The Basement Yard

Comedy #157Improv #11

The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!

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  • Hsuaksksb
    Great podcast!
    When you mentioned Yogi La ❤️ I got all of my jewelry from there as a kid I miss it ! Love the podcast 🥲
  • Milkdog64
    Fav Podcast
    It’s great.
  • phaaanie
    Life Changer
    I was introduced to your podcast about a year ago from a friend from high school. I have then listened to every single episode. You guys make my work days go so much faster! I’ve been making my girlfriend listen to the new episodes with me & she cracks up like no other, she’s never laughed that hard from my jokes haha anyways I’m getting super desperate now & can’t wait for every Monday for a new episode so I just might have to get the patreon! I love you guys! Frank+Joe=Orgasmic Ears ^_^
  • Franks Cousins Quarter
    Keepin’ It Frank!
    i just realized you don’t have frank as a host on apple😂
  • some MI girl
    nuff said.
  • Xxstairs8
    Probably wasting my time writing this but worth a shot
    Let me first say that I love this podcast! Joe and Frank are hilarious! I know you guys probably won’t see this, but I thought I’d reach out.. However, they may want to reconsider promoting some of these sponsors (such as SeatGeek in my experience). Used the basement yard promo code for my tickets and BOOM, my bank card gets hacked. First and last time I’ll ever use them. I, along with many other irate people if you check them out on Facebook, (like I should have done in the first place) either lost money with no tickets, or had terrible customer service when trying to fix the problem. To not fault of anyone, but probably myself, please check out these so called “sponsors” before buying from them.
  • JacquiZ518
    Frankie needs a raise
    I’m actually insulted with the reviews I see saying that Frankie tries too hard… I’ve been a fan of Joe Santagato for at least a decade at this point but Frankie is hysterical! I love their dynamic. Constantly dying of laughter at work. You guys are too good!
  • YamahaFreakR1
    Banging table
    The loud banging of the table needs to stop. We wear headphones…chill! Other than that, all is well.
  • Nannerp00
    Not as good
    This show use to be great but ever since Frank took over as co-host it just isn’t as good. He tries way too hard and the constant political bull Frank keeps being up is too much. I also can’t stand it when he constantly bangs on the table. Makes me not want to listen.
  • littlericky17
    everyone at work probably thinks i’m a freak thanks to the amount of stifled laughter this podcast pulls out of me
  • Willtookapill
    Used to be incredible
    I was a listener for around 3 years, the show used to be my #1 podcast, but ever since Danny quit as co-host, Frank has kinda tanked the show. He is funny at times, but he literally brings up politics and bashes white people like every 30 seconds lol, I had no problem with the basement yard getting political because hey sometimes it happens… however, Frankie needs to stop getting political with every sentence that comes out of his mouth lol, also bring back the extra yard
  • NadiiaPost
    It’s absolutely disrespectful how funny episode 303 is. I’m walking and laughing to myself like a psychopath. Love
  • sam forthun
    Love this podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to it every Monday! I literally wait for it to drop every Monday morning. Frank and Joe thanks for making Monday mornings bearable with your great content.
  • WillmaB
    HB joe
    Singer boy lol 😂
  • Vanessa086
    So much better
    These guys have their times when they’re hilarious and ridiculous…but they actually have moments where they can have very thought out intelligent conversations about important things. The balance is great. You need both and you have it now.
  • MissJ6547
    Almost choked on my Sausage McMuffin while I was laughing, so there’s that. Almost died for this podcast but it would have been worth it.
  • meggannw
    Always makes me laugh
    Love this podcast! It will always make me laugh! Can’t stop listening
  • Lukeflew22
    On the let’s go rave pod you guys busted out into some Creed-With arms wide open and I’ve been singing creed like everyday for the last two weeks for some reason and then you guys just did it what a time to be alive
  • Jimt511
    The Maniacally Laughing Mailman
    You guys are AWESOME!! You consistently make me laugh out loud as I’m walking my route delivering mail. My customers must think I’m a mental patient. You have to check out the podcast Mafia Truths with John Alite, it’s a great show but your voices are always in my head because they’ll often say “ HE WAS A RAT” or “ THEY WERE RATS” it’s right up your alley. Give it a listen and keep up the great work
  • Lucas_31
    These guys consistently make me laugh out loud. I listen to them 3-4 mornings a week and they NEVER get old. Give them a shot!
  • maggiej33
    Thank you guys!
    I’m a long time listener of many years and I just want to say how much I appreciate you guys talking about the misogyny of our culture. It’s so refreshing knowing that there are guys with a platform that actually use it to talk about issues in society. Keep it up, love y’all!
  • danielle nyc
    I love it!
    I’ve been listening for 5 years now. I feel like i’m one of their friends when i’m listening. Best podcast ever.
  • cake boss 123456
    Funniest ever
    I don’t usually laugh out loud but this one always makes me crack up. I have to stifle my laughter in public so I don’t look like a freak
  • GayGuyToni
    Frankie Jackson
    Frankie Jackson needs to be protected at ALL costs. Also, we love two funny progressive straight men.
  • emmyglicks
    The best show!
