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The podcast for PlayStation fans. We’re giving PlayStation-focused insight on PlayStation news, we're reveling in nostalgia, and we're making predictions about the future. It’s granular about the PlayStation ecosystem. Hosted by Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller and Blessing Adeoye. Watch the free video version at

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Recent Reviews
  • Wings80
    Couldn’t get through 1 episode.
    They talk to fast and the girl is annoying. She talks to fast and loud. Had to stop listening. Better podcasts out there.
  • pantsfactory
    I think they should focus more on PS news
    I really liked this podcast and have no issues with the hosts but I think the last few topics of the show and the discussions surrounding them have been so so and kinda redundant with the other kinda funny games podcasts. I bet it’s tiring to try and split time and content between so many podcasts and having conversations that overlap all the time. Maybe not every weeks episode has to be the same format of tots, news rundown, patreon questions, etc? I think maybe doing more interviews with PS game devs and other games media ppl would be interesting/episodes that are more editorial and ever green topics like fav PS memories, games that you hated but later grew to love, etc.. Something to have it standalone from the rest of the kinda funny and other PlayStation podcasts.
  • merca Hat
    They should have left it dormant
  • Adanielson23
    Janet isn’t my cup of tea.
    No longer my go to ps show.
  • Dont waiste my time
    It has lost its magic
    This used to be a good podcast many years ago but now its unbearable. The continued rude interruptions from Greg not letting the other people talk is so annoying and his fake loud personality has really killed my enthusiasm for this podcast, same goes for their other podcast Kinda Funny. No interesting or truthful conversations about PlayStation games are ever made in this anymore.
  • Dr0d310
    Not what it used to be
    Not a fan of the new line up, this was a podcast by PS fans for PS fans and now it’s not that
  • JWK554678
    Isnt the Same without Greg
    Get rid of the racist Janet Garcia
  • Guy202
    Scratch your PlayStation itch
    Greg, Blessing and Janet bring two hours worth of PlayStation content that usually yields in-depth conversations about what makes PS so special or how they could improve. There’s enough here to get your PS fix in one spot and the hosts do a great job facilitating that fix. Thanks peeps!
  • dawgnation001
    Hulk smash if you don’t listen!!
    Do it
  • Brayliner
    It was Great.
    I liked Blessing and Greg.
  • Damtzh
    New member enters the game!
    Wuuuu! Janet has been grate since she started appearing in the show! Congratulations and these is grate!!
  • Sensei Dank
    Goodbye PS I Love You
    Janet Garcia ruins yet another show.
  • Rolly01
    Good show with some exceptions.
    Enjoy the format of the show with housekeeping first, followed by a main topic and other bits of news. The host try their best to be neutral while accepting their bias to PlayStation; because, after all, it is a PlayStation podcast. However, they don’t always do their research on things and shoot from the hip. For one, they discuss things like PS Now, without seeing how it works currently. I respect an opinion, but I respect it more if it comes after actually trying something out in its current form. They also make comments about concept in games s if knowing how easy or hard developing is (Blessing does this more than Miller). For instance, they talked redentor about R&C: Rift apart. In there Blessing talked about how rifts weren’t as impressive because games like TitanFall 2 have done them in similar fashion. My opinion is that while right, he missed the mark with what the game did differently. Population way more things and different geometries faster than could have been done in TitanFall, Portal 1 and 2, Soul River (back on the Ps1 data) and other games. Made his argument felt a bit misguided. That’s just the recent example. It happens rarely with the host but it is there Also, they rely way to much on IGN and they treat people that break news (industry insiders) like rockstars when the real rockstars are developers behind the games that these insiders leak. It irks me to listen to how glorified these insiders are ,when all they do is leak news or make educated guesses. Srill enjoyable enough to listen. Complement it with Sacred Symbols.
  • WrecklessInSeattle
    That theme tho!
    I just had to write this because this show truly has the best intro theme. And this is coming from a PC/Xbox guy. Incidentally, also my favorite PS podcast.
