Into The Wilderness with Byron Pace

Nature #17

The world is so much more than what we know, and only through understanding it better can we make informed decisions. This podcast aims to bring impactful, entertaining and insightful conversations from a global array of guests. Some famous, some you won’t have heard of. From famous explorers, to renowned scientists and just good people, all have a story to tell which we can take something from. Topics are wide ranging, with a backbone centred on conservation, including hunting, fishing, expeditions, environmental and wildlife management. This is a podcast for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors in any form. It’s for those who care about safeguarding the planet and wildlife we share this land with.

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  • ColinStell
    Conservation, Outdoors, Hunting, It’s all here!
    I started listening to Into The Wild after I found Modern Huntsman and I am hooked. I love learning about conservation, science, hunting, and everything in the outdoor world from Byron and his guests.
  • rired02840
    Great viewpoints
    I am a non-hunter but this podcast covers so much more than hunting. It does discuss where hunting can fit in to the natural world but the topics cover everything from travel to biology. It was a great find for me
  • agas1122
    My favorite podcast. Educational and entertaining!
    This podcast is incredible. It is perfect for those interested in conservation, hunting, and science and prefer to hear it in a Scottish accent
  • Nico__B
    Pace Brothers - great podcast
    An informative, open minded look at all things outdoors, conservation, and hunting and fishing. A must listen for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone wanting to learn about outdoor sports.
  • C. Linn
    Fun and informative podcast
    I first found the Pace brother’s podcast when they were talking about snipe migration a few years back and was hooked instantly. They manage to make every episode fun and engaging and you will always learn something about wildlife and land management. Excellent work.
  • Sleeeeeeepy dude
    Best outdoor podcast
    As someone who doesn’t hunt I was surprised by how much this podcast resonated with me. It speaks to the value of wildlife/eco conservation while helping to bridge the world between hunters, outdoorsman, wildlife advocates, vegetarians etc. In fact, I’ve grown a new appreciation for the world of hunting and fishing as primary contributors to conservation. The show features interviews with various experts on hunting and wildlife that are always entertaining, informative and frequently peppered with exciting retellings of outdoor adventures shared by everyone. This has easily become my favorite podcast to listen to!
  • Andreas Album
    Look forward to each episode
    Wonderful topics and guests - can’t wait for the next episode. When I found it I went back and played every prior episode - solid, solid work. Andreas Album - Georgia USA
  • Fighaka
    Love this podcast! Great information and content! Love the diversity of the guests. Look forward to it every episode! Keep up the awesome job! - Michael Figgins, Utah
  • Kyle Lapointe
    Great podcast
    The Pace brothers do a great job with their podcast and films. Very tasteful and interesting content. Well done!
  • lefthandguy2
    A rebate on your life
    This podcast covers my favorite things; hunting, adventure and a love of the outdoors. And it covers them to a depth that means whoever you are you will gain from it. If you have any interest in these things then this podcast is definitely for you! If you resent having to waste significant chunks of your life doing something that you don’t love (like commuting),then this is one of those “life hacks” that actually gives you some of your life back. Just like a tax rebate, but with your life. How cool is that?
  • mhausm01
    Great podcast.
    Great podcast!!!
  • West beard
    Great podcast
    Good information and experiences as well as great guest speakers.
  • G C P Morley
    100% recommended
    This podcast is provides an unparalleled insight into ethical field sports, conservation and wilderness adventures. For anyone who loves hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation and the outdoors, I cannot recommend this enough.
  • Lukysportsing
    Simply awesome
    Fantastic podcast, they capture the stories and the characters who are behind them. Never a dull podcast.
  • Tango9045
    Pace Brothers - Into the Wilderness
    These guys are fantastic. Though they’re based in Scotland, the range of topics covered, diversity of guests and overall production quality make this podcast a winner for the US. They’re passionate about hunting, conservation and the outdoors in general. A must subscribe if you hunt Africa or are considering a safari. The podcasting equivalent of a Ruark book! Check out their short films as well.
  • ltlduk10
    Great Podcast
    In the same vein as the MeatEater Podcast. Got started with the Blood Origins episode and now I'm hooked. Keep up the great work
  • Cornish Hombre
    The Message of the future
    Consistent, balanced message that successfully articulates conservation from a managed resource perspective. Should be required listening for all!
  • LeftHandGuy
    Not just for British hunters...
    If you love any aspect of being out-of-doors, hunting, shooting, fishing, kayaking, hiking, you will get something from this podcast. If you care about traceability of your food, or the sustainability of the natural world, you will get something from this podcast. If you don't like these things, and don't understand why people go into the wild to hunt, fish or explore - you need to listen to this podcast. If you cannot understand why some of us take it upon ourselves to find and kill wild animals, and yet can hand-on-heart say that we love those same animals - you need to listen to this podcast. The brothers will talk to anyone with anything intelligent to say about hunting, conservation and exploration. This is not a standard 21st century echo chamber, difficult subjects are not avoided, and the scope is global.
  • Haus55
    Best conservation info from across the pond
    These guys give me an awesome look into world wide conservation and hunting topics. An awesome change of scenery from West Michigan.
  • __Abigail__
    Wonderful Podcast
    This podcast has great interviews and discussions on the different aspects of hunting and the outdoors. From an American perspective, it is great to be able to see the both the similarities and differences between our approach to all things outdoors and that of those in the UK. This is a very informative, entertaining, and thought provoking podcast that is well worth the listen.
  • Copelia's Left Knee
    Finally, a podcast that I can look forward to.
    Tremendously articulate, intelligent and well informed podcasts that are easy on the ear, but throughly thought invoking and engaging. Keep up the good work.
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