The Basement Yard

Comedy #98Improv #4

The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!

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  • Musicandlow
    Great podcast
    Such a good and goofy podcast, I love how comfortable they are with the things they talk about. Makes me feel like I’m listening to friends talk about random things 🤣
  • JSpraguey12
    Must hear podcast!
    This podcast is the best thing about Monday’s. Love the conversations that Joe and Dan have. What happened to Extra yard!?!
  • Relkdw1
    Best of the best
    I have been a fan of joe and Danny’s for a long time and the podcast does not disappoint
  • pfvDAN
    It’s a podcast
    You guys are a bunch of rats
  • Khrizgoku
    My fav podcast
    This has always been my favorite podcast i 100% recommend it , if your not subscribed your missing some good laughs with Joe & Danny .
  • Maranda H
    Thank you
    Thank you both for addressing the BLM movement with passion, outrage, and facts. As a person of color who LOVES this podcast, this meant so much to hear you using your platform in the right way. We need your voices to reach more people. So again, thank you!
  • slowmantyrone
    Thank you
    Thank you for putting out the podcasts. I appreciate every single episode! This podcast and the others done with Joe have all gotten me outta some mental trash. So I thank all of y’all. 💜💜
  • CTurner357
    You guys get me through my work shifts or even house chores. I’m constantly laughing at how random and hilarious every conversation is. I haven’t listened to every episode, I recently just started listening but I will be listening from now on.
  • AAC8404
    You guys are awesome! Most of the time I listen when I can’t sleep (I have insomnia) and it’s really hard not to wake my boyfriend with my frequent bursts of laughter 😂 keep the cringe!
  • Fontcandylove
    We like your cringe!!!
    To the man who wrote that this was cringe - these are two middle aged men stuck in middle school at the cafeteria table. They literally are just having the best time with each other making everyone listening laugh as well. True fans of TBY don’t claim him. Keep on being cringe 👑
  • aronlado121
    god podcast
    Podcast is good. Simple
  • olive_xo
    longest review ever, sorry lol
    I have been a fan of Joe Santagato’s since 2011, when he used to make YouTube videos on his channel, SantagatoTV. One time, he included one of my tweets in a screenshot at the end of his video (OG fans remember) and it was the best day of my 14 year old life. He is the only person I enjoyed watching, because he is genuinely funny and is consistently entertaining without “selling out” or using cheap jokes and corny humor. I also really enjoy this podcast and have been listening since 2016, and that’s because I truly am fans of Danny and Joe. Despite the silly and inappropriate conversations (which are funny anyway in my opinion), I believe that Joe and Danny are two of the only influencers worth following. Both men touch on topics that are relevant and important to them. Joe uses his platform and privilege as an influencer to support various different causes and encourages his followers to do so as well, which you don’t see often with public figures or celebrities. For as successful as he is, and with as much money as he makes with his various ventures, I’m sure it would be easy to be selfish and use his wealth in ways that benefit him. However, he consistently uses money from the podcast’s Patreon and his own earnings to donate to underserved populations, which is a great reason to support The Basement Yard. He also speaks up on prevalent causes and uses his platforms to spread awareness of social issues. Most may shy away from sharing their opinions on political issues to avoid discourse among their followers, but it is obvious that Joe finds it more important to educate the people who see him as a role model. That is very inspiring to see from an influencer. In the near decade of being on social media, Joe has always remained down-to-earth, grounded, and the same goofy, family-oriented kid from Queens that he was in 2011 - in my opinion. His passion for his comedy and love for his family and friends, which he has always shared with his fans, is a rare quality that not many influencers have. I also think that his dynamic with Danny makes the show ten times better. Danny often speaks about his mental health and his journey with weight loss and depression - sometimes with humor, but most times with serious introspection. In one episode, Danny cried when he talked about his older brother, and I was in tears listening, because I could hear his love and genuity in his voice. A few years ago, I hit a low point in my personal struggle with depression, and I cannot begin to explain how much listening to this podcast helped me, both by hearing Danny share his experiences so personally and from the humor of each episode, which always has me laughing to the point of tears. I listened religiously when I would go walking or go to the gym during the week to clear my head - it was sometimes the only thing I looked forward to. Danny and Joe’s banter is entertaining, and even when they use their podcast to speak about serious issues, the conversation is equally as informative and worthwhile. Their chemistry and friendship is what makes the show so great, and what makes me such a loyal listener! I’ll continue to support Joe and Danny in any endeavor they pursue, because they both are stand-up guys, and it’s very obvious to see from a fan’s perspective.
