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The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!

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  • way better than zola
    Embarrassingly Funny
    This show is ridiculously hilarious. I get embarrassed because I look like a psycho while driving because I’m smiling and laughing the whole time. Also, from a Californian, their Heatonist hot sauce is absolute fire.
  • minacab
    39 Year Old Female Approves
    I can’t believe how much this podcast makes me hysterically laugh in my car by myself. Hosts and guests are always 100% themselves.
  • Ahurt428
    Great podcast past, present, and future
    This podcast made me laugh when Danny was on it and it's still making me laugh with Frankie. For anyone talking about the show being too political or Frankie being too woke, please cry harder
  • SkyM17
    this is what the phrase “boys will be boys” should mean. truly just a couple of guys being dudes- it’s basically all jokes and lighthearted banter that keeps me laughing, especially on days where i need a little serotonin boost. keep it up y’all <3
  • rissyriss123456789
    Love these guys. Hysterical and just good, genuine, accepting people. Laugh every day. Can’t get over how long they’ve been friends. Most iconic love story of all time.
  • boiibyee
    I used to love this podcast a long time ago, if Danny was still on it for sure 5 stars. I can’t stand Frank and his know it all personality it’s just so unfunny and ruins jokes with his need to constantly be right 😬 if you want to laugh listen to ShxtsNGigs instead, don’t recommend this crap.
  • ImissHarambe
    To anyone who gives this Creation a rating under 5 stars , your mom doesnt love you.
  • Darian Chiasson
    Chest hurts
    My sinuses are killing me but their singing just keeps me going 🤣
  • SonnAllen
    You guys are awesome!
    I’ve been listening to y’all for years & y’all still crack me up!
  • Joey WHitney Jumper
    Love the Funniness
    My friend Lucas got me into basement yard really funny but I’m far behind have other podcasts to listen to
  • ButaneLightsFires
    Frankie is king
    Anyone saying Frankie is “too woke” or “beta” (🤢), you clearly don’t love this podcast enough to go back and listen to old episodes where he co-hosted. “Heated arguments over dumb topics” is one of the best episodes of this podcast, and if you don’t listen because of Frank, you’re missing out big time. Also, learn how to take a joke. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Joe and Frank? Thanks for continuing to make the greatest podcast I’ve ever listened to. This is the only show I’ve listened to each episode several times. Love you boys! 💕
  • boopoopdooploop
    I love you guys! <3
    This show truly makes my Mondays so much better. I’ve been watching for 4 years now and I gotta say, i still love it and am as obsessed with it as much as i was 4 years ago 😌. Also im so fed up with people saying they don’t like how “woke Frankie is”. #1 half of the things he’s saying is a joke, like if Joe says something that can be taken out of context and flipped around, then Frankie does so as a joke. #2, what’s so wrong with him addressing issues in the show? Some people really try to make it seem like being aware of things/not being totally out of pocket is being a snowflake, and they’re trying to act like all Frankie does is talk about serious issues when it’s 10% of that and 90% him arguing how he could gaslight a gorilla into not wanting to fight him.
  • herbzzzy
    Danny was the star. Prefer older episodes.
    I love this show, and will continue to listen to new episodes but it’s simply not as good as it was when Danny was the co-host. Frank is funny and all, but way way too woke. It’s cringey.
  • Blahh🙂😐🙁😞☹️😔😟😒
    just so good omg hilarious feels like a group hang but ur too stoned to contribute. love it
  • BigBihh
    Woke Frank
    LOVE Joe. Been following him since Day 1 on his YouTube. He’s just as awesome on this pod but Frank absolutely ruins the show. He’s clearly a soy boy beta woke vagina.
  • Guitardude8841
    Great listen!
    Been following for years! One thing I would appreciate if you guys can not laugh and yell too much on the mic, us headphone users would appreciate it!
  • TheAverageConsumer2019
  • Love dat boy
    Would glizzel a dog to keep listening
  • Finger blaster master aka Marc
    In my mouth
  • Sydneyaka
    Hard pass
    Can't listen without Danny.
  • Joe A Tovar
    The show for anyone
    I started listening way back when you could still hear his family’s footsteps from the roof of the basement. I heard about all the people from Walmart, even was here for Danny. From one Joe to another let’s keep people laughing. Greatest podcast ever!
  • justeryyy_
    the best
    i listen to this show every night to fall asleep to, it’s absolutely hilarious and has been since the very start in 2015
  • Tired of stupidness
    Women’s bathrooms
    As a former employee of AMC theaters and Target, I can attest that women’s bathrooms are 1000% disgusting. I don’t know why they do the things they do in there but it is absolutely disgusting.
  • TeaTreea
    Work Mood
    I put this one while I’m making delivery’s during the day and it makes the 90 degree almost alright
  • suckdeez200000
    Just two guys acting dumber than they actually are. Constantly purposefully mispronouncing words and fumbling sentences for their own entertainment. Way too much obnoxious laughing in non funny moments. Close to 0 comedy value with this podcast. Don’t listen.
  • J*2R
    Check your audio
    Check your audio
  • maddief98
    I love both of u equally <3
    As a woman in her 20s, this is my favorite podcast maybe ever. For no reason. But any downtime I have, I’m laughing with you idiots🤣💜 One of these days I’m gonna have to pull the trigger on Patreon to get more episodes!!
  • ktdtlover
    Love the show!!! Keeps me laughing. Frankie needs to get a chance to do the ads sometime!!
