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Matt Harmon and the rest of Yahoo Sports’ world-class fantasy football experts dish out high-level fantasy advice on America’s top fantasy football platform. Matt, alongside Andy Behrens, Dalton Del Don & Scott Pianowski, brings you diverse insights and strategies to suit any play-style in a fantasy show guaranteed to make you a more informed manager. In your pocket and in your ears five days a week from August until the end of the regular season, listen to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Show on YouTube or wherever you get podcasts.

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  • Superbrianj
    Thank you
    Love your podcast and thank you for the past year. See you in the fall.
  • Eroq
    Solid advice and discussion about fantasy football
    I enjoy the banter and the chemistry between the hosts. They have solid analysis of current players. Austin is a great person to have on the show because he gives that player perspective that I enjoy. Thanks guys you put on a great show.
  • Anderson from Boise
    Ekeler is awesome
    Love Austin on God Bless Football. He’s not too shabby on his own podcast too!!
  • Venom2ldr
    Just stop
    You can stop with all the disclaimers about Hamlin. WE GET IT…
  • jrromman
    Outstanding, Friendly, Fantasy Advice
    Love these guys. Matt has taken over the reins this season and crushed it. Excellent advice. Very friendly, down to Earth folks. Just awesome. A must listen for me every week.
  • Medic-Nick
    Hey guys I really need some of your magic. Flex one L. Murray, AJ Dillon, Palmer or Doubs full PPR. Thanks Nick.
  • lukais
    Great show
    Only comment is I liked last year’s intro audio so much better
  • bktaz
    Matt is 👍🏽
    WR is my favorite position, so Matt's insights on the position has allowed me to draft rookie studs year after year. I do miss the betting aspect of the show, so a weekly segment with Piannowski and Schwab would be great.
  • EddieGordk
    A FF podcast that hits all the bases, er endzones.
    This show is entertaining, informative, frequently updated, and insightful (including getting a weekly spot with the best player in the NFL this year). What else can you ask for? Background info on magic and witchcraft? Holy cow, it’s got that too!
  • Buzzybeeez
    Behrens is the only thing good about this show. It’s down there with CBS.
  • cadpro12
    Great show
    Great show
  • bfair90
    Love Austin!
    Great show! It's so cool for a legit NFL star to get into fantasy. Not at all a fan of guest Rainn Wilson and his political bloviating, but otherwise 👍🏻
  • cyp3oh
    Great Podcast
    Show is fun. Advice is great.
  • PillowFighter11
    Loving the Show
    I started listening to this show more in the preseason with Matt taking the reigns. I just cannot get enough of Matt’s insights. I am a reception perception subscriber after being introduced to it by the Fantasy Footballers and now I just can’t imagine life without it. Matt does such an incredible job providing a different perspective than other analysts and his supporting cast on this pod have really surprised and kept me engaged. Looking forward to following all year and in the offseason for years to come!
  • Mark Stopa
    Five Stars
    I’ve been a Yahoo junkie for as long as I can remember. They’re simply the best!
  • 915JIMBO
    Good to very good advice!
    Honestly have always played fantasy on yahoo but looked elsewhere for a pod now that Matt has taken over I’ve been a daily download/listener! I used to hear you on with Harris and now listen daily! Keep up the good work! Oh and I’ve never had bad queso 😂
  • Spencer NYC
    Matt is the BEST!
    I love Matt, even when his hair and beard need trimming!
  • Sjp0889
    Love Dalton, get this guy on more. Only quibble is sometimes Harmon fluctuates his voice / volume / proximity to the mic so I can barely hear him and it sounds like he’s muttering under his breath Anyways, it’s in my rotation so 5 stars
  • Nmcc falcons
    Love it
    Matt is rocking it. Love it.
  • Joogy90
    Consistently good information each week
    Right now I’m doing great in my fantasy league based on the information Matt and his guests share each week
  • iAmKevin07
    Elite Pod
    Let’s face it, can’t get much better than the insight from Mr. Reception Perception himself. 5 stars, for those that lost count.
