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The Mindset Mentor™ podcast is designed for anyone desiring motivation, direction, and focus in life. Host Rob Dial has amassed a passionate following of over 3 million social media followers, including business professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with his expertise and passion for helping motivate people to become the best version of themselves.

In this podcast, Rob blends neurology, neurobiology, psychology, early childhood development, cognitive behavioral therapy so that you can understand the way your brain and body work together, because when you understand yourself, it makes it much easier to make a plan to change and succeed. When you master your mindset, you master your life.

Over the past 15 years, he has studied with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time like Tony Robbins, Ram Dass, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Shetty, Andrew Huberman and many more.

If you're ready to take your life to the next level, are searching for more purpose or you just need extra inspiration or motivation, tune in to The Mindset Mentor Podcast.

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Recent Reviews
  • Andrea5275
    Life changing!
    This podcast has changed my life. I started a morning routine because of this podcast and my mental health has significantly improved ever since.
  • Brunanav
    The best motivation podcast ever!
    I love every single episode! Normally I get bored listening to some podcasts, but definitely not this one. In 20 minutes Rob Dial can teach you what other people won’t in less than 1 hour. Episodes are short and full of content. Love it!
  • grateful1*2*3
    A rare gem amongst the endless podcasts!
    Rob is incredible and has changed my life with his podcasts! I mentally trained for a job interview and killed it just from his words helping me! He’s from my hometown but I listen all the way in Australia now! Hats off to you Rob, you are giving so much to the world.
  • limabrito
    Some episodes are getting boring
    I really like this podcast, however, Rob is delivering too much content that sometimes is getting boring and repetitive. An example is about episodes being released on Fridays, Saturdays, and them Mondays. Although we can skip some episodes, I am noticing that some of them have almost the same content/topics from previous ones. I understand you’re “doubling”, but as a listener my feelings are not the same like before for the reasons above. Just my honest feedback. Make sure your mission is to make someone’s day better. ✌️
  • James645688
    My new favorite podcast
    Came across this podcast a week ago and I am absolutely in-love. The advice and information shared is like nothing I’ve heard from other coaches. I always feel so inspired and motivated after listening to Rob and I love that he releases 3 podcasts a week cause I seriously can’t get enough. 12/10 recommend. I can already feel my life about to change based on the inspired action I’m taking because of this podcast!!
  • Mikayla Marie Fitness
    Best business podcast
    Rob continues to help me break through my limiting beliefs. I am a personal trainer based in CT. I have learned so much from his podcasts, and continue to learn with every new episode that he puts out. His podcasts continue to broaden my knowledge in business. Thank you Rob!
  • stephdiehlll
    5 STARZ
    Love this podcast with my whole heart! Definitely my go to podcast in the morning on my way to work. He has helped me change my life so much!!
  • Helena8K
    Guru for the 21st century
    The guru for the 21st century! Inspiring!
  • 👍🙌🎈
    I wish I would’ve known about this podcast a lot sooner! It has turned my life around. I’ve never experienced another source giving me such a huge effect like this. I look forward to every new podcast. I recommend this to as many people as I can in hopes they also gain the same knowledge.
  • Teenutz247
    Perfect way to start my day!
    Rob Dial is not only motivational, but truly inspiring with his encouraging words. It’s the perfect way to get in a successful mindset every morning!! I step out of the house ready to take on each day with a new insight on how to always take action and live purposefully. Love it!!! Listen to it!! You won’t be disappointed!!
  • Sisi Tee
    Great Listen
    Mood changer, EVERYTIME I listen to this podcast my mindset changes positively. So this is a daily thing! Love this podcast!
  • MarissaGR
    Everyday Motivation
    This is the best podcast of everyday motivation!
  • clsavy
    F$&@ing awesome!!!
    I don’t mind your curse words at all friend! Thank you so much for the daily mind check. It’s like getting advise from the big or in my case little brother I never had. I highly recommend adding this podcast to your list and to listen to it often. Thank you for the shift of thoughts in this ever so shifting and unpredictable time!
