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Sexuality #133

Sex Talk With My Mom offers sex and relationship advice while exploring the hilarious dynamic between a sexually-liberated, "C.O.U.G.A.R." mom and her comedian son. With over 3 million downloads and having been featured on Esquire, Huffington Post, and TODAY, they are the best (albeit only) mom-son comedy duo talking about sex. Each week they respond to listener comments and questions about all topics that a mom and son don't typically talk about. To join the fam, shoot them a text at 310-356-3920. You can also support them on Patreon at; Instagram – @SexTalkWithMyMomPod; Twitter – @SexTalkWMyMom; Email – SexTalkWithMyMom@gmail.comSex Talk With My Mom is a proud member of Pleasure Podcasts. For network details, contact

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Recent Reviews
  • mspassell
    775457 stars!!!
    Bingo Bango Bongo
  • nope🤰🏻
    Mom likes her son
    Your werd also mom and dad had sex and now mom AND SON ARE HAVING SEX
  • okigiveupat nicknames
    +1 (509) 934-5978
    Text me
  • ashp0512
    Mime commercial
    Hello first I wanna say I love you guys and you pod you are so amazing and I can’t wait to listen to you guys every week! I feel a kin ship mom and I feel like this is the mom I’m going to be in 30 years just like Karen! ❤️ also just saw the lost amazing e-harmony commercials and it reminds me of cam! I think you could just Google e-harmony mime commercial and find it! It’s so cute! Anyway love you guys and I’m going to miss this pod for the next few months while cam is in clown class in frace. But I hope he has the most amazing time!
  • DeirdreNOLA
    Always entertaining …
    … rarely about seggs, but will always make you laugh just because they’re such opposites
  • BabyPhillip
    Clowning Around
    Cam is a f-ing comedic genius 🤤 My only complaint with this podcast is that it has ruined all the other podcasts that I listen to because they pale in comparison.
  • matthew grasso
    Do you remember me it’s been awhile this is Matthew grasso and I still want to have high sexual relationships sex with you Karen
  • middleaged weirdo
    Quirky and funny!
    My husband and I love your show, and we listen for a fun and we listen for information as well. Just turning 50 years ourselves , we appreciate how young at heart Karenlee is and love that she’s still rocking an attitude and sex life. We absolutely adore Cam’s laugh and honest vulnerability. Thank you for doing so much for humanity.
  • KaptannKushh
    Karen always acts like some astrological genius and then only asks everyone if they’re a Pisces… I love the show but jeez Karen, come off it with the nonsense. Also I was a tad frustrated with one episode where Karen was very obviously told she was wrong for thinking she was being mindful by keeping her fantasies to herself during sex but then claimed she felt vindicated and thought that she was told she was right… Karen. Ya gotta listen better. Sometimes it feels like you ask questions that were already answered seconds before asking. I’m on episode 75 btw, love it, cam is awesome and a very good host, but Karen just acts a little ditsy sometimes, and frankly just a little bit verbally abusive to cam which is a little unsettling when she’s his mother. Also sometimes I feel like I know far more than the “sex expert” and it seems like half the time she claims that she knows her body but then Nina Hartley makes her seem like she has the sexual intelligence/maturity of a 20yr old.
  • Hank Sinatra Jr
    ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️
  • i ❤️ pbs kids
  • konveraesss
    This is a really good podcast but I was in the middle of one and it said explicit then I couldn’t listen to it so please can you soon change the rating
  • frfiallo
    Delightfully funny
    A hilariously sex positive podcast
  • clur1111112
    The Best
    Do yourself a favor and give this pod a listen!! This is my all-time favorite podcast. I have been able to start more meaningful and open conversations about sex and relationships as result of listening. Also, it never fails to make me laugh. Thanks Cam and KarenLee!!
  • SallySalamander1111
    Favorite pod!! I wrote a beautiful review and somehow Apple erased it but suffice it to say I love Cam and Karen and am a grateful they and this pod exist. Please give it a listen- it’s life-changing!
  • Ravin R.
    “Let me tell ya ‘bout..
