschool day!
  • HarrisFamily0323
    Easy to listen too, incredibly practical
    I really enjoy Your Morning Basket. Pam is a great host and I have taken away many practical ideas and had many unrealistic expectations corrected. I don't listen to all the episodes, but the ones I've thought were pertinent to my needs and have been able to apply something helpful to our homeschool. Thanks Pam!
  • klund08
    So helpful for this new homeschooling mom
    I'm planning our first homeschool year and have really enjoyed this podcast! The interviews are great and I enjoy hearing from different homeschooling moms and how things work in their family. I'm excited to start Morning Time with my kids!
  • BraveMomma
    Thanks Pam!
    So many great ideas every single week! Thanks!
  • I'm Sonny
    Truth, goodness, and beauty
    Need I say more? I am deeply grateful for this profound and practical resource as we seek to surround our children in the truth, in goodness, and in things beautiful. I leave feeling encouraged, refreshed, determined and equipped.
    Very encouraging
    So helpful with recommendations for new things to do in morning time.
  • Klarnold79
    A wonderful podcast full of useful tips!
    I have listened to almost every episode over the last few months on my morning runs and they have made me look forward to running! I have learned so much and have been inspired to add truth, goodness and beauty to our homeschool days. Thank you so much!!
  • KastenbauerFamily
    Wow! Talk about a solid series!
    Each episode is fabulous alone, and when you've been listening for a while, they all continue to be full of new information!
  • MomToTheMasses
    Hope for the weary
    I enjoy the variety of topics covered as well as Pam's cheerful personality. Thank you for being a cup of cold water for so many homeschool mamas.
  • My Life as a Rinnagade
    Great guests and host
    I love the people Pam has on and all the great morning time tips! Thanks for a wonderful show :).
  • Mamma of Five
    Mamma of Five
    The ideas, information and encouragment that Pam shares through the different guests and talking about the purpose and practice of Your Morning Basket has been a huge blessing to our family. Helped me to practically see how to bring truth, beauty, and goodness to our day.
  • KS Becky R
    Great Homeschool Resource
    I have just started listening and am gaining so much knowledge and practical advice. I can't wait to keep listening to more.
  • BeeGerW
    Really great!
    I love hearing all these ideas!
  • californiafamily
    I absolutely love Your Morning Basket podcasts. Pam interviews excellent people & so far, I've incorporated information from each podcast & have purchased many items that the interviewee's suggest. I think all families could benefit from this even if they don't homeschool! Thank you so much!
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