  • Yeahokaythenbro
    I have followed joe since he started posting videos... literally 5 years of keeping up with the videos and the podcast. It’s still something i listen to daily and promote (for free) to anyone who will listen. Danny is an awesome addition to an already awesome show. Thank you guys for being a ray a sunshine during this dark and gloomy time in our world.
  • dramatic house plant
    my faves
    absolutely LOVE this podcast. I’ve never missed an episode & probably never will!!!!
  • Walters_Mom_Chichin
    Love them!
    These two are funny from start to finish. They are not only funny but they are real! Often covering personal and hard subjects, they don’t have to but they do. I love these guys!
  • shyann lee
    Central FL Native
    “Stay strapped or get clapped” is the Florida motto 😂 hearing Danny’s Florida experiences give me life.
  • fulcrum-one
    I Love this podcast/show so much. You guys are the best!!!!! I support you on patreon. keep up the good work!
  • tuckholt
    What’s up you Jaboops! Love these guys! I I’ve been watching/listening since 2018. Found them by following Danny surprisingly. Hopefully they read this and start using Jaboops #StillFat
  • Bloooooopp
    one of the best podcasts out there!!!
  • Kenzie🌙
    Love this podcast !!
  • 95Hatchback
    Always listening
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years at work everyday and I started at episode 1 and listen all the way through then when I reach the most recent one I just start over. I think I I’ve listened to them like 7 times. Never gets old
  • sopczyn
    Dynamic duo
    best podcast hands down. Joe and Danny are the funniest people on this planet
  • sabariin h
    Love it
    I love how he and Danny go with the flow for every episode.
  • Empty Headed Fool
    listening to these boys and their crazy stories, never fails to make me overjoyed and so happy through my quarantined weeks.
  • MarieMaeMcNett
    The best.
    I laugh so much listening to/watching this show. It never fails.
  • Apolo ohno rocks
    If you’re ready for the most eccentric, wild, crazy fun podcast you’ve come to the right place. Get ready for nonstop laughter and shock. These guys hold nothing back. I’m talking poop stories. Homeless fights. You name it you got it. I’ve been listening since they started this thing and it’s only gotten better. Love U guys. You won’t regret listening.
  • hagglegg
    Always Makes My Week
    I deal with a lot of stress during college (obviously) and my #1 go to stress reliever is watching/listening to The Basement Yard. I have cried laughing during these podcasts and there hasn’t been a single episode where I didn’t laugh uncontrollably. These guys are hilarious. Go subscribe to their Patreon too! Extra content, exclusive videos, AND you get the videos a week early! ☺️
  • chelsealewis33
    My favorite podcast
    Been listening to this podcast for about 2 years now, but I’ve been watching Joe since 2015. Danny and Joe have amazing chemistry and i laugh so hard every episode. Some of episodes have actually made me cry from laughing so hard. Highly recommend
  • Nicolley_
    All Time Fav!
    I’ve listened to TBY since it was Joe by himself! It’s my favorite podcast! Adding Danny made the show 100x more entertaining than it already was! I love these boys together and individually! I think this podcast is a great balance of humor, current events, and talks about physical and mental health that affect us all. You have a forever fan here! ❤️ - Nicolle from Houston 😘
  • tiiaraa
    This show is the only reason I look forward for Monday’s! Always exciting to know what shenanigans they’re getting into next
  • Totally Taurus
    Best Podcast!!
    Love this podcast! Joe and Danny are absolutely hilarious and make you laugh the whole way through!
  • Faeboi
    Pretty sure I’ve listened to at least the last 100 episodes more than once. Love the dynamic between Dan and Joe. I’m just sad the ‘Rona ended the Extra Yard cuz I was hoping for Nathan Macintosh to make an appearance. Throw back to when Joe and Kate wolf did a podcast together.