  • Joey Mannard
    Great insight
    Added this show to my daily listens this year and been enjoying it a lot. Harmon is funny and knows what he’s talking about, which is my favorite combination.
  • _trauma_
    One stop shop for all ff
    Love this show, lots of great takes you don’t hear else where. Plus the hosts don’t always agree so you get varied opinions. Plus Ekelers Wdgs is on Wednesday so that alone makes this a must listen pod.
  • Positive Feedback
    Solid analysis.
    Great host and commentary.
  • Ben4Attorney general
    I don’t like Matt. I LOVE him!
    Nobody is for everybody but if your not for Matt and the Yahoo gang your wrong. Keep up the great work! I recommend as an everyday listen.
  • ScamBoss
    New host, same info,worse intro
    New host Matt Harmon holding down the fort as the always-on host of this podcast. Info continues to be valuable and a good blend of agreement and disagreement worked into almost every show. Only (admittedly small) sticking point for me is the new intro. Music is fine, but the strangely specific quotes and sound bites just feel out of place and a weird way to start each episode. Those clips make the podcast feel instantly outdated and wish they would either update them regularly to reflect the current season/recent discussions on the pod, or just get rid of them entirely.
  • Riff Johnson
    Down hill
    Show has really taken a down turn for me since Harmon took over. Hearing the other hosts only once a week and Matt every day is too much for me. He needs to tone it down. He acts like a kid when he’s on air with Eckler. I get your excited pal, but those episodes go nowhere in regards to fantasy. I’ll miss Scott’s betting previews.
  • Brickbybrickmp
    Harmon is doing a great job. Dalton is insane.
  • ranby rude
    Stop the cursing.
    The bleeps are stupid and you missed a bleep late in the podcast with Andy a few days ago. Going to give 5 stars but I’ll follow/listen again when you stop the cursing. It’s Neanderthal type stuff doesn’t fit with 3 of the best fantasy minds out there Harmon Andy and Scott Got kids riding in back listening
  • Terrysa
    Yahoo Fantasy Foorball
    Miss Liz, but Matt Harmon has taken over and done a great job as host/moderator and has brought some different thoughts to predraft prep. Looking forward to the regular season shows.
  • 2021UK
    Harmon, Andy B and Scott P!
    Love you guys!!! Keep up the great work. Your understanding of the game and how it ties into fantasy is next level. Truly, great insight. Also, please let Delton D know we don’t care about his love of the 49ers and his unrealistic expectations for Trey Lance are laughable in year two. I end were I started I love you guys (Matt H, Andy B & Scott P). Keep up the great work!!!
  • mjhaus
    Love the New Format
    I’ve been looking for a FF podcast for awhile that was smart & conversational and talked about fantasy in a cool way that still had a little self-awareness behind it — and I think this pod is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Matt is a really solid host, and I like the rotating cast of analysts that he brings in. It reminds me of Robert Mays’ Athletic Football Show, but with a fantasy slant. Keep up the good work guys.
  • pmdcs233
    Uhhhh change in host needs some tweaking…
    Last two episodes since Matt Harmon has taken over as host has consisted of him mentioning that half a dozen or more times and dominating the conversations. More Scott, Andy, etc please - Harmon just needs to dial it down.
  • Senska11
    Do Separate Shows
    Stop having so many different hosts/shows on the same feed. Seperate them so there is a consistent voice, flow, format, etc. Loza is great. Dalton and Behrens are solidly decent. Harmon is good, but was better previously, now he tries to be too 'hollywood'. Cut the stupid voice impressions and stop talking so much about Twitter takes. Pianowski is a complete clownshow joke. Stop constantly repeating yourself and cut the insanity. Kupp wasn't even top 3 most valuable Rams, let alone league MVP. Stop talking about 30 years ago or trying to compare other sports, or maybe just stick to baseball.
  • Esco215
    The Watson take was horrible. Stick to just football. Commenting on his off the field issues is not your place. This is fantasy football. U guys just wanted to force your opinion on us.
  • Estone2112
    IMO the podcast isn’t overly helpful and the advice is pretty obvious. But the hosts are engaging and enthusiastic and it’s a good listen. Side note: Scott is incredible repetitive. I wish I had a dime for every time he says, “cheat code, off the bus, they looked like they just met.”