  • EmilyAnne4599
    Best podcast
    I honestly can’t wait for Mondays because I know a new episode of the basement yard is coming out! For real, pisses me off that people are complaining about Frankie in these other reviews. If they’re getting so butt hurt about politics but not half the other stuff they’re talking about.. then it’s pretty obvious what type of person they are🙃 Frankie the 🐐 no 🧢
  • nadaadaaaaa
    Happy with this podcast
    Ive been binging for a while because I just ran out of episodes! I really missed Danny, my favorite episode of you guys together is the one with the 711 homeless guy story 😂 Keith also is one of my favorite guests you had, (miss the entire family thu) i want him to become a regular because he is SO FUNNY and makes joe even funnier somehow, like it’s possible 😂 Anyway, I’m happy with frankie, you guys’ friendship is so amazing! Like yall are brothers at this point!🖤 wholesome! Love this 10/10 would definitely recommend to a friend (already did)
  • Topher_94
    Much better
    This show has improved so much now that Danny is gone. It’s refreshing to hear something more than “Joey owes me a raise” every other episode.
  • Mayalejes
    If you’re looking for a factual podcast keep looking but if you want to look forward to Mondays and laugh your butt off this is the podcast for you.
  • Elivas214
    Quality entertainment
    Love listening to this podcast with friends, while I drive to school, and while I’m working. Keeps me entertained and happy. Love you guys!
  • B10egd94
    Can never go wrong
    I always listen to them! I save their episodes when I know I’m diving during the week so my drive is NEVER boring. The laugher (sometimes explosive in my car speakers) makes me laugh even harder too. No matter hat guest or cohost was here during the years, each episode is fun and worthwhile. All over the place, crazy comments and crazy thoughts. Never a dull moment!
  • Dani_Savs
    Would hate commuting to work without Joe & Frank
    This is the MOST hilarious show really about Seinfeld. Classic & Hysterical. I’m a patron, I listen on my way to and from work on my hour+ commute and it’s the only way to make the drive tolerable. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve driven home in tears from laughing so hard. I recommend this show to every one of my friends! Side note I’m an elementary school art teacher in Brooklyn, NY and farts will always be funny..thank you for all the laughs and I look forward to Mondays and Fridays even more for the new episodes!
  • Danger_Russ123
    Joes laugh lol
    It wouldn’t be the same without Joe sounding like a wild pig getting sexed …HARD
  • Desb07211995
    Y’all are great!
    Joe and Frankie are the best! If I’m having a dull time, I just know putting them on will make everything better! Thank you guys! And PS please get Danny as a guest on there and your dad and Frankie dad. That’ll be EPIC☺️
  • Mallorysipp234
    Been here forever
    Been with Joe since his goofy early YouTube days. So happy to have this podcast in my life. It’s gotten me through some tough days! Thanks Joe, Danny, Frankie, Charlie, and everyone else who’s been on the pod.
  • Am ace
    Longtime fan
    This podcast lifts my depression..been a fan of Joe since SDK days and have listened to this podcast for years now. Helped me through difficult low times in my life. Always something to make me laugh
  • Residual Transmission
    Very Hilarious Podcast
    We listen to you guys every week and it keeps getting funnier each time! the banter between you both is seamless and you both have great chemistry speaking to one another. I love the content, the speed at which the podcast goes, and how you jump from one thing to another. Great podcast Joe and Frank, please keep it coming!
  • allim11
    I listen every day!! Love you guys
  • Hsuaksksb
    Great podcast!
    When you mentioned Yogi La ❤️ I got all of my jewelry from there as a kid I miss it ! Love the podcast 🥲
  • Milkdog64
    Fav Podcast
    It’s great.
  • phaaanie
    Life Changer
    I was introduced to your podcast about a year ago from a friend from high school. I have then listened to every single episode. You guys make my work days go so much faster! I’ve been making my girlfriend listen to the new episodes with me & she cracks up like no other, she’s never laughed that hard from my jokes haha anyways I’m getting super desperate now & can’t wait for every Monday for a new episode so I just might have to get the patreon! I love you guys! Frank+Joe=Orgasmic Ears ^_^
  • Franks Cousins Quarter
    Keepin’ It Frank!
    i just realized you don’t have frank as a host on apple😂
  • some MI girl
    nuff said.
  • Xxstairs8
    Probably wasting my time writing this but worth a shot
    Let me first say that I love this podcast! Joe and Frank are hilarious! I know you guys probably won’t see this, but I thought I’d reach out.. However, they may want to reconsider promoting some of these sponsors (such as SeatGeek in my experience). Used the basement yard promo code for my tickets and BOOM, my bank card gets hacked. First and last time I’ll ever use them. I, along with many other irate people if you check them out on Facebook, (like I should have done in the first place) either lost money with no tickets, or had terrible customer service when trying to fix the problem. To not fault of anyone, but probably myself, please check out these so called “sponsors” before buying from them.
  • JacquiZ518
    Frankie needs a raise
    I’m actually insulted with the reviews I see saying that Frankie tries too hard… I’ve been a fan of Joe Santagato for at least a decade at this point but Frankie is hysterical! I love their dynamic. Constantly dying of laughter at work. You guys are too good!
  • YamahaFreakR1
    Banging table
    The loud banging of the table needs to stop. We wear headphones…chill! Other than that, all is well.
  • Nannerp00
    Not as good
    This show use to be great but ever since Frank took over as co-host it just isn’t as good. He tries way too hard and the constant political bull Frank keeps being up is too much. I also can’t stand it when he constantly bangs on the table. Makes me not want to listen.
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