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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.

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  • Alex73Htown
    It’s a five star with Cowherd. With Gottlieb it’s a one star! He is horrible! This isn’t a basketball show. His takes are weak as hell. I tried listening to him; however, he is a bad listen. As soon as I see his name I don’t even bother to listen.
  • #cowherdnation
    Gotlieb the great
    Opinionated yes, always right no, but well informed and not at all a middle of the road personality. I can appreciate that he doesn’t go with the standard vanilla answers we hear so much when sports media heads create filler over nothing and fear offending twitter trolls.
  • amvdgA2
    Where is Joy
    I don’t know who is in charge of this. But why isn’t Joy included in the list of hosts and guests under the description of the podcast. Having a female perspective on the show is a welcome addition, and to leave her off the shoe cast seems a little disrespectful.
  • BHavens11
    Highly recommended minus UFC
    Big fan of this podcast. I am a daily listener, his takes are very thought provoking as advertised and often times differ from the mainstream opinions. I love listening to Colin and Joy. My one criticism is that Colin has less than zero clue about UFC and the things he has said about certain fighters is almost offensively inaccurate. I would beg him to just not mention UFC. If you want to know about that sport listen to Bad Guy Inc by Chael Sonnen.
  • JosephC12
    Get rid of Gotlieb
    Please never have him on ever again. He’s the worst. And annoying.
  • tcorrao51
    Doug Gotlieb is poor at his job
    Please stop having Gotlieb host your show and have him as a guest. Very obnoxious. He makes your show worse and it’s very difficult to listen to him speak
  • therealcstep
    Crash and Burn
    This show use to be half decent and entertaining. Now it’s just repetitive theme of the day nonsense. Rarely is anything even sports related. It’s all about relationships happening behind the scenes with the host. Does the host truly believe anything he says???
  • Sam863789
    Brilliant, but remove other shows
    You subscribe to The Herd, you get all these shows: The Herd Best of the Herd 3 and out with John middlekauff All ball with Doug gotlieb Inside the Parker with Rob Parker Something something with Travis Simeon Boys and girl with Someone The Greatest with two a-holes Something something with another chump I could’ve sworn I only subscribed to Colin cowherd.
  • pjholman
    Not bad
    I agree with most of what he talks about but he needs to either learn more about the UFC or not talk about it.
  • xm21
    Podcast not playing
    Not able to play podcast & not able to download to. Thanks
  • bhinde1
    Best Sports show
    Colin is an all-timer!
  • WestVirginianGuy
    Too Many Shows
    There’s the Herd, the shortened Herd, 3 and Out, some Gottlieb thing, etc etc etc. You are getting 10 shows a week that aren’t “The Herd.”
  • RMB Jr
    I only want Colins podcast
    How can I stop the stupid 3 and out podcast and the dumb baseball one from showing in my podcasts when I get Colins? I do not want to be force fed those.
  • Tio Panda
    Racist moron...
    Remember when Colin disparaged an entire nation? Or how about his personal attacks on other hosts? How’s this guy still employed? I’d be more shocked, but it is Fox...
  • Bpags85
    Trash takes by trash guy
    Colin is a loser and doesn’t deserve the “success” he has
  • AB751
    Audio issues
    No idea who mixes this or how they still have a job. Colins and the guests audio is so low that when you turn the volume up so you can comfortably hear them, then the audio bits and the station identity/ads are so loud that they’re ear splitting.
  • BalancePlease
    Great show
    This is a top notch sports program. Five stars easy.
  • Tony Noce
    Should be a 5
    All these exciting playoff games coming up. He talks cowboys first thing. PLEASE STOP!!! Making me go listen to first take instead. What does Jerry Jones own FOX? Figure it out.
  • J-Barb
    Subscribing auto downloads three shows
    Giving this two stars bc I subscribe and it auto sends me the “best of” and another odd brand show that’s not Colin, then I have to go back and find the full show to listen to that, it’s annoying and this would be a five star review if these podcasts just gave me Cowherd only. They haven’t fixed it, stop forcing me to download the “best of” and the full show and whatever the extra crap is. We just want the full show, and when you add the rest it actually makes you lose the full show in the downloads.
  • Hail2GoBlue
    Great, but......
    Been listening to Colin even when at the “four letter place”..... but for whatever reason, his and his podcast only is so hard to hear! Like volume all the way up, still sounds like he’s whispering. Listen live on FOX Sports radio, its fine, just the podcast? Really struggle at times to hear him and guests at all.....
  • Quotidian Man
    Great content, weird volume issues
    The volume of the show has often been much quieter compared to the blaring commercials. Please fix. Otherwise, this is a 5/5 show. Colin has great insight, theories, and guests.
  • SeanGBM
    J Mac killed it on New Years!
    Great show, thanks for the years of entertainment!
  • Cheap A##!
