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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.

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  • La52380
    The audio tonight was so terrible. Skipped so many times throughout the pod missed major parts.
  • Midwestcoastbeastcoast
    I've been keeping a running tally of how many "You're right"'s Russillo utters on the Sunday pods, and the results are shocking
  • Medford Rn
    Not as good as he was on ESPN. Too many commercials. WeAK!!! Listening to bill be miserable about his mediocre teams is the only reason I listen. The pod is just as good as his teams. I’m not down for east coast homerism by someone who lives in LA 😝😝😝
  • Monkeyface7
    Bill's Dad knows basketball
    what a great breakdown by Bill's Dad. great basketball minds think alike. Celtics fam forever!
  • BeeBarrows63
    MIAMI TO WIN GAME 7 IN BOSTON AT 11-1!!!!!!!
  • Hunter "crook" Biden
    You and your dad are the typical Boston Homers. You think u deserve every title, no one in america likes you. We all hate you!!! Since Brady left, you chowder heads are chinked. F U Boston…No more titles ever!!!! How about your Bruins??? F U Chowdar heads
  • Back to ESPN
    White dudes condescend to the rest of us
    We are all rooting for you to be to be a Spotify write off.
  • Not Tom Selleck
    Entry level podcasting
    If only Bill knew as much as he thinks he does, this could be an interesting podcast. But he exposes himself as a sham constantly, who recycles takes and uses partial facts. The production values are fairly shoddy most days. Kyle blows as an editor. Besides all this nonsense, there’s just nothing creative here. Bill is so fake it hurts.
  • You'llThankMeLater
    Are people getting dumber?
    Can another commenter please explain the negativity around “being a homer?” Is that not what sports is ALL about? So, you’re asking Simmons and people of his ilk to spend every waking hour watching, writing, and/or talking about sports for your entertainment…but he, himself, should not be a fan of any particular team anywhere along the way because it disrupts the balance YOU would prefer ensuring that the Hornets, Orioles, and/or Seahawks get the exact same amount of airtime as the Celts, Sahwx, and/or Pats? Makes sense.
  • Staleberg
    Michelob Ultra is like the Celtics?
    Lombardi can talk it. Can’t do it. He’s not even a basketball fan. The only reason he was on was to crap on the Sixers. Embiid for Davis? The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Old man who doesn’t even think out his dumb takes
  • Jh1424
    Miami Heat
    Get that as$ whooped. But first, Pearl Jam
  • Fartface77
    American White Guy Championship Belt
    I feel like any “black guy” award wouldn't be ok. But i guess its 2023.
  • JD Carbone
    One giant ad
    It’s like 60% ads for big corporate companies interspersed with surface level commentary about sports. The “Guess the lines” segment w/Cousin Sal is great though.
  • chadwhickmc
    Love Simmons but last two guests were rough
    Tate’s fake voice is annoying, the things he chooses to say are annoying, I spent the beginning of the pod skipping every time Tate spoke. Terrible takes by Lombardi. No one was saying Giannis was a gamble worth taking at the time. Revisionist history
  • yeeaaaaahhhhh
    Get a real editor
    There are way too many episodes that have the same section edited in twice. It’s very annoying that there seems to be no attention to basic details. This is a budget podcast and I doubt they’ll listen to any criticism or suggestion.
  • Bossox00
    Best sports pod ever!
  • DC9324
    Holy crap
    Wos might be the worst guest of all time on a podcast. This used to be the best sports podcast but now has become unbearable. I can only listen to the episodes with Russillo. Bill is so pretentious now.
  • Infringezonet
    Pretty good
    Decent basketball talk but too much Celtics homer and “all time rank” conversations to listen consistently.
  • bdnerd
    Smart but tilted
    I was trying to give Bill Simmons a chance because of the past that I have watched him on different sports programs. Bill is very intelligent and does a great breakdown of understanding the game and what should be happening. I was hoping for a smart show that wasn’t tilted one way or the other but when I have found is that there are constant references to the Celtics and even on days off we have to listen to Celtics talk and get much less break down on the other team they played or on other games that happened. Thanks for the listen but I couldn’t continue to follow.
  • Costa Rica Noe
    NBA playoffs
    I just really appreciate the playoff coverage with RR!!
  • matthewj888
    Amazing basketball coverage
    Amazing basketball coverage, that was missing last year. Great improvement. You and Russillo are a classic duo
  • Sage9274
    Pls no more wos
    No more wos Is there a way to only hear Bill when wos is on? He adds nothing original
  • Jacob333333333
    Please no more wos
    Just for the playoffs, he doesn’t add anything to the conversation. He just restates Bills points, there is no actual discussion whenever he is on. It ruins these otherwise great pods.
  • Rappmaster
    He hates on Rodgers literally every chance he gets. Talking about basketball and still finds a way to hate on him.
  • James Harden Fanclub
    Asteroid Insurance
    Best sports podcast out there. Wealth of information outside of sports as well. On the latest podcast, Ryen suggested adding on asteroid insurance to your policy. You never know, right? I proceeded to contact my local StateFarm agent, add to my policy, and I’m very thankful. Halley’s Comet returns in 2061. I know that will be a low stress year for me and my family.
