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Every Wednesday Brown Ambition helps you unapologetically build wealth by saving, investing and making smart career choices — on your own terms! Your hosts are personal finance expert and journalist Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and author of the New York Times bestseller "Get Good With Money". Got a question? Call or text us at 844-858-8080.

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  • Budrocket1
    What A Mess
    Whoever makes your show promos needs to be let go. Totally unintelligible, do you even know who your target audience is?
  • Avidscifan
    Informative but not in touch
    Very informative but, not really in touch with the reality of today’s financial challenges shared by women across socioeconomic backgrounds. They assume a constant income which is unrealistic. I absolutely intended to contribute to a 401K when I was 20 but, life is not a straight line. Then there is Tiffany’s ego which is funny, distant, and tiring at the same time . I can only listen to this podcast (by default) every once in a while as I do find it to be insensitive. If there were more financial podcasts inclusive of black women that were sensitive to our efforts… I wouldn’t listen at all.
  • Juah 🇱🇷
    The Bus Driver episode Blessed my soul
    Hearing the way Tiffany spoke about how loving her husband was and how she still feels his love was so heart warming. IMHO, Tiffany’s response to the “Would you date a Bus Driver?” Is the only acceptable response.
  • Dgh005
    Thanks/Gracias 🥰
    Brown Ambition was my first financial podcast, I’m so grateful I found it. Mandi and Tiffany have helped change my perspective on using money as a tool to build wealth and give me peace of mind. I love the guest speakers and I’m especially loving audience members who come on the show with their very real financial questions. This is a POC-friendly podcast you can’t miss.
  • BK-Curls
    Weaving Rest into My Routine!🤸🏿
    Perfect Message! Perfect Timing! I’m Gonna Get My Tracy On! Thanks (again) Tiff!!
  • JCV29
    Thank you!
    Thank you, both for having this podcast. Both of you have great tips. Mandi and Tiffany, thank you for helping me see outside the box. I thought I know much of finances and negotiating but obviously I was doing something wrong. I’m still learning and getting my things on track. So far Mandi, your negotiating skills helped. I was able to get at least a 20k boost on my salary :). Tiffany, love your energy, WOW I just love it! We need that cheerleader when working with our debt. Thank you for going above the basics of finance many of us do not think of our estate. Growing up I was taught if you don’t have it ask a sister (credit card) wow did this thinking put me in a hole. Which you are helping me get out of. You two woman are an amazing combo. Thank you a million 😁😁😁🤩🤩🤩
    The commercial
    I’ve heard the commercial for this podcast on other podcasts I listen to. It is such an annoying and bad commercial that it makes me not want to listen
  • rustedhammerhead
    BAQ&A heeeeeeeyyyyyy BAQ&A heeeeeeeeyyyyy
    BAQ&A heeeeeeeyyyyy BAQ&A heeeeeeeeyyyyy
  • yurigt
    2023 - Don't love the new format. Are we doing Q&A both episodes a week? 2021 - Still wait anxiously on Wednesday for the new episodes! Love that you’re leveling up and getting the love in the new agency! Except, one piece that I miss is the support for businesses that are local / BIPOC! Please don’t promote Goldman Sachs... they have done so much harm to communities of color worldwide... 2018 - This is hands down the most money empowering podcast for women of color. Discovered them three years ago and I don’t miss an episode. Love Mandi and Tiffany!
  • J-JRambo
  • diva18670300
    I adore the podcast ❤️
    These are my besties! I have learned so much listening to them. Just like having a conversation with good friends.
  • Mike the Mack
    Changed My Financial Life
    Thank you too Mandy & Tiffany for all that you’ve fine to give back to our community. The greens that y’all have dropped have helped me, tremendously.
  • Walk 2 Wealth
    Amazing show!
    I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!
  • 10k emergency done
    Love this show
    The best. That’s all I need to say.