  • Joe La Zanya
    get people who actually know the game for spoilercasts
    the disco elysium spoilercast was a joke full of misinformation about the game and people lying about their experiences to make themselves sound cool or something. next time actually have people who are well versed in the game rather than people who are trying to make themselves sound unique and interesting.
  • YoyoNinjaBoii
    Just like the good old days
    I’ve been following video game journalism since I was a kid. Greg especially I’ve been following since the Podcast Beyond days. I’m a lot older now and I still enjoy Greg Miller’s approach to this work. Blessing, Greg, Tim, Barrett, and all of the Kinda Funny crew are amazing at their jobs and I always look forward to the next podcast with excitement! Keep up the good job everyone and know that you’ve got lots of fans that support you all!
  • Chris7563
    Kinda Funny has really gone down hill this past year. If you want an excellent video game podcast on PlayStation, then listen to Sacred Symbols.
  • Rarley
    Great PlayStation Show
    A lot of fun with great commentary and insights. Keep up the great work everyone!
  • VengeanceWithin
    “It’s the fact that” PS I hate this
    It’s a fact I used to love this show, when it was hosted by two guys that literally knew PlayStation...then it went away. Then it came back with a new co-host. Same name though? Why? In any case it’s a shadow of its former self. Blessing knows f all about PlayStation. “It’s the fact that” he as barely played some of the biggest PlayStation titles of the last 10 years. I’m aware he’s working through some. Apparently it was his idea to bring it back? What? That’s like me, who knows nothing about football, starting an NFL podcast. They should have let it stay dead and gone.
  • Luke.Carstensen
    It’s pretty good
    While very informative it is kind of ruined by Greg constantly plugging the patreon. But other then that pretty good
  • Jaaaaaask
    Remove those two!
    Colin and Greg are the worst; remove these hacks!
  • jURIO1
    Hosted by well known Greg Miller and a new personality that is clueless on most things PlayStation. Miller still has great timing and a good voice for podcasting but he can't carry the whole show unfortunately. The PlayStation topics are okay but the poor commentary makes me turn of or skip ahead a lot. The episodes are riddled with audio issues as well, apparently it's a YouTube show and twitch stream as well so this makes sense that the audio gets the worst tlc. Episodes start off really off topic but I guess it's what they do. I recommend Sacred Symbols for a more thorough PS centered podcast.
  • TySundvor
    Better options
    If you’re looking for a PlayStation podcast, there is better ones out there. I’m Kinda over the Kinda Funny crew.
  • AwesomeNick94
    Blessing Is the Man
    Blessing - 10/10 Greg - 9/10 Kevin - 8/10 Barret - 1/10 jk they’re all tens
  • bishibop78
    Show got too much into Predictive Topics.
    Used to love this show, and I know they’re in the midst of a new console generation as well as the pandemic disrupting things, but... That being said, it feels like they’ve been doing a lot of “whaddya think about this?!” speculation episodes.
  • patreonappsucks
    Greg Miller is so full of himself
    Loud, annoying. No more Greg Miller
  • StanTheMovieMan
    PS I Love This Podcast
    Can always depend on a deep dive into the latest PlayStation news. Greg and Blessing know their stuff and are happy to share it with us all. Love listening each week!
  • Dre A.
    Love this show
    I love this show it was better when Colin was on tho
  • ill_nois
    Blessing Cursed this show.
    Blessing is just not enjoyable to listen to. He has limited PS knowledge, he uses the word “like” an infinite amount of times. It’s is very telling that he isn’t an articulate person. And speaking of Person, Blessing will take any chance to “like” mention Persona 5 he gets. On another note, Gregg needs to slow down. He’s gasping for air after every sentence. Chill dude.
  • pj_caster
    Bloodborne!!!! ✊🏽
    Starting off 2021 right!! I am so excited for Greg to get into bloodborne! Great show, informative, awesome hosts, a must listen for anyone who likes PlayStation. Not every episode has the best or most important news, but I still show up just to listen to these two chat and talk shop. If that’s not a sign of a great entertaining show and hosts, idk what is.