    Why can’t you guys get the volume right
  • JtSmithe
    5 Stars
    5 stars for coming in the Monday before Christmas. Colin always has and it is always a big football show. Thanks Colin and Joy. Even John Gulay
  • Wacy O.
    NBA/Nope all Football
    I love how Colin can start a show on fire for any sport he wants, but always end with the sport he is passionate about.. football. Not going to complain cause I would much rather hear his takes on football then Labron or the Clippers, because basketball is fancies sport with guys who think they run the team. Sure Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson are staples along with Lamar Jackson. But I would much rather hear about the urgency of football, then the 82 games of basketball and endless talk of overrated Russell Westbrook which is coming in January.
  • Ya saint
    The Herd
    Love the show but Please fix the audio on the adds it’s deafening really someone needs to listen too it. Would be 5 stars.
  • StudsonB96
    Um where’s is Joy?
    Isn’t she a cohost?
  • Joggraham
    Show is great, Audio levels need work.
    Content great, Herd is great. Great takes, great monologing. Please fix the audio to not blow out our ears when playing the ads and fox information.
  • BB5233
    Volume of commercials is awful
    Please fix the volume of commercials. It’s too loud and hurts my ears. Also, way to be lazy and always talk about Baker not being good. That’s such an EASY take. Empirically, the chances of making it are slim for anyone. Add that he went to the browns and it’s even worse. At least have the stones to make a tough call. Move on our you’re going to lose me and many others.
  • DavyDave3
    Joy Taylor
    Why isn’t Joy Taylor listed as a host?🤔. Show my WCE some respect.
  • JPC-0587
    Too much Boys and Browns
    Would be nice if he talked about something other than the Cowboys and Browns
  • BoyMom0914
    Answer to Cowboys fans prayers
    The topic states it perfectly. As a diehard Cowboys fan who can never get enough, this is everything I’m seeking. I appreciate the inside the Star knowledge coming from Jane and Bobby. The guests they get on are spectacular! Please keep it up!
  • GoldStarGuru
    U should hear the herd
    Colin always keep it interesting
  • drafaelpurifica
    Time Stamps Please
    Whomever is doing the show notes, please put time stamps for the different topics.
  • Snowdog7881
    No more
    I started listening before the football season started. The show was good. Then he started in on the Browns and Baker. Everyday. Talk about a hater. Then there was the constant getting his facts wrong, not everyday, but enough to be annoying. I now refuse to listen to him, when he decided to give that Dog killer credibility, that’s when he lost all credibility with me. One less idiot to listen too.
  • Wats1984
    Good but too much spam
    I dont care about Rob Parker or All Ball or 3 and out. Yet the spam my feed with their podcast because I subscribe to this one
  • business-minded...
    Colin, yes. Rob Parker and Gottlieb, no
    Colin is awesome. Gottlieb, clown. Parker, double clown. Keep those guys off the show, they’re absolute fools.
  • Skippy Magoo
    Best Podcast
    I like sports but don’t listen to podcasts, let alone sports podcasts, but something about the way Colin does it keeps me coming back to listen to every episode. Joy is great too. Best sports podcast out there!
  • Santa Catalina wi
    Cowboys and LeBron overboard!
    Like Colin since his Vegas gig. However, he talks too much about the Cowboys and LB
  • zbeeman239
    Remove the other shows
    Love The Herd bud Please I didn’t subscribe to all these others
  • ztc32
    Too many Non Herd shows
    Don’t like having other shows mixed in when I only want to listen to Colin.
  • volcano jon
    great podcast for NFL season
    I enjoy listening to the best of podcasts during the NFL season, just have to fast forward when Colin talks NBA.
  • Neotidus
    Love The Herd -Hate Bonus Shows!
    I’ve listened to The Herd for many years now but the addition of all these bonus shows is ridiculous. I have to hunt for his show and I really don’t want to listen to the awful extra shows.
  • dog walker guy
    Love Colin and Joy
    Both give great opinions and listen daily
  • Steel BarriKade
    Colin, Joy, and John are great but...
    The actual show is great. I dislike all the others shows except 3 and Out with John Middlekauff. We can already subscribe to the others shows individually, so no need to include it with the main show.
  • brett thrush
    The show
    Joy Taylor is an amazing contributor to the show and balances out Colins crazy moments.
  • KyleDenverBroncos2015
    Saturday Pod
    Great job Fezzik!
  • TheeCrockpot
    Everyday listener since 2003
    Always love Cowherd’s take on sports and analogies to daily life. Joy Taylor is a huge upgrade from Kristine Leahy. I only wish the producers/technicians could control the VOLUME of commercials and promos. Very annoying!
  • Rgn'Azn
    Joy ruins the show
    Colin is great but cannot listen to Joy Taylor much longer. Just state facts, no one cares for your opinions!
  • 1982bc
    Repeats himself and uses goofy/loud voices in place of steady analytical content
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