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Buddhism #16

A podcast from Wisdom Publications where we interview leading thinkers from the Buddhist world.

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  • Red_dust
    Malcolm Smith
    I enjoyed your interview with Malcolm, especially the Dzogchen view of the mind. Your dialogue with each other was fun and enlightening. Please continue with laughter and wisdom.
  • Chattasteff
    Sophisticated and over my head
    Where is my teacher?
  • rodolfoj
    Listening to the Wisdom Podcast gives a short and concise opportunity to listen to key thinkers on top themes that resonate with any buddhist or critical thinker
  • Vegan Rocketship
    Stellar interviews
    Daniel Aitken always asks the best questions from his guests. This is my favorite podcast series. I've learned so much in the past couple years from these chats, not only about movers & shakers in the Buddhist world in general, but also learning to apply the Q&As into my own life moment by moment, resulting in more meaningful conversations with people.
  • Izzy Lion
    Pay it forward!
    This Podcast has played an enormous role on this one’s Path. We used to just listen to the Nyingma teachings, but there is wisdom to be found in many lineages. Thank you, Daniel, and all those involved! Ooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Dondrup01
    Best source of authentic Buddhist teachings, culture, etc.
  • DWZNana
    Learn something new and enjoy it!
    The best podcast out there. It covers a wide range of topics and every single episode sheds new light on different Buddhist topics! I am learning something new everytime I listen to it.
  • Whyte Tara
    Redeemed podcasts for me 🥰
  • ssss141s
    Wonderful teachings!
  • Curtis T Burglar
    Good but sometimes confusing
    I love the guests, the topics and questions asked by the host Daniel Aitken. My only criticism is that the conversations will often lurch suddenly into very dense esoteric territory with a lot of Sanskrit and Tibetan terminology. I wish Daniel would slow down and speak as if most of his listening audience were not in a grad school seminar on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Resilient-in-DC
    I always enjoy the episodes but the one with Gil Frosdal, one of my favorite authors, was so informative. It motivates me further to pursue my meditation practice. Thank you!
  • mtyogini
    Thank you
    These interviews and conversations are excellent !!i am learning so much about the various lineages and the people who have brought different aspects/ teachings of Buddhism to the west. Great interviewer! Priceless dharma archives. Thank you .
  • Soaring Crane
    Great Podcast
    Excellent interviewer, very interesting guests.
  • D T J
    Fantastic !
    Enjoying all the interviews
    Stunningly brilliant
    A series of intimate interviews that capture the heart of Buddhism in America. These podcasts are an oral history of the modern American Buddhist movement in the words of the beloved originators themselves. Daniel Aiken is an attentive and knowledgable interviewer and clearly a Buddhist himself. Through his gentle questioning, each interview becomes a deeply satisfying Dharma lesson.
  • alpineshine-boulder
    Dharma for West
    This is clearly on of the best podcasts in the West.
  • Brad_Scott
    One of the best
    Very insightful and informative podcast on Buddhism in its various shapes and forms.
  • FullyAware
    Marginally Aware is a troll
    This is a great podcast because it is conversational. How often do you get to listen to such luminaries speak with so much candour. Only this style of podcast could let the guests feel relaxed enough to be as open. Clearly Marginally Aware has something against Buddhist podcasts as he/she has also left a troll review on another show that borders on a personal attack. "marginally aware" seems about right!
  • Marginally Aware
    Needs a different interviewer
    The interviewer constantly interrupts his guests as they're answering his frequently ill-informed and pointless questions; he is inexperienced, disruptive, distracting, and annoying. The volume on his mike needs to be turned down (or preferably off) when the guest is speaking because he is constantly muttering, "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. . . ." Otherwise, the guests are fun to listen to -- or would be if (see above).
  • The T2
    Fascinating interviews
    I look forward to new episodes each week.
    As something of a podcast junkie, I've listened to a lot of offerings. This has quickly become my favorite and I'm hugely thankful for the engaging, informative, and inspiring content.
  • poldov
    the first western...
    It opens a door to the transmission of info from one culture to the next. How Buddhism keeps trucking
  • AIC-halmg
    Absolutely unique podcast!
    I was listening on the way to work. Love it. Highly recommended.
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