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The Basement Yard is a podcast ran by me, Joe Santagato. I would write a long description about what this podcast will be about but I'm not even sure.. Enjoy!

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  • Kbriones
    Love you guys! Joey, marry me.
  • AnonymouslyAnnoyued
    I absolutely love them talk about whatever, whenever! They got me into listening to podcasts and they are my absolute favorite. Thank you :)
  • C-Crider
    I’ll kill your dog?
    Supposed to be funny…been following on social for a long time till we start talking about killing peoples dogs? Weird. Hitting dogs with shovels is wild to make light of imo
  • JBretz
    Great podcast, but audio makes it difficult to listen
    I’ve noticed many other reviews comment on this, so it doesn’t seem like it’s being recognized or addressed, but… As funny as this podcast is, going between speaking quietly, speaking normally and YELLING makes it very difficult to listen due to the volume. Please balance the audio so the quiet bits are the same volume as the loud bits. The technology exists!
  • over_it72478
    Sponsor Sell outs
    Better help? in 2024? Yay Therapy Boo Better help. They can’t even hire real therapist bc they pay so badly but every week it’s the same promos 🙄 and don’t forget their “free sessions” to those in an active war zone with no access to internet but whatever make them and you feel better.
  • rileyh530
    best podcast
    i started watching joey on youtube like 9 years ago and stopped watching youtube a few years ago and recently started listening to podcasts and this was the first one i came back. they are so funny, my favorite podcast!!!
  • codenamecottonmouth
    When I Need to Boost my Mood
    I love turning this show on when I need a good laugh. Also they don’t hate women! Which is important to me in a podcast! Yay!
  • Jkul777
    Been listening for seven years and it’s the only podcast I listen to!
  • Courtney Aziz
    I will follow Joe anywhere
    Been listening to Joe since his beginner YouTube days and he hasn’t missed. I love that you brought in Frankie and I think you guys are hilarious. Will listen to anything you do! This pod is so funny and I look forward to it every Monday, starts my week off right. See you on tour in ATL
  • Engprofft
    Year Six ….
    This begins my sixth year of listening and it is that absolute best iteration of the show. The Joe/Frank connection is gold. When the world feels awful, the guys make me laugh and give me hope. Don’t change a thing. You’re going to love the Windy City; have a great tour. ✌️
  • grady03
    honestly seems like such hilarious and comforting people. feels like i am on facetime with my besties 😂
  • Elbowwwwwwhhhhhyyyyy
    great podcast but cannot stand the whispering to the yelling. fixing the audio issue would make it a lot more bearable to listen to.
  • gh777arg
    lol @ people complaining ab politics
    i’m sure everyone mad about frankie making white people jokes is a white right winger
  • T03Lee
    Love the show,
    Show is funny and hilarious. Considering it’s a comedy podcast would be nice is Frankie would stop being political in non political conversation
  • notworththibkingofaname
    Love love love
    Thank you for being educated, stupid, and hilarious. Love you guys
  • Natt9510
    Hands down, best podcast
    Joe and Frankie are absolutely hilarious.
  • B12color
    So funny!
    I literally have laughed out loud multiple times listening to this podcast. Joe & Frankie are too funny. If I need something to boost my mood, I listen to the podcast. Great podcast guys!
  • Lily arlene macIntosh
    This podcast is so good it's quite honestly disgusting
    I've never loved a podcast more in my life. Like honestly this podcast brightens my day always. Frank and joe are absolutely hilarious and never fail to make me laugh. I would 100% recommend!!
  • oink34232
    I wish there was an Eiffel Tower emoji
    This pod cures depression.
  • mayaimartin
    My favorite podcast!! Love them so much
  • hotgirlnattt
    The best
    Love these two idiots and their banter so much!! So proud of you guys on the tour!
  • Kristy Shearer
    Two of the funniest guys ever
    This is the easiest podcast to listen to because it’s just two lifelong best friends talking about nothing but making it hysterical.
  • I hate toxic podcast men
    My pooks
    I love these too so much I can’t explain this.
  • Alexandragrace417
    Candy crush
    Listening to this as I play candy crush ignoring every email at work . Ty
  • Ahmaad456
    Wonderful duo they help me through just living and has motivated my journey to start my own podcast
    10 out of 10
  • lyfcycles
    Favorite podcast
    Never laughed so hard in my life
  • Po Murley
    Best Podcast
    this podcast is f*cling ridiculous in the best way… but they rly gotta figure out how to pull away from the mic when they scream
  • what the heck pick a name
    The BEST thing ever
    These people are some of the funniest! I’ve been with Joe since people of Walmart! Go check out his YouTube! 🫶🏼😂
  • Bookston69
    It’s basically listening to a bunch of 40 year old boys be cringe and talk about absolutely nothing interesting.
