The Hockey PDOcast

Hockey #35

A hockey podcast hosted by Dimitri Filipovic that has been regressing to the mean since 2015.

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  • alaskan musher
    I wanted to express to you how much I love your show. I’m a dog musher from Alaska, so I spend a lot of time in my dog yard and on the runners therefore, I don’t get to watch much hockey. I rely on your podcast for my information. It’s a very cerebral, engaging podcast with a plethora of information. I’m always excited to see a new episode come out because I know it will be filled with hockey greatness, presented in an intelligent fashion. My dogs and I say thank you so much. GO CANUCKS! Have you heard of our lord and savior Quinn Hughes? Thanks again! -Courtney-
  • clister01
    The smartest hockey podcast around.
    Insightful and entertaining. There is nothing else out there like the PDOCast for hockey fans. Highly recommend!
  • need more puckluck
    Great podcast always look forward to the next . Dimitri has good insight on what’s trending in the league. I enjoy the guests , knowledgeable conversation flows good . Intro/Exit music is cool don’t ever change
  • neaux.m
    Solid Hockey Pod
    Dimitri is podcast rockstar.
  • Ilikecheese66
    My favorite hockey podcast
    The most substantive, intelligent hockey podcast out there. And they don’t waste time with nonsense like discussions about e.g., movies and TV.
  • Not Vid Lozo
    The PDOcast is extraordinarily unique
    Dimitri has been doing this for several seasons, the proof is on any podcast app you can find, but I have been listening for the better part of 5 seasons and interacting with Dimitri on Twitter for at least 3-4 years. Dimitri is nothing short of a delight. He’s extremely intelligent, witty, charismatic, and has a lot of very smart and funny friends he brings on the podcast to make you laugh, make you think, and make you a smarter hockey fan. That list includes Cam Robinson, Jack Fraser, Thomas Drance, Andrew Berkshire, Emily Kaplan & Greg Wyshynski, Steve “Dangle” Glynn, Sara Civian, Ryan Clark, and a plethora of others, who are first time guests or recurring guests. You will come away from every episode smarter than you were before you listened to this episode. If you love hockey, this podcast must be a staple in your rotation.
  • Patdadsmen
    The best
    I love hockey, this is one of the best hockey podcast out, has been for a long time. Thank you turtle neck prince of pdo
  • LiveAndEnjoi
    Great offseason companion. Keep cranking!
    Loving the recent volume of episodes as moves are being made around the league. This has become my favorite hockey pod. Great work, hope you can keep up the stream of content during the busy offseason!
    Best breakdown of all hockey podcasts
  • NC College sports fan
    Enjoy the shorter more timely pods
    And the focus on one or two teams at a time for the draft and off season moves. I’d like to hear suggested personnel upgrades for each team as you go through them.
  • kbm97
    A great listen
    This podcast is such a joy when it pops up in the feed. He really gets into the nitty gritty of what there’s to like and dislike about things with a variety of guests. Too much of hockey is overused phrases, and this is the opposite. A lot of nuance and analytical talk to go along with talking about how fun the sport of hockey can be when done well. 5/5 would recommend.
  • sophcon81
    A great, more analytics-based hockey podcast! Love the deep dives into specific things on each episode. I like that it doesn’t follow a set schedule, makes it like a surprise gift each time one is uploaded, and episodes are never boring that way!
  • E. Galois
    Tight as a turtleneck
    Love the podcast. Solid discussion and analysis, and Dimitri works well with the guests he has on. I like that he mixes it up and isn’t always chasing the same headline, and finding ways to bring his unique insight to the topics he covers.
  • Eightsixfujiwarabc
    Excellent Hockey Podcast
    The PDOcast got me into hockey podcasts a couple years ago and I’ve loved listening since. It’s informative, presents data in an easy to digest way, and has a lot of personality. If you’re a hockey fan, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t listening in.
  • ZacMaf
    Great podcast for getting into the nitty gritty
    I just started tuning in after being a big Twitter fan of Dimitri. What I love about this podcast is how in the weeds it gets. Compared to my other favs like Spittin’ Chiclets or 31 Thoughts, you get a much deeper look at the game which is super interesting and makes watching the game more intriguing. It’s the perfect compliment to my hockey podcast platter, keep up the good work!
  • handsome zim
    I love this podcast
    No joke this and 31 thoughts are the only casts good enough that a car cast audio/police car in the background make it better
  • NerfHerder1216
    My favorite hockey podcast
    Love this podcast and it’s appreciation for stats and looking at the game from a more nuanced perspective. It also has helped me understand some aspects of the game that might go under-looked. The host is well-spoken and thoughtful and constantly brings on other good hockey people to talk shop.
  • vbats1
    The Best there is
    Far and away the best hockey podcast out there. Every hockey podcast should look to learn from this one. Excellent analysis which is eye and data driven without getting caught up in storylines and circumstance.
  • aBrowne87
    Best of the best
    Without question the best hockey podcast around.
  • RobbWalk
    Must listen for hockey fans
    The HockeyPDOcast is one of two hockey shows where I can’t miss an episode. Great insight and analysis of the game (data and the eye test!) with good coverage of the entire league with tons of different guests.
  • Prplmnkydw
    Great show
    One of the very top hockey podcasts
  • robertturnercpa
    Great way to get deeper
    Entertaining and highly listenable, would likely enjoy one of their podcasts involving a hated rival!
  • LynnEsq
    A thoughtful, nuanced and entertaining podcast about hockey that is willing to dive deep and get into the nitty gritty.
  • tommzmust1
    Keep it up
    Thank you D for a gr8 pdo pod cast. You’re the man
  • BHA-18
    Entertaining and informative
    As a relatively new hockey fan, I love that I learn something new every episode without ever feeling totally lost. Truly a “the more you know the more you realize you don’t know” experience in the best way!
