A no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla.

Every Wednesday.

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  • bphilo76
    Recancel Callen 😂🤣
    Team Bobby 👊🏻
  • kathy8988
    Hello TigerBelly
    I’m going to be totally honest cos I know how much you guys love honesty. I have… friends but I feel like I don’t know them as much as I know you guys. I just started listening because my best friend just kept telling me and convinced me that your podcast is amazing. She is so right. Whenever I feel blue or feel like I need to come back to Earth, I listen to you guys. Your podcast helps me unwind after a long day of work. I consider it a sort of therapy. I’m 2nd gen Korean so I understand so much where Bobby comes from and it just boggles my mind how much we agree on the weird Korean stuff lol Oh and your confidence!! Your confidence, boldness and honesty is inspired. More people should learn to be more comfortable in their skin as you are! :) My dear Khalyla, you’re such a lovely, empathetic and beautiful person. I identify so well with you and see that you are so so good for Bobby. Your quirkiness is honest and energetic! I learn to be myself listening to you. <3 A big thank you to Gilbert!! You’re the sweetest guy and keeping up with Bobby and Khalyla, huge pat in the back!! (No offense Bobby and Khalyla :P) You deserve great things and I hope I witness it all listening to this Podcast! All I want to say is, thank you so much for starting this Podcast and a lot of people appreciate it to its fullest like me and my friend. Keep doing good and I’m definitely going to get tickets for Bobby’s next show in town! \o/ Beijos e Abraços, Sua Fã
  • 80'sVillager
    It’s difficult to make Brendan Schaub seem sympathetic but Khalyla managed to do it with her arrogant domineering of Bobby.
  • mjmuro
    #freebobbylee #savebobbylee
    Who knew this was Khun’s company. In my best Tony Baker voice, “I never kneeeeew!” Done listening. Will continue my support for Bad Friends. Gilbert you can go ahead and stay with your “boss” Khylayla. Smh.
  • apollo399
    Khalyla is manipulative
    Last episode was ridiculous. Judging by all of the comments on YouTube and here, I’m not the only one that sees it. We might as well be watching Amber on the stand seeing K dodge and deflect all criticism and downplay her role in all of the drama. It’s sad really. All I’m saying is Brendan will have a lot more fans and the Tigerbelly crew will lose even more from the whole situation. Own up when you F*** up and stop playing the victim.
  • Ninja master 1
    This show
    Just recently started listening and I really enjoy the show. I started listening to previous episodes and noticed they aren't as entertaining as the newer ones. Seems like the show has gotten better since Bobby has been sober. Keep up the good work guys👍🏻
  • Lebrownstud
    there are more than one instance
    in the past there are numerous occurrences where bobby has said he would never want to be into polyamorous relationship, even on other podcasts. shaub isn’t funny but pointing a finger there are three fingers pointing back. jules demeaning bobby is not even respectful especially being asian…. no matter any flaws, you must respect your elders and take responsibility. man gives me a bad taste in my mouth after all this comes out, and bobby relapsed…
  • dogg dad
    Bullying Brendan is weak, terrible character on this pod
  • Rrosas91
    Get rid or khalila
    Bobby needs to accept the reality and that’s that khalila is so bad for him. No wonder he relapsed. She said how much she loved Hawaii and then finding out it was because she was banging some guy from there, what a disgusting person.
  • Stan5899
    Could be better
    Bobby is hilarious but the show would be a lot better without his other half. Khalyla is trash.
  • pleass stop
    Bobby ruins it
    Bobby lee sees to be talentless to me just straight up cringe
  • Ashdb1129
    Love you guys
    My son introduced Me to bad Friends and I found you guys through that and I am a true fan in fact my Cats name is Tito Bobby!! Keep it up y’all rock!!1
  • cjlllllllll31
    Looked defensive
    “Bobby doesn’t even know how to use a computer” like he doesn’t have a staff that could do anything internet related for him in 5 minutes. This episode was gross. Dude comes to your podcast hat in hand to apologize and you were smug and petty.
  • ksic5
    Not worth a listen anymore, not because of the situation. Bobby ruined it when he relapsed, never was the same since.
  • tedisthemanallnigjtlong
    Good stuff
    This podcast is great. Just skip the episodes that include the rogan crew.
  • Dan Dram
    2 things that GOTS TA GO
    Gilbert is just not funny, at all. He’s awkward but not in a fun charming way like Fance or Rudy. It’s just weird. We get it, you can make your voice sound like James Earl Jones. (Just praying the guests acknowledge it at this point) And then he goes from that, past his normal voice, to some weirdo helium-like voice lol what’s up with that? Oh and speaking of the voice, unhelpful advice is awful. Make no mistake, everyone knows it. You know it. Just find something else.
  • vibezzzzzzzzzz
    Show would be better is khalayla wasn’t on. Bobby is hilarious. Rather listen to bad friends.
  • pattio_trotman
    I love The slept King and Queen so munch!!! George and Gilbert are amazing ride or die producers and there is soo much love here! I’m a fan of all of you!!!!!