  • Dzentz_23
    Nothing Beats this Podcast
    This is hands down the best podcast to ever exist and nothing will change my mind. Two DORKS talking about well..... literally whatever comes to their heads during the show 😂 they’re funny as hell and this is the ONLY podcast I watch. Much love from Indiana 👊🏻
  • sydneecasey
    The best pick me up
    These dudes can make me smile on my worst days. Highly recommend
  • Leo :DD
    All time
    My favorite podcast, these guys make me week every week
  • Cool17948291648502749
    Been listening from the start. Love them
  • Juleshoket
    Great fun!
    Joe and Danny’s dynamic is everything. So funny and just love them boys! And to those who think this if just for me you’re wrong all sexes can enjoy this. I mean it can kinda sexy and silly but it’s highly entertaining.
  • kjwyo
    And here’s why...
    Best podcast ever. They never fail to make me laugh and brighten my day. I always listen before I take an exam at my university, and I swear they’re good luck! Danny reminds me to be confident on the daily. Joe makes me wanna stay young no matter my age. You want a good laugh (and don’t take these so seriously) this is the podcast. 🤗
  • mkc1992
    It’s dem boyzzzzz
    The best podcast EVER!!
  • ig-basement_yard_memes
    It’s all I’m looking for in a podcast
    I’ve been a fan of joe since day one and loved the podcast. Ever since danny joined it just got better and better. I listen to it when I’m at work or going for a ride. When I’m upset I’ll go back and re-listen to old episodes to cheer me up. The randomness and “outta left field” comments made in the show are really what brings me in. There’s moments where they talk about serious topics but lighten it up by putting their own taste in humor in their version. If you can take a joke and aren’t easily offended then you need to listen to this podcast
  • Uv hybrid
    Dear Danny,
    Run your mile and record, the time has come.
  • Jenneslynn
    What I look forward to every Monday morning
    Working a 9-5 office job can be so incredible dull and repetitive especially on a Monday. The weekend just finished and now there’s another long work week waiting, but I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2016 and nothing makes me happier. Danny and Joe really help brighten up my week and my life. Sometimes I won’t finish the podcast all on Monday so I have something to look forward to for the rest of the week.
  • EmployedMermaid
    Alright listen, I really listen to this on Spotify but I had to make a review. I absolutely love Joe and Danny and they always give me a reason to laugh and feel good. They make the funniest content and it’s always different every day. They are hysterical and I adore them and their humor. They never cease to make me happy! I will continue to watch their content (even on YouTube, where there’s more) and would love to even have a patreon subscription for even MORE content. Thank you guys for such laughs and entertainment. Keep doing what you’re doing!
  • Kiko James
    Show rules!
    This is Danny btw, I’m biased
  • LaceyRobin
    This is THE ONLY podcast out there that has made me laugh so hard that tears are rolling down my face and I can’t breathe. Absolutely love that the boys can make fun of themselves and each other. I’ve been listening since the very beginning and can’t even believe how much Danny completed the show. He was the missing piece to the Basement Yard that I didn’t know I needed. This podcast just keeps getting better and better with every episode and it’s still my podcast that I will listen to before any other podcast. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good laugh. Also, go check out his YouTube channel. Anything with his brother Keith is 🔥🔥🔥.
  • Nate914914
    Stinky boys
    Absolutely killing it!
  • __barone
    What do I even say?
    There are not enough words to describe how much I love these guys! Always keeping a smile on my face and cracking me up every episode.
  • d213p
    Cool pod, But quit yelling damnit! 😤
  • Honeyriri
    Danny Out
    A huge fan of your Podcast Joe! And will always listen..but I unfortunately had to unfollow your son Danny bc he apparently forgot where he came from..he was getting on my nerves..and his head is getting huge..for someone who “loves my fanssss” he disappointed...but you Joe!! Keep up the good work..I only come back for you
  • sonkum
    Weirdest podcast I’ve heard
    Just listened to an episode from 2016 (I know, random) and could not keep listening. Pretty clear from the way they talk that women are not welcome in their audience. Maybe it’s just a bunch of frat boys?
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