  • yaMomsjuice
    Ew Greg Stinks
    Greg constantly inhales into the mic. He speaks at a tempo of about 150-165bpm and comes to an abrupt stop and inhales into the mic. The tempo of the show is garbage..just slow down because this whole show feels rushed and passive aggressive and is unbearable to listen to. Last episode they were being petty about who had more seconds on a review? Lol what? Feels forced and cringey like you guys arent being yourselves i.e fake. Unsubbed. Don’t listen anymore. ✌🏼
  • obie720
    All good things must come to an end
    This show was by far the best of its class in its original run. The new host makes it totally unwatchable. Terrible
  • Mattd93
    Used to love the show, but it’s gone downhill.
    I used to listen every week. The quality of the show has really tanked. Greg isn’t funny, and at worst he’s cringy.
  • Mseymour1998
    Blessing adds so much to the KF group in every single way. As someone who drives for a living, thank you for providing me with entertainment every day!
  • JustinValentine
    Updated review
    This show should have stayed shelved, it’s barely different from games daily just slightly longer. This 2.0 version lacks all of the heart and passion for PlayStation that made the original show great.
  • leodgarcia
    This podcast is great
    This podcast is awesome
  • KF - Flapjaaaaaack
    Lost a Step
    I’m not a fan of the amount of fluff that is found in this podcast. At this point, I want shows that respect my time, keep engaged from 0:00 to the end of the show. PS I Love You XOXO, Vol. 2 fails to do these things. I’m hopeful they continue to refine and cut away the excess.
  • Whitesox7
    Needs to clean up
    I was a fan of the original due to the natural candor and play between the hosts which was entertaining even when the conversation strayed from PlayStation. I was excited for the show to come back as I think it would be good to add variety back with Beyond and Sacred symbols. Blessing is new and that’s fine but as the weeks turn to months the overuse of the word “like”has me wanting to rip my ears off and the meat of what is being say is so vapid and runs in circles. His playing history and knowledge of PlayStation seems limited which is fine but to me that also limits the conversations and insight that can be provided. A tighter podcast would be better for my taste. Truthfully, I don’t think the banter has that much natural chemistry and this doesn’t feel like it’s own thing but rather games daily extended. Xcast has been great and the hosts have varying opinions and moves at a brisk pace with sprinkles of brevity. Tl;dr too long, low chemistry, overuse of word like, talking in circles.
  • juand182
    Better than ever
    Love the 2.0 better than the original. Keep up the great work
  • chaosflamez
    Why just why?
    Just listen to Sacred Symbols, basically why we all listened to this in the first place. They’re grasping at straws here to piggyback off past success.
  • iminiki
    Blessing is more like a curse
    Blessing knows nothing about video games. He’s just gained fake confidence via imbecile Gregg and only likes to talk with his disastrous voice about nonsense stuff which most of the time are wrong. Honestly whenever he’s talking, I just skip until I don’t hear his voice and his childish opinions. Don’t wast your time on this podcast and listen to Sacred Symbols.
  • Alkutraz
    Great Show
    Add this to my rotation this year after adding Kinda Funny Gamescast last year. Another great show from this crew.
  • Plackistan
    Figure it out.
    Just when a conversation gets interesting, everything is haunted as they try and figure out some tech issue with their stream, or discord, or whatever.
  • Nickname is taken 536378374
    Extremely arrogant
  • V.Rowley
    Needs more Colin
    Not the same anymore
  • Hoosiernerd
    Love the show
    Super excited to have this show with all the PS5 news. Blessing has been a great add to KF all around. Great podcast for any PlayStation fan.
  • Ross Ochs
    This show is awesome!
    This show embodies what it means to be a PlayStation fan. I’ve been listening to Kinda Funny since day one and I love where the show is today.
  • Urmom650
    No more blessing
    What a huge downgrade from Colin!
  • JobflobbadobYob
  • Blade Brown Pinderhughes
    Amazing PlayStation Podcast
    Blessing and Greg are just straight up awesome. The show hasn’t missed a beat yet. I look forward to listening to new episodes every week. Keep doing what y’all doing. It’s only up from here!
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