Science Of Ultra

Running #8

For endurance athletes who want to do more than improve race performance. How you sleep, think, eat, and move all play a role in helping you Become Your Ultra Best!

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Recent Reviews
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!
    Shawn, host of the Science Of Ultr‪a‬ podcast, highlights all aspects of running and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Warhawk Commander
    A different view
    It is pretty cool the perspectives this podcast gives not only about running but running as a whole. Really enjoy the insights and the interviews of tackling tough questions.
  • kaigemini67
    Excellent !
    Every time I listen to this podcast I seem to hear some thing in a particular way that I never picked up anywhere else in all my years of running so I’m super excited every time there’s a new episode.I also like that Shawn breaks information down in a way for people who do not have degrees in exercise physiology or anything like that to be able to understand and apply it readily in their training. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!
  • i dont know jim
    All the nuts & bolts you need to know...
    This is a great podcast for coaches, athletes or anyone interest in exercise science/physiology. Shawn delivers the relevant/applicable content in an easy-to-understand and digestible format. He does a fantastic job of taking things from a “10” to a “4” so the non-PhDs among us don’t get too lost. I can rely on Shawn to highlight and explain the most cutting-edge research in the field, and will continue to use this podcast as a training & teaching tool for myself and my athletes for as long as it’s around. Excellent guests as well!
  • T. Blake
    Great for Training
    I’m training for my second marathon, and even through a single episode, I learned more about the relationship between heart rate and endurance than I did the whole time I was training for my first 26.2 mile race.
  • Cmw8051!!!!
    Episode with Herman Pontzer
    Shawn, I listen to about 4-10 hours of podcasts per day, 6-7 days a week, mostly focused on sport science, nutrition, health etc. and I just wanted to let you know that the episode with Herman Pontzer easily gets my podcast of the year vote. *Nobody* is out here talking about this stuff. My whole family and friend group is about to get a big lecture about energy expenditure, whether they want it or not. I can’t wait for him to return as a guest. Thanks again and keep it up!
  • J. Barshop
    Authentic and amazingly practical
    It’s obvious that Shawn puts extraordinary effort in finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world. No matter the topic, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend The Science of Ultra enough 🙌
  • NickVashon
    Real substance, no anecdotal fluff
    Shawn is consistent with great topics, subject matter experts, and making the discussion understandable to to listeners. Other podcasts try and provide substance like this, but inevitably end up with anecdotal or everyone is different conclusions. Not Shawn, he’s amazing.
  • Luke179
    Such great content!!!
    This is an amazing Pod cast!! If you are looking to understand the why behind your training this is a one stop shop. So many great insights gleamed from every episode!
  • Gatrus Gatrus
    Genius level
    I’ve listened to three pods so far. In those three podcasts, I’ve learned more about running and training than in the last 5 years. I’m a runner with almost 50 years experience. I’ve run as a novice, a sub elite 10k competitor in the 70’s and as a masters. I can honestly say that this podcast is science based and incredibly detailed. I love this podcast. If you want to learn about ultra running and the science of training, this is for you.
  • inkidu
    A Podcast done right!
    Just came across this podcast and truly enjoy it. No fluff, just helpful and interesting info if your into running some miles and staying healthy.
  • Alexjbond
    Coaches Corner are the best
    The Coaches Corner episodes are 5 star, they’re all fantastic. When it’s just the host doing the episode, it sounds like he’s just reading a script, and I’d rather read the blog post. It’s still great info and some good interviews, and any trail runner should at least try out it.
  • Mel Anson
    The best
    The best ultra running podcast. Period. Just pure actionable insights based on the latest academic research to improve your running.
  • Sendtober
    So thankful for this podcast
  • Run4btown
    Great science info
    As an Ultrarunner and RD I find these podcasts excellent. Delivering science based information to not only help my own training but also athletes I work with. I also referred a friend to Shawn’s podcast who ended up signed up for his coaching services and he has only had great things to say! Thanks Shawn for delivering science based knowledge!
  • Aaron3324
    Very useful information for ultrarunners
  • WTReed
    No BS
    This podcast is full of helpful information. No BS banter just what you need to know. Good listen.
  • morglind
    Really good information from a real scientist
    I have listened to every single episode of this podcast (and most of them multiple times) because Shawn provides fact-based and actionable content. If you are looking for a podcast that will debunk the myths of the sports/ultra running world and remind you why you’re freaking awesome, look no further. As a PhD student, I struggle listening to bs on podcasts and I usually need help feeling good about myself. Shawn helps me understand how my mind and physiology work in tandem as well as remind me that I am enough. BEST RUNNING PODCAST EVER.
  • cpluspluscrowe
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast. Listening is always a highlight. It has remolded how I think about my running. 5 stars!! I’d give it 10 if I could.
  • P.Nela
    Psyched about new format😀