  • XenoThePrimo
    Waste of Our Most Valuable Asset
    I was looking to learn about finances, but I wasted 30+ minutes of my life. Wish I could get it back, but Father Time doesn’t grant refunds. Instead I learned about the personal lives of two people. They talked about their Thanksgiving time off and are now talking about eyelashes. Nothing against the hosts as human beings, but the content was far from financial. There was about 5 minutes where they discussed their observations about the economy, but there wasn’t any deeper insight than what each of us would also observe about the economy. The financial equivalent of talking about the weather…yep, looks like it’s about to rain.
  • Berry2199
    This is my favorite podcast by far. This is marketed as financial education… but that won’t stop it from being a cooking class, history class, therapy session, etc. I love it! I love Mandi and Tiffany and awesome they are.
  • Suthernqueen
    My virtual BFFs!
    Mandi and Tiffany give me life! The knowledge, laughter and love that express is what is needed in this crazy! You both are so uplifting and you push me to strive to be better!
  • brnclara
    Vital part of my Financial Education
    The Brown Ambition podcast always gives me a jolt of energy! Mandi and Tiffany as co-hosts have such a warm, honest, informed, and fun approach. I leave laughing, with tools to research, and encouraged to continue making strides in my own finance journey.
  • Humptywho
    Fun, Sound, Transparent
    I always have a good time listening to Tiffany and Mandi! A perfect pair of fun, energetic, and supportive friends giving their sound opinions on finances. I have cried, I have “yaaaaas,” I have shared what I learned/heard with others! I turn the volume all the way up just in case others are ear hustling. “We’re back, we’re black…. We’re brown Ambition!”
  • [:]
    Love BA!
    Mandi & Tiffany make learning about money so easy & understandable. They literally cover everything financial & I’ve learned so much from them. Also, Tiffany’s personality is just hilarious & I live for her BA Q/A intros!! 🤣
  • Mai Chidamba
    Mandy’s Negotiation Scripts are Overpriced Fluff, Buyer Beware.
    I love this podcast and love supporting women in business. However, Mandy’s scripts are a rip off. I learned about her negotiation scripts in one of the episodes and thought to check it out because who doesn’t wanna know how to negotiate their salary? For $47, all I got was 13 pages of FLUFF. And I’m not talking about 13 fully typed out pages of information. Thirteen pages of bullet points laced with large fonts and graphics. For context… a best selling book costs about $20-$35. And that’s 250 to 400ish pages of information. For $47 I expected more bang for my buck. Ripping off people who are trying to find their financial footing is a disservice to the very people you claim you’re trying to help. Because I was ripped off, I’m sharing the main bullet points here, so screenshot before they get my comment deleted. 1. In a salary negotiation, don’t name a number first. Say you’re excited to learn about the role etc. Research the salary range as well. 2. Ask for a raise when you get a competing job offer. Leverage. 3. When asking for a raise, demonstrate how you brought value to the team. Don’t talk abt inflation/ rent hikes. 4. When asked for previous compensation, say you don’t feel comfortable giving them a number. It is illegal in some states for employers to ask this, know your rights. 5. Ask for a sign-on bonus / or equity. Read the terms carefully. 6. If you have a competing offer, use that as leverage. 7. You can also negotiate relocation expenses 8. If given a verbal offer, ask them to email you the offer and give you x amount of days to look over it. 9. If you initially lowballed yourself, you can still renegotiate and say you’ve learned more about the role and what it entails so you want to be compensated accordingly. 10. If you want the job, but have a higher competing offer, you can see if they’ll match the competing offer. “I’m thrilled to work with your firm. The only thing holding me back is that a competing offer values me at $_____. “ That’s it really.
  • Doc Huff
    Thank you ladies!
    I recently started listening to the BA podcast from the beginning. Tiffany & Mandi, the evolution of you and the show is so motivating as a brown girl entrepreneur! ♥️♥️♥️ keep up the great work!
  • EPC @unpackingwellness
    I binged this podcast back in 2020 and now I don’t miss an episode as soon as they drop. I have learned so much for Mandi
  • ah232442
    BA Fan for Life
    Listening to the podcast is like having your homegirls who are excellent with money lovingly check up on your finances.