    … the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, and my favorite podcast with Cam and KarenLee”😄 It’s me again, Ravin from Texas! (BTW- female & Gemini) Thank you both for being the highlight of my week. Cam, I’m so sorry about the unfortunate event that happened in Mexico and I’m so upset that you never got that second date! Have you remained in contact with her at all? Also- KarenLee… I’m sensing some trouble in paradise. 🤔Are you and Dees on the fritz? Just curious. You both deserve all of the joy and happiness in the world. Love you as if you were my own fam, truly. Ta-ta for now! Xoxo
  • Cam's Uppers
    Relatable and hilarious!
    Great duo! Their topics and problems are very relatable to almost everyone. Very funny and entertaining. 100% recommend
  • Mailman man
    Mailman Love
    New favorite podcast! I listen everyday while I’m on my mail route(don’t tell my boss), it makes my day so much better! Started from the beginning and still loving it, thank y’all!
  • J_Dizzle23
    Freaking Incredible!
    So happy I was able to discover this podcast this year. Very entertaining with a good rotation of things to discuss. Learning a lot of things I can discuss with my close friends and sharing the love to everyone about you guys!!! FYI all of my friends love this podcast, KEEP IT UP!!
  • khkhargett
    A big freaky family
    Sex Talk With My Mom is an honest, open-minded, and light hearted show where this dynamic Mom and Son duo venture into topics that we all could talk about more. The community of listeners is supportive, hilarious and could be adopted family just like the hosts. If you want to learn a little, laugh a lot, and enjoy a great community, this pod is definitely binge worthy -experienced STWMM binge listener
  • unicornlol🦄
    Y'all weren't cooking DINO NUGGETS?! 🤬🤬🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿👺👺👺👺👺👺👺😥😥😥😥😞😞😞😟😕😕🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
  • Arlie K
    The Birds and the Bees on Steroids
    No matter the topic, I have a blast listening to every episode! Cam is hilarious, and KarenLee is my favorite Confident Older Unique Genuine Assertive Racy woman. A must subscribe!
  • Spoken intelligence
    Great show
    I remember when y’all 1st started in 2017, great material, and I love the Mother-Son duo!!!
  • bluefire
    Celebrating 🥳
    Hi, I have been listening for about eight months now. I originally started listening to some other podcasts on the pleasure podcast collective and heard this cast as guests three times before I started listening and still haven’t listened to all the available episodes. I have enjoyed listening backwards through the evolution of this podcast. I started listening in part because of my children. I have one who identifies as pan sexual and one who identifies as asexual. I knew so little about this I was at a loss totally feeling out of touch. So I started to learn and as I have done that I share with my kids. Everything about this is worth celebrating! Thank you so much Cam and Karen for everything you do. You are making the world a better place to be alive in.
  • Francis J Fox
    ~ What a self centered Wind Bag!
    ~ You you you, that’s all you care about! It only takes 2 sentences to swing the conversation back to her. “ Do you have any questions for me?”
  • ListenMoreBickerLess
    One Hour of Bickering
    Pothead astrologer mom and pissy neurotic son bicker for an hour. And sometimes they talk about sex. They are both really poor listeners: to each other and the guest. They willfully misinterpret each other and the guests for comedic affect, which leads to another tangent. It’s up to the guest to keep the Conversation focused and on track. They seldom let a guest finish a thought. When there is no guest, for example a Monday Morning After Show, the episode is a zero. Skip the episode. When there is a guest, it can be between a zero and a five. There have been some stellar episodes: 23, 76, 167 and 268. When there is a guest, skip ahead until the guest appears. They are both so vanilla, and childishly naïve. They both have limited imaginations. For example, Cam can’t imagine a shoe fetish: #188 at 25:00. After four years and over 300 episodes, one would think they would have learned and grown. But it comes back to them not listening. The podcast title/premise is inspired. But the potential fizzles in their hands.
  • Shrimp2go
    Great podcast
    Something so different!! Thanks so much. I enjoy the banter between the 2 of y’all, and I love that y’all talk about stuff nobody else will talk about. Btw I’m a Capricorn.
