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The Mindset Mentor podcast is designed for anyone desiring motivation, direction, and focus in life. Host Rob Dial has amassed a passionate following of over 2 million social media followers, including business professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with his expertise and passion for helping motivate people to become the best version of themselves. Rob challenges his audience to live a life of love and purpose. Rob has been featured in Forbes and Inc. for his ability to connect with his listeners. Over the past 15 years he has studied with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time like Tony Robbins, Ram Dass, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Shetty and many more. Tune in if you're ready to take your life to the next level.
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Recent Reviews
  • B.👸🏽
    I would recommend to ANYONE
    This is already changing my life!
  • sierraschall1995
    First pod cast I’ve actually listened to. I love it. I have anxiety bad and some of these really help with my anxiety. Ways to calm it down things that keep me from being happy.
  • Mizz Sesmas
    Great Tips
    Direct and to the point!
  • tttreeyyK
    Love love love
    I’ve had nothing but a fantastic experience so far! Keep it up 👍
  • KellySJohnson.PLS
    Helpful advice
    I truly appreciate the advice that Rob shares. His self control method of following through with every small item you think about has been a huge blessing to me. Thanks Rob!
  • Ashley difabrizio
    out of touch with poor people
    i cannot take this guy seriously when he says that a bum and a billionaire have the same 24 hours in a day. what?? do you realize that a billionaire can afford to pay people to do certain tasks for them, so that they have more time free in their schedule? do you realize that a houseless person has so much stacked against them that it’s going to take exponentially more time to get to a stable place? you are so out of touch with poor people it’s a little painful.
  • AmandaMReviews
    he’s so good.
  • Kim McDaniel
    So great!!
    Always take something alway from this podcast
  • SamanthaMonduy
    Soooooo good
    I listen to atleast one episode per day and it helps so much
  • Ali Schu
    Thank you so much
    Very good information (bianare beats)
  • mkaytho
    Always inspiring and motivating me ❤️
  • imbaarbara
    Thank you❤️
    Rob is such a great guy. I listen to his podcast in the morning and it’s really empowering and motivating. Your words are something that we really need to listen and that can definitely change mindsets and expand perspectives which is perfect. Thank you
  • rayner098
    Love this podcast
    I just discovered this podcast from a friend and listened to the episode on addicted to negative mindset. Very good content! I look forward to listening to all of the others.
  • Chris Jaeger
    New Listener, great stuff
    Just found this podcast. Great content, genuine, and positive. Thanks Rob. I’ve recommended it to several of my friends already.
  • Hbriannewhite
    Rob is amazing!
    My wife and I love starting our day with this podcast. He helps us to stay positive and work hard for our goals while continuing to stay grateful for what is right in front of us. Thank you Rob we appreciate what you do for our family!
  • DOSKO562
    Wake up on the right side of the bed every day
    I listen to Rob every morning while I stretch and drink my coffee. It gets my brain in a healthy and inspired place for my day, and has helped me examine many hazardous thoughts and processes I’ve been stuck in. As a recovering workaholic and perfectionist I take some episodes with a grain of salt (I have no problem pushing my limits, if anything I need to rest more), but for the most part I really feel motivated and excited for my life after listening. :)
  • Libby2578
    Love listening to these podcasts! Always feel so inspired after! Thank you!
  • Ed_i_na
    Love it
    I love Rob’s podcasts! He is so empowering and informative! I did follow his instructions, like “ Pause and write it down...” it really helped me. Journaling, cold showers and positivity were not part of my life before and I feel so much more alive, aware and present since I’m practicing what I’m listening to. Having mentors really makes a huge difference.
  • ceefner
    You Need this Positivity in your Weekly Routine
    I can not recommend this podcast enough. Rob is so passionate about what he does and gives you the perfect amount of encouragement. I’ve listened to this podcast for over a year and it has made me a happier person. I commute for at least an hour a day and this is the perfect motivation to get my workday started. He has unique perspectives and has longer episodes for your longer trips too. I can’t tell you enough that you need to fill your ears and down time with positivity and this is the perfect way to do that.
  • @jjpeller
    Inspiring and informative!!