  • dyno christine
    A nice show
    Great podcast
  • wm1793
    Poor editing
    Whoever is in charge of editing the pod has been doing a very amateur job and should be replaced
  • Palchez
    Hey, did you guys know he likes Boston
    Solak and Kelly are so insanely bad. Please send them off to their own podcast that I can ignore.
  • moe frye
    What happen to you ? Your so left now it’s crazy!!! Your takes ain’t the same I gave the cast 3 because I like you still but your takes lately been sus … smh PS Boston ain’t the same either
  • 0101*
    Skipping around
    A lot of episodes of late will occasionally skip back 30-60secs. The discussion with greenwald on latest episode was borderline unlistenable
  • Poopystinks Fan Art
    Bill podmen
    A man barges into bills office, he says, “bill, record a pod where the topic isn’t mostly basketball or only basketball or we’re gonna have to take your family from you.” Bill pauses, takes his glasses off and places them on his crayon drawings of Adam silver and him having a catch. He swings the mic towards his mouth as the camera Tarantino zooms into his lips…, “10 MOST INTRIGUING STORYLINES FOR THE 2036 NBA TRADE DEADLINE WITH JOE HOUSE COMING UP THEN MY DAUGHTER IS GONNA TALK ABOUT OUTER BANKS SEASON 3 FOR 40 MINUTES.”
  • Pinktex17
    Too much basketball
    This pod is at its best when it discusses multiple topics. While I’m sure metrics demand all this basketball, it’s overwhelming at times. The Masters stuff and interviews are the bomb
  • Big Fan Stan
    This is one of my go-to pods. One thought: Have you ever thought about posting the guest interviews separately afterwards? They get lost in the long headlines & are easy to miss. Posting individually (even if they’re in the main pod first) would make them easier to find later.
  • mahoney2184
    Where the eff is JackO!?
    I’m docking 1 star for the lacko of Jacko. Ohhhhh Johnny!!!
  • YuP12345
    Gambling Problem?
    Something has to change with all the gambling problem phone numbers. He’s reading phone numbers for a minute straight every ad.
  • fdoconnorii
    Fix the editing
    The podcast skips backwards about 40/50/90 percent per episode
  • Durham PG
    Houseless goals
    Pretty much love it but skip every episode with Joe House. Does ANYONE enjoy listening to that guy?
  • CLiFF G.
    Gambling is ruining sports
    Sports not gambling
  • West Coast Hoops
    Joe House - Why?
    Wish Bill would limit Joe House exposure. I have to skip every episode that includes the guy, obnoxious and uninspiring at every turn. Let him have his pod and shine cause he’s your buddy, but for the love of all that is holy keep him off the main feed.
  • Vccchvbczxvbbb
    Bad guests. Used to be engaging.
    Musicians and wrestlers are never interesting. Does Kyle do anything? Bill doesn’t seem to realize snorting into the mic is terrible. 3 snuffy nosed guests in a row it’s just inexcusable. Bad podcasting.
  • BYU Coooougs
    More Wildes
    Great show. More Wildes would be great. Also if you can get Cousin Sal sometimes when football isn’t going for something that would be great too!
  • hickey1749
    WWE Has No Place In a Real Sports Podcast
    I love this podcast. I think Bill actually knows what he’s talking about, especially in basketball. He can be a little bit of a homer with the Celtics sometimes, but I respect it, I’d do the same thing. However, the fact that he actually wastes time talking about WWE makes no sense. Who cares who the “champion” was if it was all scripted anyway. It’s not a real sport, and I think that’s ok for us all to admit.
  • C. Mahoney
    Why so much Pro Wrestling?
    The Bill Simmons Podcast is one of my favorite shows. The frequency of content regarding the WWE and pro wrestling is baffling to me. It’s a waste of an episode every time a segment is devoted to wrestling. WHY, BILL? It bums me out. What kind of an adult watches pro-wrestling, let alone listens to a podcast discussing it like it’s some sort of prescient sports topic.
  • Stephen DeSantis
    The greatest podcast
    My favorite podcast EVER!!
  • jnb58
    Formerly good turned woke
    Bill was on top with one of the best podcasts available. His show was better than the Joe Rogan Experience… but that was a decade ago. This show is a woke shell of itself.
  • Casnh
    Good pod but editing glitches galore
    Is it my phone or are there just a ton of editing glitches on this podcast?
  • great for textures
    Boston Bro’s podcast
    The podcast w Affleck and Damon was the best thing I’ve listened to all year.
  • derek jeter-fisher-jones jr.
    the best years of the show are in the rear view mirror
    becoming a millionaire has turned bill simmons into an unrelatable goon.
  • caesaee
    I get you don’t like KYRIE COOL, but speak facts it helps keep the listener engaged without bias! For example house mention kyrie didn’t play in the playoff because of a toe or a stance he had …….. you know the history to well to keep bashing him if you keep it basketball your favorite player won’t speak out of turn about him excluding no one!!!
  • Anonymous 1235744216
    Enjoy BILL
    Bill is great in his billness, but whenever he has Wos on it’s painful . I’m not sure wos actually watches basketball and no one calls him on it.
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