  • Hugutd
    Was good
    Used to be so funny, but the Schaub drama is ridiculous. Get over yourselves and stop taking Reddit so seriously.
  • sprite spite
    The cohost is needed to run cameras maybe.
  • Bejveuavakveirbqjbsjxhwhwow
    Bobby Lee 4ever
  • 904fu
    Full of herself
    I once used to like this show
  • Brandon_Graves
    This was funnier than brendans special. Props to khalayla for not letting him get away with brushing things off.
  • been_a_sleep
    AND NEW…
    Fire episode. The most honest quote from the guest, “Khalyla, you’re a savage”
  • DougiePeterDoug
    Best raw content ever… family style
  • kjhkjhgkjhgoiugog
    Not funny haters
    Could not be more annoyed by this show.
  • a1-3-49-6
    Best podcast
    The funniest podcast ever i love it so much❤️❤️
  • WilburMcG
    Love the show
    Love all the inappropriateness. Khalyla is so hot
  • cvnavy68
    My review
    Bobby is 30%-40% funny and 60%-70% annoying. Khalyla only adds sex appeal by boasting constantly of how many guys she’s had sex with. And now with them adding drama over her Hawaiian open relationship, It feels like it turned into a sleazy hot wife podcast. I thought this was a comedy podcast.
    We stand with you bobby!
    Slept King😴😴👏🏼👏🏼 love ya khalayla 🤎
  • thelongdongray916
    Please read
    Take Gilbert’s mic or tell him to shut up sometimes. He steps on every funny joke with a bad follow up one and 90% of the stuff he says is not funny. Bob and khalyla are the talent not you Gilbert! Know your role it drive me crazy
  • @HarleyHaag
    She’s so uninteresting it’s mind numbing and ruins the show
  • suckdeez200000
    I might keep listening to this podcast if they mute khalyla’s microphone. I can’t stand it anymore, least funny person on the planet.
  • igorvanhelsing
    Tigerbelly is THE BAR!
    I was always a fan of Bobby Lee from my first exposure obviously on MadTv and then Kickin It Old Skool but always wondered where he went, i stumbled upon Bobby Lee once again first on Bad Friends but once i found out he had Tigerbelly i made the jump over and started on the catalog. Since starting i have a newfound respect and fandom for Bobby Young Lee aka The Slept King aka the Korean Elvis. So much so that im thinking of pursuing comedy myself ive always loved comedy and respected its craft and hearing Bobbys stories gave me the confidence i needed to get started. So thank tou to the Tigerbelly crew for your outstanding work and please keep blessing our earholes with more. A humble baby belly<——(throwback to the early eps)
  • JonesyRisingWave
    We love Tigerbelly!!!
    A little late to the podcast game but my wife and I just found Tigerbelly and we couldn’t be happier. Just started a couple weeks ago and onto episode 76. We look forward to every episode and love everything and everyone. Favorite podcast yet!!! Best thing is we have hundreds of episodes ahead of us. Thank you to all of Tigerbelly and everything you do!!! Peace & Love to Bobby, Khalyla, Gilbert, George, & Steve ✌🏻❤️
  • Kirby 16
    I’m sick 🤕 You did nothing wrong. I have problems 🥲🤒.
  • May-ra88
    The best!!
    I just started the podcast last month and I love that I can watch on YouTube as well. I can’t wait to catch up!!
  • Ppino69420
    Like it
  • Kingston82
    The flat face guy
    The flat face guy needs to go. Or stay quiet he’s kinda annoying!
  • Son of banana
    Been a big fan since 2020 thank you!!
  • Issm86
    Why are you laughing?
    By far the realest, funniest podcast out there. I think my favorite thing Bobby says is, “Look at me right now”.
  • swiggie5
    New favorite podcast!
  • Skuta71
    Kinda gross
    It can be funny. And the guests are cool at times. But a lot of it is nasty.
  • elyoovee
    love u Bobby
  • Surge90
    All hail king bobo
    Best podcast ever!!!!
  • Bdm0905
    King Bobo
    Best slept king
  • froshtyy
    i can’t stop listening!
    The realest, funniest podcast I’ve listened to. I was a late listener and currently going in order from episode 1 and I regret not listening to it sooner. The chemistry between all of them is so great and the podcast flows so smooth. I am a proud resident of the slept kingdom and cannot wait to watch a live episode. Thank you all for getting me thru long work days.
  • tallguywoodsy
    10 mins at a time
    I love this podcast so much but the “you know what I mean” and “right” after everything Bobby says kills me. And where’s Khalyla from I don’t think she’s mentioned it?
  • 81 van
    Dear bob
    If u actually try to start a little farm like thing and need some tips or if u got questions just text me at 2085680651.. I’ve lived on a farm my whole life so I know quite a bit
  • Aet0923
    new drinking game
    take a shot every time Bobby says, “you know what I mean?” i laugh every time.
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