  • CollegeDuck
    The First Financial Education HUBU (well, expert us)
    As a first gen, Nigerian American woman, I saw my parents’ very different struggle with to provide impacted by their own citizenship status, race, colorism, class, gender, and age impacted. The education provided by expert newsies just isn’t written for us 99% of the time (though it’s getting better). Over this past year, I’ve learned so much and have made financial, career, and wellness plans that work for me—not someone else’s box for me. I’ve completed my emergency fund, got my retirement on track, and am rethinking my career and location. Thank you for giving me the tools to pursue financial wellness in healthy work environments.
  • RobertProcess101
    Beautiful and inspiring podcast to motivate anyone in need of some guidance!!!
  • My Smart Cousin
    Fantastic podcast— I learn something new on every show!
    So I just discovered this podcast 2 days (July 2, 2022) and have binged I don’t know how many episodes— wait, 1, 2, 3…. OK, I just counted, 12! episodes. I’m in the middle of listening to the May 25th episode— the Other Side of Entrepreneurship— and I just had to stop. and. write. Mind you this is not something I do as far as doing shout outs through podcast reviews. And in fact, since this is my first time doing a review, I had to go on Google and type ‘how to leave a review on a podcast’— they gave me 4 easy steps. Guuurrrlll!, I am a new and devoted fan of Brown Ambition and all that you’re doing!
  • Leigh in Austin
    Authentic Goodness
    I listen to both episodes each week. I love that Mandi and Tiff talk about what is happening in the world socially let us know how it impacts them and women of color. They are smart and real. I am inspired and learn so much. Keep going and sharing, Brown Ambition - you are making a difference! 💗
  • The French Bulldog Gal
    the best friends I needed!
    Tiffany and Mandi are the best friends or older/younger sisters I always wanted. They provided so many advice that has given me a better perspective on financial empowerment, career, and so much more. I am so grateful for sharing great resources and especially for first generation career Latina women like myself. I feel like I have more tools and information to make better decisions that will have long lasting impact o my life and family!
  • NoOvernightGuests
    Thank you for looking out 😘
    Money touches many different parts of our everyday lives, even in ways we don’t see at first. Each episode has valuable and relatable stories of trial and triumph.
  • Phantasmalmirth
    Thanks for all you do!!
    Mandi and Tiffany are amazing! I recently found the podcast, and it’s so empowering to hear the advice and stories of other Black women around my age killing it. I leave their episodes feeling informed, hopeful, and inspired. They make financial independence seem attainable and exciting. Signed, Manifestation Wealth Babe (MWB) 😉
  • Angela MH
    Best information on finance and bossing up!!
  • Uponreflection
    Career and financial inspiration!
    I love this show! Mandy and Tiffany are like career and financial friends in my head. Also, the encouragement they provide is just what one needs if you were raised by parents who promoted career practicality (and who can blame them?)😁.
  • Eigamg
    Great show!
    I love this show! It’s so informative and makes financial success seem relatable and, more importantly, possible. I love hearing Tiffany and Mandi’s stories, along with the special guests!
  • AlisonKingsley
    This show is SO GOOD
    As a 25 year old working mom, this show makes finances understandable as it is delivered in perfectly seasoned bite sized pieces. Brown Ambition provides the most amazing perspective on the things that we aren’t taught growing up. I finish each episode empowered and fascinated at the idea of breaking generational curses. THANK YOU for such quality content.
  • layla novella
  • Laura.k.n
    This show is amazing. Tiffany & Mandi are brilliant, funny, and relatable. I’ve learned so much from this podcast and I cannot recommend it enough! Love the Q&A sections, the guests, and overall Tiffany and Mandi address money in a holistic way.
  • Pehmbeh
    Amazing podcast!! Informative and funny! Very real and thoughtful of cultural intersectionalities.
  • Rae Lifeguard
    Love listening to Brown Ambition!
    I have learned so much from listening to this podcast, and I continue to grow in my financial understanding through listening to this podcast, reading Tiffany’s book and checking out the other resources that their guests discuss or share. So immensely grateful to have learned about these amazing ladies a few years ago and to follow them still today.