  • charlie000111
    The titans?
    How are we just glossing over the fact that the Titians lost to the jets then beat the bills and the chiefs. What the heck!
  • hbaberne
    New to Fantasy
    Love listening to this show, all of the hosts give great input and help me be more competitive in my league. Who knew I could ever get into professional sports as much as I have? Definitely a big thanks to this yahoo sports crew.
  • NimblewNumbers
    Beer Me!!
    I love Matt because his passion for football makes me love football more! The kind of guy you could drink a beer with and talk football for days. Great content and reception perception is absolute 🔥🔥🔥
  • Lobo 🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇
    Best Fantasy Football Podcast & Platform Period
    You guys and gals, are responsible for my 3 championships in 10 years! ALL of you. Only one finals loss. I only play one league as I take it super serious lol Thanks for everything you’ve done since 2010! The advice the humor the CONSISTENCY. Glad to finally let you all know! 😁 #YFFGang
  • petey99999
    Decent fantasy podcast. Not the best not the worst
  • Criq
    Liz has good energy but loses all credibility when she can’t even pronounce names correctly.
  • sueanne_nyc_la
    Keep up the good work!
    It’s good that the pod has been trying new things, but at the end of the day, Liz and Harmon still have the best chemistry. Liz and Andy’s episodes provide pretty actionable content too.
  • KingDylan2424
    I was offered Lamar, Michael Thomas and Mostert for my Matt Ryan, Tyler Lockett, Kareem Hunt and Marquise Brown 12 team PPR. I accepted the trade and 30 minutes later my trade has been vetoed with 5 votes. I told them veto’s are outdated and trades should go through instantly but they keep saying the trade isn’t “fair”. This trade is coming from an 0-3 team that doesn’t have time to wait on hurt players. Hoping you guys could help make a ruling on what should be done in this situation. Thanks for your time! Love the podcast never miss an episode!
  • This studly guy
    Can’t see how this is a 4.5 star fantasy podcast... one of the dudes mispronounced 4 players names.. I had no clue who he was talking about until he said the team name.. how can you not know players names when your job is a fantasy football podcaster?? I disagreed with most of his take too, which is fine.. it’s opinionated fun thing and I get that.. but man, I had to stop listening after “shenall” was said instead of shenault.. it’s bad
  • charles bronsons stache
    unlistenable now
    Another duo of soft moral narcissists
  • FatBobby37
    Stick to topic
    I can’t stand the virtue-signaling “as a white man experience guilt, shame” etc. we don’t need a lecture. Stick to fantasy football which is why we listen. Stick to your lifelong crush on Curtis Samuel who was disappointing to say the least. “If you don’t like it, you can unfollow and unsubscribe”. You don’t make coherent sense in your social justice rambling. Stick to your day job!
    Should be 4 stars
    Really enjoyed this podcast for fantasy. It was a solid 4*, as I liked Lizz and Matt’s chemistry. Both are snarky in a good way and they keep it entertaining. However recently this podcast has gone down hill rather quickly. I like how they addressed BLM, as it is an important issue. It’s also good when they address corona on occasion. However, Corona talk for 15+ minutes has made this rather unlistenable lately. An, “If they even have a season” joke is made so often now it is rather tiresome at this point. Corona talk is such a focal point on this podcast that it is rather exhausting. I understand that it’s an issue that threatens this league and it needs to be talked about. But. Imo this is a fantasy show, not an NFL news show. Address it, great. But don’t spend 1/3 of the time talking about the virus because imo this show really should take our minds off of things and focus on the fun since it’s fantasy. I’ll keep listening because again I really like the hosts and when it’s good it’s great. In the current landscape of things though, they are putting too much focus on politics, and Corona for a fantasy Pod.
  • R2RS88
    Not a place to go for good fantasy advice.
  • talkingsporta
    Beyond Fantasy
    Thank you addressing the current racial conversation on this podcast. It’s disheartening when other podcasts ignore the social climate.
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