    I just started listening to Rob’s podcast a few days ago, and I’m HOOKED!! After listening to just a few episodes, I’m inspired, encouraged, and empowered to take action and move forward!! I’m also so encouraged by his episode talking about doing his 800th (wow!!) Podcast episode! Rob has great energy and I’m excited to keep listening to more episodes as they roll out! - J.J. Peller
  • mrshallie
    The Perfect Podcast
    The show is filled with inspiring information that leaves you feeling like you’ve obtained knowledge. The Podcast makes it easy for you to listen in your car or on your lunch break. I find myself filling uplifted and ready for the day in a short period of time. Worth subscribing to. I suggest going back and listening to his older Podcast when you need a boost of confidence or something to gain inner power.
  • Patsyswim
    Amazing podcast
    I looked up motivation podcast and this one popped out ! I am in love with this podcast !! He doesn’t just make you see things in a different way he also gives you tips on where to start . This is not just a speech there is way more to it !
  • Jenn_TFL
    One of the best & straightforward podcast to listen to regularly!
    I have been a regular listener of the Mindset Mentor since I stumbled upon it nearly a year ago! I kicked my long time cigarette habit for good 9 mos. ago & haven’t looked back. I also become a strong believer in cold showers!! I’ve been doing this daily since Aug 2019. I just finished listening to the latest episode ‘growing through suffering’ 7/14/2020 and experienced what I would call, a ‘magical moment’. This morning,I had emailed a seller about several items I wanted to buy, and asked if they were open to offers. They replied yes. I immediately put in an offer, expecting a possible counteroffer. As I listened to the episode while exercising, Rob said to do one of two thing, lay down for 30 sec in a coffee shop, and/or ask for 20% off. Low and behold, I received a reply, and the seller took my offer because of the way I wrote my msg. It was kind of amazing to have these two completely separate things happen all in a span of 30 min. Sincere thanks Rob, for doing what you do!! I’m so happy to listen in 3 times a week, it’s helped me immensely & I have forwarded your episodes to my family & partner- they love it too!
  • samseme904
    My new favorite
    I was literally in the middle of a workout listening to the procrastination segment and right on the part when he was giving an example of being on the treadmill for 10 minutes and going that extra minute to exert your brain and push yourself, I was literally right at 10 minutes and went that extra minute. He makes it so unpleasant to understand and put into perspective. LOVE !
  • Tanguera622
    The Podcast You Need in Your Life
    I’m an archetype for the classic, anxiety-filled over thinker who regularly gets in her own way. In my quest for podcasts to incorporate into my morning routine that would offer comfort and direction, I came across this one, and I was not disappointed. The author has an amazing way of taking what can seem like simple or obvious concepts and conveying them to the audience in a way that not only resonates, but is broken down into steps forward for the listener’s use. I’ve always been aware of my troubles being a self starter but now feel I have the motivation and clear pathway to walk away from that life for good, rather than simply pontificating over them endlessly. I wouldn’t start my morning with any other podcast.
  • themuscledonut
    Great podcast
    Rob helps you dial it in on current events, think differently, have a positive productive mindset. Great podcast @willyjmcg
  • Spectacular spider game
    Very Powerful Information!!!
    I have started listening to this podcast everyday and I love it! I think a lot of people should listen or seek out this information that Rob talks about in his episodes!
  • JessicaPearlGruber
    One of my favorites
    Short, effective, informational. Listening to podcasts where people ramble, totally kills my mood! I love how Rob gets right to the point & tells me what I need to know. I’ve listening to the same episodes over & over and STILL get new info each time! 🙌 Do yourself a favor & listen.
  • Nutsonsports
    Opens my mind
    Great show to listen to and get my mind working during my morning walk.
  • laurlib
    Awesome advice
    Always helps me get back to positive thinking and get me moving when I’m stuck in a slump.
  • crystalglee
    Love love love!!
    Love these podcasts. They’re short, to the point & if you pay attention there’s some play on words that I love. Intelligent advice in 10-15 minutes.