  • Aurorin2
    Made with YOU in Mind
    The Brown Ambition Podcast is made for everybody. It’s the podcast made for your ambition. Mandi and Tiffany are the financial experts who create content with you in mind. Are you a woman? Are you a man? Are you a human being who has a desire to get out of debt, learn to save money, learn to earn money, be your own boss, learn how to save for the future, and/or to learn how to learn to invest in a language that is simple to understand and explained in a way that makes living debt-free seem possible? Then, this is where you need to be. Mandi and Tiffany have been there. They were not born wealthy. They have made mistakes with money. They’ve been unemployed before and they’ve been cheated by unscrupulous people. They know the shame you’ve felt about being in too much debt or losing your home to foreclosure or needing to declare bankruptcy. This is a no-judgement zone. It’s all about getting the skills and the knowledge to “get good with money”. Here, you learn to accept where you are right now with your money and learn how to get where you want to be. I am a new listener now, six years after they began this podcast to help women like me who didn’t lack the ambition, only the knowledge to learn to create wealth. I am 50, single with no children, and a homeowner with two graduate degrees, but I’ve no significant savings and have too little salary to increase my savings or to put away more in my retirement account. I used to be anxious about money because I realized that I needed more income to be ready for the retirement that I dream of and deserve. I have a new lease on life because of what I’m learning listening to Mandi and Tiffany daily. Although I’m still paying my student loan debt, the lessons that I’ve learned in the 10 weeks that I have been listening to the Brown Ambition Podcast have led me to make some positive changes in my life. I recommend it to all of the people out there that felt the other financial experts out there don’t understand you as a person who earns a fraction of what men with the same experience, skills, and education earn; but especially to people like me who have been ashamed to admit that all of their education and their professional income has not been enough to prepare you properly for the future. In the past 10 weeks, I’ve learned to invest in myself in the way that will allow me to live well now and feel better about my future. Mandi and Tiffany like to say that they’re not gurus; they’re your girlfriends, but they’re wrong. They are better than friends because they can actually give you the honest truth about where you’ve gone wrong with money to offer you some educated advice about finding the solution to your money problems. It’s not like getting dieting tips, where some one is telling you what you already know. This is about learning what rich people know about money that no one ever told you because they didn’t want you to know or that they didn’t know themselves.
  • Bee80
    It’s not all in my head
    The episode with Ruchika Tulshyan reminded me it’s not all in my head. With age I am more able to acknowledge the slights I endure in predominantly white work environments and I can ask and expect more than being grateful for being there.
  • WManly
    I love this podcast. It is what every brown and black and any woman of color needs to hear Daily. More if this please!
  • Nya Mcafee
    A GEM !
    This pod cast was and is much needed ! I’ve learned so many helpful things. With this pod cast & my ambition I’m sure I will be successful!
  • h2cb
    Great podcast!
    They are always providing good information.
  • lynniegirl.mi
    I feel supported!
    This podcast is uplifting and relatable! It’s actionable steps and tips to become financially wise.
  • Tlynn813
    Tee L.
    Must hear podcast! Very good advice
  • Cucumber68474857
    AWESOME Show
    Love these ladies! I have learned so much!
  • reeesm
    Love this podcast!
    I’ve learned SO MUCH from this podcast - it is deeply empowering!
  • Chateau de peanut
    Love the advice!
    I’m a recovering, former listener to another financial podcast from he-who-should-not-be-named with the initials DR, and listening to these ladies is a breath of fresh air. No more guilt, no more shame, just owning my past financial mistakes and moving on to build a better and more informed legacy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep the episodes coming!
  • mrsabaker
    Have you ever eaten great food, so great that you do a little wiggly, happy dance in your seat? Yes? Me, too! People around me think I am just hungry, which might also be true; however, great food just makes me happy. And, somehow, I have a similar - almost visceral - reaction when a new BA podcast episode pops up in my notifications. SN: There haven’t been any new episodes for a few weeks (I’m sure one of my girls is practicing self care - 🤗), but I’ve even gotten excited - AGAIN - about the throwback episodes. I keep finding new gems! Love these ladies like I know them! You will, too. 😘
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