  • coco9120
    First Time Listener
    This week was my first time listening to a full episode and after the admission of wanting to drink milk straight from the utter I’m not sure if I will be tuning in again… lots to stomach this week
  • murderino739293628
    CEO of People Magazine
    Hello, I am the CEO of People magazine. We made a big mistake. You both win all categories of everything. Thank you. -CEO
  • MamaCholie
    I don’t care what People Magazine has to say. Joe and Frank are THE sexiest mother fathers 🥵🥵 Daddies!
  • AuralWind
    Y’all get me through the day at work! Keep it up 👍🏻
  • Lizbeth s.
    Lost Something
    Not as real as it used to be. Success has definitely watered down the quality and authenticity. I still listen to really old episodes and laugh a lot but new ones are so outrageous and over the top.
  • Bshshsskye
    The urge to party!
    I’ve been following joe since FB days. I love this podcast! I have to shut my office door at work due to me laughing so much!! On my wish list is to party with all these guys or even get on an episode as a guest lol!!!
  • MaddzRose135
    This podcast literally got me through my anxiety attacks after quitting nicotine. These boys make me laugh so hard and I listen to it to fall asleep at night, definitely my comfort podcast! 💕
  • Kayda L.
    Super Hilarious
    One of the only podcasts that has made me actually laugh out loud uncontrollably, Frankie and Joe bounce off of each other so well and it feels like I’m on FaceTime with my friends, if that makes sense 😂
  • JBrine88
    Very hilarious!
    What can I say about this podcast that I don’t like? I have nothing bad to say about it all the episodes are super hilarious and I get a jolly good laugh from the guests that are on it also. Frankie and Danny are so hilarious too when they are on I always get a great laugh throughout every episode I listen to. Keep up the great content Joey!
  • avahaigney
    the only good male podcast.
  • Izayah Gomez
    #1 Podcast
    I love this podcast. I see a lot of people on here dogging on Frankie. I will admit that I do miss Danny, and I’d love to see him make a guest appearance on a future episode, but I love Frankie and believe Joey and him click a lot better. I love this podcast. I will forever recommend it to friends who like listening to podcasts.
  • nonanenakavs a
    To many ADS 🙄
    Theres like 20 minutes of ads in these recent episodes and it’s really making me not want to listen. There’s barely any structure of the things they talk about anymore.
  • PTV-Girlinthewater
    One of my Favorite Duos
    Frankie and Joey are SO FUNNY together! I hope that they keep this up forever. This podcast makes me laugh so hard
  • alieskyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast kills me, I re-listen to old episodes, because once a week just isn’t enough. Joe, Frankie and Danny are hilarious.
  • Motavator 💁💙💕
    Top tier
    This is literally the only podcast I listen to. Got so much better with Frankie, amazing chemistry that makes the conversations flow so smoothly. I listen to this while getting ready, making coffee, cooking, in the car & etc. I love the nostalgic and down to earth humor that most people don’t have in a “professional” setting. Only problem I have is the inconsistent audio. Sometimes joe is way too quiet while Frankie sounds loud, so I have to change the volume frequently. Started off watching Joe on YouTube many years ago, awesome to see how far he and the podcast have come
  • mixdgirlnxtdoor
    Thee best!
    The only podcast I’ve ever went back and listen to the previous episodes when I’ve discovered it! Frankie is a phenomenal cohost! I enjoy him so much! Your banter reminds me of me and my best friends of 35 years. Also pay for the Patreon! Worth it!
  • djdbear600
    Used to be good
    Ever since Frankie took over for Danny, this became unlistenable. He is way too politically correct and is constantly worried about offending a single person. Ruins the momentum of the show every single week. I think Frankie is hysterical, not on this podcast. This died when Danny left. Just a money grab at this point.
  • Trevorffegj
    Obviously hilarious
    Love y’all, just the audio isn’t great and the whispering to yelling is to frequent
  • Be_kah
    Grandma Loves You
    Introduced the podcast to my 76-year old grandmother and she laughed the hardest she has in years. Showed her the Pinocchio clip and now she says it with an Italian accent constantly.
  • Hnnhvw
    I love you guys!
    Hilarious! I love that I can’t predict what you guys will end up talking about in every episode
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