  • heylookitsjamie
    Jamie, 41, female Virgo I’ve been binging your show the last several months while sheltering in place here in southern Oregon. I want to thank you both for the entertainment, education, and all the heart feels. I’m thrilled with the timing (GO BIDEN/HARRIS!!!!) of catching up with the podcast and am excited to finally be writing my first review. I’m also excited to finally become a Patron and am very much looking forward to becoming a part of the SNEAKY FREAKS family!! I’m already mourning my backlog of “Sex Talk With My Mom” episodes, but I’m looking forward to becoming a Patron and hear what I missed :) Thank you again, love you both.
  • kimraeleon
    Leo, 29, mother of two. I found your podcast through Good Moms,Bad Choices, and I absolutely love it. You two have the best relationship and during this crazy time it’s great to have so much content to go back on. I hope you guys stay safe and sane(mostly for Cam). Thank you guys!
  • Em0427
    The podcast that started it all..
    Hey guys! Em here, I’m 24 years old, a Taurus, and a huge fan of this podcast! STWMM is honestly one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to! The first time I listened in was when my now boyfriend/partner showed me episode 319 “The Sexy Roommate” shortly after we got together. If you hadn’t already guessed it, apparently I’m the sexy roommate lol! He took your advice to a tee and I believe a good portion of why he fessed up first was thanks to you guys and your advice, so thank you!! I was honestly too scared to ruin our friendship and admit my feelings to him (as was he) and I was relieved when he confronted me in a healthy conversation and we got all our feelings out in the open. We have now been together for three months and it is the happiest and healthiest relationship I have ever been in. Thank you Cam and Karen for creating a safe space for open communication and for making sex and relationships more comfortable and normalized conversation. Keep doing what you’re doing! Ps, Karen I always sing along to your birds and the bees song and my partner always giggles at me, I’m a big fan and I have so much love and admiration for both you and Cam 💕
  • hemmhroid
    I love this podcast, I live far from my family, and when I hear the laughter between you two it brings me back to my own life. My mother and I talk about sex just like you guys do. I’m The only sibling who talks with her like that! It’s a special comfort I guess. You guys have taught me some things and I am eager to become a long time listener!!
  • Miki B weeee
    Love this pod!
    I love these two so much, so entertaining and they pronounced my name right on the pod, which no one ever does. I look forward to every week!!
  • Grggrggeg
    Mom approves
    Hi all Karen lee and cam bam bam flinstione how are you all I have a message for Karen , hey Karen lee have you made your decision yet for us to hav sex , and here is a message for cam hey bam bam you have been receiving the wrong email from me it’s not for you it’s for shameless sex podcast only
  • atolier
    So fun! You two are great!!
    I enjoy listening to your podcast while I’m busy at work everyday! I work in mortgage so I need a little fun and zip added to my day! I love how real you two are and I learn a thing or two as well! Makes for some fun conversations with my hubby in the evening as well!! Keep being you and providing great entertainment for us all! Ashley T age 35 Leo
  • Allyours574
    The realest!!
    I look forward to hearing about Karen Lee and Cam’s life during these crazy times. I totally lol often while listening. The guests are informative and I love the openness of the podcast. Not much is off limits and that’s how I live my life.
  • Actrez87
    Funny and vulnerable!
    I love how this show takes the typical script about sex and flips it on it's head. I'm inspired by Cam's vulnerability and honesty in sharing the trials and tribulations of his sex life. Even in the sex advice world, we usually only hear stories of success and there's something really comforting in knowing that I'm not alone in experiencing awesome times AND embarassing times. Keep up the good work, you two!
  • comedygrrrrl
    Hilarious podcast with a heart
    Love this mother-son duo!
  • JamieFinch
    Hilarious and informative!
    I love Cam + his mom’s candid, raw dialog about sex. It’s playful, informative, entertaining, and inspiring (I want to be his mom when I grow up). Highly recommend if you want a good laugh + want to learn something along the way
  • Cupcake1234-78!
    Such a Unique Show!
    Cam and KarenLee are two of the most wonderful people, and together they make up a hilarious and truly entertaining show. It's fun to listen to but also important in destigmatizing discussions around sex, especially with family members. One of the best!
  • HannahKat3203
    Love your podcast. Great to listen to when I need a laugh. Always puts me in a good mood.
