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The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!

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  • KP33RY
    Did I miss something?
    I love the show, been following Joe since his YouTube days (idiots of the internet, woop woop!) I recently listened to the episode about dating conjoined twins, but when it was over I don’t remember them talking about it at all! Lol I either zoned out or I’m crazy! Anyway, still love the boys and enjoy Joe and Frankie’s back and forth!
  • Payton Roberts
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
    I have been listening to the basement yard since it’s first episode! I have also watched Joe from the time that he started YouTube to now and all I have to say is that it gets funnier and funnier as time goes on!!!!! they are the perfect mix of comedy and seriousness. I would recommend this podcast to anybody who has a couple hours to relax and wants to have that guttural laugh 😂 if I could give this podcast more than five stars, I would! #keepingitfrank 🤩
  • thissucksmajord
    Tired of the screaming
    I can’t even listen to this podcast anymore and it’s one of my favorites. But the lack of decibel editing for the random screaming is insane.
  • Julianna Alexa
    My poor ears
    I love this pod but having to adjust my volume constantly while listening is so inconvenient. Pretty please move the mics when you shout and/or scream laugh. It’s so blaring and a little frightening because I don’t know when to expect it. Surly I am not alone in this struggle.
  • alczvnder
    Great show but..
    enjoy listening always, don’t enjoy the random volume peaks please could you guys add some kind of volume peak limiter? The inside voice volume is very low so i turn it up and then i get ear r***d on the hysterical laughs.
  • Erkyerk
    Some episodes have made me cry from laughter. They joke about anything and everything without crossing too many lines. Disclaimer: Don’t listen if you can’t take a joke, it’s not that deep. Just enjoy it
  • Zebra789
    Love them but please fix your audio.
    I love you guys but your audio is AWFUL. Constantly getting louder and quieter over and over. I can’t listen.
  • A.R.C93
    Absolutely fantastic
    I love this show more than I love myself. I clean houses and can’t listen to episodes when people are home because I’ll laugh so loud they get concerned for my well being. 10/10
  • miamicami
    I actually laugh out loud
    I listen to my boys in my commute and my god! I’ve legit cracked up to myself while walking to the subway.
  • Antzinmapantz
    Can’t get Enough!
    I can’t get enough of these two. Frankie is a national treasure!!
  • kvnggnickk
    it’s hilarious and they are both clowns lol
  • ollieo1
    Used to absolutely love this. I’ve followed Joe for years. But the conservative and Christian bashing is a bit much. I can usually get past the jokes but lately it’s been obnoxious.
  • Deakstre
    Good but Frank is awful
    Joe is great but Frank is insufferable to listen to. For some reason he thinks he knows everything about everything and he’s usually just straight up wrong. On top of that he tries way too hard to be funny and is constantly looking for validation for Joe, it’s weird.
  • justjessthemess
    Best Podcast Ever
    This show cured my depression in a way that Seroquel could only dream of. Whether it’s Danny and Joey or Frankie and Joey… or best of all, all three, this show never disappoints. Frankie is unhinged in a way that truly makes me worry for him but Joey is, too, he just doesn’t know it. In all seriousness, this show is absolutely phenomenal and as soon as I’m not dirt poor, I can’t wait to join the patreon so that I can finally get more than one show per week.
  • We all love sudoku
    Take away men's microphones
    Could never tell them apart. And episode 335 started with a very racist letter that they were comfortable enough to share with their audience. I listened for a year but couldn't get over these things. Cheers.
  • SenatorVulture
    It was funny for a bit, turned into every “douchey bro eats directly into the mic and thinks that makes them edgy” podcast
  • lex1722
    Pure friendship
    These guys are the picture perfect example of a pure lifelong friendship.
  • claireooooo
    Good pod
    Frank is insufferable sometimes but it doesn’t usually last very long
  • Glaaaze
    I’ve been watching Joe for like 8 years which is kinda crazy. The relationship that Joe and Frankie have is awesome, some of the most entertaining banter I’ve ever heard honestly.
  • mal12331
    definitely not reading the right sex books
    y’all need to head over to booktok for recommendations
  • Marissa0O7
    FYP made me find the podcast
    Thank you TikTok algorithm! My usual podcast is a true crime one. But my TikTok FYP thought I’d like The Basement Yard. I love it!! Great show! I lol all the time! Great comic relief!
  • -taylor mackenzie-
    the first time i heard davino’s voice, i looked up his twitter and he is not what i pictured whatsoever LOL love when he comes in 🫶
  • CherryCrysta
    The Best!