  • Blackmntn
    Highly recommend
    Short and to the point! Love it
  • XoJess13
    Love this podcast Rob gets straight to the point and so informative on vibrating on a higher self my go to podcast at the moment
  • webstrong68
    Motivation and Mindfulness
    Excellent excerpts on motivation and mindfulness. Impactful daily reminders.
  • JackyM814
    So helpful
    I listen to Robs podcast everyday. He is so helpful and inspirational. He uses his power to help us be better and it is effective. I listen to him every morning to set up my mindset for success. I like how genuine he is and I recommend anyone who wants to change their life to listen to Rob!
  • AtoZ Leading ife
    Life changing.
    Nobody has done more for my development as a leader and as a human being than Rob Dial. I started listening to the Mindset Mentor Podcast about a year and a half ago and it's changed my life. Rob's insights are inspiring and actionable. He is the real deal.
  • Courtney_herd
    Hands down my favorite podcast. So informational and real
  • BrittanyEP
    Very real and makes you dive deep into understanding yourself
    I could not say enough good things about Robs podcast.
  • hjfdbfsbvhffkew
    Amazing podcast, so motivating!
    Highly recommend this podcast if you’re needing to reinvent yourself and become more productive in reaching your goals! Wish I had found this podcast sooner!
  • Katiegomez1111
    Insightful, quick, inspiring
    Rob always knows to how to deliver the reminders you need in life whether it’s about mindset, habits, business building, health, goal setting. Listening to his podcast keeps me on track every single day!
  • Mercaboil94
    Phenomenal Podcast
    Short, sweet and to the point with easy to implement action steps that really make a difference in creating a life lived with intention rather than excuses!
  • Kmneu
    Great motivator!
    I absolutely love Rob and his podcast! He know exactly what to say to get you motivated right away and has so much good information to better your life! I love that the episodes are less than 30 min or so and love re-listening to them.
  • SassyCass93
    Just what I needed!
    Wish I would’ve found out about this podcast sooner but I’m just so glad that I did. It’s helped me so much, mentally and physically. Always, encourages me to do better, be better, and take the necessary daily actions to work toward my long term goals. 🙌
  • ArtMan-P
    Active speech and motivation that really pulls your doubt to the light, and makes it uncomfortable so you know that your ready to grow!
  • caddiesmalls
    Pure alignment
    This podcast has helped me evolve as a person, mother and business owner. Rob has a way of explaining things and reassuring those self sabotaging thoughts we all get from time to time.
  • triz320
    Lots of practical suggestions
    Plan to put into practice. Will let you know outcome
  • Ashpodj
    The best!
    Rob and Dean have become part on my daily listening. I always feel more on purpose with my habits and life with the help of them! Thanks for being great leaders, coaches and mentors!
  • Sunrise Energy
    Very helpful. Totally recommend. Thank you for your great contents. Energized!
  • Annnoyedgelatina
    Wish I had found this sooner!
    I’ve been listening for the past few days and he has inspired me to start making instant changes in my life. I have my planner, my journal, my meditation and my daily podcast to Inspire me everyday. Ready to start taking care of my physical and mental health. Thank you Rob!!
  • 681 Rat
    Rob helped me do positive things from the first minute🤙
  • Bill Cer
    The Best Podcast
    Rob Dial Jr. has the best real life information and strategies of any podcast. He doesn’t try to sell you his book or anything else, he just gives the listener the most realistic strategies and advice. Listen to an episode or two and you won’t stop.
  • Taylor jadeeeeeeeee
    Short, sweet, and real
    Just started listening to Rob. Great, motivating insight. I love that his episodes are short and too the point and I feel motivated to take action after listening.
  • Jackie Crime Junkie
    Life Changing!!
    This podcast is a must if you want to transform your life!!! I’ve been listening to it for the past 2 months and my life is slowly making sense. I highly recommend it.