  • Niecee Naples
    Thank you for an amazing, funny, and entertains podcast!
    Karen Lee and her son, Cam, talk sex. She is a cougar and he is a clown. Topics are always interesting. So happy to support this podcast! If you aren’t listening, you are missing out.
  • guitarpedal4
    Titillation over Meaningful Conversation
    The hosts show no interest in peeling back the onion with their guests. Instead, they’re focused on quick laughs and click-bait-level gratification. Any time a guest is willing to go deeper or say something meaningful, they are cut off.
  • ndusnwowhe
    If you don’t listen to this you’re missing out
    I’m obsessed with this podcast and have binge-listened for the last 6 months; I’m trying to ration out my episodes during the quarantine and not listen to them all in a week! I’ve already made my way through most of the 2017 episodes; the second I have an income I’ll definitely subscribe to their Patreon page! My parents and I couldn’t be more different which makes me love their dynamic so much more! I’m a fire eating, professional musician, hairdresser, burlesque dancer that’s covered in tattoos with green hair; my parents are so supportive even though they look like they’re in a Stein Mart advertisement. I love how this podcasts show that even if parents and their kids don’t show the same mindset or interest (I completely get being weird, Cam🤣) they can still be close and talk about uncomfortable subjects. Check this podcast out, you won’t be disappointed 💋 💚Katie
  • clairesb01
    Always has me laughing!
    So happy I discovered this podcast!! It makes doing the most mundane things fun! Whether I’m cleaning around the house or driving to work, I am guaranteed to laugh out loud! I enjoy the amazing bond Cam and Karenlee share... more parent/child relationships need to be like this! I certainly wish my relationship was like this w/ my mom! Thanks so much for always providing both educational yet hysterical content!!!
  • Maximus Desimus Meridius 1
    So much fun
    I spend the entire podcast laughing and having such a great time.
  • kelseym14
    Unrequited BFFs!
    Karen Lee and Cam are like my best friends that I’ve never spoken to. This is my current favorite podcast and the only one I can binge without getting bored. Every time I switch it up and put on another podcast, I miss my babies on Sex Talk with my Mom and come back for more. These two are absolutely hilarious and so so different, giving them a dynamic and captivating chemistry. I adore the relationship this mother-son duo has and think all parents and children would do well to model after their open communication. I recommended the show to my mom because it reminds me of the relationship I have with her. Love you guys, keep it up! Kelsey, 26, Gemini P.S. When Cam says “mother” it reminds me of Norman Bates from Bates Motel, so maybe this podcast will take a dark turn.
    Missed you, but I’m baaaack and catching up!
    SHALOM from Chi-Town! 💕 It’s your Nice Jewish Girl from Chicago! I have been catching up lately, while quarantined, (work got a little too crazy for a few weeks before this all went down and then I had the flu for 10 days!) but the kids are watching Bubble Guppies or Spongebob and I am listening to sex and murder podcasts LOL I got obsessed with some murderer podcasts so I am going murder, sex, murder, boyfriend is probably worried then happy then worried LOL. I have been having some concerns about discussing sex still with my older daughter but am trying. I have a hard time bringing it up because her Dad thinks she is “too young” but 10-11 ish is not too young in my books! Truly love this podcast and if you haven’t listened yet, START NOW, you will not regret it! Being quarantined with an 11 yo (on Saturday Happy Birthday to my first born!) and my 5 year old while working and attempting to Homeschool dead SOBER, is NOT as fun as you would think it is. However listening to you all is making it much better!! Xoxoxo! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ stay safe people and don’t make TOO many babies while ya’all are bored at home quarantined!! AF
  • jimerob7
    Great fun
    Fun topics. Great interaction between Mom & son. Enjoy.
  • Kati Katia
    Love Karen Lee and crazy Cam! Thought I would relate more to Cam than mom but most definitely not! Karen Lee you are crazy and hilarious! And Cam, you’re hilariously adorable! Love you 2 💜
  • BrandonANIMAL
    Great podcasts
    Since owning an iPhone I listen to this podcast everyday! It keeps me laughing at work! I love their dynamic and the truth in what is being said! Keep it up guys!! We are listening!
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