  • Streimtime
    Quality Podcast
    Definitely worth the subscription - takes a deep dive into a lot of subjects. Can be dry and boring at times, but the majority of his episodes are great.
  • got that right
    Great Pod
    The PDOcast has become one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to new episodes every week. Dimitry does an excellent job of analyzing and discussing a broad range of topics within the NHL. He features great guests and I really like that he frequently deep dives individual teams. The PDOCast does have an analytics slant but it’s by no means oppressive. Instead data and metrics are used to provide context and facilitate discussion on how and why teams/players are performing the way they are and how they may perform in the future.
  • Henry16273829
    Smart and entertaining
    Dimitri and guests are entertaining while making you a smarter hockey person for having listened. They cover a wide range of topics. Big recommend!
  • jjcantar
    Essential Listening
    I listen to a lot of podcasts…..and a lot of hockey podcasts. After 3-4 years of listening wide and far, the Hockey PDOcast has clearly emerged as one of the best. Along with 31 Thoughts — this is the one podcast I never miss.
  • Not the single
    Best Hockey Analytical Podcast Out There
    I’ve been listening to the PDOcast since it was plugged on MvsW when that was a show. Back when it was Dim and Yost hosting. And the quality of the material and recording has only improved every year. I missed it sorely during the four month hiatus and this podcast has changed the way I think about hockey and allowed me to enjoy it more. Dim is probably one of the most deserving people out there of all the good stuff coming his way. I expect to see him become a staple at some major network someday but until then he’ll keep entertaining us here. Thanks Dim!
  • dcr61288
    Great show
    Love the show and love this new cover art
  • jamo91
    Always really high quality hockey analysis!
    Love Dim’s guests and analysis. This podcast has become a staple for me each week
  • puckreport
    Must Subscribe Hockey Pod
    As a voracious consumer of hockey podcasts, this is the one I look forward to most. Super intelligent, thoughtful analysis of NHL issues. I love how Dim introduces the guest and gets right into the conversation without 10mins of small talk and BS like most pods. He’s funny without being jokey, firm without being confrontational and has an incredible stable of rotating guests that clearly respect and enjoy him. I always learn something new and come away wanting more. If you’re a hockey fan, subscribe immediately.
  • BradyB89
    Great podcast!
    This is a great podcast! The perspectives are quality and not just random whims like some other podcast. Keep up the great work! Go Blackhawks!
  • AC-154
    So glad it’s back!
    It’s so good to have this smart, informative show back. It’s always refreshing to get the insights of Dimitri and his guests rather than the usual hockey clichés and stale narratives!
  • DOnusic
    Great Hockey Podcast
    I appreciate the variety of guests that Dim has on his podcast. He covers a variety of teams and players instead of only being focused on the Leafs. Well worth the time to listen and I always look forward to the next episode.
    Excellent podcast!
    Dim’s smooth voice, great conversational skills, enthusiasm for the beauty of the game, and his excellent analysis combine to make a fantastic show. Always listen to the episode as soon as it drops.
  • Extremely moderate
    Best hockey podcast around
    Dimitri always has something useful and unique to add, and does an amazing job recruiting amazing guests. He covers the whole league with expert analysis - it seems like he really is an expert on each of the league’s 31 teams -and you learn something new every single time you listen. You will not get this content anywhere else - seriously, it is worth a listen/subscription!
  • posbucky
    Glad it’s back
    Great podcast with excellent analysis and insights! So happy it’s back.
  • Mikafino
    Sneaky-smart signing
    Undrafted free agency podcaster showed promise early sporting a gaudy PDO during his first years, but has developed into a reliable podcast driving center that makes everyone around him better. Great value for the price.
  • Brendan Keene
    Best of the Best
    No one better at serious analysis. The best podcast for serious no nonsense hockey talk! Has been that way for years!
  • 1234doops
    Great cast, poor audio quality
    Love the podcast! Great analysis, fun to listen to. But Dim’s mic levels are all over the place. They’ll go from too low to blasting your ears out. Gotta figure out your audio my man it’s pretty bad.
  • mikaelcmon
    My favorite hockey podcast
    Insightful, funny & a joy to listen to. The quarantine rewatches have been an awesome distraction from the real world & the yearly islanders deep dives with Arthur Staple are always a blast.
  • ScottGarland
    Hockey Stats & Rink Rats!
    Love the PDOcast! I love hockey and listening to people nerd out about hockey facts, interesting data and trending topics makes the PDOcast a must for any hockey fan. It’s helped put a new perspective on the game for me and always helpful around fantasy season! I love the deep dives into each NHL teams current state, and a look into their future a prospect pool with the other guests. 🏒🥅🔥
  • bee5417
    Great Podcast!
    Love this podcast. Dimitri is brilliant and always picks a good guest. I feel about 6x smarter about hockey after every episode! Been listening for forever, thanks for all the quality content!
  • Fan Dad
    Speak into the Mic
    Dmitri is a great host but his voice fades in and out either because he has poor equipment or he’s not talking into his mic. There was no issue hearing guest, Mark Lazarus.
  • PappyQ0811
    Dry toast.
    Dry toast.
  • c weentz is beastly
    If they talked about any team other than the maple leafs it would be a five
  • ghostofBS
    Ken Daniels is a God
    When I hear your voice it make me want to hurl, LGRW
  • sharkspeares
    I was refreshing my feed this morning, hoping for another pdocast to magically appear (it didn’t work). So I’m here instead! Love the show, always a solid & enjoyable listen with good guests.
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