  • stevieb1233
    Great podcast! Must listen
    Rob’s podcast is motivational and educational. He drops knowledge and using everyday experiences to get his point across. He always gives honest advice and it’s always in the perfect amount of time he never drags anything out. I been listening for a while now and feel he helps me as in a life coach. Great job and looking forward for more useful podcasts everyday.
  • keanamadden
    So simple and actionable!
    Love Rob’s quick bites of practical advice and this one is just what I needed to hear today. Mahalo Rob!
  • js3443
    A necessity for success
    This pod is crucial to getting your mind right to crush your goals every day and build towards a more rewarding and successful life!
  • BrynnanD
    Part of my day
    Starting one of these episodes gets me so focused! I love the length of these podcasts. I’ve gotten a lot of benefit from them! I’m someone who thrives on constant positive mindset reminders.
  • Listener From CHI
    Rob Dial Is Amazing and Gets It
    I’ve listened to many motivational podcasts over the years, a d this by far is the best. I can relate to almost every episode he puts out. He breaks down the mindset concept so well which makes it easy to comprehend. And the episodes are just 17-30 minutes long, which is great. However, I typically listen to 2-3 at a time. Thanks Rob! Keep doing what you’re doing…along with his side-kick, and I apologize I can’t recall his name but he’s great too! Thanks gents!
  • Aryba54
    I love this podcast!
    I listen to this guy on a daily and he’s really changed my life. I went from being super depressed and lazy to someone who has a job and is finishing school. I am so blessed to have come across this channel! 🙏🏽
  • kingalli4
    Best personal development podcast
    I feel like I’ve listened to every personal development/mindset podcast out there but Rob ranks highest for me every time. Clear concepts and easy to digest episodes that everyone can relate to and learn from!
  • hky3333
    Always Value Added
    I listen to this podcast multiple mornings per week and I am NEVER disappointed. The shift in mentality and just setting my intentions for the day thanks to Rob, has helped me so much in my daily life! Listener for life!!
  • Sherona21
    I love listening to these episodes. It’s so inspiring and it makes me look at life in a positive way. I love all the positive vibes that comes with each episode. Best thing I heard so far. Keep it coming! Thank you!
  • Ihadsomething4this
    Great speaker- great messages
    East listening. Great messages. I usually listen during the work day.
  • Vikki 💖
    What I look forward to when getting in my car
    I’ve been listening to this podcast a little under 3 weeks, and I have been playing it every time I get into my car. Amazing advice and I love hearing Rob’s positive outlook on things that can be negative. I could never get into podcasts but now I can’t stop listening. Definitely recommend!
  • Bennitt Drew
    Couldn’t go with this Podcast!!
    This podcast is a must for anyone trying to accomplish goals (whether personal or business). I’m currently starting my own business, and this podcast is so vital for my growth. LOVE Robs authenticity and bluntness. Really gets me thinking and helps me navigate my goals.
  • joesharppy
    Changing minds
    Insane amount of value in this podcast! It’s helped me learn my mind and change my thoughts!
  • linds fink
    Thank you for making it simple
    I love how these episodes get straight to the point. Stories to add value of how others did it and tangible steps to take action. This is one of the best mindset podcasts I have ever listened to! CANT wait to keep learning more !
  • 5ivecount
    This has changed My Life
    Two months ago, fed up with my job, fed up with being almost 40lbs overweight, and having a general self loathing as to where I was in my life, I discovered this Podcast. It has changed my life. Rob Dial has a no nonsense, anti-victim approach that is black and white while still being filled with compassion. He brings psychological, neurological, and metaphysical approaches to bear without sounding like a pompous neurologist nor a hippie-dippie New Age Guru. I’ve had numerous epiphanies as he breaks down complex ideas into terms everyone can relate to, and he does so with a passion that can only be described as genuine and pure. In these two months I’ve been listening to him I have lost 25 lbs, I’ve been able to cut back hours at the job I loathe to pursue a career I’m passionate about and am starting to see returns on. If your feeling lost, disillusioned, or are just generally unhappy with where you are in your life, this podcast is for you. Thank You Rob!!!
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