    Always keeps me laughing! I’ve been watching Joe back when he was doing YouTube videos about the “dumb people in the internet”😂 I’ve been in love with this dude FOREVER! Looking for a great laugh…start listening to this right here!!😂👌🏼
  • monicad21
    the funniest podcast
    I've never laughed harder.
  • Rfftf
    Stop eating during the show
    God dammit just stop eating on the show. No one wants to hear that.
  • Adia Williams
    You will 100% laugh
    The way I have to contain my laughter listening to this at work. Immediate mood boost. also her to vouch for Taylor Sam’s in Brick nj :)
  • HaileyEH5
    All time favorite show
    I love these guys’ humor and feel like they are my best friends. This is the only podcast that can make me actually laugh out loud. I have found myself rewinding the episodes just to hear the jokes again. You guys are the best!!!!
  • nibloooooo
    Balloon knot
    Yo Joey, try that tomato sammy… coming from a Jersey girl. Add salt and pepper though 🤪
  • folkfan555
    Frank and Joe
    I never miss an episode. You guys make me laugh. If I'm stressed out I put on your podcast and it always helps me chill out. Wish you guys well!
  • Death Berry
    it sounds like frank is allergic to celery. celery shouldn’t be “spicy”
  • Hope rises
    Love these weirdos!
    I’m a big fan of The Basement Yard!!!
  • margaritas wirh brooke
    Best podcast of bullish****g around
  • hallie burke
    I’ve never laughed harder at a segment. Y’all are funny
  • Abby Taylor 16
    The one dude podcast I enjoy
    On this podcast, you can find two very harmless, yet very boisterous New Yorkers who have been friends since childhood. They talk about interesting stories in the news and are very open and candid about personal subjects as well. It’s great to listen to when you’re stressed out or want some escapism from a long day of work. They remind me of your average idiot brothers who can always get a laugh out of you. For once here are two men that don’t find joy in bashing women. It’s refreshing to hear emotionally secure men who speak to their insecurities. Just an overall joy to hear.
  • waammys
    #385 was my very first episode. Good thing I like poop jokes
  • sndrarivera
    only podcast I listen too 😭
  • fleurdi
    Awful everything
    I tried to like this podcast because someone I admire on TikTok really likes it, but it is one of the worst that I’ve listened to.
  • Miranda Z!
    Best podcast
  • abigailgraham
    Don’t eat on podcasts
  • BH3223
  • maxine ensminger
    This podcast is hilarious, I would pay to listen to this. Oddly enough I get kept up to date with current news because I listen to the podcast 💀
  • Mal.lory
    Can’t contain my laughter!!!!!
    I listen to y’all’s podcast while driving for Uber and some of the things you say has me bursting out with laughter while I have a passenger. I literally have to pause the show until I drop the passenger off, bc I will laugh nonstop.
    Lost a fan - unsubscribed
    The conversation around drag queens in the latest episode was coded with misleading right wing talking points. This dangerous, ill-informed rhetoric between two cis het men, reaching thousands of listeners, harms the drag community.
  • kirstenrisk
    The most “make your day just by talking” podcast ever
    I listen to this podcast every morning and every night at the gym. These dudes can make me laugh more than any comedian. Great podcast and great men!
  • Becky Payetta
    Never a dull moment on these podcasts 😂 love every one of them! If you need to pass time at work or need a good laugh-put one of these on!
  • Ranson5
    Basement boys!
    These guys give off mad Nick and Schmidt energy and I love it!!! Only men that she podcast!!
  • Wakeupthisidrealith
    god tier
    i named my dog after frank. i have peed in my car on the way to community college listening to this. these are the ONLY men who deserve to have a podcast. they have absolute finest taste of humor. the kids i babysit listen to joey and frank now. they are only 8 and 6 but i know i’m raising them right. godspeed brothers
  • Daira1998
    This is my absolute favorite podcast. I don’t care what anyone says Frankie and Joe are hilarious. I loved it with Danny as well it just doesn’t get old. Please never stop creating. It makes me life better.
  • Bre603
    Listen. The moment… and I mean THE MOMENT Joe said the word “soot.” As soon as it tumbled from his lips, I had an image flash through my mind. And ya know what that image was of? Approximately 101 Dalmatians rolling around in a fireplace to avoid Cruella DeVil. THE MAN DOES NOT MISS.
  • rabbitpaws13
    My favorite podcast
    I’d been following Joe for years, when he was just starting out on YouTube and doing mad libs. I genuinely love having this podcast play while I’m driving, cooking, really anything. These two crack me up and it feels like you’re listening to friends talk about utter nonsense. It’s exactly what I need when I’m not trying to think about anything.
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