  • valish00
    Instant mood boost
    This podcast truly 100% deserves more than 5 stars. All of his episodes boost my mood instantly. I learn so many things about how our minds work. We are truly able to overcome anything! We just have to re-wire our thinking and Rob does an outstanding job at explaining the “how-tos”! I found myself overthinking and depressed this morning and I wanted to get out of bed but couldn’t find any desire whatsoever. I listened to one of Rob’s podcasts and it LITERALLY got me through the morning and day. As the podcast was on, I found myself doing all my laundry, and an entire clean apartment! No joke.
  • KeriC13
    I’ve been recently not myself and I’ve been this way for awhile. This podcast has opened my eyes and really has helped me better myself
  • Alden Baluyut
    I listen to this podcast everyday!
    Rob needs to keep up with me lol I found him a few months ago and literally listened to all the previous to recent podcast. You need to start uploading daily! Thank you for what you do! Keep em coming!
  • xoljennifer
    I’ve stopped listening to the news in the morning and have started listening to this podcast instead. A much better way to start they day!
  • KayH51
    How to stop procrastinating
    Hi Rob, I’m new to your podcast, and I am one of the biggest procrastinators I work from home which means 90% of the time means, I can find anything else I have to do except for what I’m supposed to be doing. And I listen to your podcast this morning and when I went for my morning swim where I normally do 50 laps, I stopped at 45. I do that a lot so I took your advice and I not only did 5 laps but I did an extra 5 min laps , I made my bed when I got out of bed. Baby steps. I just wanted to say thank you that was an awesome episode and I will be listening to many more.
  • VP2129
    I enjoy the mindset that Rob has on all things for life and very motivational.
  • Jessag1012
    I love listening to this podcast, it’s helped me grow and be better in many ways. I always look forward to new episodes with my pen and journal out ready to take notes and grow.
  • aislynn jackson
    In love with this podcasts
    I stumbled upon this podcast when I was at the kick start of my business and have been listening ever sense. I love the mission and cause of this podcast. If anyone needs motivation, self help, personal development, then this is the podcast for you! I have learned so much and can not wait to see what the future of this podcast holds!!
  • bizmind247
    A Great Listen/Learn
    Rob explains mindset clearly. He hits home on multiple things with mindset. It’s great!
  • hddubf
    Just straight amazing.
  • KaityRaPacko
    Sharing with friends
    Love listening to your perspective. I’ve shared your podcast with many friends. Thank you for being you:)
  • hannahnaylor
    Very useful!
    This podcast always has practical advice & action to take to make your life better. I love starting my morning with it!
  • Bangthebm
    Super happy
    Love your podcasts. You are truly changing lives, thank you so much.
  • MittenMilitia
    Life Changing... For Real!!!
    I am proud of what I have accomplished personally over the past year or so and a lot of what I’ve achieved was done using a lot of the tools Rob Dial presents in this podcast. Seriously give it a listen for a month or so and see what happens in your life! Thanks Rob for doing this podcast and making such an impact in my life!
  • stitchc14
    A must listen!!!
    This is my absolute favorite podcast! It’s a must listen for everybody, especially if you’re looking to become more mindful and make positive changes in your life. Rob has so much wisdom to pass on and is very upfront and honest. He says things exactly how they are which can make you wake up and realize what you may be ignoring in your own life. So many important lessons are in these 12-18 minute episodes! This has really opened my eyes and been a huge positive impact in my own life!
  • Jay Al
    Highly Recommend
    This podcast has changed my life. It has created moments of conviction and inspiration to tackle areas in life I have long endured. Rob does a great job of making truths very simple and actionable. Highly recommend.
  • Hzhemxjshsjusbvws
    Great Podcast
    Love this podcast! He is no-nonsense and believes in personal accountability! Very motivating and sometimes gives you the slap in the face you need to do what needs to be done to meet your goals!
  • T_Rhoda
    I Love This Podcast Even More Now
    For the most part, I’ve always liked this podcast. But I love this podcast even more since you put out these episodes on the current racial injustices. You are setting a great example of how I wish more white people would be like. Thank you so much Rob!
  • T. Huang
    This podcast changes mindset for the better!
    I discovered this podcast about a year ago and I went back to listen to all episodes from the very first one. This podcast has been part of my morning routine.
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