  • Ky-Dog
    All over with the topics, very funny!
  • rhg1837
    I can’t stop
    I can (and will) sit and listen to you all day.
  • smary88
    This podcast is pure chaos. Of the best kind. I love this podcast with my whole being. I cry laughing so hard in my office at work.
  • JSpraguey12
    Love this podcast I’ve listened since the beginning and I need to know plans for the future of this podcast how much longer do you plan on entertaining us. Hopefully many years to come.
  • doodoofart4
    Danny and Joe are the most hilarious guys I’ve ever listened to, keep up the good work!
  • idontaveaname
    I’m in love with these men.
    I literally look forward to new episodes like clockwork. I listen to the podcast in the shower, at the gym, doing homework, on my way to ANYWHERE, I even listen to them to sleep occasionally. I think I’ve easily listened to each episode 5 times..oops? I love Danny and Frank both but I gotta say, Frank & Joe’s bromance is a blessing from god. This podcast is well worth the listen and everyone (and their mother) should tune in.
    #1 Podcast
    I been a fan of joes since the SDK days! IYKYK! I been here since the birth of this podcast and I have never been disappointed once!!! This is the only podcast/people I subscribe to on Patreon THIER THAT GOOD!!!
  • Asalama lake em
    Best Podcast EVER!
    All I gotta say is that this Podcast is funny as hell😂
  • BB822
    Great Podcast
    Basement Yard is as fantastic as always. Look forward to it every week. If you listen, you WILL laugh and that’s what it’s all about.
  • Joes Son
    Easily the best podcast makes me laugh every time i listen to it while i’m slaving at work
  • BeastXMarcus22
    Love this Podcast. From Joe and others to Danny to Frankie.
    This has been easily my favorite podcast to listen to freely. The know how to make you laugh and think about some serious topic all at any moment. They touch on all sorts of life, from weird things to mental health and back to the core of the show andddd...If you know you know lolol. Quite an outstanding podcast.
  • Nmbr1stunna80
    One of the best podcasts out there!
    Been listening to this podcast for a while and always look forward to the new ones! Joe and Frank are amazing together and are always good for a laugh!
  • veryhappy69
    Don’t forget about Patreon...
    Join over 5k other fans for exclusive content and more shenanigans. Rip the old show with Danny, this new format is equally as entertaining... didn’t think you were gonna be able to keep me. Hit the sub, pay this man on patreon, follow lopriore @ off the cuff podcast, and get into some peepee poopoo humor.
  • Katie Gatton
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast. Joe and his friends are so funny. I look forward to Mondays solely because of this podcast.
  • ChadMiracle
    Great Show
    Listen to the show in half speed... sounds like two drunk guys talking at a bar! Hilarious!!
  • Taytat213
    This is the best podcast on earth
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years. I loved Danny, I miss Danny. But I love you and Frankie too. Sometimes Frankie tries a bit too hard and he was actually kinda funnier in the old ones he was featured on with you and Danny because he seemed to be being his natural self. I love joe, frank and Danny. And I’ll always be a fan of the basement yard and listen every week. Just be yourselves and the podcast will be as good as it always was :)
  • 27mn91
    Not as good as it used to be
    I have been a fan of Joe’s since the YouTube days. I was excited when he came out with the podcast because I think we all need more humor in our lives. Unfortunately, Frank is not as naturally funny as Dan, and for some reason they keep bringing up politics. Social media & MSM are already so flooded with politics, nonsense, and people arguing that it was nice to have this as the escape but I can’t even trust this anymore. It’s like they’re running out of content. This podcast was a way to lift me up during some of my tougher times but I don’t really have an appetite for unoriginal content and new hosts who don't match the vibe. Sorry Joe, unsubscribed
  • Megan5789
    All time favorite ❤️
    Longtime fan here and Patron!! I love the content, I can’t wait for Monday’s and Thursday’s!! Keep dat stuff coming!!
  • mamabearsara
    Never miss a Monday
    I’ve been a fan for years and I don’t know why I’m only just now reviewing but this show is SO GOOD plain and simple. I loved it when it was just Joe and his friends, then loved it even more when Danny came on, and even though I miss him now there’s just something really special about Joe and Frank together! Thanks for always brightening up my Mondays!!
  • stack of rats
    #Team Frank.
    So I thought once Danny left things were not going to be the same, but boy was I right !! In the best way possible. It’s only been 3-4 episodes and frank has won me over big time. ! Keep it up boys I’m loving “Dat “ new stuff. Stay sexy.... no homo.... ok maybe a little homo.
  • ayyeemike
    Funniest guys ever! My fav podcast
  • antr0916
    Always been a fan of joe. Not a fan of frankie’s humor or delivery. Feels like he tries too hard to be funny and just falls short. Overdoes it. Think joe delivers a funnier show on his own.
  • darbbrad
    This podcast is funny as hell!
  • ChrisMars94
    This podcast is the reason I ACTUALLY look forward to Monday’s, that HAS to say something lol my wife and I love you guys, absolutely great content, never disappoints. 💯🔥
  • Peeweedyer
    to the guy who said to cut ties with frank: that won't happen. joey and frankie have been friends forever they won't grow apart now. i miss danny too but this is better than not having any tby
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