    I love the reminder to ask myself 1. Am I in it for the full experience and 2. How will this bring me joy BEFORE I sign up for a race— thanks!
  • Jesse from Worcester
    Always informative never junk science
    Unique podcast with a great host who doesn’t waste listeners time and always delivers real, science backed info to help runners train and race effectively. The coaches corner series is particularly awesome. I’m not sure you could put together a better set of ultra minds than those four. Love your approach and attitude Shawn. Keep up the good work.
  • AJtrailJ
    Science based and Expert Advice on Ultrarunnijg
    An amazing resource and a show I always get so much out of. Thank you SOUP!
  • Nico Barraza
    Listen and learn
    Best Ultrarunning podcast. Period. Science and fact over opinion. Highly recommended.
  • JohnneeBull
    For the sci-geeks
    If your background is in the medical or biological sciences you’ll enjoy this more than most. I adore it.
  • UltraErik
    This podcast is incredibly well done. I've been an athlete all my life, but am fairly new to ultrarunning, and Dr. Bearden and his guests have taught me a ton. He brings in some of the world's leading scientists that often answer his questions with complex explanations, but Dr. Bearden does a great job of asking follow-up and clarifying questions so the layperson can easily get the key takeaways. He really does a great job of getting multiple perspectives on each topic and connnects the episodes/topics together very well. Bravo!
  • ultrascholz!
    So great!!
    This has made the miles fly by as I learn scientifically proven ways to improve the mileage I can race!! Perfect podcast!!
  • 554228
    It's a nice compliment to the other running and ultra podcasts. Now, just need to go execute.
  • TMACP12
    Phenomenal Content
    As a molecular biologist and endurance athlete, this is an incredibly informative and beneficial podcast. Great information for ultra running but it can also translate well into Cycling, Triathlon and other endurance events. Keep up the great work!
  • WSultrarunner
    Excellent podcast
    Great podcast. Listen to it all the time. Some episodes multiple times. Packed with a lot of information. Also, stands out as a unique ultra podcast. Provides info not really addressed much in other ones. I think marathon runners would also find a lot here too that they could use in training.
  • Big Shooter 3
    Beyond inspiration.
    If your looking for a podcast that goes beyond being funny and inspirational. This is the one. Grounded in science' you're sure to learn a lot.
  • JBDGITD9876
    This is the best podcast on ultra distance running period.
  • TrudiRuns
    A little dry
    I hate leaving so-so reviews, but I just could not get into this podcast. I know it's about the science of ultra running, but I had a hard time staying interested in the content. The topics are a lot of the same that you will hear on most other ultra running podcasts, but lacks in any humor or the light hearted fun of the crazy experiences we all enjoy in ultra running. It kinda felt like I was sitting in a class room. The over all content however, is very smart and the guests are excellent. I just found myself being bored with the podcast in general. I guess I like my knowledge being dropped on me with a little fun and humor.
  • SmellySneakers
    Performance information that cannot be found anywhere else.
    If you are an endurance athlete, you need to be listening to this podcast. Shawn Bearden is presenting topics that endurance athletes of all levels need to know if they wish to imporve. The conversation Bearden has start is well needed, and cannot be found anywhere else. Keep up the good work. Thanks for taking the time to produce the podcast and share you knowledge.
  • Nitito13
    Outstanding ultra running podcast!
    Sean does an amazing job highlighting extremely important subjects in ultra running through experts in the matter!
  • ChaseFuller
    A necessity for all ultra runners
    Dr. Bearden skillfully explores topics important to ultra runners. Only 25 episodes in, he’s already recorded podcasts worthy of frequent repeated listening (episode 25 on running economy, episode 19 on fat adaptation, episode 13 on carbohydrates). Each podcast meticulously breaks down the existing science on the topic with one or two well-recognized experts in the field. Although college educated, I lack a formal science background, yet I find most (but not all) of the material discussed easily digestible. (However, you can expect to lose track of the conversation at times if you’re on a run.) This podcast is a must-have for any ultra runner looking to get beyond the headlines for deeper insight. I look forward to the Science of Ultra podcast each week, and hope he keeps churning out the episodes forever.
  • brirun67
    The Best
    If you like science and ultra running, this is the podcast for you!
  • 801mtnRunner
    Really informative
    It's great to have a running podcast that focuses more on data and research than anecdotes and hearsay. The podcasts can be a bit dense with information and require some extra focus to comprehend. I find myself taking notes after each episode and eagerly awaiting the weekly 'ultra clan' summary for any details I may have missed. Bottom line: really useful and worth the listen!
  • henrikbjorne
    One of best ultra running podcasts
    yes, as the title says, there’s lots of science behind every episode. Guests are very interesting and the message is clear. From every episode I can take something to apply to my daily running routines. Thanks Shawn!
  • ScytaleIX
    Best new endurance podcast
    Fantastic new endurance podcast! I’ve listened to a few of the episodes more than once already. A lot of great information here even if you don’t plan on during an ultra. Highly recommended!
  • nforet
    Very professional podcast
    This podcast is well made and interesting. Great running podcast!
  • Victor1800
    This is what ultra running has needed!
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